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Jakhrana Goat Breed:

Jakhrana Goat - Male
Jakhrana Goat – Male

Introduction of Jakhrana Goat Breed:- Basically, this goat breed is very similar to Beetal goat breed, the major difference is that Jakhrana is longer in size & predominantly black in colour with white spots on muzzle and ears. This goat breed is widely spread in Rajasthan and Haryana states.

Jakhrana Goat Breed Performance:-

  • Milk in Jakhrana Goat Breed: This breed is mainly grown for milk and meat production. In these goat breeds,an average daily milk yield varies from 2 to 3.5 kg for a lactation period 6 months to 7 months.
  • Kidding in Jakhrana Goat Breed : These goats are prolific and usually,they give a birth to single.However, in 40% cases twinning can be expected. Some times,triplets also possible in these breeds..
  • Skin : Jakhrana goat skins are popular in the tanning industry.

Jakhrana Goat Breed Features:- The following chart shows the average weight of male and female goats.

Size (Avg)                 Male    Female
Body weight (kg)        55            45
Body length (cm)        84            76
Chest girth (cm)          86            79

Jakhrana Goat Breed Production Performance:- The following chart shows the average weight performance of this goat breed at different stages of it’s life cycle.

  • The average body weight @ birth time : 2.5 kg.
  • The average body weight @ 3 months : 12 to 13 kg.
  • The average body weight @ 6 months : 16 to 17 kg.
  • The average body weight @ 12 months : 26 to 28 kg.
  • The average milk yield of 154 kg produced during the lactation period of 145 days in semi intensive system.
  • The average milk yield of 120 kg produced during the lactation period of 120 days in extensive system of management.

    Jakhrana Goat - Female
    Jakhrana Goat – Female

First kidding age of Jakhrana Goat Breed is 565 days.
Kidding Interval in Jakhrana Goat Breed is 290 days.
Significantly higher performance of this goat with respect to body weight of kids, milk yield, kidding interval and prolificacy was observed for does reared under semi-intensive system.

Jakhrana Goat Price:- Generally, price of the goat depends on the weight, gender and local market demand. If you are planning for a large scale commercial goat farming, there is a possibility that you may get at cheaper price in the local market. If they sell on live weight basis,it may cost you about 200 to 250 Rs/kg in case of male goat where as female goat cost you little less.

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