Goat Markets In India, List, Where and How To Buy

Introduction to Goat Markets in India: A lot of people in India are becoming interested in goat farming due to the fact that they make good money with raising goats. The popularity of goat farming in India is growing due to its proven profitability. Among its outstanding features is that it has a livestock management department that is highly regarded. High market demand and a good spread make this business profitable and sustainable in the long run. The goat is one of the most important animals for meat production in India. Because goat meat has a high demand domestically, most people prefer it. Goats produce a lot of meat and can be used for milk, clothing, and fiber production. In addition to producing quality manure, they also help increase crop yields. Goats are an essential part of India’s rural economy, especially in mountainous, semiarid, and arid areas. Among the total livestock, goats make up more than 25%. The essay discusses some highly productive goat breeds, benefits and difficulties of goat farming in India.

A guide to goat markets in India, starting goat farming, buying guide for goats

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Goat Market Guide (Image source: pixabay)

How to start goat farming in India, tips, ideas, and techniques

The process of starting goat farming in India consists of some steps that you need to follow. It would help if you first tried to learn goat farming from a nearby livestock farm or training center.

Choosing the Right Location: It is possible to farm goats in almost every part of India. There are multiple types of land available for goat farming, including land near your home or land with all the facilities your business needs.The following factors should be considered when choosing farmland.

  • Choose a suitable site with a clean and fresh water source.
  • Green plants, grasses, and crops are all suitable for growing. Adding these to goat feed can help reduce costs associated with supplementary feeding.
  • The chosen land will be close to the market and town.
  • Ensure you have access to a market that sells commodities and medicines in your chosen area.
  • See if any other goat farms are located near your chosen area.
  • There is a high demand for goat products near the selected farm area, making it ideal.
  • If you find land in a village area, take advantage of the cheap labor and lands available in that area.
  • A range of veterinary services should be available in the area. All vaccines and medicines that are appropriate for your farm should be stocked if not available.
  • It is the system that will make it easier for you to sell your products and purchase commodities.

Decide what products you want to produce:  Determine what products you want your goat farm to produce before starting goat farming in India.Furthermore, you can get delicious meat and milk from the goat, as well as skins, fiber, and manure. So, first, identify the types of goat products you wish to produce and then proceed with the following steps.

  • In India, goat meat and milk have a considerable demand, so it is easy to go into the goat meat and dairy farming business.
  • A goat farming business that produces meat or milk is much more profitable than producing skins or fibers.
  • If you want to sell goat products, you should visit your nearest local market to see which items demand. Then, make a decision and choose the breed that’s right for your production.

Different types of Goat breed available in India: India has many goats breeds available. All goats, however, cannot be used for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, it is possible to raise goats commercially in India with some very productive and suitable breeds.

  • Jamunapari Goat.
  • Boer Goat.
  • Black Bengal Goat.
  • Beetal Goat.
  • Saanen Goat.

Goat farm’s housing: A goat farm’s housing is essential to do business in India. However, most goat farmers in India used to keep goats with other livestock like sheep or cattle on a small scale.As a result, goat rearing systems are unable to produce maximum yields. Therefore, you need to build a dedicated goat housing system to set up a goat farm for purposes.The stall-feeding system in goat housing design is prevalent, ensuring higher productivity and profits than other systems.

Nutrient Feed for Goats: If goats are fed nutritious and well-balanced food, they will produce maximum. Therefore, ensure their food always contains all necessary ingredients.The majority of modern goat farmers feed their animals between 12% and 18% protein products. Then, add all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients in the proper ratio.Green grass or other green foods must be available in sufficient quantities. Please do not feed them expired or contaminated food.For higher productivity, creating pastures or grazing areas will be beneficial. Provide fresh and clean water according to goats’ daily needs as well as good food.

Service Veterinary: An Indian goat farming business must have access to a veterinary service. So be sure to provide your goats with proper veterinary care.Ensure that all the vaccines and medicines you need are on hand at all times. You can use this to maximize goat farming production if something goes wrong.

Management & Special Care: Keep your goats in good health. They need to be monitored in all their activities. Provide necessary treatment to weak goats and separate them from healthy ones.It would help if you vaccinated your goats at a specific time to prevent unwanted issues and keep them healthy.Keep them within the farm area at all times. Keep the stall-feeding system fresh and nutritious with a sufficient amount of greens.Food that has been contaminated or polluted should never be mixed with regular food. Don’t forget to take special care of the breeding buck and doe. The kids need to be taken care of, especially during these few weeks.Keeping track of your income and expenditures is a must. When you raise goats, you will learn to care for and manage them accordingly, enabling you to succeed in India’s commercial goat farming business.

Marketing: The products have now been marketed everything looks good. So, an Indian goat farmer can maximize profits by using sound marketing strategies.Indian goat products are already well established and suitable for sale. There is a massive demand in India for goat products, such as meat and milk.You can maximize profits by using special techniques. For example, in some religious festivals, you may sell meat goats during special occasions such as festivals, Eid, and so forth.In addition, most of the Indian local markets have a high demand for goat milk and meat. As a result, you won’t need to market your products.

