10000 Layer Farming Project Report For Beginners

Introduction to 10000 Layer Farming Project Report

The following is all about the 10000 Layer Farming Project of commercial poultry farming business.

What is layer poultry farming? well, It is nothing but raising egg-laying chickens for the purpose of commercial egg production. Layer poultry birds should be raised from when they are 1 day old. These birds start laying eggs from 6 to 7 months of age. They remain to lay eggs continuously till their 6 to 7 months of age. They usually consume a feed of 2 to 2.5 kg per day during commercial egg-laying production. They produce 1 kg of eggs daily. There are many types of highly egg-productive layer breed hens available throughout the world. There are two categories of layer poultry birds, one is white egg-laying hens and another one is a brown egg-laying hen. Layer hens selection, vaccination, proper and secured poultry house, feed management layer bird management practices play a major role in the commercial layer poultry farming project. Profits in layer poultry farming projects vary from region to region. As the egg is nutritious and egg consumption is increasing rapidly along with the world population hence one can properly plan for commercial layer poultry farming for a profitable business.

Here, in this article find the model/sample project report for 10,000 layer poultry farming. Please understand that these figures mentioned in this layer farming project report may change from time to time and area to area. This is just to understand and have a basic idea of cost and profits in a commercial layer poultry farming project.

Young Layer Birds.
Young Layer Birds.

Investment Analysis of 10000 layer farming project

Fixed and Non-Recurring Analysis for 10000 layer farming project:

Particulars Required for 10000 layer farming project  

  1. Land
  • Requirements and Rate for Land = Owned

Cost of Land = 3 to 4 lakhs.

  1. Shed Construction for 10000 layer farming project
  2. Layer House.
  • Cost of the House:

Requirement and Rate for House = 8500Sft.@ Rs.60/ per square feet.

Cost for House = 5,10,000.

  • Cost of the cages:

Requirement and Rate for cage = Rs.46/ Bird.

Cost for cage =  Rs 4,60,000. 

  1. Brooder/Grower House for 10000 layer farming project.
  • Requirements and rate for Brooder/Grower House = 6,000 Sft@Rs.55/Per s.ft.
  • Cost for Brooder/Grower House = Rs 3,30,000.
  1. Equipment and Material required for 10000 layer farming project
  • Brooder/Grower House (150 birds).

Requirement and rate for Brooder/Grower House =70 No.s @ Rs.500 each.

Cost for Brooder/Grower House =  Rs 35,000.

  • Chick Guards.

Requirement and rate for Chick Guards = 700 Pieces @ Rs. 15 each.

Cost for Chick Guards = 10,500.

  • Wheel Barrows:

Requirement and rate for Wheel Barrows=300 No.s @ Rs. 32 each.

Cost for Wheel Barrows = Rs 9,600.

  • Waterers for chicks:

Requirement and rate for Waterers for chicks =300 No. s @ Rs.25 each.

Cost for Waterers for chicks = 7,500.

  • Grower feeders:

Requirement and rate for Grower feeders =300 No.s Rs.64 each.

Cost for Grower feeders = Rs19,200.

  • Grower Waterers:

Requirement and rate for Grower Waterers = 300 No.s @ Rs. 42 each.

Cost for 10000 Grower Waterers = Rs 12,600.

  • Water through type:

Requirement and rate for Water through type = 300 No.s @ Rs. 80 each.

Cost for Water through type = Rs 24,000.

  • Debeaker :

Requirement and rate for Debeaker = 1 No. @ Rs. 2,000.

Cost for Debeaker = Rs 2000.

  • Wheel Barrows:

Requirement and rate for Wheel Barrows =1 No. @ Rs. 3,000.

Cost for Wheel Barrows = Rs 3000.

  • Blow fame:

Requirement and rate forBlow fame = 1 No. @ Rs. 3,000.

Cost for Blow fame = Rs 3,000.

  • Water pressure cleaner:

Requirement and rate for Water pressure cleaner =1 No. @ Rs. 5,000.

Cost for Water pressure cleaner= Rs 5,000.

  • Wheel Barrows:

Requirement and rate for Wheel Barrows=1 No. @ Rs. 1,000.

Cost for Wheel Barrows = Rs 1,000.

