Aloe Vera Farming Information Guide For Beginners

Aloe Vera Farming  Guide:

The following article details Aloe Vera Farming Techniques, Tips. This also covers the cultivation practices of the Aloe Vera crop.

Aloe Vera Farming
Aloe Vera Farming.

Introduction of Aloe Vera: – Aloe Vera is a very hardy perennial tropical plant that can be cultivated in drought areas as well. This plant became very popular in the world due to its medicinal value. This plant also called a “miracle plant”
(or) “nature’s tonic”. This plant is native to Africa & Mediterranean regions. Aloe Vera belongs to the family of “Liliaceae”. Africa, China, the U.S.A., Australia, Mexico, tropical regions of Latin American countries, and the coastal area of south India are the major producers of Aloe Vera in the world. This plant is being used extensively in the cosmetic industry and consumer product segment.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera: – Below are some of the health benefits and medicinal values of Aloe Vera.

  • Aloe Vera is an anti-biotic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, disinfectant, anti-biotic, anti-septic, germicidal, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.
  • Aloe Vera is excellent for skin treatments/cosmetic use.
  • Aloe Vera has extensively used in the treatment of urine-related problems, ulcers, and pimples.
  • Aloe Vera is a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Aloe Vera is high in amino acids and fatty acids.
  • Aloe Vera is a well-known adaptogen.
  • Aloe Vera helps with digestion.
  • Aloe Vera helps in the detoxification process.
  • Aloe Vera is heart-healthy.
  • Aloe Vera helps in boosting the Immune system.
Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Health Benefits of Aloe Vera.

Major Producers of Aloe Vera in India:-  Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Kerala are major producers of this crop.

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Aloe Vera Local Names in India:- Musambar, Ghikanwar (Hindi), Korphad (Marathi), Kalabandha (Telugu), Chirukattalai (Tamil), Lolisara (Kannada), Kattawazha (Malayalam), Kumari (Sanskrit), Ghrithakumari (Bengali), Kunwar (Gujarathi), Kumari, Mushabora (Oriya).

Improved Commercial Varieties of Aloe Vera in India:- Aloe barbedensis, perfoliata,A. chinensis,A. littoralis,A indica,A. abyssinica,A. vulgaris, AL-1, IC111269, IC111271 and IC111280.

Climate Required for Aloe Vera: Basically, Aloe Vera is a warm tropical crop. Aloe Vera can grow in various climatic conditions. This can be successfully grown in low rainfall regions and dry areas with warm humid conditions. This plant is very sensitive to extreme cold conditions. This plant thrives best on dry sandy soils in the regions where lower rainfall is expected. This plant cannot tolerate frost and cool climatic conditions.

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Soil Requirement for Aloe Vera:- Aloe Vera can be cultivated on a wide variety of soils from sandy soils to loamy soils. However, it thrives best in light soils. As this plant is sensitive to water stagnation, make sure to select well-drained soils for its cultivation. This plant can tolerate soils with a high pH range up to 8.5. Aloe Vera growth would be faster in black cotton soils with good drainage. This plant also thrives best with higher foliage. This plant also tolerates soils with salty in nature.

Propagation and Planting Method of Aloe Vera:

In Aloe Vera farming, propagation is done through root suckers/rhizome cuttings. In Aloe Vera farming, propagation is done through root suckers/rhizome cuttings. In case of root sucker propagation, select medium size root suckers and should carefully dig without damaging the mother plant at the base. This can be directly planted in the mainland. In the case of rhizome cutting propagation, after harvesting the crop, dig out the underground rhizome and make about 6 cm length cuttings with two to three nodes on them. Place these on prepared sand beds. Once sprouts are popping up, transplant these into the main field. Usually, about 15000 suckers are required for 1 acre of the nursery.

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Land Preparation: Land should be plowed and cross-plowed thoroughly to bring the soil to the fine tilth stage. To increase the soil fertility, add about 15 to 20 tonnes of well-rotted farmyard manure during the last plow. Form ridges and furrows @ 40 cm apart. The suckers should be planted @ a 40 cm distance.

Planting Density and Spacing of Aloe Vera: To accommodate about 50,000 to 55000 plants per hectare, the spacing between plants should be 40 x 45 cm (or) 60  x 30 cm maintained.

