Borewell Drilling Cost, Pump Price, and Pipe Cost

Agriculture Borewell Drilling Cost, Pump Price, and Pipe Cost, and Setup Guide

Let us get into details of Borewell Drilling Cost and complete information of Agriculture Borewell Setup.

Introduction of Agriculture Borewell:

Are you planning for drilling a borewell in your agriculture or farm land? Sure, here is the information about Agriculture Borewell. As many areas in India troubled with water source or water storage as annual rainfall is not consistent and not reaching to the optimal stage. It has become very tough to get water for you orchird or agriculture crops. The only way left behind this is digging a borewell. Still, it is not sure whether you get the water as it depends on the geographical factors. If the field is sorrunded by lakes or rivers, there is a possibility of ground level water source. Before going for Borewell, we should identify points for drilling. How we can do this? Let us discuss more in the next section. Once you succeed with borewell, it is better to use drip irrigation for your crops for effective utilization of bore water.

Prerequisite of Borewell:

If you are planning for multiple bores in your land, you have to have 25 KV transformer to take the load up to 5 motors. You can apply for agriculture transformer by filling the form along with DD and xerox copies of land title/passbook at your local electricity office near to your land. If everything is fine with your details, the transformer can be sanctioned in 3 to 6 months. You should make these arrangements well before the actual borewell digging starts. Electricity people will set up the transformer as per your instructions with 3 phase connectivity.

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Identifying Borewell points:

To identify bore points, you must hire a certified Geologist. Usually, on an average, it costs about 500 Rs per acre.  Once you hire him, he will get his equipment and survey complete land with it. If you ask him for 10 acre survey for identifying bore points, it will cost you about Rs. 5,000. Based on his testing, he may give you 3 to 4 points with water level information such as depth to digg and quantity of water. Some people go on just their guess, it may also work sometimes, but not recommended. In villages, some people will try with coconut trick, but it is not useful. However, once Geologist identifies the points, you must make those points for digging. Keep some stones on those points just for your reference.

Borewell Drilling Cost:

After fixing the borepoints, you should search for Borewell drilling machine. The cost of the drilling may vary region to region and also changes based on diesel cost. Here is the average cost of borewell digging.

Up to 100 feet:  60 to 70 Rs/feet

Above 100 feet and below 200 feet: 80 to 100 Rs

Above 200 feet: 100 Rs plus.

However, you can bargain on prices with the borewell owner.  Apart from this, you may have to pay for casing. The casing has to be done for first 20 to 40 feet while drilling. The casing length required depends on soil type, for loose soil, you may require longer casing. The casing usually costs you about 200 Rs per feet. If you are opting for 40 feet, it costs you: 40 feet x 200 Rs =  Rs.8, 000..

Incase, if you don’t get the water in that particular point, they will remove the casing and charge you half price which is Rs.4, 000.

Now let us calculate the cost of 200 feet borewell digging:

For first 100 feet:  Rs. 60 /feet = 100 x 60 = Rs. 6,000.

From 100 feet to 200 feet: Rs 80/feet = 100 x 80 =  Rs.8000

For 40 feet casing: 40 x 200 = Rs. 8000

Miscellaneous Charges: Rs. 1,000 (The labor who are working there may ask for tips).

Total cost (A): 6,000 + 8,000 + 8000 + 1000 = Rs. 23,000

Note: The above cost does not include any other equipment which will be talking in later sections.

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Equipment Required  for a New Borewell:

  • Submersible motor pump
  • Starter Box
  • Bore Pipes (20 feet each)
  • Cable wire from motor to starter box
  • Service wire from power pole to starter box
  • Gate valves
  • Clips and Misc GA wire etc.

There are many brands of submersible pumps in India. However, it all depends on your budget. We recommend to buy branded pumpset so that you will not have frequent wire burns, other electrical and mechanical problems. Here are the top submersible pumps in India.

  • Texmo
  • CRI
  • Kirloskar
  • Crompton
  • KSB

Total Cost of Borwell:

Now, let us calculate total expenses of 200 feet borewell which includes digging expenses plus equipment cost.


  • Established Transformer
  • Existing Borewell
  • Borewell Depth: 200 feet
  • Recommended pumpset: Texmo

Here are the cost components of Borewell Motor:

Texmo Submersible Pumpset (5HP) = Rs.26, 000.

Starter Box (L&T) = Rs. 4,500.

Cable wire for 200 feet from motor to starter box = Rs.10, 000.

Bore pipes (20 feet each), for 200 feet, we will be setting up with 160 to 170 feet depth, so we require 8 pipes. So the price for pipes is 8 x 625 =  Rs. 5,000.

3 phase service wire from electric pole to starter box: Rs. 2,000.

Gate valve and other Misc items: Rs. 2,000.

Fixing charges for electrician and any other labour =  Rs.2,500

Total Equipement and Labour Cost (B) = 26,000 + 4,500 +10,000 + 5,000 + 2,000+ 2,000 + 2,500 = Rs.52,000.

Total cost for 200 feet borewell with all equipment.

Borewell Digging Cost (A) + Total Equipement Cost (B):

23, 000 + 52,000 = Rs. 75,000.

So total cost of establishing a borewell is: Rs. 75,000.

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Agriculture Borewell Drilling Tips:

  • Before going for borewell, inquire nearby farmers for usual depth of borewells where you can find the water.
  • Never go too deep, as it will cost you a lot.
  • If needed, get the permission from Agriculture office
  • Never dig a borewell close to another borewell.
  • If you get less water in bore, join the all low water bores to a single pipe and have gate valves fixed from all directions.
  • Prevent any water leaks on the ground.
  • Keep checking leaks and water level of borewell.
  • Don’t run the motor when you find low water levels as it may result in burning motor.
  • Ensure you have an electrician to work with any kind of wiring or fuses. Never change fuses or touch the wires yourself.
  • Never leave uncompleted borewells open. Close them immediately.

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  1. I am from Bohlui village,Churachandpur District, Manipur State, every year my paddy field was effected by drought. I want to procure borewell drilling with complete construction and equipment. How much it will cost after completion. Pliz info me back if any one can help me

  2. Thank you for your inputs.

    We need to dig aborewell near budhera for 3 acre land. Please suggest Geologist near by for knowing borewell points.

  3. Can you provide me the name and address of the Geologist working in my area i. e. Nagaur or Sikar district in Rajasthan who can tell me the points for small borewell for domestic purpose.

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  7. sir,
    my land is in village near arcot, its almost a drought area , and i get 30 to 40 mts of 1 inch water flow only
    what is your suggesition and advice. pls help me .I have few cows and calves also

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