Cluster Bean Cultivation Income (Guar), Project Report

Hello farmers, are you interested to grow cluster beans on large scale and don’t know where to start? here is the full guide of cluster bean cultivation income, yield per acre and complete economics of gaur production which also includes cost of cultivation of cluster beans. Why wait? lets jump into it.

A guide for cluster bean cultivation income, yield, profits

Cluster bean (Cyamopsistetragonoloba) is one of the important vegetable crops that belong to the family of Fabaceae. Mainly cluster bean is grown for tender pods used as a vegetable and for its dry seeds also. The seeds of some varieties are used for the extraction of guar gum. Among all legumes cluster, bean is highly tolerant of drought.  The gum obtained from Cluster bean is used in various industries particularly cosmetics, textiles, explosives, paper, and food processing units. This is also grown for forage and green manure purposes. This guar gum is exported to foreign countries. Green pods are rich in vitamin A and iron.

Cost of Cultivation of Cluster Beans.
Cluster Beans Field.

Cluster bean cultivation can be done in low fertile soils. It can be grown as the main crop or as an intercrop. Major cluster bean growing states are Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh. In India, Rajasthan stands first in the area and production of Cluster bean. This crop can be grown in areas with average rainfall. It can tolerate extreme drought and high temperatures

Cluster bean Seed rate:

12-16 kg of cluster bean seed is required to cultivate in one acre of land.

Yield in cluster bean cultivation:

In one-acre land, one can expect around 20-25 quintals of green pods. First harvesting can be done 45 days after sowing.

Cluster bean market price:

In market average price per quintal, cluster bean is Rs.2500. Here, we will discuss the cost of cultivation, gross profits and net income involved in the cultivation of 1 acre Cluster bean.

Soil and climate for cluster bean cultivation:

Well-drained sandy loams are not suitable for the cultivation of cluster bean. It does well at a pH of 7.5-8.0. Heavy soils with poor drainage facilities are not suitable for cluster bean cultivation. Cluster bean is a tropical vegetable crop. It can tolerate frost. It can thrive well in places with low rainfall and high temperature. It can also withstand waterlogging conditions, mostly it is grown as a rain-fed crop in semi-arid zones. Cluster bean is a photosensitive crop.

List of Cluster bean varieties in India:

  • PusaMausami
  • PusaSadabahar
  • Pardeshi
  • PusaNaubahar
  • SharadBahar
  • Gomamanjari
  • Gouri
  • Gaint type
  • Dwarf type 

Cost of cultivation for 1 acre Cluster bean cultivation

Cost of seed material:

In legume crops, the seed rate will be high compared to the other vegetable crops. Good quality seed material costs around Rs. 250-300 per kilogram averagely. However, there might be changes in cost seed material depending upon the various factors. So if we use 14-kilogram seed per acre the cost of seed material will be around Rs.3,920 if we get kg cluster bean seed at Rs.280.

Cost of land preparation:

Weeds should be removed, clods should be broken plough the soil to a fine tilth. If we are cultivating the cluster bean for the first time seed treatment with rhizobium culture is necessary. In rainy season furrows should be made 60 cm apart, in summer seed sowing can be done on well-prepared beds. For all these operations in one-acre land, it may cost around Rs.2,600.

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Cost of sowing:

In Kharif sowing during the moths of June –July is recommended. For summer season sowing should be done from the second week of January to the end of February. In some areas cluster bean is grown from September to October.

Following spacing should be adopted in summer and Kharif.

  • Summer season- 45 cm X 15 cm
  • Kharif season- 60 cm X 15 cm

Planting should be done in such a way that plant density will be high during the summer season. Sowing operation can be completed with the help of 4 labor, which costs around Rs.800 if we pay Rs. 200 per head.

Cost of weeding:

Alachlor 1-liter grams or Pendimithalin at 1.25 lit should be sprayed after mixing with 200-liter water within 48 hours of sowing. Crops should be kept free from weed during the first 30 days of growth. At least 1-2 weedings are necessary. For chemical spray, it costs around Rs. 1200. For manual weeding, there will be an average expenditure of Rs.1,500-1,600.

Manures and fertilizer cost:

Fertilizers which provide 12:25:25 kilograms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash per acre were applied. Nitrogen should be applied in split doses. The first dose needs to applied along with phosphorus and potash during the last ploughing and the second dose should be applied 40 days after sowing. The farmyard manure of 8 tonnes should be applied during ploughing it costs around Rs.5,000. and for fertilizers, we have to spend Rs. 2,000 averagely.

Cost of pesticides:

Pod bores, hoppers, aphids, rust, and powdery mildew are the main pest and disease of cluster bean. For plant protection measures it costs around Rs.3600 along with labor cost for spraying.

Cost of miscellaneous activities:

The cost of irrigation, interest over the capital, land revenue, land rent and electricity charges, etc. will be around Rs. 3100 around.

Cost of harvesting and loading:

Tender pods should be harvested and sent to the market if the pods over mature fiber content will increase and fetch low prices due to low quality. Harvesting starts after 45-55 days after sowing, harvesting of pods continues up to 120 days after sowing. We can get an average yield of 23 quintals per acre. Harvesting costs will be near around Rs.3,200 if we pay Rs.200 per head.

Transportation cost:

For transporting the produce from the field to the market it will cost around Rs.1,400.

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Total cost of 1 acre Cluster bean farming:

Cost of seed material: Rs. 3,920

Cost of land preparation: Rs. 2,600

Cost of sowing: Rs. 800

Cost of weeding: Rs. 1200+Rs. 1,600

Cost of Pesticides: Rs. 3,600

Fertilizer cost: Rs. 5,000+Rs. 2,000

Cost of miscellaneous activities: Rs. 3,100

Cost of harvesting and loading: Rs. 3,200

Cost of transportation: Rs. 1,400

Total cost of 1 acre cluster bean cultivation: Rs. 28,420

Total cost incurred in 1 acre Cluster bean cultivation:

The total cost of cultivation involved in Cluster bean cultivation was Rs.28,420 along with assuming 10 percent expenditure on various aspects then the total cost of cultivation is Rs.31,262.

Total income from 1 acre Cluster bean cultivation:

The average market price for the Cluster bean is Rs. 2,500 per quintal. Assume 25 quintals as an average yield per one acre. A farmer will get a gross income of Rs. 62,500for his 25 quintals of cluster bean produce in the market.

Net profit from 1 acre Cluster bean farming:

Net profit is the difference between total returns and the total cost incurred in cultivation. Then it will be like this

Rs. 62,500-Rs. 31,262 = Rs. 31,238

Therefore the farmer can get a net income of Rs.31, 238 from 1 acre Cluster bean cultivation. There might be little differences in costs depending upon the various factors like market, labor demand, climatic conditions, and incidence of various pests and diseases, etc.


From the above content, it is very clear that cluster bean cultivation in low fertile soils, drought-prone areas, and areas with high temperatures is remunerative where we cannot grow any other crops successfully. Thus cluster bean cultivation in the above-mentioned areas is advisable.

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