How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots and Trays

How to grow cherry tomatoes in pots

Today, let us discuss How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots as well as in Trays.


The plants of cherry tomato will produce the fruits which are small and round. These fruits will be suitable to eat fresh and also for the purpose of salads.

One cherry tomato plant will produce sufficient fruit for one family if grown with proper care.

As cherry tomato plants are warm season plants, they will grow very well in pots or containers. The farmers who have just started growing cherry tomatoes can try growing them in pots which would be a success.

Cherry Tomatoes.
Cherry Tomatoes.

The germination of the seeds of cherry tomato will occur very quickly and will also need some care when growing indoors.

Cherry tomatoes are best for the growers who want to grow tomatoes which produce a very good yield and are also not messy. Cherry tomatoes are available in several shades like orange, yellow and white. It would be very good to grow cherry tomato plants in the garden but they can also be grown in pots or tomato grow bags. Here is  the step by step guide for growing cherry tomatoes.

Suitable climate:

The cherry tomatoes can be grown in almost all the environmental conditions. But it would be better if the plantation is done after the completion of the last frost. This is for the commercial cultivation. If you want to grow your cherry tomatoes in pots, then the sowing of seeds should be done in small containers by using potting soil.

Growing cherry tomatoes in pots:

Growing Cherry Tomatoes.
Growing Cherry Tomatoes.
  • While growing cherry tomatoes in pots from seeds, the pots in which you are growing cherry tomatoes should have a diameter of at least 3 inches. The depth of the pot should be one inch. Two seeds should be sown in each pot and the pot should be filled with potting medium.
  • This potting medium or potting soil should be maintained moist.
  • For the germination of seeds of cherry tomato, it would take nearly two weeks. The germination process can be made quick by covering the pots with plastic bags which are clear.
  • The pots must be placed without removing the plastic bag cover in a warm room. When the seeds start to germinate, take off the plastic bags and place the pot in a place where there is adequate sunlight.
  • Over watering should not be done in this stage and you need to just maintain the moisture in the soil whenever it gets dry. When the plants start growing in size slowly, you can keep these in the pots which are larger in size.
  • Clay pots which have a diameter between 6 inches and 8 inches will be a very good choice for this purpose as they are strong enough to act as support. You can also go for good quality plastic pots too.
  • The potting mix which is mixed for growing cherry tomatoes should be an organic one. You can also mix some amount of compost to it. You need to fill one-third space of the pot with this kind of potting soil and dig a hole at the middle. This hole must be sufficiently big so that it would hold the plant roots. Now remove the plant or seedling in the hole. The hole should be filled with sufficient soil and then pressed in a firm way. Always remember to water the seedling.
  • These pots should be kept in a place where the cherry tomato plants will get at least six hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Also, ensure that the moisture in the soil is maintained and is not soggy. The cherry tomato plants can be fed once in a week with a fertilizer which is water soluble. Another main factor in the care of the cherry tomato plant is staking. This will make the plants not to tip over when they are growing.

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Pest management of cherry tomatoes:

It is very important for you to make sure that the plants of cherry tomatoes are pest free. This can be achieved by the plantation of basil and marigold closer to your cherry tomatoes. Other measures of pest control can be taken as per the suggestions from the local nursery authorities.

If proper care is taken, then the cherry tomato plants will give you a very good yield starting from the middle of summer to the end of the fall.

Growing cherry tomatoes in trays

Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Trays.
Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Trays.
  • While growing cherry tomatoes in trays, the first step you need to do is filling the trays with potting soil up to an inch from the top. Then smoothen the top by using your hand. The medium should be watered thoroughly in order to make sure that you are not saturating it. Watering regularly will help the soil to get settled in an even manner in the trays.
  • Make holes with the help of a pencil tip for about a depth of half an inch. The cherry tomato plant spacing should be 1 inch apart from the medium of the plantation and drop one seed of cherry tomato in each hole.
  • Cover the seeds lightly with soil. The trays also have to be covered by making use of plastic film. One end has to be left slightly open for the circulation of air to take place.
  • The trays have to be kept in a dark and warm area and the temperature should be at least 21°C. This should be maintained until the germination of seeds takes place and can be seen from the surface of the soil.
  • Take off the plastic films which are present in the trays and keep them on the stand under grow lights. The grow lights have to be turned on as soon as the diminishing of the natural sunlight takes place.
  • The trays have to be kept below the lights at a distance of 6 inches. The distance can be adjusted by a few inches for the avoidance of burning of the plant if you are using the light bulbs which have high wattage.
  • The transplantation of seedlings should be done when they grow to a length of at least 4 inches in their growing trays.
  • The flowers of the tomatoes have to be tapped in order for them to open. Once they get open, they help in the fertilization of the plants.
  • Provide support to the plants to keep them upright so that they won’t be bending of stems and breaking due to the weight of the tomatoes.
  • The tomatoes can be harvested when they are ripened in order to make the plant produce more.

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