How to Start Dairy Farming in Uttarakhand: Business Plan, Breeds, Setup Cost, Profit, Requirements, and Management

Dairy farming is an agricultural business in Uttarakhand that mainly involves the production of milk and other dairy products. Dairy farming in Uttarakhand can be profitable, provided you have the right equipment, knowledge, and set-up cost. Dairy farming is an agricultural business that involves raising and breeding cows, goats, or other milk-producing animals to produce milk for human consumption or the production of dairy products.

How to Start Dairy Farming in Uttarakhand

Dairy farming is a very profitable enterprise, and there are many different ways to start dairy farming in Uttarakhand. Dairy farms in Uttarakhand typically require a temperate climate with good rainfall, fertile soil that is easy to till and maintain, and adequate water supplies.

How to start dairy farming in Uttarakhand

Dairy farming importance in Uttarakhand

Dairy farming is a booming sector in Uttarakhand. This is because the region has ample water resources, which makes dairy farming possible. Moreover, the climate is very conducive to dairy farming. There is no humidity or extreme temperatures here, so cows can graze freely and produce high-quality milk.

Dairy farming is an important sector in Uttarakhand and has a significant role in the state’s economy. The dairy industry substantially contributes to the state’s GDP and employs many people. In addition, dairy farming is also responsible for producing milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Requirements for starting a dairy farm in Uttarakhand

  • A land plot of at least an acre
  • The necessary permits and licenses
  • A well-functioning irrigation system
  • A herd of dairy animals
  • A quality milking machine
  • Enough feed for your animals

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Dairy Breeds

Factors affecting dairy farming in Uttarakhand

  • The climate is favorable for this type of agriculture; secondly, the region is well-endowed with water resources; and finally, the land is fertile. However, there are also certain constraints that farmers must be aware of, such as the scarcity of fodder and equipment.
  • Regarding climate, Uttarakhand enjoys a temperate weather regime with moderate rainfall. This makes it ideal for dairy farming as cows require plenty of fodder to support their milk production. Moreover, most dairy farms in Uttarakhand rely on local vegetation to sustain the animals. Given these favorable conditions, dairy farming in Uttarakhand is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Regarding water resources, Uttarakhand has an ample supply of fresh water, which is essential for sustainable agricultural activities. This means that farmers can irrigate their crops using either surface or groundwater resources. As long as farmers manage these resources responsibly, dairy farming will be viable in Uttarakhand.
  • Dairy farmers need at least 1 hectare per cow to produce quality milk products. However, given the high demand for agricultural land in Uttarakhand, finding suitable land plots for dairy farming is not always easy. Therefore, several initiatives are underway to make more land available.

Types of dairy production systems in Uttarakhand

  1. Small-scale dairy farming is the most common type of dairy production in Uttarakhand. This type of agriculture involves raising cows, goats, or sheep on a small scale. Small-scale dairy farmers typically milk their animals twice a day and produce only enough milk to feed their own families.
  2. Medium-scale dairy farming is another common type of agriculture in Uttarakhand. Medium-scale dairy farmers raise cows, goats, or sheep on a larger scale and produce more milk than small-scale farmers. They usually milk their animals three times a day, sell their milk to local grocery stores, or export it to other countries.
  3. Large-scale dairy farming is the third type of dairy production in Uttarakhand. Large-scale farmers raise cows, goats, or sheep on a very large scale and produce enough milk to supply local markets and export markets. They usually milk their animals five or six times daily and sell their milk to local grocery stores and international markets.

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Dairy Feeding Setup

Steps to create a dairy farming business plan in Uttarakhand

  1. Assess your current situation and research potential dairy farms in your area. You’ll need to consider many factors when selecting a farm, including climate, soil quality, water availability, and access to inputs like feed, labor, and equipment.
  2. You will need to choose the right breed for your farm depending on the climate and terrain where you will be situated.
  3. Before you even think about getting started, you’ll need to create a business plan. This will outline your goals and strategies for starting dairy farming and how you plan to generate revenue. 
  4. The main step in creating a dairy farming business plan is to develop a strategy and outline the company’s overall operations. To make informed decisions about the company’s direction and future, it is important to understand its core purpose, target market, products/services offered, and pricing structure.
  5. Many essential resources must be in place to sustain a dairy farm operation, from pastureland to equipment. It is important to identify which areas of availability are most appropriate for your farm and focus initial investment on them.
  6. The success of any dairy farm depends on selecting the right breeds of cows and goats that can thrive in the region’s climate and terrain. Breed selection should also factor in milk production goals, disease susceptibility, and feed requirements. It is helpful to consult with local farmers who have experience with specific breeds to get an idea of what would be best suited for your farm site.

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Dairy Farm Feeding Shelter

Consult the experts for a successful dairy business

Consulting dairy industry experts is important as you develop a business plan and design management system. Other dairy producers are great resources. Attend farm days and open houses at dairy farms in your area and other parts of the state or country. When visiting other farms, find what has and hasn’t worked well on those farms, but remember that just because it works on one farm doesn’t mean it will work for you on your dairy farm talk to veterinarians, nutritionists, agronomists, bankers, extension educators, and others who can provide different perspectives on managing dairy. 

