Lemon Cultivation income (Nimbu/Citrus); Project Report

Lemon Cultivation – Income; Cost; Profit – A Project Report

Well readers the following topic is about lemon cultivation income and cultivation cost and yeidld of 1 acre lime plantation. Lemon is the most important fruit crop after Banana and Mango. It ranks 6 in the production of Lemon in the world. Lemon adds its importance to the food or juice because of its flavor and taste along with medicinal and nutritious values. Lemons are a rich source of minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. They contain folate, potassium, molybdenum, flavonoids and compounds, which is recommended by many dieticians for daily intake, whichboosts immune system.

Lemons have the capacity to grow in all types of soils. It grows well at soils with a pH range of 5.5-7.0. light loam and well drained are the most suitable for lemon cultivation. Lemons are the productive crops, where they start producing the fruits from 4th year and will sustain a productive life of 15-20 years. It prefers a temperature range of 20oC to 25oC. So, are you ready to grow lemons? let us get into the detailed report of lemon cultivation income and economics.

Lime Farming Project Report, Profits.
Economics of Lime Plantaion.

List of Lemon varieties: 

The following are the popular varieties of lemons-

  • Eureka,
  • Punjab Galgal,
  • PAU Baramasi,
  • PAU Baramasi-1,
  • PAU Baramasi-1,
  • Rasraj,
  • Punjab Baramasi,
  • Lisbon lemon,
  • Lucknow seedless,
  • Pant Lemon,
  • Assam Lemon,
  • Italian Lemon,
  • Eureka lemon,
  • Malta lemon.
  • Other hybrid lemon varieties

Cost of 1 acre Lemon Farming in India

Land preparation:

Land should be ploughed thoroughly, cross ploughed and leveled properly. The best season of planting is done from June to August. The seeds should be sown with a normal spacing of 4.5 m X 4.5 m in light soils, where as infertile and rainfall areas spacing should be 5mX5m. Pits of size 60x60x60cm should be dug to plant the seedlings and need to add 10Kg of FYM and 500g of single superphosphate should be applied to pits before planting the seeds. A minimum of 208-250 plant density should be maintained in 1 acre.

Fertilizer requirements:

Based on the age of the crop the fertilizer requirement varies which is listed in the tabular form-

Age of plants(Year)Well decomposed cow dung  (kg/tree)Urea (gm/tree)
First to three year20-May100-300
Seven to Nine25-50400-500
Four to Six60-90600-800
Ten and above100800-1600


Nutrients requirement:

Age of plants (Year)Well decomposed cow dung  (kg/tree)Nitrogen (gm/tree)
First to three year20-May50-150
Seven to Nine25-50200-250
Four to Six60-90300-400
Ten and above100400-800

Apply the whole amount of well decomposed cow dung during the months of December; whereas urea must be applied in two parts one in February and the other in April/May month. If fruit drops are observed in excessive spray 2,4-D @ 10gm in 500 lit of water. Do this in March end and the next one in April end.


            Lemon requires irrigationat regular levels, during winters minimum irrigation must be provided as over irrigation may lead to diseases like Root rot and collar rot. Irrigation must be provided at high frequency levels, which is beneficiary to the crops.

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To allow the growth of the strong trunk,shoots of about 45-50 cm from the ground level should beremoved.The central part should have remained openly for the branches to grow and gets distributed on all sides. All the diseased/ dried parts/ deadwood/ drooping branches should be removed periodically and has to be figured out well.

Pests and Disease management in Lime cultivation:

The pests can be controlled by following the tabular form:

Diseases in LemonMeasures to be taken
Leaf minerquinalphos 1.25 ml or fenvalerate 0.5 ml or monocrotophos 1.0

ml/litre of water at weekly intervals

Citrus black fly and whiteflyacephate 1.25 g or quinalphos 1.5 ml or imidacloprid 0.5 ml/ litre of water.
Citrus psyllaquinalphos 1.0 ml or acephate 1.0 g or monocrotophos 0.5


Citrus thripsSpraying of parathion (0.03%) emulsion, dimethoate 150 ml and 250 ml kerosene oil in 100 litre of water or malathion @ 0.1 % or carbaryl @ 0.05% plus oil 1 %.
Trunk borerapplication of Bordeaux paste or copper oxifluoride paste or ridomil + carbendazim
Bark eating caterpillarapplication of Bordeaux paste or copper oxifluoride paste or ridomil + carbendazim
Phytophthora Gummosisapplication of Bordeaux paste or copper oxifluoride paste or ridomil + carbendazim
Citrus greeningledermycin 600 ppm with ZnSO4 and FeSO4
Aphids & Mealy BugsSynthetic pyritheriods or pest oil
Citrus canker100 ppm streptomycin sulphate/1 % Bordeaux mixture or copper fungicide
Citrus cankerwettablesulphur @ 2 g/litre, copper oxychloride @ 3 g/litre of water in April and October.
Anthracnosecarbendazim @ 1 g/litre or

copper oxychloride – 3 g/litre


Harvesting in 1 acre lemon farming:

Lemons take 150-160 days for maturity and the fruits also start at the age of 5years, but you can find 3 to 4 crops in a year.

Yield from 1 acre lemon cultivation:

                         It starts from the fifth year with 55-70 fruits per tree and gets stabilized in 8th year with an average production of 1000-1500 fruits per tree.The economic lifetime of lemon is 15-20years.

Post-harvest Management in lemon farming in India:

Lemons can be stored for 6-8 weeks at 10-11oC, waxing treatment may extend the shelf life. Limes start pitting if they are stored at below 7oC.


Lemons remain fresh under ambient temperatures hence can be transported to distant places for marketing.

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Project Cost and Calculation of Profit and Loss: 

Land preparation250000002500
Digging and filling up of pits400000004000
Plant material906000009060
Planting and staking200000002000
Cost of FYM7200360048006000960031200
Cost of fertilizers1030209030204750492015810
Manures & fertilizers application2000300030003000400015000
Plant protection measures1750175017503500350012250
Appl. of plant protection40012001200160016006000


Income after 5th year 

Income (Rs.)Year
Yield (kg/plant)1030607080808080
Yield (kg/acre) 11003300550066007700880088008800
Income 88000 264000440000528000616000704000704000704000


Expenditure from 5th year 

Items Year
 Cost of FYM 400040004000400040004000 40004000
Cost of fertilizers 5463 5463546354635463546354635463
Manures & fertilizers application 400040004000400040004000 40004000
Plant protection measures35003500350035003500350035003500
Appl. of plant protection 16001600160016001600160016001600


Total cost till 1-12yrs = Rs. 3,55,324 

Total income from 5 to 12 yrs = Rs. 47,52,000

 Profit = 4752000-355324 = Rs. 43,96,676 

Summary in 1 acre lemon farming project report

                         Therefore, the total expenditure for the farmer for 1 acre lemon farming is Rs. 3.5 lakhs for 12 years approximately. Whereas, the income returns is Rs. 47,52,000 approximately in 12 years. It means the 1 acre lemon farmer can earn Rs. 4.5 lakh annually. that’s all gardeners about income from 1 acre lemon cultivation.

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