Coriander Farming Profit, Cost, Project Report (Dhania)

Coriander farming profit per acre, the cost of cultivation and yield

Today, we get into the details of the profit of coriander farming in one-acre cultivation. This project report includes all costs of cultivation of coriander.

We all know that coriander is a wonderful tastemaker to all the foods or dishes. They are the rich source of dietary fibers, vitamin c, vitamin k, and other proteins. In addition, they are also the minor source of thiamine, carotene, niacin, potassium, ca and phosphorous which are the beneficial nutrients for our body. We have given the entire information. Coriander crop cultivation guide and health benefits of coriander previously. You may also have a doubt like is cilantro and coriander the same? Yeah, cilantro and coriander are the same vegetables. In this post, we will let you know the profits from 1-acre coriander crop cultivation. The farmer or agripreneur can get huge income returns if he or she goes for coriander crop cultivation during the summer season also known as profitable summer coriander cultivation. In this post, we will let you know the costs, income, and profits in summer 1acre coriander crop cultivation.

Coriander crop cultivation is profitable in the summer season with crop duration of up to 75 – 80 days in the summer season. It is profitable as it incurs fewer inputs and input costs than some other vegetable crops. In addition, the demand for coriander is high during the summer seasons. First harvesting can be started from the 30 to 35 days after sowing.  It requires 250 gm coriander seed to cultivate 1-acre area. The summer crop yields up to 2 ton or 2000 kg per acre. Why wait, let us dive into the profit of coriander farming and cultivation costs.

First of all, let us know about the Coriander seed varieties available in the market:

Local Variety of Coriander.
Local Variety of Coriander.
  • Sindhu: 95 – 100 days, medium size grains, yields about 400kg per acre.
  • Sadana: Medium-duration, height up to 70 cm, resistant to aphid insects and tolerant to moisture black soils, yield up to 500 kg per acre.
  • Swathi: Short duration of 80 to 90 days, escapes powdery mildew disease-causing pathogen, yield up to 350 kg per acre
  • APHU Dania 1: 85 to 90 days duration, 600 to 800 kg per acre.
  • Suguna: 90 to 95 days, 450 to 650 kg per acre yield.
  • Suruchi: short duration of about 45 to 55 days, yield up to 7000 kg per acre in rabi season and 3000 kg in un seasons.
  • Susthira: high yielding, 95 days crop duration, yield up to 800 kg per acre
  • Other private high yielding coriander varieties.

Cost of  coriander crop cultivation in 1 acre during summer

Cost of seeds:

Coriander seed price varies from region to region. For 1-acre coriander crop cultivation, we need 250 gm of coriander seed to do farming. The cost of 1-acre coriander seed i.e. 250 gm seed is Rs. 500.

The rental value of land:

Let us consider the rental value of 1-acre land for 3 months is about Rs. 7000.

Cost of seed treatment:

Coriander is more susceptible to disease-causing pathogens rather than the insect pest. In order to prevent the coriander from the various disease-causing pathogen, seed treatment is to be done. Seed treatment is done with 1 gm carbendazim or 2.5 gm mancozeb per kg coriander seed 3 days before sowing on to the 40 mt sed bed sufficient t transplant one-acre area. In addition, FYM incorporated with 1 kg Trichoderma harzianum and 1 kg Pseudomonasspecies per 1 ton FYM is incorporated. All these about Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 only for better quality FYM or compost.

Cost of plowing:

Plowing cost and other pre-sowing operations like nursery seedbed preparation, shade net construction incurs about Rs. 4000.

Cost of transplanting:

Transplanting is done for about two times based on the germination percentage.  1-acre transplanting cost is about Rs. 1000 for two times with two laborers each time.

Coriander Sprouts.
Coriander Sprouts.
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Labor cost in coriander farming:

laborers are needed at critical crop stages like irrigation time, harvesting and weeding or intercultural operations time where we need 2 laborers per day for 5 times. It means it incurs of Rs. 2,500.

