Know How Krish-e Platform is Helping Farmers Earn More by Decreasing Cultivation Cost

Krish-e is a living body of partnerships of expertise and excellence that brings together farmers to meet every need, using every opportunity to advance agriculture. Krish-e begins the era of creating millions of champion farmers to transform.

Krish-e Farming App
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  • Indian agriculture through its expert agricultural consultancy services, Krish-e aims to propel millions of farmers to get the best out of their fields. 
  • Offers farmers a variety of technology-based services tailored to crop and crop cycle stages. 
  • Utilizes the power of agricultural knowledge, mechanization, and digitization to increase farmers’ income per acre of land. 
  • Krish-e is a vertical business that provides technology-based services that are progressive, affordable, and accessible to farmers. 
  • Krish-e aims to increase farmers’ incomes through digitally-enabled services throughout the harvest season. These include agronomy advisory, access to modern farm equipment rentals, and new-age accurate farming solutions, all focused on reducing aggregate farming costs and improving crop yields and consequently farmer income. 

About Krish-e platform

Launched in 2020, Krish-e is a new business vertical from Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and it is a new business that provides technology-based services that are progressive, affordable, and accessible to farmers. It enables farmers to maximize the potential of their farms by implementing modern farming methods and providing the best digital farming services.

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Yielld Inspection
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The Krish-e ecosystem includes everything from local ground support through dealers, rental entrepreneurs, and farmer ambassadors from tech startups and input companies around the world. Through its e-agriculture services, Krish-e has the power to transform every farm with science and technology, increasing productivity and farmers’ income. It is also known as ‘Krish-e Ka Digital Savera’.

Krish e is already making a difference in farming outcomes through its services that combine agriculture, mechanization, and digitization. Through Krish-e, we have already affected more than 1 lakh farmers, whose solutions have been developed to impact the cost of cultivation, crop health, and productivity. 

Krish-e currently has about 1,000 demo plots, where we work with farmers to make a significant impact through a combination of agricultural information and innovative mechanization solutions. Through Krish-e, we are working to build a nation of champion farmers. Now the farmers of India will see a new dawn of their development and prosperity. Because now you have the solution to every problem related to the crop. Introduced by Mahindra Rise “Krish-e-Nidan”, it is now easy to know the disease and treatment of any crop through this app.

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Farming Technology
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Krish-e personalized crop calendar for all your farm needs 

Crop Calendar personalized for each farm based on your farm location, crop, season, farm size, planting material, sowing history and other parameters occurs that is unique to the farm and crop. The crop calendar gives you the exact date of implementation of each activity. It also provides the right dose of essential fertilizers, chemicals, and input products. This personalized advisory is designed to increase your crop yield. 

Personal advisory services

  • Land preparation
  • Seed treatment 
  • Crop sowing 
  • Crop planning
  • Fertilizer management 
  • Pest and disease management
  • Irrigation 
  • Weed treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of crop problems 
  • Harvest

Services under the premium category

Along with free consulting services, this agricultural app also offers premium services at nominal prices. Some of the services offered under the premium category are;

  • Crop nutrition management based on soil test data 
  • The farm is geo-tagged which gives you current weather conditions. 
  • Automatic update for activity history based on changing weather forecast, soil test data, weather, climatic conditions, and many other data points.
  • Pest and disease warnings are provided 10 days in advance. 
  • Free sessions with an in-house team of experts for quick solutions to queries 

Mahindra’s farm equipment sector has started Krish-e centers in Maharashtra

Krish-e is a business vertical that will provide technology-based services that are progressive, affordable, and accessible to farmers and aims to provide digitally enabled services throughout the crop cycle to increase the income of farmers. The company opened its first Krish-e centers at Aurangabad and Baramati, and later at six other locations in Jalna, Wardha, Nanded, Pune, Daund, and Solapur in Maharashtra. It said that Krish-e centers would soon be phased out in other states. 

Although investment in agriculture and technological innovation has improved the level of production in India, there is great potential for further improvement in productivity and farm income. Through Krish-e, the company has already affected more than 100,000 farmers. Krish-e currently has about 1,000 demo plots, where work closely with farmers to provide agricultural information. And a combination of innovative mechanization solutions to make a significant impact. 