Irrigation Requirement for Aloe Vera Plants: Aloe Vera crops can be grown both under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Irrigation should be carried out immediately after planting the suckers. A couple of irrigations in hot summer weather will result in good yield. In the rainy season, avoid water logging in the field as this crop is sensitive to water stagnation.

Weed Control/Intercultural Operations: As part of intercultural operations in Aloe Vera farming, earthing up should be carried. Weeding should be done @ regular intervals.

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Manures and Fertilizers for Aloe Vera Plants: As part of the land preparation, apply 15 to 20 tonnes/ha of well-rotted farmyard manure (FYM). Thereafter the same dose of farmyard manure should be applied every year. As a basal dose, fertilizers like NPK in the ratio of 50:50:50 kg per hectare should be applied.

Pests and Diseases of Aloe Vera: Aloe rust, basal stem rot, and bacterial soft rot are the common pests and diseases found in Aloe Vera farming. For control measures, contact your nearest agriculture department.

Harvesting of  Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera crop will become ready for harvesting from the second year after planting. Fresh leaves of 3 or 4 can be picked. Picking up leaves should be done during morning or evening times. Three harvests can be carried in one year time. This crop is a labor-intensive crop. After harvesting leaves, again they re-generate up to 5 years after planting. Not only leaves but side suckers can also be harvested for use in planting material.

Post Harvesting Tasks of Aloe Vera:- After harvesting the fresh leaves, care should be taken for drying the leaves. Usually, a harvest crop is allowed to lose the moisture in the field itself before transporting. To prevent any mold growth, leaves should be kept dry and cool. The use of concrete floors is useful in stacking or storing them.

Economic Life of Aloe Vera: – Commercial yield of Aloe Vera can be obtained from the second to the fifth year. Thereafter, the field should be re-planted.

The yield of Aloe Vera:- An average yield of 40 to 45 tonnes of thick leaves can be obtained per 1-hectare land cultivation.

Marketing of Aloe Vera:- Marketing should be done through pharma and herbal companies. These plants have excellent demand in international markets as well due to their medicinal value and aroma.

Bottom Line: Excellent plant for cultivation in the dry and regions with less annual rainfall and once planted, it gives the yield for 5 years. Due to its international demand, this crop can turn into gold with good crop management practices.

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    • Excellent choice of going for Aloe vera Crop as the the demand for herbal health products are going up. As this crop requires minimal water input to survive, you can obtain excellent profits with the cultivation of Aloe vera. Before starting, talk to herbal and cosmetic companies for bulk produce sale.

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  1. I want cultivate Aloe Vera in Ahmednagar(Sangamner) in Maharashtra in 2 acre land. Please guide the minimum requirements of the same. Also If any Local Farmer or Legal adviser available in our area please inform me.

    • Well, it’s good idea of going for ALOE VERA farming. The main advantage of ALOE VERA cultivation is that it requires less maintenance and less water. We don’t have any contact in your local area…but you can talk to any herbal company for guidance of growing and care of aloe vera.

      For Complete Aloe Vera Guide: Read here.

    • I want to grow aloevera at my farm house in outskirts of Bhopal I need information and can provide plant for cultivation

  2. Hello Sir,

    We have few acres of land in Bhiwani district, Haryana. I have keen interest in farming but I am totally new to this field. Could you please suggest how to proceed with Aloe Vera farming.

    Mamta Yadav

    • Fist and Foremost, you should prepare a plan which includes from setting up a farm to marketing. Some key factors you should consider: 1) Quality Aloe Vera Planting Material 2) Labour 3) Irrigation requirement 4 ) Marketing.

      Aloe vera requires less maintenance and water and diseases resistant when compared to other herbs. Marketing, you can contact Patanjali, Himalaya or Ayush herbal companies. We have detailed information about “How to grow Aloe Vera” at another blog : Here.

  3. hi, i am planning to Cultivate Aloe vera in my 3.5 ha land is it sufficient?. after that how to market and do we need extract juice and pulp?. let me know the list of companies purchased this product.

