Dairy Farm License in India, Rules, Guidelines, Permissions

Dairy Farm License in India: Hello entrepreneurs, today we will learn about how to start dairy farming business in India along with dairy farm rules and guide lines to get permission for starting a dairy farm. The information in this article may be applied to dairy farm license in Kerala, dairy farm license in Karnatka, dairy farm license in Maharashtra, dairy farm license in Telangana, dairy farm license in Gujarat, dairy farm license in Rajasthan, dairy farm license in Punjab, dairy farm license in West Bengal, dairy farm license in Madhya Pradesh, dairy farm license in Uttar Pradesh, dairy farm license in Andhra Pradesh, dairy farm license in in Tamil Nadu, dairy farm license in Odhisa, dairy farm license in Haryana, dairy farm license in Bihar, dairy farm license in Chhattisgarh and other states of India.

Starting a Dairy Farm in India.
Starting a Dairy Farm in India.

A guide to dairy farm license in India, rules, guidelines, permissions

Before going into the details let us go through the following points which are very important before starting the dairy farm business. These includes –

How safe is the dairy business

Dairy business is a safe business because of the following reasons-

  • Dairy farming is an eco-friendly and does not cause much harm to the environment when compared to other industries.
  • The requirement of skilled labour is very less.
  • The demand for dairy products is increasing day by day, hence the dairy market is active all around the year.
  • It requires a minimum investment and there is no need to store the raw materials for longer durations.
  • It is easy to shift the whole business to other new locations if a need arises.
  • You can insure the animals which will be benefit able when the animals get affected due to the harmful infections.
  • Biogas plant and producing the gas through the fermentation of the cow dung and the remaining can be used as organic manure for growing plants.

Limitations and constraints of dairy farming

  • Breeding of the animals and getting the yield in an expected way depends upon the various factors.
  • Inadequate management of feeding heard maintenance and lack of quality feed management causes huge loss affecting the profits.

Starting steps in processing the dairy farm industry

You can even get the training from universities like Agriculture or veterinary universities in various states; Krishivigyankendras; state department of animal husbandry; state institute of rural development. These can be found in every state. From which you can choose and get the training on rearing of dairy animals and manufacturing its products. There are few non-government organizations which will also provide training in different farming sectors.

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Tips to remember while you start the dairy farming

In Indian population you can find most of them from middle-class who are more health conscious and and prefer low fat milk for consumption hence you can go for a mixed type of farm such as cross breeds, cows, buffaloes, that are maintained in separate rows under one shed. You can mix the milk from both cows and buffaloes. Cow milk has low fat content and is good for health. Few other people prefer buffalo milk.

Dairy Farm Tips.
Dairy Farm Tips.

How to select the breeds for getting the good yield

You can select the popular buffalo breeds such as Murrah, Surti, Mehasani, Nali-Ravi, Jaffarabadi and Badhawari. The milchbreeds of cattle includesGir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi and Tharparkar and the other exotic breeds of cattle are Holstein Friesian. Jersey, and the Brown Swiss.

Infrastructure and manpower requirements to setup a dairy farm

To establish a set of 20 animals in dairy farm you need to maintain a space of 40sq.ft per animal in shed and 80 sq. ft open space and beyond these you need to maintain the following

  • A room with measurements of 10 x 10 for keeping farm implements.
  • One with 10 x 12 for milk storage.
  • Office room of suitable size.
  • Water tank having a capacity of storing 2000 liters of water.
  • Bore well having capacity to fill the storage tank for 1 hr.
Dairy Farm Infrastructure.
Dairy Farm Infrastructure.

You need to have minimum of 3000 sq. ft of land to maintain 20 animals. If you are planning to increase your farm size to 100 or more than you need to have at least of 20 to 30 acres of land with dimensions of 120 x 125. You can make the contractual agreements for getting the 20 animals for assured supply of 300 Kg of Lucerne and 400Kg of maize fodder per day this will reduce your costs on concentrate feed.

Vaccines and other medications for dairy animals

Make sure that you provide timely medication based on the behaviour of the animals. Follow proper vaccination for the farm animals in a timely manner. Do not miss the any vaccination.

Insuring the dairy animals

It is better to insure the farm as it will be useful for you, if the animal suddenly gets infected with harmful diseases.

Maintenance of the dairy farm

Maintain the farm clean and neat always as the animals will be infected with different kinds of diseases. Maintain the farm place by following proper hygiene.