Services provided by Krish-e

Krish-e Farm advisory services

Krish-e’s expert agricultural consultants combine a farmer’s experience with our expertise to make things better and provide stronger results. Krish-e advisory service helps farmers to increase yield and income per acre and reduce cultivation costs. Helps to find productive opportunities from planning to harvesting Rain offers agricultural consulting services and helps farmers use equipment and new technology on their farms. 

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Farm advisory
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The Krish-e advisory team of agronomists and ambassadors provides farmers with easy access to skills and experience;

  • The agronomists offer scientific knowledge, and ambassadors offer experience on the farm. And with your experience, their Farm Advisory services can help you achieve strong results in your field. 
  • Krush-e’s digital solutions are also provided through apps and Krush-e Shayak 24 x 7 Margdarshan, providing farmers with easy access to our agricultural consulting services, expertise, and solutions. 

Krish-e digital services

Increase your yield with the capabilities offered by Krish-e Personalized solutions;

  • Personalized crop calendar for all farm needs
  • Our Scientific advisory; free from farmers
  • Premium advisory services for faster resolutions 
  • Community learning with experts 
  • A personalized digital diary that works like a farm calculator to manage all your expenses in one place. 
  • App and consulting services are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

Krish-e app 

Krish-e of Mahindra & Mahindra Group is a popular agriculture app that provides personalized crop calendars for your farm. This farm app takes advantage of a combination of technology and farming skills that improves crop yields for each farmer. The Krish-e app provides you with premium agricultural consulting services for a variety of crops and increases your crop yields.

These agricultural advisory services provide you with a scientific and personalized crop calendar for each farm. Krish-e is a best-in-class farming app that provides the ultimate crop planning i.e., from land preparation, seed treatment, nutrition to harvesting. Available in 8 popular Indian languages, this form app is the preferred technology solution to increase your farm productivity.

Krish-e Nidaan app 

Krish-e aims to empower Indian farmers to address the challenges of pest identification and crop failure due to crop diseases through digital agriculture solutions. Krish-e-Nidaan is a useful tool powered by our proprietary algorithm and digital platform that can help farmers diagnose plant diseases and find quick solutions by collecting images.

Would you like to know what pests and diseases are affecting the crop? What nutrients does your crop suffer from? Get instant solutions to all of these problems from our Digital Farming Advisory just by uploading a picture of your crop. Krish-e Nidaan is the best health partner for your crops and provides you with accurate solutions. Increase the productivity of your crop by timely identification of pests and diseases. 

How to use Krish-e Nidaan

After downloading and installing the Krish-e-Nidaan app, Krishi / farmer has to take the following steps;

  1. Select the crop from the available list. 
  2. Click on the cropped image and upload it. Be sure to upload a clear picture of the affected area of ​​the crop. 

You will get an instant assessment of all crop problems and solutions based on uploaded crop images. Krish-e Nidaan app support for more than 20 major crops. It provides the right diagnosis and solution for different crops;

  1. Banana
  2. Brinjal
  3. Chilli
  4. Cotton
  5. Ginger
  6. Wheat
  7. Grapes
  8. Groundnut
  9. Maize
  10. Mustard
  11. Onion
  12. Okra
  13. Rice
  14. Papaya
  15. Pomegranate
  16. Potato
  17. Red gram
  18. Soyabean
  19. Sugarcane
  20. Tomato

The Krish-e app provides scientific, field-certified, and personalized crop advice in an easy-to-follow format for farmers, and offers;

  • Sugarcane, Potato in 8 different Indian languages, expert advice on Soybeans, Peppers, and Rice. 
  • Complete advisory through various activity modules such as ‘Crop Calendar’, ‘Fertilizer Calculator’, and Spray Calculator. 
  • A digital diary, called a ‘Digital Khata’, records all types of finances.
  • Features of ‘Len-Den Diary’ to help farmers keep an eye on their finances.
  • An in-app helpline for farmers that helps them connect to Krish-e Sahayaks and solve their queries. 
  • Farm machinery that farmers can rent on Sahayaks toll-free number that meets the requirements of any mechanization. 

Krish-e Rental Services 

Krish-e will lease farm equipment to further your farm’s productivity. Thanks to technology and digital development, tractors and farming implements have become more modern in the last few years. Now, if your tractor is outdated, or you don’t have many tools, you can easily rent agricultural equipment from us. By providing farm equipment for rent we will help you prepare your land, protect your crops and harvest more efficiently and effectively. 

