How to Start Poultry Farming in Odisha: Step-By-Step, Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, and Requirements

Raising poultry is an environmentally-friendly way to produce meat and eggs, and it’s becoming more popular. When starting poultry farming, many factors must be considered, including the business plan, set-up cost, profit margins, and requirements. Poultry farming is a profitable business with high-profit potential in Odisha. It is an agriculturally-based enterprise that raises poultry for its meat, eggs, and feathers. 

How to start poultry farming in Odisha

How to start poultry farming in Odisha

Scope of poultry farming in Odisha

The scope of poultry farming in Odisha is vast and includes both commercial and industrial production. Commercial poultry farming focuses on raising chicken for meat or eggs, while industrial poultry production supplies eggs for various industries. Starting a poultry farm has many benefits, including providing fresh and healthy food, creating jobs, and contributing to the local economy.

Good soil quality and proper irrigation infrastructure are essential for successful poultry farming in Odisha. The state has several poultry farms responsible for producing eggs, chicken, ducks, and other poultry products. Poultry farming is a profitable business venture, and it can be started with a minimal investment. You will need a business plan and set up a cost estimate.

The set-up cost includes purchasing land, building materials, and poultry equipment. The main purpose of poultry farming is to produce eggs and meat. Chickens are the most common type of poultry, but there are also turkeys, ducks, geese, and pigeons. Poultry farming can be profitable if you have the right set-up and know what to do. The business plan for poultry farming in Odisha will include the following;

  • Figure out the cost of starting a poultry farm. This includes equipment, feed, and housing for your birds.
  • Calculate your profit margins based on production costs, sales, and other variables.
  • Ensure you have the necessary licenses and permits before starting your farm.

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Poultry Feeding System

Requirements for poultry farming in Odisha

Poultry farming requires a well-planned business plan with proper set-up costs. The required inputs for poultry farming include feedstuff, housing, water supply, veterinary care, and health services. In addition to these inputs, other costs are associated with poultry farming, such as labor hire, marketing, etc. Profit made from poultry farming depends on the price of feedstuff, chicken eggs, and broilers produced.

Some other important considerations when raising poultry include providing enough space to roam free, good ventilation, and adequate shelter from rain or sun during inclement weather conditions.  One of the most important factors when starting poultry farming is having enough land. You will need at least 1 hectare for every 10,000 birds you plan to raise.

In addition, poultry farms need access to plenty of water for drinking and washing. Chickens require lots of food and feed to thrive. So, ensure you buy the right feed for your birds. Also, rotate your crops, so your birds don’t get too used to one type of food.

Small-scale poultry farming in Odisha

Small-scale poultry farming in Odisha has the potential to become a lucrative business proposition. This is because the state has ample land, enough water resources, and a conducive climate for raising poultry. The following are some factors important to make small-scale poultry farming:

  • Poultry farming in Odisha can be started on a small scale as there is no need for large tracts of land.
  • There are ample water resources available, which makes watering the birds easy.
  • The state enjoys a warm and humid climate, making it ideal for raising poultry.

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Poultry Egg Tray

Steps to create a poultry business plan in the Odisha

  1. Poultry farming can be done in various niche markets across India. Before starting the farm, it is important to research which markets are most suited for your product and services.
  2. The farm size depends on numerous factors, such as the region you’re located in, the number of birds you want to raise, and your investment objectives. However, a good rule is to aim for at least 10 hectares (25 acres).
  3. The location of the farm is also critical. You’ll need adequate water, feed resources, and fertile soil to grow healthy chickens. Make sure you select an area with good climate conditions and a low incidence of pests and diseases. Select an appropriate location for your poultry farm and conduct site surveys to assess soil quality and availability of water sources.
  4. To start with poultry farming, you’ll need equipment such as housing for your birds, coops/runways/tractors, fencing material, chicken feeders, etc. Plan production strategies, including feed procurement, housing options, breeding stock, and vaccination schedules.
  5. Assemble a team of experienced poultry farmers and consultants to help you get started on the farm.
  6. If necessary, secure land leases or purchase rights from landowners or government agencies.
  7. Ensure that proper sanitation and hygiene practices are followed to minimize health risks posed by poultry production.
  8. Keeping chickens healthy requires regular veterinary care, which you can arrange through a veterinarian or animal health consultant. It is important to note that avian influenza (AI) is a major threat to Indian poultry farms, so ensure you get vaccinated against this virus.
  9. Obtain all necessary permits from local authorities, including permission for construction/alteration of buildings on the property; securing forest clearance; obtaining electricity connection; acquiring water supply, etc.
  10. Monitor environmental conditions constantly during farming operations to ensure compliance with all relevant laws & regulations.

Poultry production methods in Odisha

  1. Cage-free systems involve removing the cage from the birds’ environment and letting them roam around freely. 
  2. Free-range systems allow the birds to roam but remain confined within certain boundaries. 
  3. Barn raising involves raising chickens in a large, enclosed area such as a barn.

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Poultry Cage

Is poultry farming profitable in Odisha?

In Odisha, poultry farming is a lucrative business. The state has plenty of birds and fertile land, which makes it an ideal location for poultry farming.

Good husbandry practices for Odisha poultry farmers

Odisha is an excellent location for poultry farming because of its rich soil, abundant water, and mild climate. In addition, many good husbandry practices can be used to raise chickens and other poultry in Odisha. These practices include providing fresh water, and shelter from the sun and weather, feeding the animals fresh food, controlling diseases and pests, and raising young chickens for meat production.

