Dairy Cow Farming Project Report For 10 Animals

Dairy Cow Farming Project Report:

The following is all about 10 Dairy Cow Farming Project.

Introduction to crossbred dairy cow farming project

Dairy farming in one of the lucrative and profitable businesses under ideal livestock management practices. People are showing interest in small-scale dairy farming to set up with the help of the bank loan.

Dairy cow farming project advantages

  •  Dairy farming useful for milk processing business.
  •  Dairy and milk products have excellent throughout the world.
  •  You no need to advertise products and marketing of milk is very easy. You can sell the milk even at the farm gate.
  •  Dairy cow farming eco-friendly does not cause any pollution.
  •  With good dairy farming business plan and management, dairy cow business results in the highest profits.
  •  You can use or sell cow dung to other farmers or use in your own field for growing other crops.
  • Cow urine and dung have excellent value in the organic farming sector.
  • Dairy cow farming provides an opportunity for unemployed labor.
  • Dairy cow farming has significant importance in the national economy.
  • There are NABARD subsidies and bank loans available for commercial dairy cow project.

Is there anything that I should be aware of before starting a crossbred dairy cow farming project?

Yes, you must have good knowledge of dairy cows and their management. You can get dairy farming training from your local animal husbandry. To know about problems and other information, visit local dairy farms. Prepare a good dairy cow farming business plan which includes buying cow breeds to selling their milk. Buy these cows from certified breeders. Purchase cows with good family history and milking skills. High quality cows always good for milk production. Finally, Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Popular milch cow breeds in India

  • Gir.
  • Red Sindhi.
  • Sahiwal.
  • Tharparkar.
  • Deoni.
  • Hariana.
  • Gaolo.
  • Rathi/Rath.
  • Kankrej.

The following project report is for 10 crossbred dairy cow farming project with bank loan repayment. The figures taken in minimum amounts. This is only a sample/model dairy cow project report. The numbers mentioned may vary from region to region and time to time.

Components of Crossbred Dairy Cow Project
Type of CowsCrossbred
Number of Cows10
Cost of one Cow which includes transportation and insurance.30,000
Average milk yield/liters/day/cow.12
The selling price of milk/liter (in Rupees).13 (we took the least figure)
Sale of manure/cow/year (in Rupees).500
Culled value/cow at the end of 5th lactation (in Rupees).8,000
Veterinary aid/cow/year.750
The rate of interest (%).12
The residual value of shed and equipment to be taken (Yes or No).No
Repayment years (period).3
Percentage of net surplus towards repayment.80

Feeding schedule in crossbred dairy cow farming project

ParticularsLactation PeriodDry Period
Quantity(Kg)Cost (in Rs)Quantity(Kg)Cost (in Rs)
Concentrate Feed (Rs.10 / Kg)
  • For milk (1 kg / 3 liter)
  • For Maintenance plus pregnancy.
Green Fodder200200
Dry Fodder (Rs.3/Kg)515515

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Particulars of  Crossbred Cow Farming ProjectCost (in Rs)
1.    Capital Cost
  • Cost of Crossbred Cows including transport cost & Insurance cost (10 animals of Rs. 30,000 each).
  • Housing/Shed for adult cows of 40 sq.ft per cow with Rs. 80/sq.ft.
  • Cost of equipment.
  • Cost of fodder cultivation in 1 acre.
2.    Working capital
  • Cost of Feeding one cow for one month.
TotalRs. 3,95,000

 Based on the norms, the funding for crossbred dairy cow farming project unit

Newborn Cow Kid.
Newborn Cow Kid.
Total Project Cost (from above)Rs. 3,95,000
Margin Money (Individual borrower/company/society)Rs.75,000
Loan amount from the bankRs. 3,20,000

The lactation chart for the dairy cow farming project is given below. This is based on 280 lactation days plus 120 dry days which is 400 days of inter-calving 

YearFirst batchSecond batchTotal
 Lactation daysDry daysLactation daysDry daysLactation daysDry days

Profitability projections of 10 crossbred dairy cow farming project

Particulars1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year
By sale of cow milk3,35,4004,09,5004,09,5004,09,5003,90,000
By sale of cow manure3,7505,0005,0005,0005,000
Total 3,39,1504,14,5004,14,5004,14,5003,95,000
Concentrated feed1,01,2501,41,5001,41,5001,41,5001,36,500
Dry Fodder40,87554,75054,75054,75054,750
Veterinary Expenses5,6257,5007,5007,5007,500
Total 1,47,7502,03,7502,03,7502,03,7501,98,750
Net Income 1,91,4002,10,7502,10,7502,10,7501,96,250

Financial analysis of 10 crossbred dairy cow farming project report

Particulars I yearII yearIII yearIV yearV year
Capital Cost 3,95,000
Recurring cost1,47,7502,03,7502,03,7502,03,7501,98,750
Total Cost5,42,7502,03,7502,03,7502,03,7501,98,750
Residual value 80,000
Total Benefit3,39,1504,14,5004,14,5004,14,5004,75,000
Net Benefit-2,03,6002,10,7502,10,7502,10,7502,76,250
Discount factor at 15 % 0.870.760.660.570.50
BCR 1.42: 1
NPV 3,78,727
IRR >50% (98.93 %)

Repayment Tenure (Period) for 10 crossbred dairy cow farming project

Dairy Farming Loan Repayment.
Dairy Farming Loan Repayment.
Repayment Tenure.
Repayment Tenure.

Who are eligible for NABARD dairy farming project subsidy scheme?

  • Farmers.
  • Entrepreneurs (Individual).
  • NGOs.
  • Companies /firms.
  • Groups of the organized sectors such as Dairy Cooperative Societies, milk Federation, and self-help groups.

How much dairy cow farming project subsidy I get from NABARD?

  • Subsidy for dairy farm setup: 25% of the outlay for the general public and 33 .33 % for SC / ST farmers.

Dairy cow farming project tips:

Cow Farming Tips.
Cow Farming Tips.
  • Start the cow dairy with few animals and increase the herd as you get more experience.
  • Before starting, Research about good and high milk yielding cow breeds within your budget limit.
  • Buy the animals only from genuine and certified cow breeders.
  • Create a cow farming business plan which covers all the financial aspects of your farm.
  • Plan well for Feed/Fodder, It is advised to go for homegrown feed as it saves you a lot by eliminating feed cost.
  • Make silage from green fodder crops such as maize, legume crops.
  • Strict follow the feeding schedule and increase the feed nutrients for breeding cows and lactation cows.
  • You must prepare a cow breeding plan (artificial insemination is best for breeding).
  • Plan for secured and well-ventilated dairy shed/house before getting animals to the farm.
  • Ensure all the cows are vaccinated before entering the shed.
  • Keep the house always clean and dry.
  • Control external parasites along with other diseases.
  • Strictly follow veterinary instructions in case of any abnormal behavior of animals.
  • Never keep breeding bucks more than required in the shed. Maintain proper male and female ratio.
  • You can milk the cows 2 or 3 times a day. During this time, move the cows to a clean location. Wash and dry your hands and the udder before milking.
  • Frequent washing of cows required in commercial cow farming
  • Keep all the milking and other equipment to avoid milk contamination.
  • For a better price of milk, research local markets.
  • You can watch successful stories of dairy farming on YouTube.

Bottom Line of dairy cow farming project

Not only investment, dedication, monitoring, but hard work also make you a profitable dairy farmer. Cost and profits in commercial dairy farming depend on many factors such as Cow breed, feed management, disease control, and other dairy management practices.

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