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A step by step guide to carrot farming income, cultivation cost

Are you thinking for knowing the carrot farming income, cultivation cost, and other economics? then you are in right page to know detailed project report of carrot farming in 1 acre. Carrot is one of the important underground vegetable crops.Carrots are good source of Vit A and other nutrients and minerals necessary for the human body. The y are mostly cultivated or grown in cool places. Higher temperatures, as well as lower temperatures, does not favor for carrot farming in India. Temperature range between 18 – 24 degree Celsius is good for carrot farming in India. If you take proper care and management practices in carrot farming, the farmer can get good income returns and profits from 1 acre carrot cultivation within a period of 3 to 4 months.

The duration of carrot crop is 90 to 100 days or 3 months which may vary according to the seed selected for sowing. The required seed rate for carrot farming is 2 kg carrot seed per acre. The farmer can expect an yield of 7 to 8 tons or 7000 to 8000 kg from 1 acre carrot farming. The carrot grower or carrot farmer can immediately send to the nearest vegetable market for selling within 3 to 4 days after harvesting. However, if the carrots are stored post harvest, they can remain fresh up to 3 to 4 months or 100 days if stored at 0 to 4.4 degree Celsius.

Carrot Cultivation Project Report.
Carrot Production Economics.

We have already given all the information regarding the carrot farming guide and carrot cultivation in India. In this post, we will let you know the cost of carrotfarming, income returns and profits from 1 acre carrot cultivation in India.

Some important carrot seed varieties

  • PusaKesar (Local red X non tess)
  • Early non tess
  • Chanteny
  • PUSA yamadagni ( I C 9981 X Non tess)

Cost of 1 acre Carrot farming

Seed cost for 1 acre carrot cultivation

The recommended seed rate for sowing in carrot farm is 2 kg/ acre. The cost of high yielding carrot seeds is Rs. 1500 per kg. Therefore, for 2 kg, it is Rs. 3000 that is enough for 1 acre carrot cultivation.

Land preparation cost in 1 acre carrot farming

Land preparation includes ploughing, harrowing and bed preparation which is done in 4 days and requires 2 labours per day. Labour cost is Rs. 250 for male labour per day which is Rs. 2000 for land preparation.

Cost of fertilizers in 1 acre carrot cultivation

The carrot farmers have to apply 10 ton FYM per acre and 20: 16: 20 NPK fertilizer which costs up Rs. 2000/ acre.

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Pesticides cost in 1 acre carrot farming

The carrot plants are mostly infested to various insect pests like carrot rust fly, leaf eating caterpillar and another insect. We have to spray insecticides like malathion 2ml/ lt water to control such insect pests in carrot. In addition, carrot plants are also infestedwithdiseases like leaf spots, powdery mildew and necrotic spots. We have control such disease by spraying fungicides like Malathion 2 ml/ lt with wettablesuphur 3 gm or hexaconozole 2ml/ lit water or dimethoate 2ml/ lt water as spray application. All thesepesticides cost up to Rs. 2500 in order to spray on `1 acre carrot plants.

Labor cost in 1 acre carrot farming

We require four labours for every week up to 14 weeks to carry out the intercultural operations, weeding, irrigation and other miscellaneous activities in 1 acre carrot farming. The cost of each labor is Rs. 250 per men per day. For 14 weeks we require 56 X Rs. 250 = Rs. 14000.

Harvesting cost in carrot farm

Harvesting is mostly done after 85 to 90 days of sowing. We require around 6 labour to do the harvesting and packing in to the crates. One irrigation is given before the days of harvesting for easy uprooting of the carrots from the soil. It incurs around Rs. 5000 for harvesting with labour cost and packing and packaging cost. The farmer can also go for cold storages to store the harvested produce for up to three months in order to sell the carrots in the nearest market at the time when the selling price of carrots is high.

Marketing cost

It includes the activities like transportation of the carrot produce to the nearest market or to the cold chain or cold storages. It may incur up to Rs. 5000 on an average.

Miscellaneous costs incurred in 1acre carrot cultivation

Miscellaneous costs include the additional labor cost, rental charges of the farm machinery and other implements. This may incur up to Rs. 10000 for 90 – 100 days.

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Total cost of 1 acre carrot cultivation

Seed cost for 1 acre carrot cultivation: Rs. 1500

Land preparation cost: Rs. 2000

Cost of fertilizers: Rs. 2000

Pesticides cost: Rs. 2500

Labor cost: Rs. 14000

Harvesting cost:  Rs. 5000

Marketing cost: Rs. 5000

Miscellaneous costs: Rs. 10000

Addition cost (10% to the whole cost):Rs. 3000

Total cost of acre carrot farming : Rs. 45,000.

Income returns in 1 acre carrot farming

            Income returns in 1 acre carrot cultivation vary from region to regionand market to market.  The carrots are purchased from the farmers at the rate of Rs. 25/ kg carrot as on 26.08.2019 according to naapanta. Com. The farmer gets yield up to 8000 kg from 1 acre carrot farm. Therefore, 8000 X Rs. 24 = Rs. 1,92,000.

Net profits in 1 acre carrot cultivation

It is the difference between the total cost and the income returns in 1 acre carrot farming. Then, it is Rs. 1,92,000 – Rs. 45,000 = Rs. 1,47,000. Therefore, the carrot farmer can earn up to rs. 1.4 lakh in a period of 4 months if they take proper care and management within the 1 acre carrot farm.

Conclusion: This is all about incomes and profits from 1 acre carrot cultivation in India. Comment below if you have any queries regarding the 1 acre profit project report in carrot cultivation.

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