The following are the best goat markets in each state in India

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Best goat markets in India (Image source: pixabay)

Maharashtra: The Deonar Bakra Mandi goat market is India’s largest market.  Mumbai’s suburb of Deonar is well-known for hosting Mumbai’s largest landfill. Furthermore, Deonar has India’s largest abattoir and Bakra Mandi (goat market) during Bakra Eid. Muslim festivals involve goat sacrifices.Bakra Eid is celebrated roughly two months after Ramadan Eid and ten days after Eid-ul-Adha. In the weeks before Bakra Eid, Indian shepherds flock to Mumbai to sell their livestock for exorbitant prices.

Although aggressive, Andul goats can also fight with one another. Therefore, it is common for young people to buy these goats for show-off purposes. Muslims always prefer the aggressive Andul Bakra if they live together in a housing society.There is only one more expensive breed: Khasi breeds. The castrated goat “Khashi” is a male goat. If a goat is castrated, it develops fat, and the meat is tender. Prices of these goats can range from 10,000 to 1 crore, and they are not aggressive.  Some buyers in Mumbai don’t mind paying that amount in the name of sacrifice to god.A Barbari goat has a deer-like appearance and meat that has a lot of fat. There is no aggression in these goats due to their speed. The reason they are bought is that they are beautiful. If the goat is beautiful, its price will be higher.You are visiting Deonar Bakra Mandi ten days before Bakri Eid is a good time. If you are planning on buying a goat, make sure you haggle hard.

In many cases, the owner of a goat will first quote Rs. 90,000 for the animal but will eventually sell it for Rs. 40,000 if you negotiate well. Therefore, one must be skilled at bargaining to obtain goats at a reasonable price. If not, most people will be taken advantage of and exploited.

Andhra Pradesh:  Gudur Sheep Goat Market is Andhra Pradesh’s largest market.In Andhra Pradesh, goat cultivation is successfully run with excellent resources such as land and water. As a result, the business of commercial goat farming in Andhra Pradesh has proven successful.

Goa: Goa’s best market is Mapusa Municipal Market.

Assam: In Assam, Bismillah Goat Farm is the best goat market. Beetal goats thrive in Assam, but their fecundity is lower than local Assam hill goats. Additionally, goat farmers only feed their animals meager amounts of weeds and herbs when they farm semi-intensively. Consequently, Assam is very green, as this climate makes semi-intensive goat farming highly profitable. Furthermore, goat meat is trendy meat in this region.

the best Breeds of goats in Assam

  • Assam Hill Goat.
  • Ganjam Goat.
  • Bengal Goat.

Bihar: In Bihar, it is the best market for goats from Siwan farm. There is a considerable demand for goat milk, meat, and manure in Bihar. As a result, business in Bihar is becoming increasingly profitable.

The price of a 6-month-old goat is between 5,000 and 6,000 rupees. It costs around 15,000 rupees in Bihar to sell a one-year-old goat on Eid. Therefore, Bihar has a tremendous demand for goat milk, meat, and manure. 

Himachal Pradesh:  The kamal goat markets are the best in Himachal Pradesh. The market is located near Harinagar, Sundar Nagar in Himachal Pradesh.

Jammu and Kashmir:  Jammu and Kashmir’s best goat market is at the Sheep Husbandry Center. The markhor (Capra falconeri) – the world’s most giant mountain goat – was thought to be extinct in India until its presence became discovered in 2005 after a survey by Wildlife Trust of India, the country’s foremost conservation NGO. Cashmere goats, also called Kashmir goats, are domesticated goats worthy of cashmere shawls because of their soft wool.

Haryana: Haryana’s best goat market is SR Commercial Goat Farm.

Karnataka:  Karnataka’s best goat market is at the Chamarajpet Edgars and Goat Market. 

Karnataka is home to a profitable and established goat farming business. It is possible to produce milk, meat, fiber, skin, and manure with goats, multipurpose, smaller livestock animals.

Jharkhand: The best goat market in Jharkhand is Akash Goat Farm.

Kerala: The biggest goat market in Kerala is in Kalampoor. Farmer’s profit is the greatest when Beetal goats are bred in black. As a result, milk production and commercial meat production are both high on this breed.

Telangana: It is profitable for Telangana farmers to raise goats at the Miryalaguda market.In general, Telangana consumes more meat than any other state in India. Therefore, there is a great deal of potential in goat meat farming in Telangana. You can also check at Mallepally goat market in Nalgonda district. If you are looking in Hyderabad, you can check with Ziaguda goat market.

Tamil Nadu:  In Tamil Nadu, the best goat market is in Kundharapalli. The market is profitable because 98% of meat-eaters are in Tamilnadu, and the prices for goat per kg are challenging. So, Therefore, if you keep 100 goats on your farm, you can make a lot of money. It is always profitable to rear goats because goat rearing is much easier than raising other livestock.

