Greenhouse Farming Training Guide in India

Greenhouse Farming Training in India:

Today, we talk about centers of greenhouse farming training.


In India,  agriculture is referred to as the backbone, and the circumstances in the last 50 years have indicated the correlation between agricultural growth and economic prosperity. The agricultural scenario at present is a mix of outstanding achievements and missed opportunities. India to merge as an economic power in the world, we need agricultural productivity that equals us with other countries. We should implement effective technology to improve the productivity, profitability, sustainability of our major farming systems. One such technology is the greenhouse technology. Although it is centuries old, it is new to India.

Greenhouse Technology:

Agriculture is a combination of art and science. In world  95% of plants, food crops or cash crops are grown in the open field. Our traditional way to grow plants is under natural environmental conditions. But in caseof temperate regions where the climatic conditions are no suitable to grow crops, man has developed latest methods of growing some high-value crop round the year, in a protected environment, which is called as Greenhouse Technology. Greenhouse Technology is the method of growing crops by providing favorable environment around the year. This mode of cultivation will protect the crop from the adverse climatic conditions like wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects and diseases. Creating an ideal microclimate around the plants is a vital role in this technology. This can be done by building a greenhouse/glass house, where the environmental conditions are controllable and modified to grow any plant in any place at any time by providing suitable environmental conditions with minimum labor.

Greenhouses using polls(steel or plastic) covered with transparent materials where the grow crops under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions generate optimum growth and productivity.

Advantages of greenhouses:

Benefits of greenhouse farming.
Benefits of greenhouse farming.
  • The yield may be 10-12 times higher than that of outdoor cultivation depending upon the type of greenhouse, type of crop, environmental control facilities.
  • Reliability of crop increases under greenhouse cultivation.
  • Ideally suited for vegetables and flower crops.
  • Year-round production of floricultural crops.
  • Off-season production of vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Disease-free and genetically superior transplants can be produced continuously.
  • Efficient utilization of chemicals, pesticides to control pest and diseases.
  • The controllable watering process is implemented.
  • Maintenance of stock plants, cultivating grafted plant-lets and micro propagated plant-lets.
  • Hardening of tissue cultured plants
  • Production of quality produce free of blemishes.
  • Most useful in monitoring and controlling the instability of the various ecological system.
  • Modern techniques of Hydroponic (Soil less culture), Aeroponics and Nutrient film techniques are possible only under greenhouse cultivation. 

Greenhouse farming Status in India:

In India, greenhouse cultivation is implemented only during the 1980s and it was mainly used for research activities. The reason for this can be, our self-sufficiency in food grain production. But in recent years the impact of the globalization of the international market and a tremendous boost for export of agricultural produce has increased the demand for greenhouse technology. At early days Greenhouses are being built in the Ladakh region to the extent the growing season of vegetables from 3 to 8 months. In the North-East, greenhouses are being constructed essentially as rain shelters to permitoff-season vegetable production. In  Northern regions, seedlings of vegetables and flowers are being raised in the greenhouses for capturing the early markets or to improve the quality of the seedlings. Several commercial floriculture ventures are coming up in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka states to meet the demands of both domestic and export markets. The commercial utilization of greenhouses started from 1988onwards and now with the introduction of Government’s liberalization policies and developmental initiatives, several corporate houses have entered to set up 100% export-oriented units. In just four years, since the implementation of the new policies in 1991, 103 projects with foreign investment of more than Rs.80 crores have been approved to be set up in the country at an estimated cost of more than Rs.1000 crores aroundPune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Plastic Greenhouse.
Plastic Greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Farming Training in India:

In India for the best profits in the Greenhouse Farming business, you need to attend some training session for better farming using the latest method cultivation.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research:

The ICAR-Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture is conducting Skill Development Training as per the guidelines of Agriculture Skill Council of India for Greenhouse Operators at its experimental farm of the Institute at Rehmankhera. The objective of the training programme is to develop entrepreneurship in the area of greenhouse production and management.


  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  • Krishi Bhavan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi-110001.
Govind Greenhouse Pvt Ltd:

Govind Greenhouse Pvt Ltd is offering Horticulture Training Services to their clients in different parts of the globe. They offer different types of training sessions that are duly conducted by various states Government to assists us in providing training to government engineers and farmers. These training programs help us in enhancing the competence level and talent of our clients. Govind Greenhouse offers short-term courses on Greenhouse Production and Maintenance.


