Chaff Cutter Subsidy In India; Cost of Chaff Cutter

Chaff cutter subsidy and working mechanism

Getting chaff cutter subsidy in India is easy for farmers. A Chaff cutter machine is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed with forage and fed to horses, goats, and cattle. Chaff and hay played a very important role in most agricultural production as it was used for feeding horses. Chaff cutters have developed gradually from the basic machines into commercial standard machines that can be driven at different speeds and can achieve various lengths of cuts of chaff for animal preference type.

Chaff cutter device is a hay or straw cutting machine which is used in uniform chopping of the fodder for livestock or raw material to agro-industries. The different types of fodder can be processed in this machine are forage grass, green grass, dry corn straw, and wheat stalk. The final remaining products can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. It can process cotton stalk, bark, small branches; they can also be used to generate electricity and to create paper.

Chaff Cutter Working Mechanism.
Chaff Cutting Machines.

Chaff cutter subsidy in India:

Well, there is a government subsidy available on buying a chaff cutter for agriculture purpose. However chaff cutter subsidy varies from 25% to 75% depending on the state government schemes. Usually, you can easily get subsidy on chaff cutter in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar and other States. for getting a chaff cutter subsidy in India, you should carry agriculture documents such as title deed or passbook.

Chaff cutting process:

  • Problem detection in chaff cutting process: The existing machines are observed properly to detect the problems faced by the user.
  • New cutting technology
  • Single-phase operation: The power supplied to the machine is single phase so to make it simple to operate at any location.
  • Safety: Highest priority is given to the safety of the operator.

Components of Chaff cutter:

Here we discuss components of Chaff cutter;

Power Source – Electric Motor

An electric motor is an electrical machine that is used to convert electrical into mechanical energy. For very smaller loads as the in-household application in fans.

V belt drive

V belt drive arrangement is used to transmit power from the motor to shaft which is connected to chaff cutter mechanism. The use of V-belts in multiple allowed drives with a much changeable range of horsepower capacity than ever before obtainable using single belt drives.


A Shaft is a rotating element, generally circular in cross-section; line shaft is used to transmit power from one shaft to another, or from the machine which produces power, to the machine which absorbs power.

Chaff Cutter

This is the major section of the chaff cutting machine. The fine and uniform chopping of the chaff is done in this main section.

Some parts of Chaff cutter will be Hopper, cutter (main blade and centrifugal bade), Housing, and Frame stand.

Types of Chaff cutter

Based on cutting mechanism, the Chaff cutter can be divided into the following types;

  • Flywheel type: A flywheel type chaff cutter is having a rotating flywheel with blades
  • Cylinder type: A cylinder type chaff cutter is the cutting mechanism in which it consists of a rotating cutting cylinder.

Based on cut-chaff dropping position, the Chaff cutter can be divided into the following types;

  • Let-fall type: A let-fall chaff cutter is that in which the cut fodder is dropped down to the bottom of the chaff cutter.
  • Throw-away type: A throw-away chaff cutter is that in which the cut fodder is thrown away to the frontward of the chaff cutter.
  • Blow-up type: A blow-up chaff cutter is that in which the cut fodder is blow up through the blow-up pipe.

Based on the feeding system, the chaff cutter can be divided into the following types;

  • Chute-fed: A chute-fed chaff cutter is that in which the feeding of the fodder crop is done through a chute.
  • Conveyor-fed: A conveyor-fed chaff cutter is that in which the feeding of the fodder crop is done through a conveyor.

Cost of Chaff cutter:

Cost of Iron Chaff Cutter (power – 5 HP) will be approximately Rs 65,000/ Piece.

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Structure and working principle:

It is driven by motor and makes the driving of major shaft by the belt. Under the high-speed rotation with cutter and hammer making the feed filiform and powder, the feeds will be an outflow from the outlet material through a sieve.

Chaff cutter machines are made up of feeding part, cutting and throwing part, transmitting part, walking part and safety device, so it is reasonably structured safe and reliable.

  • Feeding part is feed rollers.
  • A cutting arrangement made up of motion knife and locking bolt.
  • Transmitting structure mostly consists of belt, gears, pulleys
  • Walking arrangement is made up of ground wheels.