West Bengal:  West Bengal’s Azad transport goat market is one of the best goat markets in the world.It is profitable to raise goats of this breed in West Bengal. Male black Bengal goats weigh approximately 30 to 35 kilograms, and female black Bengal goats weigh 25 to 30 kilograms.

Uttara Pradesh: In Uttar Pradesh, the New Goats and Sheep Market Manna Miyan is the best goat market. It is profitable since goat meat is in high demand. But, according to the state of Uttar Pradesh, the cost of meat is also rising.

Tripura: YCT goat market is one of the best goat markets in Tripura.

Several advantages to the goat market in India

Healthy & easily digestible goat products: Besides being nutritious, goat products such as milk and meat can also provide regular income for landless, marginal, and poor farmers. Thus, it has a significant impact on rural economies and national incomes. Furthermore, neither its meat nor milk contains cholesterol, making them easy to digest. Various types of food are made from goat milk and milk, meat, skin, fiber, and manure.

Easy maintenance and low capital expenditures: As small animals, goats are straightforward to maintain and take care of by women and children. As a goat farmer, one needs to handle daily tasks such as feeding, milking, and caring for the animals. Labor, capital, and equipment are not needed for these tasks.  As well as providing excellent returns on investment, they also offer excellent customer service. Several non-government banks and governments provide loans for goat farming because it is very profitable.

Require a small area: Because goats have a small body size, they don’t require ample space themselves. As a result, they can live together with their owners or other livestock animals. The goat also has the advantage of being fed alongside other domestic animals in mixed farms. 

Breeders of quality animals: Breeding goats are an advantageous experience, as they are friendly, lovable, and highly productive. However, you may be surprised to find out that they reach sexual maturity at a very young age and give birth within a few months.

Less Risk: Despite being drought-prone, goat farming is less risky than other livestock farming. There are, however, no other livestock farming businesses that qualify. Milking is not a problem for goats. It is also possible to store milk without refrigeration, which saves on refrigeration costs.

Market price equality: Female goats and male goats have almost equal value in the marketplace? Yes, indeed. That’s the case. It is also not against religious taboo to farm and eats goat meat. Consequently, goat farming has created employment opportunities for unemployed people.  Local and international markets are enormous consumers of their meat. To increase profits, you might also consider exporting your products.

Commonly asked questions about goat market

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Questions about goat market (Image source: pixabay)

1. What is the world’s largest goat market?

Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladesh have the majority of goats in Asian countries. Chinese goat population (182 890 670 heads) accounts for 18.19% of the world’s goat population. As well as Nigeria, the above countries have the highest percentage of goats per capita in the world.

2. Which goat breed is most profitable?

 Beetal goats in black color are most profitable for farmers. Milk production is very high, and it is suitable for commercial meat production as well. Intensive farming has proven most effective in reproduction and milking.

3. India’s most profitable goat breed?

  • Beetal Goat.
  • Black Bengal Goat.
  • Barbari Goat.
  • Jamnapari Goat.
  • Sirohi Goat.
  • Gaddi Goat.

4. Which goat grows the fastest?

Boer goats are known for their meat production. Their high fertility rate, rapid growth, and docile behavior make them an excellent breed for beginners. Their hardiness makes them adaptable to most weather conditions and climates.

5. What are the best days for visiting Deonar Bakra Mandi?

Deonar is open every Tuesday and Saturday during the off-season and Bakra Eid. A week before Bakra Eid, you may visit Deonar.

6. How many Goats come to Deonar Bakra Mandi to be traded?

Deonar Goat Market in Mumbai receives approximately two lakhs goats during the Eid Season.

7. Can you eat goats at any age?

Approximately 8-10 months after birth, your goat should be butcher-ready. Genetics and how you raise will determine the specific age of the goat. The figure of 8-10 months refers to a market goat.

8. What is goat farming?

Goat farming involves raising goats to produce food, fiber, manure, etc. In different parts of the world, goats are raised for different purposes, including meat, milk, fiber, skin, manure, etc. On farms, goats feed on substandard grazing matter (which would make other livestock sick, so goats convert this feed into high-quality, lean meat and nutritious milk). Because of this, goat farming also requires comparatively less investment.

9. How should goats be housed?

Goats do not require elaborate housing systems or high-end facilities. If you arrange the basic facilities for them, they will be happy. It’s essential to have an adequate ventilation system and a dry house. During the winter and rainy seasons, your goats need protection from adverse weather conditions. A house facing south would be beneficial. Keeping breeding bucks, pregnant does, and nursing in separate pens inside the house is a good idea. If you can raise the house from the ground, it will be better. It is also possible to raise goats on clay or concrete floors. In general, most goat breeds will be fine with a house six to eight feet tall. Make sure there is enough space inside the house. Depending on the breed’s size, you need approximately 8 to 12 square feet of pasture space per goat. Cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and proper ventilation are essential.

10. What is the daily feed requirement for goats? 

Depending on their sizes and ages, goats may receive different amounts of feeds. In general, goats will require 3-4 percent of their total body weight in feed.


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