Key rules to start poultry farming in Odisha

  • Chickens are the most common type of bird raised for meat production, but other types of birds can also be raised, including turkeys, ducks, geese, quails, and pigeons. Choosing the right type of bird based on your intended use for the bird meat is important. For example, chickens are better suited for meat production, while duck meat can be used for culinary purposes.
  • Get started early: It is important to get started early if you want to raise chickens commercially in Odisha. Before starting your poultry farm in Odisha, ensure you have the appropriate permits/licenses from authorities (e.g., local zoning regulations). 
  • Your business should also have a marketing strategy to promote its products. To calculate your profit margins, you will need to consider the costs of feed, space rental, labor costs, and equipment maintenance fees.

Poultry farm set-up cost in Odisha

To set up a poultry farm in Odisha, the initial investment includes the purchase of feed and housing for the birds. Additional costs may include fencing to protect the birds from predators, chlorinated water for drinking and bathing, and medications to prevent disease. The set-up cost for starting a poultry farm in Odisha can range from Rs 5-7 lakhs. Once your business plan is ready, it is time to calculate your set-up cost and profit margin.

Poultry breeds available in Odisha

Native chickens like Hansli, Khairi, Kabri, Gujuri, Dumasil, Kalua, Vezaguda, Phulbani, Kalahandi, and Khadia are extensively reared by the rural people of Odisha.

Tips on raising poultry in Odisha

Location: Poultry farming requires a lot of lands, so you must ensure that you have enough space to accommodate your animals. You will also need access to fresh water and good feed supplies.

Understanding the business plan: Raising poultry requires a lot of upfront investment and planning. One must calculate how many birds they need for production and then decide on the acres necessary for their flock. Additionally, one should factor in feed costs, health care costs, and other operational expenses.

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Poultry Breed

Finally, creating a marketing strategy that will promote the product to potential customers is important. Other important requirements include poultry feed, chicken coops, and vaccines for chickens. The business plan for poultry farming in Odisha should include estimated set-up costs, profit margins, and other key information.

Feed: Chickens require high-quality feed that contains plenty of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. You can either grow your feed or buy it from a supplier. Make sure that the feed you choose is compliant with food safety regulations.

Calculating set-up costs: The initial cost of raising poultry in Odisha can be quite high due to the need for suitable land, proper bird housing, and appropriate feed. 

Making sure profits are achievable: A successful poultry farm depends upon several factors, including good management practices, proper breeding stock selection, and accurate forecasting of production levels. It is also important to ensure that labor costs are reasonable, given the size of the farm operation.

Poultry farming loans and subsidies in Odisha

To start poultry farming, you must obtain a business license from the local government. In addition, several loans and subsidies are available to new poultry farmers in Odisha. These include government-sponsored loans and grants, private-sector loans and credit facilities, and agricultural insurance schemes. To be eligible for these loans and subsidies, the farmer must have a proper business plan and undergo a due diligence process.

There is a government subsidy scheme available for poultry farmers in Odisha. The scheme provides financial assistance of Rs 2,500 per hectare per annum. To be eligible for this subsidy, the farmer must have an annual production capacity of at least 1 million eggs. He also needs to set up a biogas plant and use it for manure management.

Poultry farm problems in Odisha

Poultry farming is ideal for those looking to start a small business. It is a highly profitable venture, with high production rates and comparatively low set-up costs. The key to success in poultry farming is planning and execution. Here are some of the problems that farmers in Odisha face;

  1. Lack of knowledge about poultry farming
  2. Poor quality feed and water
  3. Limited space for raising chickens
  4. Restrictive laws and regulations governing poultry farming

Poultry farming challenges in Odisha

Poultry farming is a profitable venture in Odisha, where fertile soil, ample water supplies, and a temperate climate provide ideal conditions for raising poultry. However, the industry faces several challenges, including a shortage of feedstocks, diseases and parasites, and inadequate infrastructure. 

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Poultry Farm Design

Farmers should adopt modern poultry farming techniques such as efficient breeding and production management to overcome these hurdles. They should also establish good relationships with local poultry dealers to get quality feed and other inputs at reasonable prices. Furthermore, they must make adequate provisions for their birds’ housing, feeding, watering, and veterinary care.

Backyard poultry farming in Odisha

Backyard poultry also plays a significant role in adding sustainability to the livelihood of poor farmers. It constitutes an important livelihood component of rural households in Odisha. Traditional backyard chicken production significantly contributes to the sustainable livelihood of millions of rural people in Odisha. The growing demand for eggs and low investment in the backyard sector provides rural people with more gainful employment opportunities.

Developing the backyard poultry sector can reduce the high infant and mother mortality rate by restoring the nutritional status of the rural population. The indigenous/ native poultry birds exhibit superior adaptability in their habitat and can survive, produce and reproduce on a low plane of nutrition and sub-optimal management. The inputs required are very small as they scavenge their feed requirements and are raised with little veterinary care. 

The set-up cost for starting a backyard poultry farm in Odisha generally ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. Feed and water are the main costs of running a backyard poultry farm in Odisha. You will need to buy enough bird feed to keep your birds fed throughout the year and ensure they have access to clean water. Overall, profit margins for raising chickens in Odisha are high; on average, chicken farmers make around Rs 20,000 per hectare annually. 

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Poultry Feeding Setup


Raising poultry is a profitable business in Odisha. The main reasons for this are the high demand for poultry products in the domestic and international markets and the fact that poultry farming is a low-cost enterprise. To successfully start a poultry farm in Odisha, it is important to have a well-developed business plan. It is a lucrative business with high-profit potential, and Odisha is a good place to start poultry farming because of its ample supply of fertile land and water resources.



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