Total: Land + Shed Construction + Brooder / Grower House+ Layer House+ Equipment: 14,34,400.

Brown Egg Layers.
Brown Egg Layers.

Recurring Expenditure Analysis For 10000-Layer Poultry Layer Unit:

Particular Required for 10000-Layer Poultry Layer Unit:

  1. Cost of the chicks for 10000 layer farming project

Requirements and rate for the chicks=Rs 15/chick.

Cost of the chicks = Rs 1,50,000.

  1. Miscellaneous / Electricity for 10000-Layer Poultry Layer Unit:

Requirements and rate for Miscellaneous / Electricity= Rs.10,000/ Month.

Cost of Miscellaneous / Electricity = Rs 1,80,000.

  1. Cost of Feeding for 10000-Layer Poultry Farm:
  • Chick Phase:

Requirements and rate for chick phase= 1.8 Kg/chick, 1.8 x 10,000 =18,000 Rs.8.5/Kg, 18,000 x 8.5.

Cost of chick phase = Rs 1,53,000.

  • Grower Phase(4% mortality/death rate):

Requirements and rate for Grower Phase = 5.5 Kg/bird, 5.5 x 9,600=52800 ;Rs.7.0/ Kg, 52,800 x 7.0.

Cost of Grower Phase = Rs 3,69,600.

  • Layer Phase:

Requirements and rate for layer phase = 40 Kg/bird, 40X9200 = 36800 ; Rs.7.0/Kg, 368000X7.5.

Cost of Layer phase = Rs 27,60,000.

  1. Cost of Vaccination and Medication for 10000 Layer Farming Project:

Requirements and rate for Vaccination and Medication = Rs. 5/ bird.

Cost for Vaccination and Medication = Rs 50,000.

  1. Cost of the Labor (3 persons for 18 months) for 10000 Layer Farming Project :

Requirements and rate for Labor = Rs.2000 / Month  = 3 x 18 x 2000.

Total cost for labor = Rs 1,08,000.

Total: Cost of the chicks + Miscellaneous / Electricity + Cost of Feeding + Cost of Vaccination and Medication + Cost of the labor= 37,40,600.

Income Analysis for 10000 Layer Farming Project :

Particulars required Layer Poultry Unit:

  • Sale of eggs (290 eggs/ bird) Hen housed basis for 10000 Layer Farming Project :

Quantity and Rate for Sale of eggs = 29,00,0000  x 1.08.

Amount for Sale of Eggs = Rs 31,32,000.

  • Sale of Spent hens for 10000-Layer Poultry Unit:

Quantity and Rate for Sale of spent hens = Rs. 30/bird.

Amount for Sale of Eggs = Rs 2,64,000.

  • Sale of Manure for 10000 Layer Poultry Unit:

Quantity and Rate for Sale of Manure = Rs. 90 bird 10,000 x 90.

Amount for Sale of Manure = Rs 9,00,000.

  • Sale of Gunnies for 10000-Layer Poultry Unit:

Quantity and Rate for Sale of Manure = Rs. 90 per bird = 10,000 x 90.

Amount for Sale of Manure = Rs 9,00,000.

Total income = Sale of eggs + Sale of spent hens + Sale of Manure + Sale of Gunnies =  Rs 43,66,000.

Gross profit =  Rs 6,25,400.

Depreciation Analysis for 10000 Layer Farming Project :

  • One Building and cages for 10000-Layer Poultry Farm:
  • Quantity and Rate for building and cages = 5%.
  • The amount for Buildings and cages = 65,000.
  • On equipment for 10000 Layer Farming Project
  • Quantity and Rate for Equipment’s = 10%.
  • Amount for Equipment = 13,440.
  • Interest for 10000 Layer Farming Project:
  • Quantity and Rate of Interest = 12%.
  • Amount for Equipment = Rs 2,76,000.

Sub Total ( DEP+INT) = On buildings and cages + On equipment’s =  Rs 3,54,440.

Subtotal( RE) = Rs 37,40,600

Total expenditure for 10000 Layer Poultry Unit= Rs 40,95,040.

Economics for

10,000 Layer Farming Project

  • Total income = Rs 43,66,000.
  • Total Expenditure = Rs 40,95,040.
  • Net Profit = Rs 2,70,960.
  • Net Profit / Month = Rs 15,053.
  • Net profit / bird = Rs 2.71.

