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Introduction on how to start goat farming in Tamil Nadu, goat famring loan in tne state of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu goat breeds, and profits in goat farming in Tamil Nadu: Goat farming is a profitable business in Tamil Nadu. Goat farming needs low cost, low investment, simple housing, and low maintenance. The goat farming business is raising quickly in Tamil Nadu. Goat farming is well-established farming mainly in regions where a dryland farming system is practiced. It is practiced by farmers who have a small piece of land for farming. The goat is a multi-functional animal. It is an enterprise that has been practiced by a large section of the population in rural areas. Also, landless laborers do well goat farming business with initial investments. And this is the reason why goats are known as ‘poor man’s cow’. The weather condition of Tamil Nadu state is best suitable for goat farming. Tamil Nadu is known as the state of agriculture and it can be a profitable business in Tamil Nadu.

A guide on how to start goat farming in Tamil Nadu, goat famring loan in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu goat breeds, and profits in goat farming in Tamil Nadu

How To Start Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu
How To Start Goat Farming (Image source: pixabay)

Raising goats is part of the agriculture sector since ancient times. This farming has the potential to make good money if done properly. Rearing goats is a profitable business. Generally, goat farming means rearing goats for meat, fiber, and milk purpose. The goat milk, skins, hair, and goat meat demand is high in the world market.

Advantages of goat farming in Tamil Nadu

The benefits of goat farming in Tamil Nadu are given below;

  • Almost all people like goat’s meat and milk. Goat farming is a very profitable business under stall-fed conditions.
  • For starting a goat farming business, you want little investment for purchasing goats. Within the price of 1 hybrid/cross-breed cow, you can easily purchase approximately 10 high-quality goats.
  • These animals are prolific and they can give twins and triplets.
  • Goat products can be sold easily.
  • Goat meat is very much in demand and there is no religious taboo over it. Also, goat meat is lean meat and has less cholesterol content.
  • The initial investment required in goat farming is lower than dairy farming.
  • Goat housing requirements and management problems with goats are less due to small body size and docile nature.
  • Goats are friendly animals and they can enjoy being with people.
  • The gestation period in goats is short and at the age of about 16-17 months, it starts giving milk. Twinning is very common in goats and triplets and quadruplets are rare.
  • Goats are ideal for mixed species grazing. Goats can improve and maintain grazing land without causing harm to the environment under proper management.
  • A goat farm can be started with about one goat and then slowly increased to a herd.
  • Various banks provide loans for goat farming businesses.
  • Goats can bear a bitter taste to a large extent compared to other animals. So, they eat almost all types of plants that are not consumed by other animals.
  • Goats can live in almost all types of climatic conditions.
  • Goat milk has small fat and is easily digestible.
  • Goat droppings are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Thus it is excellent organic manure.
  • Faster growth – Goats have a fast growth rate compared to other animals.
  • Easy maintenance – Goats are easily maintained. The grower needs to do some important tasks in the goat farming business such as feeding, milking, and caring. Then, these tasks do not need much equipment, money, labor, or hard work. Their return of investment ratio is good. Many government and non-government banks are giving loans to starting goat farming businesses.
  • Don’t require a huge area – Goats don’t need a huge location for housing due to their small body size. They can simply share their living place with their owners or other livestock animals.
  • Good Breeders – Goats are friendly and lovable, and excellent breeders. You will be surprised to know that they reach maturity within about 7 to 12 months of age and give birth to kids within a short period. Usually, the goat produces many kids per kidding. 

Goat farming products in Tamil Nadu

Goat Meat – Good goat meat has huge demand in Tamil Nadu or any part of the world. Because it is one of the tastier meats compared to other types or there is no religious taboo in consuming goat meat. You can sell live goats for meat purposes and it can make good revenue. The live goat, not sold only in India you can also export it to other Middle East countries.

Goat Milk – Usually, goat milk is best suited for those who are lactose intolerant. The fat content in goat milk is lower as compared to cow’s milk. There number of dairy goat breeds that give enough milk to run a dairy goat farming business.

Goat Manure – The goat manure has a high NPK value, you can make vermicomposting through this manure and make good money.

