Broiler Goat Rearing, Farming Business Information

Broiler Goat Business Information:

Today, we discuss the topic of Broiler goat rearing in India.

Broiler Goat
Broiler Goat.

Broiler goat production is highly suitable technology in areas where green fodder is not available  (or) due to lack of grazing land. It is one of the techniques to improve the economy of the rural farming community. Broiler goat business has been found to be highly remunerative compare to rearing other farm animals and it has been advocated as a better substitute of livelihood for the rural farmer.

What are broiler goat rearing kids?

As far as broiler goat is concerned, we don’t have any specific breed for this purpose.   The kids produced from goats (whatever breed available in your area) can be used for broiler goat rearing (both male as well as female kids).

Shelter/Housing requirements:

Broiler Goat Shed.
Broiler Goat Shed.

Low-cost housing should be constructed in such a way in a  raised platform (about 1-meter height from ground level) by using bamboo/wooden poles or ‘pakka’ building by establishing concrete pillars. Floor and side walls may be made of wooden material. The roof may be thatched with coconut leaves, grass or asbestos sheets. Average floor space per kid is 0.75 to 1 sq. meter. The floor should have at least 1 cm space between bamboos/wooden planks to allow passage of dung and urine down to the ground.

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How to Select goat kids:

The goat kids about 15 days to 1-month-old i.e before starting to eat green leaves and are having higher birth weight and not used for further breeding can be selected for broiler goat rearing. The selected kids will not be allowed to feed on green fodder/grazing green grasses in open spaces.

Methods/Ways of broiler goat rearing:

The selected goat kids are reared intensively by providing concentrate feed (goat feed) @ 5 g mixed with equal quantity of rice gruel ( broken boiled rice) initially i.e. at the start (15-30 days). Then gradually increase the amount day by day as per feed intake (eg. 7g, 10 g, 15 g like that). Apart from these, you can add, coconut cake, rice bran or ground cake with minimum level (1-2 g/day/kid to a maximum of 150-200/day)  Pure water also should be available at all times (24 hours).
Liver tonic (Tefroli/Livol etc.) and Fish oil should be given twice in a week @ 2.5 ml/animal per day initially and increase up to  5-10ml/kid/day. The young goat kids should be allowed for mother’s milk twice or thrice in a day.

Broiler goat feed:

Available in the market or you can also prepare own feed mix by using the following feed ingredients.

Ingredients  Parts
Deoiled groundnut cake 12
Horse gram 30
Wheat/Maize/Jowar (grain) 30
Rice polish/Wheat  bran 15
Dried unsalted fish 10
Mineral mixture 1.5
Common salt 1.5
VitAB2D3 25 grams/100 kg of the feed mixture

Marketing methods the goat:

In India, goat meat is preferred by all. So the marketing of broiler goat is not a major problem. Direct marketing is highly profitable. Involvement of middleman can reduce the price of animals. Broiler goat meat is soft and minimizes goaty odor. Marketing should be done at the attainment of 25-30 kg or at the age of 3-4 months whichever is earlier.

Breeding of the goat :

Parent stock should be allowed for mating by using good quality male (superior breed)  or by using frozen semen at about 45 days postpartum (after delivery). Thereby the farmers can get a continuous supply of goat kids for broiler goat production. Furthermore, female goats produce a number of kids in their lifetime. Repeated mating by using the same male should be avoided.

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Synchronization of estrus:

In a large herd, synchronization of estrus by using PGF2 alpha injection and timely breeding by using good quality frozen semen or natural service by the superior male will enhance not only conception rate but also the farmer can bring all the animals to deliver (kidding) at a specified period.

Benefits/advantages broiler goat rearing: 

1.  No need to observe oestrus signs.
2. Fixed time breeding at 72 hrs and 96 hrs following PGF2 alpha injection.
3. Delivery of all mated or inseminated animals at a particular time.
4. Highly useful for broiler goat rearing
5. Management is easy.
6. Reduced inter-kidding interval (in between the deliveries)

A farm woman can manage about 10-20  kids at a time without any extra labor. It is highly profitable to the farmers who are already involved in goat rearing. The kids should be sold off at about 3-4 months or at the attainment of 25-30 kg’s whichever is earlier. A farm woman/farmer can produce a number of broiler kids in a short period of time. Apart from these, the reproductive efficiency of female goats can also be highly exploited by proper planning of breeding.

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