  4. hello sir,

    i want maitri herbal seeds can u help me for searching same and how it is useful for medicine

    my friend demanding but i dont know about this herbal and drug content available in this seeds

    plz guide me

  5. Dear Sir,

    I have 5 acres of land in Tamilnadu – Krishnagiri DT. I am thinking to plan Aloe Vera, can you please help me in knowing from where can I get the Aloe Vera seeds for plantation?

  6. Hello,

    I am from Kalyanpur(Chhattisgarh, Pin Code: 497001) and here no-one doing Aloe Vera Farming, I used to be Software Developer(Software Engg.); now want to start farming but don’t know much about farming; I talked to local farmer here regarding Aloe Vera so they can start as well but they want to take initiative by me…

    We have 40 Acer for this… please help…

    • Well, most of the people are showing interest in Aloe Vera Farming. However, marketing is a little tough for this product even we have many herbal companies are using aloe Vera in their products. Most of the big herbal/medicinal/cosmetic companies are having contract farming. As you said you have 40 acres land for Aloe Vera growing, I advise you first talk to any herbal company and have the right contract with them before you start doing anything.

    • Hello,
      When you say 1 hectare farm, what kind of farm is it? You mean just have 1 hectare farm land would like to grow something? Our personal advice is to take up a country chicken farming or sheep farming business. However, every commercial livestock business has risks. Please be careful when you start investing. Good luck.

  7. Hello sir,
    I want to go for Aloe Vera cultivation in Uttarakhand, with regards to this can i get some inputs and kindly suggest some marketing strategy too.

  8. Sir, I want to start Aloe Vera farming, so provide the detail of information for import and export and seed details

    • For It is better to get sapplings/seedlings from any near by Aloe Vera Farms. You can try with any local nurseries as well. If you are planning on commercial scale, little careful as marketing would be challenging. You better have a buyback agreement with herbal companies before cultivation of Aloe Vera herb.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for your efforts!
    I am from Hyderabad and I want to start off this with 2 acres as a trial and error. Could you please help me, from where can I get the initial sapplings?

  10. Hello Team Agrifarming,
    I am planning to grow Alovera in Madhya pradesh ,Indore Region .
    the climatic condition in our region is suitable for farming or not .
    In summer it goes maximum up to 45 C and winter it reaches to minimum 7 C .will this climate is appropriate for this or Not .

    • Aloe vera is a very hardy plant and can survive in most climatic conditions. Though it can thrive in hot summers and drought areas, you should ensure proper soil moisture by giving couple of irrigations in a month.

  11. I am seema from dharwad (Karnataka) interested in medicinal plants in my field pls suggest me the variety which suits the current demand of industry .

    Thank you.

  12. This is Senraj Nagarajan from Madurai,Tamilnadu, now I plan to forming the Aloe (Aloe vera )in 3 Acer, I want check the Financial feasibility for aloe vera forming please guide me or sent model Aloe vera forming project, I waiting for Positive reply from end

    • This question is being asked by many people. Without buyback agreement with any medical or herbal companies, it is not advised to cultivate aloe vera crop on commercial scale.

  13. Hai..Sir, I am From Khammam from Telangana.
    I would like to start ALOE VERA Farming. please tell me regarding where I will get the plants and marketing information.

    and also give me any contact number in Hyderabad.

    • Hi, there are many whole sale sellers of Aloe Vera Plants on Indian mart dot come.
      Height when Fully Grown: 1 to 1.5 Feet
      Soil Specific: Well-Drained.
      With Vase: No.
      Plant age limit: 3 to 4 years.
      Rs 2 per/sapling/Piece.

      Search in above said site. you get many suppliers of this miracle desert plant.

  14. Hi,
    Myself Deepak, I am from Uttar Pradesh, Sir I want to know about aloe vera purchase company and contract farming with me for Aloe vera.

    • That is the tricky part of selling Aloe in bulk and getting a buyback contract from big herbal companies. Usually, Most of the companies like Patanjali or Himalaya they go for contract farming in thousands of acres.

  15. Sir, i am from punjab. I want to do aloevera farming in punjab. So kindly guide me some important concepts for farming and about where to sell my yield. Thanks

    • This question is being asked many times about selling Aloe Vera. As I have mentioned earlier in the comments, you should better have a buyback agreement with any herbal/medicinal companies, if you are intended to grow Aloe Vera on Commercial scale.