Is goat farming profitable in Tamil Nadu?

Yes, it is a profitable business in Tamil Nadu. Because there are 98% of meat-eaters are in Tamil Nadu. You can make good money through the goat farming business if you raised 100 goats on your farm.

Goat farming is always a profitable business because rearing goat is easy compared to other livestock. Goats can survive in the minimum pastures and it needs limited space to live.

If you have your land or you grow your green and concentrated feed then surely say that no one can stop you to become successful. But the challenge in front of you is that you have learned the goat farming business properly without knowing about goat farming better you learn from experience goat farmers. Also, take goat farming training from the best goat farm because management skill plays a major role in goat farming.

Many things you should keep in mind before starting Goat farming in Tamil Nadu;

  • Housing of goats
  • Goat Breed
  • Feed of Goat
  • Goat Disease

Suitable housing for goat farming in Tamil Nadu

Housing plays an important role in the overall health and production of your goats. Make sure the shed is in an east-west direction. Houses ensure the maximum flow of fresh air, light, and a cooler environment inside the house for raising goats. This works best for hot-arid conditions. You don’t have to overspend your valuable money in the goat shed before starting goat farming. Goats don’t want all the facilities in their house like humans, but the goat house should be weather friendly.

Ventilation – The goat shed must be well ventilated for the better health of the goats. The fresh air must become inside from one side and the polluted gas made in the shed should go out from another side. Ventilation is important in maintaining the temperature under the goat house for the cross-section of airflow.

Orientation – The orientation of the goat house plays a big role in a successful business. Based on Indian climate conditions the East-west longitudinal side of the shed is considered best. Keep in mind the long axis of the shed must be in the East-west direction. For better know about orientation visit other types of goat farms and local farms in Tamil Nadu.

Length and width – The goat shed must be 2 to 3 feet away from the ground. The shed must be 20 feet wide and length is as much as possible.

A good housing system or shelter is necessary for all types of commercial and domestically raised animals. Goats need good housing for taking rest and keeping them free from predators. Goat housing makes proper ventilation for proper flow of fresh air and sufficient light inside the house.

Best goat breeds in Tamil Nadu

Which goat is best for meat in Tamil Nadu state?

The goat breed selection is one of the important parts of goat farming. It can be reared for meat purposes or breeding purposes. You have to choose your purpose after that you have to select the goat breed.  

Kanni adu

  • It is the best goat breed for meat in Tamil Nadu. Kanni adu is the recognized goat breed of Tamil Nadu.
  • If you are a beginner, start with the local goat breed of Tamil Nadu.
  • In the drought areas, they can be raised well of the country.
  • Kanni adu is found in south Tamil Nadu. This goat breed is mainly seen in virudhu nagar, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli cities of Tamil Nadu.
  • This is a dual-purpose goat breed and it is very good in the production of both milk and meat. This can produce one liter of milk per day after giving birth.
  • The breed is the best-suited Goat breed for goat farming in Tamil Nadu. About 60 to 70% kanni adu goat gives birth to twins and triplets and 30% gives birth to a single kid.

Trichy black

  • In Tamil Nadu, these are distributed in Trichy, Perambalur, Dharmapuri, and Salem districts.
  • It is wool purpose breed.
  • These are smaller breeds.
  • Black colored all over the body.
  • Its ears are smaller, facing forward and downwards.
  • Adult male average bodyweight about 26kg.                        
  • Adult female average bodyweight about 19kg.


  • In Tamil Nadu, it is distributed in the Coimbatore district.
  • It is wool purpose breed.
  • Adult male average body weight 25 kg.              
  • Adult female average body weight 20kg.


  • The Sirohi breed is an Indian breed of domestic goat.
  • Sirohi goat is the best goat breed. This can survive in every part of India or the world. This is best suited for stall-feed or commercial goat farming.
  • The weight gain capacity of this goat breed is quite good.

