How this Farmer Made 24 Lakh Profit from Country Chicken Farming – A Success Story

Agriculture is a significant industry in our country, with rainfed agriculture accounting for 70% of the total land area. They are unable to do agriculture effectively due to the effects of nature and timing. For farmers, the loss is greater than the profit. It is critical to build an integrated agricultural system to this scenario. Agriculture together with linked businesses will provide self-employment and income throughout the year. It will improve the farmers’ economic situation and level of living. Let’s check out how this farmer made 24 lakh profit from country chicken farming.

Farmer Made 24 Lakh Profit from Country Chicken Farming
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Farmers who engage in country chicken rearing as part of an integrated agricultural system can meet their daily needs while also earning a consistent income that improves their level of life. Country birds were traditionally raised in an integrated farming system. Nowadays, most farmers have turned to commercial chicken/Natu kollu farming as an associated industry in agriculture. People appreciate the healthy flesh of the country chicken. Broiler chickens, on the other hand, are more likely to spread disease.

As a result, the majority of people favor country chickens. Country hen farming occupies a distinct niche in the Indian market as a result of this characteristic. The number of country hen farms is increasing faster than the number of broiler hen farms. Because it is simple and appealing to sell, as well as having minimal maintenance expenses.

One option is to grow them in an uncontrolled environment. The agriculture system is the other. A shed can be built to give food and water to hens in the country chicken farming enterprise. For high income, this farming approach needs special attention. Rearing methods such as open country hen farming are also practiced in several regions of India. While this approach does not necessitate a large investment, it does necessitate more room than other farming methods.

This is an excellent option for landowners with a significant number of acres. The hens are fed naturally in this procedure. It also aids in the proper growth of hens and helps them gain a lot of weight. The agricultural pattern, on the other hand, is the best path to commercial development.

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Country Chicken Farming
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how this farmer made 24 lakh profit from country chicken farming

The success of Mr. Nara Vijay Kumar

Mr. Nara VIjay Kumar of Anjanapuram Village in Kothagudem Bhadradri District has begun a 6000 Country Chicken farming operation on a half-acre plot of land with two sheds, as well as a 2-acre young Guava garden. He made around 6 lakhs in profit from the first batch of 6000 Hens. Let’s take a look at how he’s grown the chicken farm in the country.

Advantages of country chicken farming

Mr. Vijay says as there is such a high demand for local chicken, the birds and eggs they produce can be sold at the local market at any time of year. The combination of low initial investments and higher economic returns is a winning formula. Country chicken, also known as desi murga in North India, and brown egg varieties have a higher demand than other kinds.

If the chicken and eggs are raised on an organic farm, the quality and flavor are much improved. The reason for this is, chickens are raised in an environment that is stress-free. Chicken wastes such as droppings, extra feeds, and other wastes are processed directly as organic manure in this technique, which increases crop yield.

Selecting the breed of country chicken

Mr. Vijay Kumar chose the Aseel breed for his chicken farm which is an important Indian indigenous chicken breed recognized for its pugnacity, majestic walk, agility, great stamina, and stubborn fighting abilities. These birds are known for their durability and ability to survive in a variety of environments.

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Country Chicken
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Aseel chickens have low productivity, but they are noted for their high-quality meat with a pleasant taste and flavor. The native chicken flesh has a strong flavor, a solid texture is low in fat, and is high in nutrients. The reason he chose this breed over others, is that the people from Telugu states love this flavor of chicken meat, he added.

Housing for Mr. Vijay’s country chickens

Mr. Vijay constructed two sheds for his country chicken farming. These sheds are made of meshes and the top covering is done with help of dry leaves of palm trees. He chose this method to protect his country chickens from strong sunlight and also he says this method is cheap and effective. These palm tree leaves will last at least three years from what he said, after that new dry leaves should be used to develop covering again, removing the old ones.

He constructed his sheds with a length of 120 feet and a width of 24 feet. And he chose to raise 6000 country chickens in these two sheds combined. He said he spent nearly 2 lakh rupees for each shed which sums up to 4 lakh total shed construction cost. He used two meshes, one thick and the other thin, as outer and inner layers for protecting his chickens from rodents such as snakes and other harmful animals.

 He used concrete to place these firmly as walls for his sheds. He said his shed capacity is around 2300 chickens instead he bought 3000 chickens per shed at the start, due to his lack of knowledge on the shed capacity and the area required per bird in his shed.

He says it doesn’t matter much because the chickens are reared outside for most of the day and will only take shelter from the evening. However, he advised the farmers, who are considering country chicken farming, to learn about proper spacing and shed capacity as this can sometimes affect the country’s chicken development.