Cost of pesticides and fertilizers in one-acre coriander farming:

We have to add 1 kg SSP, 150 gm MoP, 350 gm urea for 1 cent which is 40 times per 1 acre. Fertilizers cost up to Rs. 2500 for 1-acre summer coriander farming. As Chilli is susceptible to most of the disease-causing plant pathogens, we have to spray various fungicides or pesticides like carbendazim, Copper Oxy Chloride (COC), mancozeb which it costs Rs. 1500 approximately.

Cost of harvesting:

Harvesting in summer coriander is done for about 5 to 6 times. Each time or for every harvest, we need two laborers. Therefore, for 5 harvestings we need ten labors which require Rs. 2500 or Rs.3,000.

Cost of marketing:

Marketing cost includes transportation charges of coriander to the nearest local markets which are about Rs. 3000 for 5 harvests on an average.

Miscellaneous costs in one-acre summer coriander crop cultivation:

Miscellaneous costs include the nursery shade net cost, some cultural equipment cost, and other accessories which is about Rs. 5000.

The total cost of 1-acre summer coriander cultivation:

Cost of seeds: Rs.500

The rental value of land: Rs.1,000

Cost of seed treatment: 2000

Cost of plowing: Rs. 4,000

Cost of transplanting: Rs. 1000

Labor cost: Rs. 2500

Cost of pesticides and fertilizers: 1,500

Cost of harvesting: Rs. 3,000

Cost of marketing: Rs. 3,000

Miscellaneous costs: Rs. 5,000

Total cost: Rs. 23,500

Therefore, the total cost of one-acre summer coriander crop cultivation is about Rs. 23,500. Let us consider it as “C”.

Income returns or Benefits in one-acre summer coriander farming:

the farmer if doing proper care and management practices in 1-acre summer farming, they may get yield up to 2000 kg/acre. The selling price of 1 kg coriander is Rs. 130 per kg as on 08.07.2019. Therefore, 2,000 kg X Rs. 130 = Rs. 2,60,000. Consider it as “B”.

Net profit from 1-acre coriander crop cultivation: It is the difference between cost and the benefits which is Rs. 260000 – Rs. 23500 = Rs. 2,36,500.

Net profit = B – C

Rs. 2,36,500 = Rs. 2,60,000 – Rs. 23,500

Therefore, a farmer can earn Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 2.3 lakh in 3 months if he undergoes proper management practices in the one-acre summer coriander farm.

Conclusion of growing summer coriander:

This is all about profits in one-acre summer coriander crop farming. Many Farmer producer organization and NGO’s suggests farmer to go for summer coriander farming in order to increase their livelihoods and economic status.

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Some facts of growing coriander:

Pot Coriander.
Pot Coriander.
  • Coriander can be grown in indoor containers and outdoor backyards.
  • Coriander farming profit depends on many factors such as variety, soil type, water facility, labor availability, cultivation practices, and market value at the time of cultivation.
  • Coriander is grown mainly from seed (Dhaniya).
  • You should water coriander plants when the soil becomes dry, indoor coriander requires less water.
  • Corriander care should be taken while watering. Too much or Too little water will kill the coriander plants.
  • Coriander seeds start germinating within 15 days of sowing.
  • You can expect the regrowth from coriander just like basil plants. Coriander can regrow roots and start growing new plants once replanted in the soil.
  • It is recommended to soak the coriander seeds 24 hours before planting for better seed germination.
  • The approximate water requirement for coriander is about 1 inch per week if it is grown in the outside garden.
  • You can grow coriander from store-bought seeds (Dhaniya). But it may not be a true type but mostly hybrids.
  • Coriander can be grown in winter as well in pots.
  • The companion plants of coriander are Jalapeno Peppers, Onions, Chilli, other leafy vegetables like Spinach, Sorrel, Amaranth, Mint, etc..
  • You can make coriander plants bolting-free with frequent harvesting and pinching.
  • Coriander plants prefer well-drained, moist soil along with good sunlight for a good yield.
  • Coriander is easy to grow in a hydroponic system, greenhouse, polyhouse.
  • Coriander can be grown in raised beds, square foot gardens, on the terrace, and in the balcony.

That’s all folks about coriander farming profit and cost of cultivation in 1-acre area.

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