Salem Black

  • Salem Black is an important breed for meat purposes and is distributed in the north-western part of Tamil Nadu. These are distributed in the north-western agro-climatic zone of Tamil Nadu and are reared for meat.
  • The name “Salem Black” goat has been derived from its place of origin and coat color. This breed has been originated in the Salem districts of Tamil Nadu. The name Salem goat has been derived from the place known as Salem in Tamil Nadu. Since this breed is completely black and called Salem Black goats.
  • These are tall animals with lean body and the coat color is completely black.


  • This goat breed is distributed in Vembur, nagalapuram, Tuticorin, and Virudhunagar districts.
  • It is meat purpose breed.
  • These are taller breeds.
  • Ears are drooped out and the tail is smaller and slender.
  • Adult male’s average body weight is about 35 kgs.                         
  • Adult females average bodyweight about 28 kgs.


  • These are distributed in the Neelagiri district of Tamil Nadu.
  • It is wool purpose breed.
  • The majority are found in white colors.
  • Ears are broad and drooped out.
  • Females are without horns.
  • Adult male average bodyweight about 31 kg.                       
  • Adult female average body weight 31 kg.


  • In Tamil Nadu, this is distributed in Erode, Karur, Salem, Namakkal, and some parts of the Dharmapuri districts.
  • It is a meat-purpose breed.
  • Mecherihas a medium-sized body with pale purplish color skin.
  • The tail is smaller and slender.
  • Adult male average body weight 36 kg.           
  • Adult female average body weight 22 kg.

Chennai red

  • In Tamil Nadu, this is distributed in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Villupuram, Thiruvannamalai districts.
  • It is meat purpose breed.
  • The majority are purple.
  • Adult male average body weight 36kg.              
  • Adult female’s average body weight is about 24 kg.

Kodi aadu goat

  • Kodi aadu are also taller and found in different colors.
  • They give birth to about 1 or 2 kids.
  • This breed is found in Tamil Nadu’s Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram and Tuticorin districts.

Boer goat

  • Most of the farms in Tamil Nadu rearing this goat breed. This is one of the most expensive goat breeds. This is originated in South Africa that’s why it is called Afrikan Boer.
  • Boer goat breed is known for its quick weight gain. The male goat is the capability to achieve up to 120 kg weight.
  • This is mostly used for crossbreeding to improve the local goat breed.

Malabari goat

  • The Malabari goat is the native goat breed of Tamil Nadu. The Malabari breed originated in Karnataka. This is known for multiple births in each gestation.
  • This is the dual-purpose breed that means this is used for both milk and meat. Malabari goat is the best goat breed if you are doing goat farming business in Tamil Nadu.

Ramanathapuram white

  • This is mainly distributed in the Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram, and Virudhunagar districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • It is meat purpose breed.
  • It has a medium-sized body.
  • Legs are smaller and slender.
  • Adult male average bodyweight about 31 kg.                   
  • Adult female average body weight 23 kg.


  • In Tamil Nadu, this is distributed in Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, and Thirunelveli districts.
  • It is meat purpose breed.
  • It has a medium-sized body.
  • The tail is smaller and slender.
  • Adult male average body weight 29 kg.                       
  • Adult female average body weight 22 kg.

Equipment needed for the goat farming 

There is some basic equipment is necessary for goat farming. Also, there is some more specialized equipment depending either on their milk extraction, meat, fiber, or kids.

  • Goat Feeder with Mountain Goat
  • Goat Water Trough
  • Pitch Fork
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Goat Record Book
  • Goat Hooves
  • Serrated Goat Clippers
  • Microchip

Selection of breeding stock and its management for goat farming

  • It is important to understand the goat features to improve productivity.
  • Having good physical features of animals should be purchased in consultation with a Veterinarian or Bank’s technical officer.
  • Purchase these animals which are ready to breed.
  • Find the newly purchased animals by suitable identification mark.
  • Vaccinate the newly purchased livestock animals against the diseases
  • Keep the newly purchased goats under observation for about 15 days.
  • Animals are to be bred at the interval of 8 to 9 months for maximum productivity.
  • Cull the old animals at the age of about 6 years and above.
  • Avoid kidding during peak periods of summer and winter seasons.

