Garlic Cultivation Income; Cost; Profit; Project Report

Garlic Cultivation Income, Project report , Yield, Profits for 1 acre

Alright, so you have decided to grow garlic on commercial scale and would like to know the cost of cultivation of garlic, the yield of garlic per acre and the Garlic cultivation income, well we can help you with that. Garlic (Allium sativum) is the 2nd most important bulb crop in India.  China ranks 1st in area and production in the world, whereas India stands in second position. Madhya Pradesh stands first in area and production in India. Garlic mainly cultivated as a rabi season crop in India but the cultivation can be practiced in both seasons. In India area under garlic production was 1.65 lakh/ha with a production capacity of 8.34 lakh tonnes. Average productivity of garlic in India was 5.06 t/ha. Highest garlic productivity was recorded in J&K (13.91 t/ha).

Garlic has a higher nutritive value as compared to the other bulb crops. It is frost hardy cool season crop, in India mostly grown garlic verities were short day type. In garlic recovery of  cloves from bulbs rangers from 86-96%. Mainly cultivated in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra, U.P, and Rajasthan etc. In this article, we will let you know the cost of cultivation, profits and net income returns from garlic cultivation in India.

Seed rate for garlic cultivation during rabi(mid sep- end oct) is 200-240 kilo grams per acre. Farmer can get yield of 32-48 quintals per acre after 130-180 days after planting. Average selling price the farmer can get at mandi for one quintal garlic is Rs. 50/ kg as on 28-08-2019. Now, we will briefly discuss about the garlic cultivation profits in 1 acre of land in India.

Cost of Garlic Farming in India
Garlic Field.

Climate for garlic cultivation:

Garlic cultivation needs  combination of different types of climatic conditions. Garlic needs a cool and moist climate for bulb development and vegetative growth while for maturity the climate must be warm and dry. However, garlic cannot tolerate extreme cold or hot conditions. Exposing the young plants to temperatures lesser than 20⁰C for 1 or 2 months would hasten the bulb formation.  A prolonged exposure to lower temperature would however reduce the yield of the bulbs.

Garlic Varieties 

  • G-41
  • Ooty-1
  • Agrifound parvati-1
  • Agrifound parvati-2
  • Agrifound white
  • Yamuna safed-1
  • Yamuna safed-2
  • Yamuna safed-3
  • Yamuna safed-4
  • Pant lohit
  • Bhima omkar
  • Bhima purple 

Cost of cultivation for 1 acre garlic cultivation

Cost of garlic seed material:

The cost of good quality seed material is Rs. 5000 per quintal. However the might be difference in cost of seed material depending upon  the demand, availability, company and quality. However in this article the average was taken in the consideration. Total cost of seed material may extend up to Rs. 12000 per acre. We can use cloves of previous season harvest as seed material.

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Cost of land preparation:

For garlic cultivation land should be ploughed to get fine tilth and beds of convenient size were prepared. This operation requires the farm machinery like tractor which may cost Rs. 1600 per acre.

Cost of planting:

Planting may be done in different ways like dibbling, furrow planting, and broad casting. On an average it can be done with 5 labour in  one day totally it costs 1500  rupees for planting.

Weeding cost in 1 acre garlic cultivation:

Spraying should be done before planting for effective weed control. First weeding should be done one month after planting and second weeding should be done after 15 to 30 days after first weeding. In total 2-3 number of weedings are required. Each weeding requires on an average 3 labour per acre in total for three weeding’s it costs around 2500 rupees depending upon the labour availability.

Pesticide and fertilizers cost for 1 acre garlic cultivation:

In general 2-3 tonnes farm yard manure should be incorporated during the last ploughing. Garlic requires 24:14:24 kg nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium per acre, this may cost 1000 rupees. Cost of farm yard manure will be 3000 rupees. However it varies depending on the availability. Garlic requires 2-3 sprays of pesticides and insecticides for the management of various pest and diseases. Cost of this operation along with one men labour for spraying ranges from 1000-1500 rupees per acre for single spraying, for 3 sprays it costs around 3000-4500. We will consider 4000 rupees as an average cost.

Cost of miscellaneous activities:

This includes electricity charges, cost for irrigation water, land rent, rental cost of farm machinery, land revenue, depreciation, other farm activities etc. On average the miscellaneous cost may vary around Rs. 9000 for 1 acre garlic cultivation.

Cost of harvesting, Packaging and transportation:

Garlic takes 130 to 180 days after planting for harvesting. Harvesting can be after turning of tops to yellowish or brownish color and starts drying. One acre garlic can be done with help of four labour which costs around 1200 rupees and labour cost for packing and loading of the produce including packing material costs around 1500 rupees. The transportation charges if the produce is not sold in the field itself it may cost around 1000 rupees to market the produce nearby market.

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Total cost of 1 acre garlic farming

Cost of seed material: Rs. 1200

Cost of land preparation: Rs. 1600

Cost of planting: Rs. 1500

Cost of weeding: Rs. 2500

Pesticides and fertilizers cost for 1 acre garlic cultivation: Rs. 1000+3000+4000

Cost of miscellaneous activities: Rs. 9000

Cost of harvesting, Packaging and transportation:12,00+1500+1000

Total cost for 1 acre garlic cultivation = Rs. 27,500

Total cost incurred in 1 acre garlic cultivation:

Total cost of cultivation involved in garlic cultivation was Rs. 27,500 in addition we have to add 10 percent of total cost. Hence total cost of 1 acre garlic cultivation will be Rs. 30,250.

Total income from 1 acre garlic cultivation:

Farmer can get an average yield between 32-48 quintals from 1 acre land. If we consider 40 quintals as an average yield and market price for quintal of garlic is Rs.  5,000. So farmer can get a total income of 2 lakhs rupees in one acre of garlic.

Net profit from 1 acre garlic farming:

It is the result of difference between total returns and total cost incurred in cultivation. Then it will be like this

Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 30,250= Rs. 1,69,750

Therefore the farmer can get net income of Rs. 1,69,750 from 1 acre garlic cultivation.There might be little differences in costs depending upon the various factors like labour damand, climatic conditions and incidence of various pests and diseases etc.


This all about 1 acre garlic cultivation costs, gross income and net profit. Go through the garlic cultivation for reaping out good returns in small land holdings during rabi and kharif seasons.

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  1. Hello sir, I am planning to start garlic farming in 1 acre land, I really need help from where to get good seeds. Please help

  2. yes! production should be calculated as 3000 kgs only. and the rate should be Rs.40/kg. Thus total selling price will be 120000/- total cast will be Rs.40000/-
    Thus in any case profit will not be more than 120000-40000 = 80000/-

    • The profit for NARC Garlic G-1 has gone up to PKR 40 M/acre whereas seed cost is PKR 2000/kg (wet bulb with leaves)


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