  • Govind Greenhouse
  • Shubham Complex, Shop No. 20, Talegaon- Chakan Road Talegaon Station, Taluka Maval, Vatan Nagar, Pune – 410507, Maharashtra, India.
  • Telephone: +91-8048763444.
NIPHT-Horticulture Training Center:

HTC provides training on latest technologies implemented in protected cultivation of flowers and vegetable. Training of protected cultivation under Polyhouse and Shednet house is imparted by following the principle of ‘Learning by Doing’ wherein trainees apply advanced techniques and handle latest machinery and equipment Wide exposer through field visit and excursion is provided to the trainees.

HTC offers Courses on Greenhouse Management, Polyhouse Management, Shade House Management, Plant Propagation, and Post Harvest Management.


  1. N. 398-400, Next to CRPF Campus, Pune-Mumbai Highway,

Talegaon Dabhade, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune – 410 506. (M.S.) India

PHONE NUMBER: +91 9422030775, +91 9422052520


University of Agricultural Sciences-Farmers Training Institute (FTI):

The Farmers’ Training Institute (FTI) of the University of Agricultural Sciences, was established in the year 1967 in Bangalore (UAS (B)) with the main objective of providing training for farmers. The Institute offers both institutional and peripatetic training programmes.

FTI offers courses related to Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Sericulture, Watershed Management, etc. The subjects covered are Contract Farming, Organic Farming, Rain Water Harvesting, Agricultural Machineries, Integrated Farming System, Integrated Nutrient Management, Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Bio-fuels, Agri-entrepreneurship, Value addition, Fodder production, Water Management, Post Harvest Technology, etc.


University of Agricultural Sciences,

GKVK, Bangalore – 560 065.

Phone+91-80-2333 0153 / 2333 0984


Institute of Horticulture Technology:

Institute of Horticulture Technology located at Greater Noida NCR is the top horticultural training institute started in the year 2009 under the aegis of Akhil Bhartiya Grameen Vikas Sanstha with a mission to disseminate Hi-Tech Horticulture knowledge and skills to various stakeholders such as farmers, extension officials, entrepreneurs, women, and youth in rural as well as Urban-Peri Urban areas. Dr. K.L. Chadha, Padamshree awardee and a renowned horticulture scientist of national and international repute chairs the elite advisory committee of eminent horticulturists and experts that guides the institutes functioning. Institute of Horticulture Technology is one of the best national institutes that has been impanelled by the Government of India and recognized by some agricultural universities for capacity building and providing hands-on training in Hi-Tech Horticulture.

Institute of Horticulture and Technology is offering a 1-week course for Greenhouse Maintenance and Construction. 


Institute of Horticulture Technology

D-1, Krishna Apra Building, 3rd Floor

Alpha Commercial Belt, Alpha-1,

Greater Noida – 201308

Delhi NCR region, India

Telephone: 011- 46604988

Phone: 8130997511



All India Organic Farmer Society:

AIOFS is a Leading Organization in Organic Farming and Good Agriculture Practice Area. After the constitution of Organization (AIOFS) in 2007, AIOFS has trained more than 10,000 farmers. AIOFS is constituted under the Societies Act of 1860.

AIOFS educate the farmers on implementing INM/IPM techniques and the latest techniques of water and soil management.

AIOFS provide Training and consultancy services for all type of Poly houses and Greenhouses projects.


All India Organic Farmers Society

Corporate Office:

SCO-170, 1st Floor, Red Square Market,

Hisar-125001, (Haryana) INDIA.

Shrushti Hitech and Agriculture Development

Shrushti Hitech And Agriculture Development are offering Training Programme For Green House Cultivation and Polyhouse Cultivation.

The aim of this project is to provide a device which would assist farmers in carrying out complex everyday tasks involved in Poly house Farming, assist them in monitoring, irrigating, fertilizing, planning and maintaining the crops, as well as providing assistance and backbone support in case of an emergency situation.


Vishwa Empire Office No .47,



Maharashtra.Pin-413102 /

Tele:09403967696, 09890769945.

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