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Chicken Farming
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Buying Asil breed country chicken: Cost and other parameters

Mr. Vijay expressed that he bought his 1-day old country chickens from Nellore, for 38 rupees per day old chicken. This is for the first batch. When it comes to the second batch, he bought the same count at rupees 44 per day old chicken, just only after one month gap after purchasing the first batch. Mr. Vijay purchases 3 batches per year. So when it comes to the money he spent on the cost of day-old chickens, he spent nearly 7,56,000 rupees per year.

Brooding of Mr. Vijay’s country chickens

They are unable to regulate their body temperature throughout the first few days of their life. As a result, extra measures for maintaining body temperature are required. This process is known as brooding. Mr. Vijay says that brooding is an important process and it determines the proper development and mortality of chickens. If proper measures are not taken while the process of brooding then the chickens may easily develop diseases and sometimes lose their lives too.

He says he used gas brooding to maintain adequate temperatures for chickens. He also added that for his chickens he used 1 gas cylinder per day, to provide temperatures for brooding. Brooding lasts 18 to 21 days from the time of their birth. After that, the country chickens are fed the normal feed that is given to them while they are growing. Brooding provides a proper healthy future for the chickens that are to be grown.

Feed requirements for country chickens according to Mr. Vijay Kumar

Mr. Vijay said he feeds starter feed for his chickens. It costs 3,300 rupees for one quintal of starter feed. 1000 chickens take nearly 5 quintals of feed during the time of their rearing. This means for his 6000 chickens it costs nearly 1 lakh per batch, which means it costs nearly 3 lakhs per year for feeding his country chickens, says Mr. Vijay.

Mr. Vijay expressed that he used normal plates to feed country chickens at the start but now he uses feeders which are simple and easy to manage. He said he separates chickens, with meshes, while feeding for chickens to eat freely and properly. This also decreases the feed waste while chickens are eating.

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Chicken Housing
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Feed proportions are important since they provide proper strength and muscle growth in chickens, added Mr. Vijay. On his farm, they add only 30% concentrate feed and the remaining 70% comprises rice grains, paddy husk, and other important grains. This mixture is fed to country chickens, resulting in strong muscle growth which is essential in the case of country chickens. This process also helps in reducing the feed cost.

Rearing of Mr. Vijay’s country chickens 

Just after they are bought, the chickens are to be fed with jaggery water on the first day to free their digestive tract. This helps in the proper digestion of young chickens in the process of their growth. On the 7th day from their birth, the chickens should be vaccinated with the Lasota vaccine. Also on their 14th and 21st day they should be vaccinated with Gambora and Lasota booster doses. Mr. Vijay suggested that in case of any diseases you should consult a veterinarian to provide medication for disease-prone chickens.

He said we should maintain the shed clean and with proper maintenance since this could also lead to diseases in country chickens. Mr. Vijay used a drip water system to provide water for his chickens, he says this system is effective and can provide water supply to his chickens in proper proportions with ease. For feeding his country chickens he allotted only one member to take care of his entire chicken farm and said that it is enough. He releases chickens into the farm in the morning and then makes them get into the shed in the evening.

Chickens are allowed to feed outside the shed daily from morning till evening. At night again they are put into sheds. Water is given to these country chickens two times a day in the morning and the evening. Sometimes in the afternoon too, when it comes to summer. 

During the winter, the ground beneath the sheds will be cold. Mr. Vijay used sawdust on the floor to slow the ground’s cooling to avoid this. Ammonia gas is formed when the floor is too compacted, causing eye pain and perhaps disease in the country chickens. As a result, the moisture level on the floor must be regulated at 25 degrees.

Country chickens feed on their vegetable farm, eating pests and other insects, which results in the proper development of country chickens also helps in keeping vegetables away from pests, which is a double win. He also said that this decreases feed cost and decreasing feed cost plays a major role in increasing profits for country chicken farmers. Proper care must be taken while rearing country chickens, this helps in increasing the weight of country chickens till the time of marketing.

The country chicken excretion waste can be used as manure for fields. Per batch, this waste can be used as manure for a minimum of 1 acre of his vegetable farm. This helps Mr. Vijay to decrease his fertilizer cost and also results in the proper quality yield of his vegetable farm.

Marketing and profits of Mr. Vijay

The country chickens should reach a size weight of 1.8 to 1.9 kgs. If you fail to achieve this then you are doing something wrong in the process of rearing country chickens. Country chicken can sell 250 rupees per kg wholesale. The total weight of country chickens produced is nearly 9.5 to 10 tonnes per batch.

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Chicken Farming
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This means the income generated per batch is nearly 25,00,000 rupees. And when you erase the investment cost from this nearly you can earn 8,00,000 rupees per batch as profit. For three batches this becomes rupees 24 Lakhs. And this is how Mr. Vijay earns nearly 24 Lakhs per year.

Now Mr. Nara Vijay Kumar is a successfully integrated country chicken farmer who earns nearly 24 lakhs. He also advises the youth to engage in such easy yet profitable businesses, since they are educated and he believes that they have the potential to grow advanced techniques when it comes to businesses like country chicken rearing.



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