Balcony Vegetable Gardening Ideas; Tips; Techniques

Balcony Vegetable Gardening

Balcony vegetable gardening will let you to for the cultivation of the food items in a space which is very limited like a balcony.

This article will help you to go through the top vegetables which can be grown in a balcony.


Growing Beans Plant.
Growing Beans Plant.

Beans are mostly climbers and they grow very easily. Beans can be grown in your garden by choosing a wall. In a few weeks, you will see a climber running up through the tendrils across the trellis.

In order to grow beans, you will have to choose a location on your balcony which would receive abundant sunlight.

Along with this, you will also need a pot that has a depth of 10 inches and a structure for support which would look like a trellis. As beans are the vegetables that would fix nitrogen, the vegetables which are in the requirement of nitrogen can also be grown along with the beans. If you chose a large pot to grow the beans, you can start growing spinach, celery, and summer savory along with them in the base. 


Tomatoes from Vegetable Balcony Gardening.
Tomatoes from Vegetable Balcony Gardening.

Tomatoes are the easiest vegetables to grow in a balcony. If you are sure that the balcony would receive abundant sunlight for at least 6 hours, then you can start growing tomatoes in balcony. In order to grow tomatoes, you will have to select a large pot that has a depth of a minimum of 12 inches. If the space to grow tomatoes is limited, then you can grow the tomato varieties that are dwarf and are of a determinate type. If you want to get a high yield, growing cherry tomatoes will be a great idea.


Growing lettuce in balconies is very easy. This will grow rapidly and you will also have the chance to harvest lettuce at regular intervals. Lettuce is a crop that grows when the temperatures are low and it is you who needs to make a decision about the right time to grow as per the climate. The seeds will start growing in the spring. If the climate you live in warm, then you need to start growing the lettuce only in the winter season.

In order to grow lettuce, you will need to select a planter that is wide rather than going for depth. A depth of 6 inches would be sufficient. The space between the plants should be at least 6 inches. Always keep in mind that the leaf lettuces can be grown closer compared to the head lettuces. You need to use well-drained soil and watering should be done frequently and also in a shallow way in order to keep the soil moist always.

Growing Vegetables along with Flowers in Balcony box.
Growing Vegetables along with Flowers in a Balcony box.


Cucumbers are one of the vegetables which are very much easy to grow, The main thing while growing cucumbers in the balcony are that they will need regular watering, a temperature which is warm, fertilizers and with a complete sun. If you have a good space, you can go with the varieties which are tall and climbing rather than the ones which are dwarf and bushier to get a very good yield. These varieties can also be grown on a trellis in a container that is large in a space of 2 square feet. 

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Pepper and chillies:

Pepper and chillies are the ones that are easiest to grow after tomatoes in vegetables. These are also productive. If the pot in which you are growing chillies and pepper is kept in a sunny location and is provided with perfect soil and fertilizer in a timely manner, this will give a very good yield. The pot which has a depth of 12 inches will be the best one to grow pepper and chillies. Pepper plants very much prone to pests. So, while growing pepper and chillies in balcony, you will need to monitor them regularly for aphids.

Growing Chilli Pepper.
Growing Chilli Pepper.


The seeds of the carrot varieties should be short rather than the ones which are standard as they will need more space for their root growth. While growing carrots in balcony,  always select the containers which have sufficient depth to provide good space for the roots.

Carrots are vegetables that are very easy to grow in pots if you select a perfect variety. The plants must be kept in full sun to slight sun and keep watering them at regular intervals in order to keep the soil moist. Do not water too much. The carrots are prone to mildew, so make sure that you are not wetting the foliage.


Radishes are vegetables that grow very quickly and are very much suitable for balcony vegetable gardening as they can be grown in even small pots. While growing radishes in the balcony, The pot should be of the depth of 6 inches but when you are growing the larger varieties of radishes, you need to use the pot which has a depth of 10 inches. The radishes can be planted closely and let a space of 2 inches in between them if you are planting in a container that is wide. The radishes are vegetables that can be harvested in one to two months and this is completely based on the variety of the radishes you have chosen to grow.


For growing peas in the balcony, you will need soil that is moist and the temperature which is moderate so that these can survive. All the varieties of peas are suitable for growing in the balcony in the containers but the varieties which are dwarf and bushier can be better to grow. A pot which is having a depth of at least 10 inches will be sufficient.


Irrespective of the size of the balcony, the cultivation of herbs in the balcony can be done. Hanging mesh fruit baskets can be kept in use which can be lined with moisture. These will have sphagnum moss which would retain the moisture. The baskets will be filled with potting soil medium and then the plantation of herbs will be done like sage, mint, and basil. The baskets should be hanged in the outdoors at sunny spots and watering should be done whenever the soil gets dried.

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One-pot of Garlic can be added to the edge of your window. The harvest of garlic in the balcony will be done very quickly and the results would be really fruitful.

To grow garlic in the balcony, plantation of at least four cloves of garlic should be done in a pot that is filled with a medium of potting soil. Let them sit by putting the pot in a sunny spot and watering should be done lightly. The greens of garlic will grow in just a week or two and these can be snipped later.


In order to grow eggplant on the balcony, you will need a wide pot that has a depth of 12 inches along with enough space. Eggplant is a vegetable that is very productive and whose yields are higher if you make sure that it is exposed to direct sunlight for at least 8 hours a day.

Growing Brinjal In Balcony Garden.
Growing Brinjal In Balcony Garden.

Like tomatoes, eggplant is also a heavy feeder and will need fertilizing on a regular basis. You will also need to provide great support to the plant by caging or staking. Poking a stick in the pot will be a great help to the eggplant when it begins to appear lean.


The growth of beets in balconies or containers is an easy task. Beets are crops that grow rapidly and you will not even need a large container for its plantation. A container that has a medium size with a depth of 10 inches will be enough. The soil which you choose to use must be rich in terms of compost and also permeable.

Bottom Line:

Balcony Vegetable Gardening gives you a fresh feeling of daily life along with tasty vegetables.

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