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How to Maintain Dairy Animals.
How to Maintain Dairy Animals.

It varies from state to state and it also depends whether you intend to process milk,and its products. Firstly it needs the following steps –

  • Registration in the local veterinary and dairy development department
  • You can contact district or block office of these agriculture or veterinary departments or dairy cooperate society.
  • For getting license to start the dairy farm you need to contact Municipality Corporation or local panchayats based on your place. If you are planning for large size farms the yu need to get permission from pollution control board.
  • You need to get BIS standards such as –
    -BIS IS 11799:1986 (R2002): Recommendations for poultry farm housing in rural areas.
    -BIS IS 11942:1986 (R2002): Recommendations from Gaushalas and other organized milk
    – BIS IS 12237:1987 (Reaffirmed 2004): Getting recommendations for loose housing system for animals.
  • You need to register with Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is mandatory to start a dairy farm.
  • The application to animal husbandry practices are required for each species in order to encourage strong resistance towards the harmful diseases in the farm animals.
  • The other factors which will be counted to get the license are climate, soil conditions, land quality, the farm infrastructures, dairy stock and the agricultural support system and other skills of the farmer.

Forms need to be filled to get permissions to import the live stocks

The below are the forms which you need to fill them for getting license to start a dairy farm in India. These includes-

Filling the FORM A i.e., application for permit to import live-stock products, in which the details has to be given as per the below sections –

  1. Name and the description of the farm animals that has to be imported.
  2. Description of the consignment and mention the quantity of the stock.
  3. Name and address of the person who is setting up the farm business.
  4. Name and address from which you are importing the animals.
  5. Country and locality of the imported farm animals in which it is produced.
  6. Country from which it is imported to India and the special features if any.
  7. Foreign port of shipment if you have imported them from other countries.
  8. Approximate date and arrival of the imported animals to India.
  9. Name and address of the point of entry into India like customs, seaport or land customs station etc.
  10. Declaration of the given information documents and certificates attached regarding the permit sanctioning applied for importing the animals.

This FORM A should be submitted to the Trade division, department of Animal husbandry  and dairying, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi.

The other Form includes FORM B which has to be filled if you are planning to set up a business to import live-stock for trading or marketing. This also has the similar details as like FORM A to be filled.

If you start dairy farm then you has to setup it near the fodder cultivation area so that it would reduce you the cost of fodder and the leaves and the other dry fodder or grass can be utilised at a lower price tag.

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FSSAI rationalizes licensing and registration for dairy farms or industries

In India most of the dairy farms and industries does not get license from the FSSAI standards and the milk may either be contaminated which may also contain the harmful chemicals like neutralizers, urea and other detergents are the common contaminants. To ensure these in Dairy industry, FSSAI has released curtails rules stating that even small dairy farmers also has to get the license and registration to carry out their Dairy operations in India.

Small farmers who collect milk from the dairy business operators need not apply for any individual license or registration. Here there a condition for milk collection centres who collect and process sit through chilling facilities must work under the supervision of licensed organisations or plants. These have to obtain permissions and license from the FSSAI.

After checking all these permissions and grants then the license will be allotted for a dairy farm. Make sure that you will follow all the rules and regulations perfectly.

GST registration for dairy farm in India

GST registration is required for commercial dairy farm. You should contact any charted accountant for dairy farm GST registration procedure.

Guidelines to practice good dairy farm

Dairy farmers should follow the below guidelines for good practise of dairy farming in a successful way. These includes animal health, proper hygiene in milk and its by products, animal nutrition, animal welfare activities, surrounding environment, farm temperature, socio-economic management, proper vaccination at times to make the animals resistant against harmful diseases and many more.

Guidelines of Dairy.
Guidelines of Dairy.

Conduct regular check-up for animals to notice the signs of disease so as to aid the detection and provide proper treatment at times regularly. You also have to maintain few medicines along with you in order to take the immediate precautions. You also sometimes have to take the animals to herd improvement centres. Detailed breeding and records should be maintained for proper and regular management of the farms.

To get more details regarding license in dairy industry you can also check the searches like –license to sell milk in India;  the place which you are willing to start your project; central government schemes for dairy farming; milk and dairy license; milk packing license;

Finally you can find all the details regarding how to start a dairy farm in India including license, forms to fill, guidelines etc. You might be interested in Duck Farming Basics, Housing, Feeding for Eggs and Meat.


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