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Tractor Rentals
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Krish-e rental partner app

The Krish-e Rental Partner app is a unique opportunity for farmers to become rental entrepreneurs. Our digital farming solutions provide access to Krish-e smart kits and high-tech farm machinery to prepare the ground for harvesting. This rental model is a digital agricultural solution that gives them a way to grow their network, increase their revenue and track and manage orders without interruption. Farmers can get the machinery by visiting Krish-e Sahayaks or by visiting Krish-e centers. We offer a wide selection of 15+ tractor brands and farm machinery available for rent. We empower farming businesses through this digital agriculture service, who own farm equipment to increase their use and income as rental entrepreneurs in the new digital era. 

Krish-e smart kit

Krish-e offers you the best way to track and manage our rental farm equipment. Now you can save and earn more with Krish-e Smart Kit. Prevent fuel theft and unauthorized use of your tractor – the Krish-e Smart Kit app helps you track your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. You can also check the diesel usage of your tractor and keep track of all related expenses and income.

Krish-e precision farming

Krish-e Precision Farming Solutions uses a variety of sensors and cameras on farms, drones, satellites, and on-farm equipment to collect soil, crop, and machine data. AI algorithms transform this data into user-friendly and insightful field maps, enabling farmers and agronomists to run variable rate farming operations using intelligent machines. Such operations are already helping Potato, Grape, and Sugarcane growers reduce their growing costs and improve their yields. It is a real technology that works for real agricultural challenges, providing real impact. 

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Agriculture Done
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Controlling grape pests to reduce pesticide use – Grape cultivation in India faces challenges such as diseases/pests, increased use of pesticides, and identification of infection in grapevines during the harvest season. Therefore, there are challenges such as the lack of expert agronomists. Spotting and geo-locating diseases, thus the infection can be controlled quickly and accurately. 

Soil mapping to improve fertilizer use – Not all acres on your farm have the same soil quality or uniform fertilizer capacity. As part of our soil fertility management, we use our scientific maps and show you the best levels of fertilizer for different parts of your farm. 

Drone pesticide spraying for the right targeting – The next generation of accurate agriculture supports the use of drone pesticide sprays to ensure effective application and maximum coverage. We also use drones for fertilizer spraying for the proper management of soil fertility. 

Best sugarcane harvesting – Is your sugarcane at its peak and ready for harvest? Our technologies will tell you when sugarcane is at its peak and ready to be harvested so that you can get maximum yield from it. It will help you in scheduling harvest arrangements well in advance. 

Reference #1 

  • Ramesh Bhai Gordhanbhai Chovatiya
  • Village – Mota Thavariya
  • District – Jamnagar

Using traditional methods and irrigation methods, he did not have much control over the input quantity of chemical fertilizers which in turn increased his cost of cultivation. In addition, cotton output was lower than his expectations due to a lack of rain and water resources. By providing clear information on the cultivation of the cotton crop, various uses of chemical and water-soluble fertilizers, and periodic field visits by the Krish-e team, now he is happy with his cotton cultivation and returns on investment.

Reference #2

Meet Hemant Verma. He is a progressive farmer from Hatoda village in Madhya Pradesh. With the help and guidance of the Krish-e team, it has adopted Krish-e farming methods such as land preparation and harvesting. As a result of using these methods, his crops have grown well and he is expecting higher yields than last year. 

Reference #3

Dara Pratap Singh Raghubanshi – He is from Madhya Pradesh is a reformative farmer who has adopted mechanization methods with the help of the Krish-e team. The use of pneumatic planters has resulted in improved sowing depth and the exact distance between seed to seed and row to row. The result is a reduction in the cost of uniform germination and production of hybrid corn seeds. 

Release of Krish-e mobile app by Manoj Bajpayee

For the Launch of the Krish-e Suite of Mobile Apps, Mahindra appoints Manoj Bajpayee as Brand New Ambassador. Mahindra’s New Farming as a Service (FaaS) Business – Attention has been paid to the unique benefits of the Krish-e app, including Manoj Bajpayee who is the app’s brand ambassador.

DVC highlights the challenges that a farmer faces while planning and carrying out his farming activities and using audio to bring expert advice and best farming practices in different crops and regions in different languages using audio and video content. It focuses on telling farmers about the unique benefits of the Krish-e-app. Video content. Through the new DVC, Krish-e will highlight the challenges a farmer faces while planning and performing his farming tasks and how the new Krish-e apps help farmers by bringing expert advisory and best farming practices. 


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