Key rules for starting dairy farming in Uttarakhand


Dairy farming requires good land and plenty of water. You’ll also need access to power, fencing, and other necessary infrastructure. The ideal location for a dairy farm would be elevated with ample sunlight and good soil moisture conditions. However, due to deforestation, many farms currently operating in Uttarakhand are located at lower elevations, making irrigation necessary for crop production.


There are many different breeds of cows available for dairy farming, so selecting the right one for your climate and needs is important. Selecting the right breed of cows is essential for success. In addition, you will need to consider factors such as milk yield, lactation period, fertility rate, productivity, and temperament.


In addition to owning suitable land and infrastructure, you must also meet certain licensing requirements and obey strict agricultural regulations. For example, all dairy farms in Uttarakhand must have at least one shed for storing milk produced by their animals


Cows require a lot of food to produce milk; hence, you’ll need to provide them with a full feed mix, including hay, straw, maize/corn silage or fodder blocks/stalks, etc. Additionally, you’ll need to provide them with adequate shelter and clean water sources.

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Dairy Farm Fencing

Dairy farming areas in Uttarakhand

Many dairy farming areas in Uttarakhand are perfect for those looking to start a dairy farm. Some best places to farm cows include Almora, Champawat, Udhampur, Bageshwar, Pauri Garhwal, Rudraprayag, and Kumaon.

Dairy farm set-up cost in Uttarakhand

The cost of setting up a dairy farm in Uttarakhand depends on a few factors, such as the land size, type of soil, availability of water, etc. Profit margins for dairy farms in Uttarakhand are usually high due to high milk yields and low input costs. However, there are some key expenses that you will need to account for, such as feed costs and veterinary fees. The average set-up cost for starting dairy farming in Uttarakhand is around Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs. However, this cost can vary depending on the size and type of cow you purchase.

Specialized dairy breeds in Uttarakhand

Dairy cattle are a special breed of cattle that are used to produce milk. There are many different types of dairy cattle, each with its unique characteristics and production capabilities. Different dairy breeds available in Uttarakhand are Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Badri, Guernseys, Herefords, Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire, Brahman, Kerry Blue, and Shorthorns.

Tips on raising dairy farm in Uttarakhand

  1. Calculate Your Costs: Before you even think about starting your dairy farm, you’ll need to calculate the initial costs involved. These include buying or leasing land, building a barn, purchasing milk cows and other necessary equipment, and hiring workers to help with the process. Make sure you estimate all these expenses accurately before making any commitments.
  2. Consider Breeds: Make sure the breed is suited for Uttarakhand’s climate and terrain. Also, look for well-natured breeds that are likely to produce quality milk.
  3. Get Set up Quickly: Once you’ve figured out your costs and chosen a breed of cow, it’s time to get set up as quickly as possible. You’ll need a big barn to house your animals and enough space to grow feed for them. You’ll also need fencing around the property to keep them safe from wild animals, trespassers, pumps, and tanks necessary for milking purposes.

Is dairy farming profitable in Uttarakhand?

Dairy farming is a lucrative business in Uttarakhand. With an annual milk production of over 2 million liters, the state has ample potential for dairy farmers. 

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Dairy Farming

Government loans and subsidies for dairy farming in Uttarakhand

The government of Uttarakhand offers loans and subsidies to help farmers start up and run their dairy farms. These loans can be used to purchase cows, calves, feed, equipment, and other necessary materials for the farm. The loans are also flexible, covering any part of the start-up costs. Farmers who qualify for these loans can receive up to Rs. 1 crore. Depending on the farmer’s financial situation, this amount can be divided into two or more installments. Interest rates on these loans are very low — around 2% per annum.

The government also provides subsidies worth Rs 25,000 per cow per year. This subsidy is available to both new and existing dairy farmers in Uttarakhand. Farmers registered with the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) are eligible for this subsidy. To be eligible to start a dairy farm in Uttarakhand, you will need a valid license from the state government. In addition, you will need access to land at least 1 hectare in size and free of encroachments.

You will also need to construct an approved building on your property and register with the district agricultural office. Other requirements vary depending on the type of dairy farm you plan to establish, but these are the most important aspects to remember if you want to start dairy farming in Uttarakhand.

Another important factor to consider when getting a loan for a dairy farm is the set-up cost. You should also factor in initial breeding costs, such as feed and veterinary bills. Finally, knowing your dairy farm’s profit potential is important before applying for a loan. You will need proper government permits and approval from your local irrigation department. You will also need to purchase breeding stock (cows) and equipment such as milking machines and storage facilities.

Dairy farming challenges in Uttarakhand

The most important challenge is finding enough land to start the farm. A hectare (2.47 acres) of land can support around four cows, so it’s essential to find large enough land to accommodate your herd. Another challenge new dairy farmers in Uttarakhand may face is getting their cattle to tolerate the cold weather.

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Dairy Inspection

Dairy cattle are used to temperate climates, and if they are brought into an area with colder weather, they may be unable to produce milk effectively. Therefore, it’s important to provide your cows with adequate shelter, food, and water during winter to produce milk successfully.


Dairy farming is a lucrative business proposition in Uttarakhand. The state has ample land, a mild climate, and adequate water resources. There are also a good number of cattle breeds that can be successfully raised on dairy farms. In addition, Uttarakhand is a land of fertile soils and ample rainfall, making it perfect for dairy farming.


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