Cold Pressed Oil Project Report, Plan, Subsidy, Loans, Cost

Cold pressed oil project report, business Plan: Cold pressed oils are produced by compressing the oil seeds at room temperature which have high demand due to premium prices. The oils available now are pressed at high temperatures but are not good for health. These cold pressed oils are good for health and hence have a high demand in the market due to its health benefits. Cold pressed oils are pressed at high compression pressures.

A guide to cold pressed oil project report, plan, subsidy, cost

Hot press oil extractors are used because of high yield, whereas the cold pressed oil yield less. But the high temperature alters the nutritional properties. The oil cake produced by heat pressing has less value compared to the cold press cake.

Cold pressing oils are obtained through modern steel press of seeds. Cold pressed oils retain all the essential components such as flavour, aroma, and nutritional values, making these oils for a great use in cooking and skin care requirements. They do not contain anytrans fatty acids and are therefore naturally cholesterol-free.These oils are cholesterol free, not refined, or deodorized or processed in any other way,they do not contain harmful solvent residues,as they are obtained just by compression and they also contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols for example Vitamin E and phosphatides like Lecithin.

Cold pressed Oil Business Plan.
Cold pressed Oil Business Plan.

The natural flavours and odour are retained in the cold press oils, enhancing the taste in your favourite recipes. These are processed under heat-controlled temperatures along with the environment that would never exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In cold-pressed oil extraction process, the seeds are processed at lower temperatures and do not alter the properties of the oil which contains a higher phenolic and nutrient content than the oils extracted from the high temperature-pressed oil.

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In the last few years, although the awareness mostlyabout the nutritional value and health benefits of traditional wood pressed or cold-pressed coconut oil came into existence now and then changing with the perceptions of the most homes. Natural antioxidants are present in seeds and cold-pressing them extracts their oils, while their intrinsic goodness, healing qualities and anti-inflammatory ingredients are preserved. This method is also used for fruits and vegetables to make juice extracts. The same has been tested and applied for extracting oil from seeds as well. The elimination of heat in the extractive process and the oxidation process is slowed down.

Till 19th century cold press oil extraction method is followed which a fixed wooden or stone mortar with wooden pestle has turned by one or two bulls. The seeds are crushed by the friction produced by the motor and the pestle. Later they produced Ghani’s powered by large motors to produce cold press oil in bulk at 25 to 50 Kg/hr. But this also produces heat due to friction and is also very noisy.

Advantages of cold pressed oils

There are many advantages of cold press oil which includes the following-

Cold press oil retains healthy anti-oxidants which cannot be found in heat pressed oils. These anti-oxidants fight against harmful free radicals and prevent the growth of tumors in the body, thus helps in preventing harmful diseases.

Cold pressed olive oil retains its richness in Vitamin E, which strengthens the immune system, anti- inflammatoryand healing properties.

Cold pressed coconut oil contains lauric acid which fights against harmful pathogens in the body, despite its bad reputat57/on, and is a compound found in human breast milk hence it is an essential one. Coconut oil obtained by using cold press method has a lot of medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently and can have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders.

Cold pressed oil extraction process

Cold pressed oil has a lot of health benefits to the humans and also especially for the skin and hair. Do not ever think that cold pressed oils are costlier than the refined oils, because if you start using heat pressed oils then you will end with hospital expenses. The truth behind the refined oil is cooking oil, which are those added with a flavor of sunflower mineral oil. These mineral oils are also extracted from the petroleum wastage and few flours are added to them based on the required type of oil. The giant companies are ready to supply even to supply with the huge demand in Indian market by some oil that can be used for cooking but they don’t even care for the people’s health conditions. These refined oils are unsafe for the human’s health when consumed.Hence the olden discovery of recovering the oil from the cold press process is the most important and healthier one which can be followed to protect yourself from harmful diseases.

The introduction of screw expellers in the market to extract cold pressed oil extracts was an improvement over hydraulic press and solvent extraction. Screws are compact, and have high productivity, with continuous production, less laborrequirement. However the screw expellers we examined from a different form of sources, in India and are fitted with heating coils or use heated seeds as their compression is not enough for cold press. The screw expellers work on the principle of a vertical feed of oil seeds down a motor and then through the screw and cage which is called as a pestle mechanism. First crushing and then compression is done to extract oil from the seeds.

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Subsidies and loans available for cold pressed oil extraction

The below is the list of public sector banks provides the subsidies for the cold press oil extraction process. These include

  • State Bank of India
  • Canara Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Andhra Bank
  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  • Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation
  • The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.
  • Small Industries Development Bank of India known as SIDBI
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development known as NABARD.

These banks avail the loan or subsidies on the machinery cost available.

  1. Cold press expeller for extraction of Neem seed oil with higher Azadirachtin content which is used in medicines mostly avails a subsidy of Rs.2,50,000.
  2. They provide subsidy of 33% of the machinery cost of the project.

Costs involved in establishing the mini cold pressed oil extractor

Cold pressed Oil Business Cost.
Cold pressed Oil Business Cost.

The minimum budget required for establishing a mini cold pressed oil extractor includes-

Costs involved in land expenses for establishing is Rs. 2,00,000

Costs involved in equipment and materials purchase is Rs. 3,00,000

Costs involved for labour is Rs. 50,000

Costs involved in purchasing materials is Rs. 1,50,000

Costs involved in power supply is Rs. 50,000

Other miscellaneous costs is Rs. 50,000

Total costs involved is Rs. 8,00,000

This is for a small unit price, which is mainly depends on the machinery costs. The oil extracted will be 35-45% from the various seeds such as sesame, coconut, groundnut etc.

This setup requires 1 HP motor to run the process and it is capable of producing 10 Kg of seeds per hour.

The above information may be applied to ganuga oil machine price, wood ganuga oil machine cost, and ganuga nune machine price. That’s all folks about cold pressed oil project report and available loans and subsides. You may be interested in Finger Millet Cultivation.


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