  16. I am From Bihar and I want to Farming Aloe Vera, Please guide me how can I start Aloe Vera Farming. I am waiting for your help.

  17. Hi sir

    I want to start fig fruit cultivation. Kindly share the project details regarding this and market potential for this product

  18. Hi sir,

    I have about 11 acres of land in outskirts of Lucknow. Considering the rainfall conditions of UP, do you think aloe vera farming will be a good plant to start with? What if I start with Vetiver (Khus) plantation?

    The land has been lying idle from last 6-7 years, so can you please guide me how to go ahead in prepairing the soil for the same mentioned above?

  19. Hi! I myself, Mr. Vijay, I have been retired and seeking financial resources. I am having agricultural land about 3.5 acres in Katavli,District-Satara, Maharashtra but not having physical agro-cultivating knowledge, I am thinking to do innovative and professional agro project by cultivating aloe Vera. Ashwagandha, /tulsi/bamboo/sagwan or any other suitable agro project, which should suitable for local climate and marketing. So how could I get information about farming/financing/marketing/partnership etc. For starting my practice I am having legal documents for statutory contracts with any other competent authority. But being I am needful and suffering from critical financial problems, please advise me expeditiously and empathitically.
    Thanking you yours sincerely

  20. Hi,
    We are thinking of promoting this farming in the hilly villages of Uttrakhand where migration has left vast stretches of land barren/uncultivated. Is it possible to promote this farming in this terrain where the elevation varies from 1200-1800 m above sea level? If so, are there any firms which could be interested in doing contract farming with a group of farmers? Kindly suggest.

    Thank You.

  21. Sir, I am Ravinder Singh Sekhon from Punjab, I got a land in Mansa district in Punjab , I want to start alovera to go for it and need proper guidance.plz suggest.

  22. I want to start aloe vera farming. Which are the varieties of aloe vera used are consumed in pharma industry. Whether marketing arrangement can be made with pharma companies. Please suggest.

  23. Sir, I am from Andhra Pradesh Nellore district (coastal area) these places suitable or not the cultivation of the Aloe Vera plant. Then how can I market Aloe Vera?

    • Farmers prefer Aloe Vera where there is no water source as this plant can survive with a minimum water source. However, It can be grown in any type of soil with good draining facility. Water should not be logged for longer time in the field. To market Aloe Vera, Either you should have a contract farming agreement with any medical or herbal companies. Don’t start on a commercial scale unless there are buyers for the produce.

  24. I have plated 25000 plants of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Millar L-1 variety in one hectare of irrigated agricultural land situated in Distt. SIRSA (Haryana) on 18th August,2018 which are doing a good growth now. I request your good self to have a visit and guide me further coarse of action. I do request for a helping hand for sale of leaves of Aloe Vera on maturity from time to time. Thanks.

  25. I am from Gujarat, Himatnagar, sir, I am also planning for Aloe Vera plantation in my farm. Where can I get Aloe Vera Sapplings and Where can I get basic Information on growing Aloe Vera?

  26. Hi, I am From District Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh and Planning Aloe Farming on 3 Hectares of land and thereby I want details of Planting sellers as well as of all the buyers of leaves and as well as of aloe juice buyers near me please help.

  27. Hello

    I am looking for Aleo vera farming. Need some guidance and hence.. please suggest a contact in Bangalore.


  28. Hi sir, we are planned to start aloevera farming in 30 hector area. (Latur, maharashtra).
    Can you please guide us regarding gov. Subsidy?

  29. Can I start Aloe Vera gaming in the kokan region of maharashtra. Rains are heavy for 3 months but dry and hot in summer and humid weather year round as near to sea

  30. we need to clarify, what are the major checkpoint doing the best Aloe Vera farming started, like soil or water maintenance or sunlight, where to purchase seed Aloe Vera,

  31. Aloe vera is making the most important life pattern to Indian citizens, because the Indian’s are in relation with nature and naturopathy. Medicinal, food, cosmetics, washing and bathing and also the best health protector in human being and growed animels.


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