Betel Leaf Cultivation Income (Paan), Cost, Project Report

A Guide for betel leaf cultivation income and project report of paan leaves in India

Today, we discuss the topic of betel leaf cultivation income and economics of betel leaves in 1-acre farming along with project report of betel leaf, cultivation cost of betel leaf farming and yield of betel leaf in 1-acre cultivation area.

Betel life is one of the profitable plantation crops that may give huge incomes to the betel leaf farmer. Betel leaf farming is also the Agri farming business that incurs huge investments as like other plantation crops. The area under betel leaf farming or betelvine cultivation in the country is also increasing in recent days. According to IndiaStat, the area under Plantation crops which include betelvine is about 3207 ha and 12007 MT production as per 2006 – 07 agriculture statistics. The demand for betel leaves is also increasing in the present past as the people are getting to know about the health benefits of the betelvine leaves. Noticing the demand many farmers, as well as agriculture entrepreneurs, are looking towards betel leaf farming business. In this post, we will let you know the cost, profits, and benefits from Betel leaf farming business India. We have already given all the information about the guide to starting betel leaf farming in India. What are you waiting for? let us get into the details of betel leaf cultivation income and cost of cultivation in one-acre farming.

Betel Leaf Plantation (Paan Leaves).
Betel Leaf Plantation (Paan Leaves).

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Betel Leaf Farming Information: As betel leaf farming is a plantation crop farming, the farmer gets profits throughout the years. The yields, as well as the income, returns also increase rapidly from year to years. This is also the crop that requires 750 – 1500 mm annual rainfall with temperature ranges between 10 – 40 degree Celcius. There is less number of Betel leaf varieties available than other plantation crops. The required seed rate for betel leaf farming is 20000 betel leaf plant cuttings for the 1-acre area. The yield is about 40000 bundles or every 100 leaves per acre from the second year and 25000 to 35000 bundles during the first year of betel leaf cultivation. This is also one of the plantation agribusinesses that require a huge number of laborers than other plantation crops.

Betel Leaf Varieties in India: There is less number of betel leaf varieties than other plantation crops. The most commonly grown Betel leaf variety is Kapuri betel leaf variety.

Cost of seed treatment and betel leaf cuttings: In the month of May to June, after well plowing: We must go for cultivation of supporting plants like areca nut, coconut or other immediate growing plants. Later 20000 plants are sown in 1 acre with 6 to 8 betel cutting for each support. Dig 5 X 10 X 20 cm pit and sow the betelvine cuttings. Before treating the plantlets with 0.5 % Bordeaux mixture and 250 ppm streptomycin as seed treatment which costs about Rs. 20000 along with the cost of the seed or betel cuttings cost.

Cost of supporting: the farmer may go for support construction or grow some supporting trees. If he goes for the supports construction, it incurs about Rs. 50000 for 1-acre area.

Fertilizers cost in 1-acre betel leaf farming: We need to apply 40 kg SSP, 40 kg MoP, 80 kg N in the whole year which incurs up to Rs. 10000 for the whole crop.

Pesticides cost in 1-acre betel leaf farming: The cost of pesticides is high in betel leaf farming as the plants are highly susceptible to various diseases pathogens and insect pests. We have to spray chlorpyriphos or monocrotophos 2 % and insect sticky traps and pheromone traps to control insect pests and fungicides like Bordeaux mixture at 0.55 or 0.3% COC or blitox or copper oxychloride and bactericides like stroeptcyclin and bactericins where all these pesticides costs around Rs. 25000 for two successive years.

Labor cost in 1-acre betel leaf farming: Betel leaf farming is a labor-intensive cultivation practice as it requires proper care and maintenance. So, we have to employ regular farmworker for about two years. We require continuous employed skilled labor and other laborers for miscellaneous activities in order to maintain the 1-acre betel leaf farm for two years where it costs about Rs. 80000 for the first year.

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Miscellaneous costs: These includes the cost of drip irrigation, intercultural operations, and other activities within the 1-acre betel leaf farm. It also includes the cost of packaging, post-harvest management practices, equipment’s used to harvest or cut the betel leaves from the and other farming activities. Let us consider them around Rs. 50000 for a year.

Marketing and Harvesting cost: Harvesting cost is included in the labor cost. Whereas marketing cost includes the transportation of betel leaves to the nearest market or betel leaf export cost which incurs around Rs. 30000 with proper package and practices of post-harvest management of betel leaves.

The total cost of one-acre betel leaf farming: The total cost is the addition of all the above costs incurred during 1-acre betel vine cultivation. Therefore, the final cost of 1-acre betelvine cultivation is Rs. 2,65,000.

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Income returns in betel leaf farming: The farmer can get up to 30000 bundles of betel leaves where each bundle consists of 100 beetle leaves. Each bundle is sold at Rs.25 per bundle in the wholesale markets, however, the price also depends on the quality of the betel leaf. Therefore, Rs. 25 X 30000 = Rs. 7,50,000. The price may, however, vary from place to place and quality of the betel leaves or pan leaves.

Therefore, the farmer can earn incomes up to Rs. 7,50,000 from 1-acre betel leaves.

Net profits from 1-acre betel leaf farming: The net profits are the difference between cost and income returns in 1acre betel leaf farming i.e., Rs. 750000 – Rs. 265000 = Rs. 4,85,000.

Therefore, the net profits from 1-acre betel leaf farming are about Rs. 4.85 lakhs. However, the farmer must maintain proper care and management in the betel leaf or pan leaf farm.

Conclusion: This is all about 1-acre betel leaf cultivation income or pan leaf cultivation income. Comment below if you have any queries.

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  2. Good evening sir, we have grown betel leaves in more than 10 hector. Please suggest me how/where to sell large quantities of betel leaves.


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