Total Input ( RE + Depreciation) :

                   Amount = Rs 38,19,040.

Fixed Income for 10000-Layer Poultry Unit:

              Amount = Rs 12,34,000

Total= Total Input+ fixed income = Rs 25,85,040.

Breakeven point For 10000-Layer poultry Unit:( If the rate varies the profit varies accordingly):

Quantity and rate = Expenditure / No of eggs = 2585040/2900 000 = 0.89.

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Profitable Layer Birds.
Profitable Layer Birds.

Bottom Line: The commercial Layer Poultry Farming Business is a proven profitable business.

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  1. This is a very good project. Do you know a firms which can provide me all materials or accessories for this project. I’m leaving in Germany but I need to extend my farming in a layer farming. I want to build a 10000 or 15000 layer farming.

    Thank you for help and best regards

  2. I thank you very much for farming project reports provided on this blog. I request you to kindly approve my project report and get it sanctioned from nabard as I am waiting for various projects for the last two years. I can also meet you personally for various reports.

    • The project applications should be met with all kinds of technical requirements to get it approved from NABARD. Your Local NABARD branch is right place of contact. We can’t help with your application process.

  3. Hi, Can you please guide us how to make registration in the government for self finance Egg Layer farm. Is it required register as Private Limited Company or at District Industry Office registration is enough.

  4. Hi,
    I am looking to set up this farm in Mysore.I have a question in the report you have mentioned the selling price of egg as 1.08/egg but the actually selling price is above 3rs/egg right as my friend is doing the same business in UP and people take the egg from his farm paying rupee 4/egg.Please revert back.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Sir,
    This is a very good project report and I want to start layer farming of 6000 NO.s. Please guide me what is the risk factor in it and can we get loans for this if yes then what is the procedure and how to get resources on it.

    • Well, You must have a time and dedication to be successful in layer poultry farming. Don not trust third part peeple to manage your farm. Unless you can able to dedicate your time and hardwork..It is not advisable.

  6. Your Project is excellent, however, the problem is that it seems you do not want someone to use your project. Prove me wrong if you are not individualist and you do not want to share information for purpose development. I read a lot of your articles which I want to use in assisting me in setting up an agricultural project, I could not make a copy of your article.

  7. Thank you so much for this article. Plus, I want to understand the break even point analysis. What value is successful and what value is poor.

  8. Hi,

    I am from Bihar can you suggest any one contact number who can build the egg layer farm. I tried to find the contact number but not able to find a good one.

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    I want to estimate cost only chiks ,feed and labour in which investment ?

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  11. Hello Jagdish Reddy! This is Kishore and I’m a App Developer and Could I use the Data you have provided here in my App which will be helpful to the People who are enthusiastic and excited to join into the Poultry sector? Thanks for any response.

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  13. hi Jagdish, what do u suggest if a software professional wants to turn into layer poultry farm as full time worker.
    For better understanding:- ex:-If my(example) salary is 1 lakh net take home per month. If i completely move out of this and start a 15,000 poultry (exactly 15k capacity)farm would it be profitable business? i mean would i get 1 lakh income per month an average (not exactly but average income per month)? like agriculture i understand poultry is also subjected to nature conditions but f we do hard work with dedication with regular monitering..what would be the average monthly income?

    • Well, poultry is risky business.if you get sucees in layers, you can make good money when compared to a software professional. Start with small numbers where risk can be mitigated.Once you know in and outs of the layer poultry business..you can slowly increase the bird count. I never suggest to leave your fulltime job and get into that.

  14. Hi….this is Sanjay from Kolkata.I want to set up layer poultry business in and around Kolkata. What would be the minimum land requirements for 100000 chicks to start with. Would it be possible for you to make a short project report for the same. Which I need to submit to my financer to get the finance. Would it be possible to earn net Rs 5 lacs per month as we have 3-4 partners to do the business. Kindly help…

  15. I HAVE read every bit of the report thoroughly have noticed 2 things
    1, with 4% mortality in every phase finale production of eggs should multiplied with around 8800 birds instead of 10000.
    2, the rate of sale of egg in pakistani market is around 7 to 9 per egg wholesale.
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