Feed management for goat farming in Tamil Nadu

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Goat Feed Management
Goat Feed Management (Pic source: pixabay)

The traditional practices of tethering and free grazing are still operative for successful goat farming businesses. However, in the case of commercial and semi-commercial farming, goats are raised through intensive that includes controlled movement of goats, proper care of kidding of does, adequate health care, stall feeding, and separate sheds for shelter, etc. In the intensive or semi-intensive goat rearing system, goats are kept in full confinement or semi-confinement.

Goat feed is one of the important parts of the goat farming business. The feed cost spends on one goat should not be more than 10 to 12 rupees in stall-fed goat farming for the successful goat farming in Tamil Nadu. For this cost, you have also grown your green fodder in your land. Feed about 250 to 300 g concentrate feed to a single goat. Feed them an extra 100 g for better productivity and their health if the goat is pregnant. Also, provide extra feed to the breeder of the goat farm. The goat feed must be green, dry, and concentrate in a single day.

In the absence of good quality green fodders, concentrates should be considered to replace them. Kids must be fed colostrum up to 5 days of age. Provide salt and water to goat kids at all times. Additional concentrates must be given to bucks and does during the breeding season. Care must be taken to meet the nutrient requirements as recommended.

Care and management for goats in Tamil Nadu

  • Remember to always try to take proper care of the goats. Never feed goats using contaminated water or contaminated food. Remember to keep the goat house clean and tidy. Clean their goat house regularly. Also, keep baby goats with their mother for several weeks after they are born.
  • Don’t use the same buck for mating with numerous does on the same day and artificial insemination is also a good way to breed. Vaccinate goats on time to keep them free from all diseases and health problems. Stock up on some important vaccines and medicines for goat rearing.
  • For your successful business, goats should be provided with proper health care and timely vaccination. Remember, never keep the bucks and does together, as aggressive bucks can harm the does. Collect them only for breeding. The best age to dehorn a goat is one week and keeps the necessary vaccines and medicines on your goat farm.
  • A well-designed warehouse or shed is less expensive and helps you get the most out of goat farming. Always keep the house clean and dry. The shed should have adequate ventilation and a drainage system inside the house. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air and light inside the goat house.
  • In a successful goat breeding business, easy access to a veterinarian plays an important role. When starting a goat farm in Tamil Nadu, your animals are more likely to get infected. A veterinarian can help control and manage the disease to prevent damage to goats.

Diseases and vaccinations for goat farming in Tamil Nadu

Veterinary experts play an important role if the goats are susceptible to certain diseases. They can help control the disease in goats to avoid harm. They will diagnose diseases and prescribe certain vitamins and supplements to keep the animal in good health, especially in stressful situations such as weaning.

Protect goats from diseases

  • Make sure you have symptoms of illness such as a low diet, fever, abnormal discharge, or abnormal behavior.
  • If the disease is suspected, go to the nearest veterinary support center for help.
  • In the case of an infectious disease outbreak, immediately isolate sick animals from healthy ones and take the necessary steps to control the disease.
  • Deworm the animals regularly.
  • Examine the feces of adult animals to detect the eggs of internal parasites and to treat the animals with appropriate medications.
  • Provide clean and non-contaminated food and water to reduce health problems.
  • Vaccine strictly follows the recommended vaccine schedules.

Many types of viral diseases such as PPR, goat pox, foot and mouth diseases, and bacterial diseases such as anthrax and brucellosis are very harmful to goats. Thus, proper vaccination is necessary to prevent goat diseases. Get them vaccinated in the fifth month of pregnancy, PPR, Gutri Pox, Brucellosis vaccine that was not given before. You should get the PPR vaccine for kids when they are about 5 months old.

Application for goat farming loan in Tamil Nadu

Who provides loans for goat farming?

  • The government and many social organizations are encouraging goat farming to fight unemployment and alleviate poverty.
  • The government comes up with several loan and subsidy policies for goat rearing in association with NABARD (National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development) and other local banks.
  • If you want to start goat farming in Tamil Nadu, you can get subsidies from NABARD and other banks. You can get a subsidy of about 25% to 35% of the total cost of buying goats.
  • Many people are unaware of the government-provided loans and subsidy schemes for farmers who want to start a goat business.

