Aquaponics Training Centers In India

Aquaponics Training Centers in India

Today, we get into some information about Aquaponics Training in India.


Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and aquaculture (farming fish or other aquatic organisms), which is the latest and the fast, efficient method of producing both plant and fish crops. Fish waste from the aquaculture portion of the system is broken down by bacteria into dissolved nutrients (e.g., nitrogen and phosphorus compounds) that plants utilize to grow in a hydroponic unit. This process of nutrient control will improve water quality for fishes and decreases overall water consumption by limiting the amount released as effluent. Aquaponics has many advantages over the conventional crop production methods including:

  • Reduced land area requirements,
  • Reduced water consumption,
  • Accelerated plant growth rates, and
  • Year-round production in controlled environments.

This growing technique reduces crop production time considerably. For example, butterhead lettuce varieties take 30 days of production time in aquaponics farming systems, whereas typical farming takes  60-day growing period needed under conventional methods.

Aquaponics has additional advantages:

  • Operational efficiency with shared equipment and
  • Multiple crops produced simultaneously

Aquaponics is a farming technique in which water from aquaculture is used to grow crops and extra water returns to the fish tank. When this water circulated near the root zone, nitrogen-fixing bacteria (manly Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) convert ammonia (NH4) into nitrite (NO2) and then to nitrate (NO3) form. In this process, plants get nutrients as fertilizer and nitrates been less toxic to fish; fish grows well than the normal aqua farming. This method of integration of fish farming and agriculture can give you maximum output.

Aquaponics as Best Mode Integrated Farming:

Aquaponic systems are the ideal farming systems for year-round production of plants and fish. Production of leafy greens, herbs, and vegetables irrespective of the season can become a major source of income for aquaponic farmers, as they can take advantage of much higher seasonal prices. The products of aquaponic farming systems have high quality and freshness which are highly desired by chefs in metropolitan areas. Aquaponic producers can fill the seasonal gaps with fresh can capture a larger market share. Aquaponics can be done on a wide range of scales; from a bench-top aquarium for the hobbyist to a multiacre commercial facility capable of producing substantial amounts of fish and plants per year.

Aquaponics is a best and alternative farming systems for the individuals wanting to change their lifestyle to a slower pace with a good return. In an aquaponic system that is well-designed with efficiently run aquaponics facility, the end profit is greater as the plant growing area increases and increases the product output, with efficient use of resources, efficient and stabilized the system and regularity of production. However, a larger facility does not necessarily mean more profit. One should consider supply and demand principles and wholesale versus retail pricing to determine the actual returns to the farmer. A strict business plan and market research along with a detailed study on the aquaponics business are compulsory for the potential aquaponic farmers to ensure success.

Aquaponics Training Centers in India:

Aquaponics Training.
Aquaponics Training.

Hydrilla offers practical training on Aquaponics & Hydroponics. The training sessions will make you go deeper into the mechanics of Aquaponics & Hydroponics systems, plant, and fish nutrition requirements, water, and nutrient parameters, and other elements that help to achieve commercial success in Hydroponics. The trainees will get the opportunity to visit the farm facility and understand various Hydroponics setups possible in a practical way. You will not go home empty handed! They will offer you with plenty of how-to materials and a list of resources for future use, a commercial ROI plan for growing in Hydroponics.

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#45, Phase-3

Reliable Residency, Harlur Road

Bangalore, 560102

Phone: +91-9108498102/103.

Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies:

CRAFT is a research center that implements extensive research of Aquaponics systems in the urban Indian context as well as the most economical model for the Indian Farmers.

Craft offers training on Aquaponics and Hydroponic farming systems, The training includes a visit to a small commercial urban farm, practical demonstrations of germination, transplantation, making of a couple of units of Hydroponics setups, etc.

The training course includes:

  • Farming as Business.
  • Basics of Agriculture.
  • Organic Farming.
  • Hydroponics.
  • Aquaponics.
  • Vertical Farming.
  • Urban Farming.
  • Pest Management.
  • Automation.
  • Making Own Aquaponic Farming systems.



A 601, Jai Ganesh, Plot 31, Sector 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai – 410210.

Email Id  –

Urbagrow Aquaponics:

Urbagrow Aquaponics is in Kolkata, India and registered as Blueplanet Urban Agro Services Pvt Ltd – Urbagrow Aquaponics is Kolkata’s new age urban food gardeners, and Urbagrow Aquaponics belong to this brave new world of self-sustenance because Urbagrow Aquaponics produce organic fish and vegetables in completely urban surroundings without any dependency on soil availability with limited water consumption. In other words, Urbagrow Aquaponics practice soil free aquaponics and are proudly taking steps in self-sustainability and trying to do more than our bit for the city, our community, our families, ourselves and the planet at large. Urbagrow Aquaponics belong to an ever growing worldwide community of aquaponics, people from all walks of life from around the globe all pursuing a common goal of an eco-friendly sustainable development effort.

Urbagrow Aquaponics offers a 2-day learning session on home scale Aquaponics and learns how you can begin growing fresh clean produce at the earliest. Sessions can be booked at your convenience at a fee of Rs.10,000 per head.


B-184 Survey Park

Kolkata – 700 075

Call: 98306 27921

T: 91-33-2416 4342/8719

The Aquaponic Source:

The Aquaponic Source offering Aquaponic classes. The Aquaponic Source offer installation and training on Aquaponics.

Aquaponics Course offered are:

  • Aquaponics Basics and Build.
  • Aquaponics Immersion
  • Aquaponics Greenhouse Design
  • Flourish Farm Aquaponics Business Course

The Aquaponic source offers Aquaponic Gardening Online Course. 

Kerala Agricultural University:

Kerala Agricultural University (KAU)  is the best agricultural based university in Kerala,

Kerala Agricultural University offers Training on Aquaponics & Hydroponics. The duration, of course, is 3 days. Course Fee is 3000/-.


Kerala Agricultural University

KAU Main Campus

KAU P.O., Vellanikkara

Thrissur Kerala 680656



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  2. Hi
    I am from Delhi. I intend to get into commercial aquaponics . !

    Looking for , therefore some good training in contemporary aquaponic system and processes in use.
    and post training support/ consultancy in setting up a commercial hydroponic farm

    Have a few very basic queries in mind related to aquaponic cultivation in this part of India that is delhi & NCR region.
    Since the temparature is so extreme here, be it in summer or in winter,…….. Does that make this region not so suitable/ good for carrying out , specially the fish culture ?

    Therefore is it advisable to look for aquaponic culture in other regions of India, like… May be east ,west or South?


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