Operation instruction:

  • Please carefully understand Chaff cutter structure and performance before its operation.
  • If the machine makes abnormal noise should stop working immediately after machine works normally, and then can put materials into it, but the material should be moderate to avoid damage of motor tools and parts if the machine overload work.
  • When crush the cropper should be close and fix feeds inlet. And after fixing the collect bag in the bottom of the material outlet. Before opening the material inlet and should control the cropper is moderate and avoid machine overload work.
  • Close the material inlet switch when the machine is working, and fix collect bag of material outlet, and put straw or other feed into material inlet properly, otherwise, it will make the machine overload work.
  • Open the small flashboard in the middle of material inlet if you grind feed. Please open the big flashboard of the material inlet when grind corn stover, at the same times, please close flashboard side of machine inlet and bottom of the material outlet. Crushed by blower arrive to collect the bag.
  • Close the top of material flashboard and although the side of the material inlet when grind straw or other feeds, if the straw humidity less than 20%, it’s can be blow out by blower. If the straw humidity is big, then install big blower and close the material outlet of blower and materiel will become out from the bottom of the outlet.
  • Please keep the machines working 3 minutes until all the material come out from the machine after stop work.

Working of Chaff cutter

Working Operation of Manual Chaff Cutter

Operate the flywheel of the Chaff cutter machine at 50 revs/min and feed the fodder manually. Make sure that the feeding is done continuously and covers the full width and height of the throat.

A handle is presented to the flywheel, by which e can rotate the flywheel. Blades are attached to the flywheel through which the chaff or straw can cut. Chaff is feed through tin sheet metal into a feed roller, where worm gear is obtainable. Then flywheel rotates using the handle, the flywheel shaft is connected to the feed roller, by which the roller will rotate and it will move the chaff towards Blades. Then chaff will cut into very small pieces and then this will provide to cattle.

Hand operated Chaff cutter machine or manual chaff cutter machine is highly precise machine and are smooth to operate. Impeccably designed, these Chaff cutters help chop up hay and oat-straw to feed livestock and prepare fine raw material for food processing industries.

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Working Operation of Power Chaff Cutter

Chaff cutter machine for feed is powered by electric motors, drive main shaft, Main shaft gear through the gearbox, universal joints, etc. pass speed regulation power to compression roller.

Power-operated Chaff cutter consists of an electric motor which is 2HP, three-phases, and the starter is necessary. A flat belt or leather is connected to flywheel and motor pulley through which the flywheel will rotate. When power supplied, the motor will start, then the flywheel rotates through a flat belt or leather. At the same point, the chaff feeds through a tin sheet metal. The feed roller connected by flywheel main shaft through which the feed roller will rotate and then it will carry the chaff towards the blades with the help of the worm gear mechanism system. Then the chaff will cut into a very small piece, it will helpful for cattle.

Chaff motors are the mating powers and the powers are transmitted to the major shaft. The gears on the other side of the major shaft transmit the speed governed power to the grass roller though the gearbox, Cardan joint, chains, and others. When the materials under processing enter into the upper and lower grass rollers and after being fed into the cutting room by the grass rollers and cut in the cutting room, the materials obtained from the outlet hole through the high-speed cutter.

Chaff cutter working procedure:

The supply power source to electric motor: Here we are using single phase 2 H.P motor so we need single-phase power supply. Input speed of the electric motor is 1425 rpm. To rotate chaff cutting blade and rotate them by using power drives.

Power transmission through belt-pulley drive which is mounted on the shaft: For transmitting power we choose belt and pulley as power drive. This belt and pulley arrangement is coupled to cutting blades by using a coupling shaft. Hence rotation of cutting blades occurs.

Feeding of food material: We feed fodder by hopper. As feed trough has a large opening and high length this provides a way to grass and other fodder material such as dry corn straw, grass, soya bean, wheat stalk, with ease and therefore reducing the manual work of the farmer and increases the fodder production.

Collect fodder from output tube: After rotation of cutting blades, it causes cutting of supplied feed material like grass dry corn straw convert into powder form. And these lightweight particles are thrown away by the centrifugal force of cutting blade towards outlet tube. Thus, place a container for collecting fodder.

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Applications of Chaff cutter:

Dairy farms: In dairy farms, it is used to cut the chaff, dry grass, green grass at a large scale.

Farm fields: Farmer uses the Chaff cutter for cutting the chaffs and remaining things which are to be feed to the domestic elements.

Animal food processing industries: Now a day, there are industries which manufacture food for animals through this chaff; there also this chaff cutter is used.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chaff cutter:

Some advantages of Chaff cutter will be given below;

  • Chaff Cutter has a steel structure.
  • Equipped with a safety device.
  • Reliable and safety.
  • Compact structure simple operation and installation.
  • Chaff cutter has a long service life.
  • Skilled persons are not required.
  • For operating manually more energy is not required.

Some disadvantages of Chaff cutter will be given below;

  • Chaff cutter is not easily portable.
  • High power consumption.

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