Benefits of applying for a goat farming loan

There are many purposes for taking a loan for raising goats or raising goats. The main benefits of such loans are as follows;

  • One of the major benefits of obtaining such loans is that the individual has the capital to start farming. Lack of adequate finances is a major obstacle for many people who want to start an animal farm or a goat farm.
  • Another benefit of getting a loan in the current era is that many banks provide insurance along with loans for raising animals. In addition, it provides additional benefits and financial security to the animal farm owner.
  • As the animal acts as capital in the field, it is wise to invest in the construction of this capital with financial support. Livestock production will be enough to pay off the loan in the long run.

NABARD Loans for Goat farming

NABARD provides loans for goat farming with the help of the following institutions:

  • Regional Rural Bank,
  • State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank,
  • State Cooperative Bank,
  • Urban Bank,
  • Commercial Bank,
  • Others from NABARD are eligible for finance.

According to NABARD’s scheme, SC / ST category will get about 33% subsidies on goat farming. For other groups, those who fall into OBC and General category will get a 25% subsidy up to a maximum of Rs. 2.5 lakh and the loan repayment period is up to 12 years.

Total expenses and profits in goat farming

Goat farming business profit

Generally, goat farming means raising goats for milk, meat, and fiber production. Its meat is the best meat that is in domestic demand. This is not a new business and this process has been going on since ancient times. Due to the high demand for the consumption of goat products, its commercial production has been gaining momentum for a few years. The goat trade is playing an important role in a country’s economy and nutrition.

You can sell goats based on a live body weight basis at the rate of about Rs. 450 to Rs. 550 per kg. Currently, the total annual income of a goat farm is around Rs. 3 to 10 lakhs. As the adult and child mortality rates, which were initially 10 and 40% respectively, are now around 3 to 8% per annum.

Is goat farming profitable?

Yes, you can easily earn 3 to 10 lakh yearly if you have at least 10 goats on the farm.

Marketing of goats in Tamil Nadu

There should be a good marketplace for selling goats. Either the shed should be close to the construction site or just a wholesale market where you can sell them at a large margin.

Make sure that male and female goats do not have the same price in the market. Thus, the goat trade has created a potential source of employment for the unemployed.

Goat meat is in high demand and price in the local and international markets. You can export your products to foreign countries for more profit.

Frequently asked questions about goat farming in Tamil Nadu

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Goat Farming Questions
Goat Farming Questions (Image credit: pixabay)

Which goat is best for goat farming?

For breeding goats in Tamil Nadu, the local breed is best for breeding goats for meat. If you want to breed goats for breeding purposes, Boyer and Beetle are the best.

What is the best food for a goat?

Goats need green, dry and concentrated fodder, so a combination of green fruit fodder, dry gram fodder, and concentrated feed is ideal for better weight gain for goats.

What type of shed is best for goat farming in Tamil Nadu?

Elevated sheds are best for areas with heavy rainfall and ground floor sheds are ideal for areas with normal rainfall. Elevated sheds are more expensive than ground-floor sheds.

How much milk does a goat produce daily?

Daily milk production largely depends on the breed of goat, however, on average; a goat gives 2-3 liters of milk.

How much land is enough to raise goats?

Depending on the quality of the land, it requires about 1.5 acres of low-quality land to raise 2 to 4 goats. In a high-yielding area, 1.5 acres of land is enough to raise 6 to 8 goats.

What kind of shelter is needed for raising goats?

Goats do not need extensive shelters. With basic food, water, and hygiene for goats, only basic facilities are sufficient. However, in rainy or winter weather, some basic protection is required.

Is it necessary to milk goats daily?

Goats must be milked at least once a day.

Is it necessary to knowledge about goat rearing for goat farming loans?

Yes, knowledge or work experience with goats is essential to start a goat farm and goat farming loan.

What are some of the difficulties in goat farming?

Some of the problems in the goat rearing business are that there is a lack of knowledge to raise goats and in case of any disease; there is a shortage of medicines for goats, transportation of goats, and lack of resources to start a goat farm.

How can I invest in goat farming?

You can take out a loan to raise goats and earn money by selling goat’s milk and meat.



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