Growing Radish In Containers Information

Growing Radish in containers:

The following is all about growing radish in containers.

Radish is quick to yield vegetable, that grows well in pots or containers. Radish takes only 3 weeks to grow and they are a very hardy root vegetable. Radishes have a peppery flavor which adds a good taste to soups and salads. Radishes belong to the family of the Brassicaceae like broccoli and cauliflower. Radishes are very famous crop round world and grown in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Radishes are the easily grown healthy vegetable that gives quick yields. In India, Winter is the best season to grow radishes.

Botanical Name of Radish: Raphanus Sativus.

Radish in Indian Languages

  • Tamil: Mulanki.
  • Malayalam: Mullangi/Kanaka Pala.
  • Telugu: Mullangi.
  • Kannada: Mullangi.
  • Bengali: Mulo.
  • Hindi: Mooli/Mula.
  • Konkani: Mullo.
  • Marathi: Mulae/Mula.
  • Oriya: Mula.
  • Punjabi: Muli/Mula.
  • Tulu: Mullangi.

Types of Radish

There are many varieties of radishes that are suitable for container growing.

  • Spring Variety Radishes: This variety of radishes are best for cooking with good taste. Spring variety radishes, most familiar to people and they grow quickly. These radishes grow well in cool weather, they look very small. Spring variety radishes not suitable for storing for a long period. These radishes taste good when cooked fresh.
  • Winter Variety Radishes: These radishes grow 6 to 10 inches long and winter radishes take 50 to 60 days to mature. These are rare variety of radishes and are good for storage. These radishes are grown in late summer for harvest in autumn. Some winter variety radishes are Daikon and champions.
  • Summer Radishes: Summer radishes are growing very slowly and take 6 to 10 weeks to mature. And this variety of radishes are like spring radishes.

Selection of the container for growing radish in containers

For growing radish in the container, you should select the size of the container. Radish can be planted in any type of container with some minimum depth that is required for root to grow. Radishes can be grown in plastic bags, glass or plastic bottles, recycled plastic or wooden buckets, clay pots, plastic pots, porcelain pots, etc. Any recycled container with 2 feet depth is used to grow radish in your home.

The size of the container depends on the number of seeds you are planning to sow. The container size should big enough for the seeds to grow properly and get all the nutrients equally. If you are planning for more the one seed in the container, then the container should have proper space for all plants to grow freely.

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Soil or potting mix for growing radish in containers

Radish is a fast-growing root vegetable which needs the good potting mix to grow. As the soil plays a major role in the growth of radish, so the soil you select should be loose, well drained and high in organic matter. The soil you select for growing radish should be rich in nutrients and have natural fertilizers that promote growth. The soil you use should be rock free and have pH levels between 6.0 to 7.0. For better output, you use a well composted organic potting mix.

The best composition of potting mix to grow radish: Equal quantities of red soil + coco peat + decomposed manure or leaf mold.

Planting/Sowing of radishes in containers

Radish Seed.
Radish Seed.
Radish Seedlings in Container.
Radish Seedlings in Container.
  • Unlike the other vegetable which is grown in indoors and then transplanted outside, radishes are sown directly into the container which is chosen to grow them.
  • Before you sow the seeds in the container, fill the container with potting mix and keep it in the sun for 6 to 7 hours of sunlight to warm up the potting mix.
  • Now plant the radish seeds a ½ inch deep and spaced one inch apart. And cover them loosely with some potting mix for best results.
  • After planting water, the seeds using a watering can. You should keep the potting mix moist and make sure that it gets enough sunlight.
  • Radish seeds germinate in 4 to 10 days. Once the seeds sprout you can find thin seedling out so that there is a plant spacing every two inches from each other.
  • Since the radish is a root vegetable make sure the potting mix should be kept moist. If your pot dries out of water root will not grow well.
  • If your potting mix is well-drained and the container has a better drainage system, then there will be no issue of rotting.

Growing radish in containers with cuttings

Radish is also grown from cuttings. You can grow them by cuttings off radish brought from the stores.

  • First, cut the tip of radish which contains a tiny root and plant it in a container. Water the plant and keep the potting mix moist. The new plant will start growing in 5 to 10 days.
  • Or else you can plant a radish in the container and start watering it regularly. You can see the radish starts growing in a week.

Water requirement

  • Once seeds germinate, you need to water the plant regularly. And don’t use lots of water as the radish is a root vegetable. The plant will not rot if there is more water.
  • Watering the plants frequently at regular intervals will result in quick growth. Slowly grow radish does not have a good taste.
  • Even if you don’t water them evenly the radishes may get cracks.

Temperature requirement

Radishes are a cool weather crop so that are good at hot sun. So, radish is grown only in cool weather. In case more temperature you can place your container in the shade.

Sunlight requirement

Radishes need a good amount of sunlight for faster growth and root production. So, your radishes need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. Make sure that your container gets enough sunlight. 

Fertilizers used for growing radish in containers

  • For better growth you can use liquid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers are good for root vegetables.
  • Some organic liquid fertilizers are Amrut Jal, Jiwamrit, Panchagavya, and compost tea are best for radish.
  • Even you can use vermicompost once in ten days if you are adding artificial fertilizer you use them once in a week to boost up the growth.

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Pest control for growing radish in containers

Typical pests that attack radish are aphids, cutworm, cabbage Looper, flea beetles.  You can use low powder insecticide to control pests or natural neem spray can be the best solution.

Growing Radish In Containers – Harvesting the radish

Radish Growing in Backyard.
Radish Growing in Backyard.

Radish hardly takes 20 to 25 days to get ready for harvesting. Not all the varieties will grow in a short period. Once the plant above the ground in container starts drying off and it becomes long enough then you must harvest radishes.

  • You should check the radish whether it is grown enough to pick out. For detecting the size just uncover the top of each plant and check their size.
  • If the size of radishes is thicker than your thumb, then your plant to harvest.
  • You should harvest the root before the plant starts flowering. When the plants start flowering the radish does not taste good.
  • In case if you see any signs of flower in the plants, harvest your radish immediately.
  • Radishes should be harvested before they start flowering.
  • For harvesting pull the radishes from the ground. The leaves may break easily, so pull the radish from the top the root.
  • After plucking separate the leaves from the root if you don’t want them. Because storing the radish with leaves will cause the root to lose water and shrivel.
  • Now, you wash and store the radish for 15 to 20 days in the refrigerator.

Growing Radish In Containers – Harvesting radish leaves

Tender leaves of radish are also eaten as a salad or used in cooking many dishes. So, you can harvest the tender leaves from the plant and use them. If you harvest the tender leaves from the plant, that plant takes a bit longer time to develop full root.

Tip to grow Radish in the container: Radishes need a lot of attention in the early stages. Radishes are very delicate plants they grew well only in winter.

Radishes are very healthy- they are a rich source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, calcium and many more. This is the best medicine kidney and diabetic problems.

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