Groundnut Cultivation Income (Peanut), Cost, Yield

Groundnut cultivation income, project report, yield, profits

Hello farmers, Wondering how muach money you can make from 1 acre cultivation of Groundnut crop? don’t worry, we are here to help you with Groundnut cultivation income, cost and profits. Ground (Arachis hypogea L.) is an important oilseed crop that can be cultivated during rabi and Kharif seasons which nearly cultivated under 5 lakhs acres in Telangana state. It belongs to the Leguminosae family. Gujarath is very popular for groundnut cultivation.

It is also known as kingpin of oilseeds, peanut, earthnut, manilla nut, monkey nut, pinda, and goober. In all oilseed crops, the only groundnut accounts for more than 40-50% in  area and 60 to 70 % in production in India. Among all oilseed crops, groundnut stands in first place in the country. Mainly in India Groundnut cultivation is confined to the states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Orissa. The seeds of groundnut are consumed either roasted or fried and salted. Seeds of groundnut contains about 47-49% oil and 20% protein. Groundnut kernel as a whole is highly digestible.

Groundnut Cultivation Cost, Profits.
Groundnut Cultivation.

Soil and Climate for Groundnut cultivation:

Groundnut does well in the light-textured, loose, friable, well-drained, and sandy and sandy loam soils which facilitates easy penetration of pegs and their development along with harvesting. Clay and heavy soils are not recommended for this crop as they interfere in penetration of pegs and make harvesting very difficult. It is sensitive to soil salinity. It does well and produce good yields in the soils having a pH between 6.0 to 7.5. It is a tropical plant, which requires a long and warm growing season. It thrives well in areas that receive an average rainfall of 50 to 125 cm during the growing season, an abundance of sunshine and relatively with warm temperatures. Soil temperature is a very important factor that affects seed germination. The optimum temperature for vegetative growth is ranging in between 26 to 30ºC depending on the cultivar. The maximum rate of growth of pods will be between 30 to 34ºC as it requires about a month of warm and dry weather.

Groundnut Varieties for high yields:

  • Girnar-2
  • Girnar-3
  • Girnar-1
  • GG-5
  • GG-7(38)
  • Kadhiri -6
  • JCG-88
  • Kadhiri-7
  • Kadhiri-8
  • Kadhiri-9

Cost of cultivation for 1-acre Groundnut cultivation:

Cost of seed material:

Seed rate of 80-100 kilograms is enough for cultivation in 1-acre land. In recent days there is an increase in the availability of high yielding varieties which may yield up to 20 quintals per acre. On average basis a farmer has to spend Rs.10,000 on seed material. Rs.100 per kilogram. We can get subsidy if available. Seed treatment is necessary we can use carbendizum @1 gram per kg seedfor seed treatment.

Cost of land preparation:

Even though the groundnut is a deep-rooted crop deep ploughing should be avoided. Single ploughing with soil turning plough and two harrowing will be enough to achieve a good surface tilth up to 12-18 cm depth. Groundnut cultivation in raised beds is popular in Gujarath state, cultivation on raised beds offers extra yield. It will cost around Rs. 2400 for land preparation. Cost of sowing: Pods which are bold and filled pods should be selected and these pods can be shelled either by hand or power-operated decorticator before sowing. From these shelled seeds, small, shriveled, damaged and broken seeds should be removed and bold ones should be used for sowing. Seed treatment is necessary to avoid various pests and diseases. Sowing should be done before the onset of monsoon, however, if irrigation facilities are available pre-monsoon sowing can also be done. If we did sowing with the help of 4 labor it costs around Rs.800.

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Cost of weeding:

Weeding should be carried at timely intervals. The crop should be kept weed-free in the first 45 days after sowing. Pendimithalin @ 1.3 to 1.6 liter per acre can be sprayed as pre-emergence herbicide at after 1 or 2 days of sowing. Weeding cost varies around Rs. 1,500.

Fertilizer cost for 1 acre Groundnut cultivation:

Farmyard manure Of 4-5 tonnes should be applied per acre. Goundnut requires 27:100:33 kilograms of urea, single super phosphate, Murate of potash respectively. Urea should be applied in two split doses first dose along with other fertilizers during the last ploughing and second dose after 30 days after sowing. Application of zinc sulphate is beneficial for increasing the size of pod and oil content. Fertilization requires an amount of Rs.4,200.

Cost of pesticides:

Aphids, jassid, thrips, whiteflies, leaf miners, white grub, army warm, Heliothis, Tikka, stem rot rust, and leaf spots, etc. are the important pest and diseases in groundnut. Phosphamidon 0.03 % or Dimethoate 0.03 % or Methyle-ODemeton 0.025 % at an interval of 10 days can be sprayed for effective management of sucking pests. Rust and Tikka diseases controlled by spraying Carbendazim 0.05 % + Mancozeb 0.2 % (0.5 g/l + 2 g/l, respectively) at 2-3 week interval, 2 to 3 times. Whenever it is necessary we have to give spray the chemicals. On an average the cost of this operation is Rs.1,400.

Cost of miscellaneous activities:

This includes the irrigation cost, land revenue, land rent, electricity charges and cost of family labor, etc. it will be around Rs. 3,000.

Cost of harvesting and transportation:

Harvesting is done by pulling the plants from the ground. In groundnut turning of leaves into yellow color and inside portion of the pod will turn into brown color are the harvesting indices. Pods should be separated from the plant and dry the pods enough until achieving 9 % moisture content. Farmer can get a yield of around 12-15 quintals by using quality seed material. Harvesting can be done with the help of 6 labor in one acre land, which costs around Rs.1,200 if we pay Rs. 200 per head. The harvested pods should be marketed after drying enough. Transportation charges will be around Rs.600 for groundnut farming.

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Total cost of 1-acre Groundnut farming:

  • Cost of seed material – Rs. 10,000
  • Cost of land preparation – Rs. 2,400
  • Cost of sowing – Rs. 800
  • Cost of weeding – Rs. 1,500
  • Cost of Pesticides – Rs. 1,400
  • Fertilizer cost – Rs. 4,200
  • Cost of miscellaneous activities – Rs. 3,000
  • Cost of harvesting and loading – Rs. 1,200
  • Cost of transportation – Rs. 600
  • Total cost of 1 acre groundnut farming – Rs. 20,100.

Total cost incurred in 1-acre Groundnut cultivation:

The total cost of cultivation involved in Groundnut cultivation was Rs. 25,100 besides this if we assume an extra 10 percent additional cost to the various activities total cost of cultivation will be around Rs.27,610.

Total income from 1-acre Groundnut cultivation:

The average market price for Groundnut pods is Rs. 6,071 per quintal at Wanaparthy town market on 01.09.2019.

Consider 14 quintals as an average yield per one acre. Farmer will get around Rs. 84,994.

Net profit from 1-acre Groundnut farming:

It is the result of the difference between total returns and the total cost incurred in groundnut cultivation. Then it will be like this;

Rs. 84,994 – Rs. 27,610 = Rs. 57,384

Therefore, the farmer can get a net income of Rs. 57,384 from 1-acre Groundnut cultivation. There might be little differences in costs depending upon the various factors like variety, market, labor demand, climatic conditions, and incidence of various pests and diseases, etc.


In this article, we have seen the cost involved in 1 acre groundnut farmin, as there is profit in the cultivation of groundnut it can be recommended for cultivation. That’s all folks about Groundnut cultivation income and cost.

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  2. Very informative.I am having about 25 acres of coconut farm.I am planning to cultivate groundnut in between.kindly sujest me were to by quality seeds.My land is nearby Pernumbut in Tamilnadu.


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