Nutmeg Cultivation Project Report; Cost; Profit; Yield

Nutmeg Cultivation Project Report and Nutmeg Yield per acre

Today, we discuss the nutmeg cultivation project report which can include the cost of cultivation of nutmeg, the profit of nutmeg farming, and yield of nutmegs per acre. Based on the nutmeg cultivation income, you can decide to go with it or not.

Nutmeg cultivation in India: Nutmeg cultivation in India is a hugely profitable business for the nutmeg farmers. Nutmeg is the spice and plantation crop that is grown for the seed purpose. The economical part of the plantation crop is the seed i.e. nutmeg. It is a perennial crop were the nutmeg farmer get the income returns subsequently in every year up to 25 to 30 years. Nutmeg is native to Indonesia. As the Indian climatic environmental conditions also o suits for its cultivation, the farmers can go for its cultivation. It requires annual rainfall up to 1500 mm and the plants can be grown up to an altitude of 1300 m above the MSL (Mean Sea level). Clay loamy, red loam to red laterite soils is good for its cultivation. The south Indian environment conditions are best suitable for its cultivation. However, dry and waterlogged soils are not at all suitable for its cultivation. In India, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the popular and leading nutmeg growing states.

Nutmeg Plant.
Growing Nutmegs.

In the last post, we have already given information regarding the guide to starting nutmeg cultivation or nutmeg farming. It includes all the information from nutmeg varieties to post-harvest management of the nutmegs. In this post, we will let you know all the information regarding the cost of nutmeg cultivation, income returns, and net profits in 1-acre nutmeg cultivation.

Cost of nutmeg seeds or seedlings:

The nutmeg farmer has to purchase the seedlings from a commercial nutmeg nursery or any plantation crop nursery or else the farmer can also develop the seedlings which are time-consuming as well as skilled work. However, it is better to purchase the nutmeg seedlings of 15 to 18 months old. The cost of nutmeg seedlings is Rs. 200 per plant and sown at a distance of 8 meters X 8 meters spacing where 1 acre can accommodate around 430 to 450 seedlings. The cost of 450 nutmeg seedlings is Rs 90000.

Cost of pit preparation:

The farmer must prepare 450 pits having a size of 60 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm where it incurs around Rs. 25,000 for the mechanical pit drilling tool for the plantation crops.

Cost of labor:

as nutmeg farming is perennial crop cultivation, we require a permanent single skilled labor where we can up to Rs. 5000 per month, therefore one year, it is Rs. 60000 for single permanent skilled labor. However, we require two laborers for every 15 days in order to carry out all the intercultural operations in the one-acre nutmeg farm. It cost around Rs. 12,000 annually. Therefore, the total labor cost in 1-acre nutmeg farming for one year is Rs. 72,000.

Cost of pesticides:

As nutmeg is a forest plantation crop, it is also prone to various insect pests and diseases. However, we have to apply the pesticides at necessary intervals. It costs up to Rs. 15000 for 1 year for the pesticides.

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Fertilizers cost in 1-acre nutmeg farming:

The nutmeg farmer has to apply the FYM as well as the forest soil which is rich in the minerals and nutrients that is required for the forest plants and trees. In addition, we have to apply the chemical fertilizers which costs around Rs. 10000 per year.

Miscellaneous costs in 1-acre nutmeg cultivation:

As nutmeg is a perennial and plantation crop cultivation, it incurs a lot of miscellaneous activities like weeding, soil preparation, proper water management, and other plantation crop management practices. The miscellaneous activities may cost up to Rs. 27,000 per year and vary depends on the various farm activities and rental charges of other farm machinery to carry out the farming activities.

Cost of harvesting and post-harvest management:

The nutmegs are collected or picked in the month of June or august every year. Further, they are dried and the nutmeg seeds are collected and packed. It costs around Rs. 15,000 for harvesting and package of practices for the 1-acre yield of nutmegs. Marketing cost if however not incurred as it is the concern of the nutmeg broker or the nutmeg exporter. In many cases, the nutmeg mediators are selling the produce in the domestic markets or sometimes exporting to other countries based on the quality of the nutmeg produce.

The total cost of 1-acre nutmeg farming

Cost of nutmeg seeds or seedlings: Rs. 90,000

Cost of pit preparation: Rs. 25,000

Cost of labor: Rs. 72,000

Cost of pesticides in 1-acre nutmeg cultivation: Rs. 15,000

Fertilizers cost in 1-acre nutmeg farming: Rs. 10,000

Cost of harvesting and post-harvest management: Rs. 15,000

Miscellaneous costs in 1-acre nutmeg farming: Rs. 23,000

Total cost: Rs. 2,50,000

Therefore, the total cost of 1-acre nutmeg farming in India is Rs. 2.5 lakh for the first year approximately and varies from region to region.

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Income/returns in 1 acre nutmeg cultivation

Nutmeg Income per Acre.
Nutmeg Farming Profit.

The nutmeg farmer can get a yield of 5 kg per tree. For 400 trees it is 2,000 kg or 20 quintals/acre. The selling price of 1 quintal dried Nutmeg is Rs. 50,000. The final selling price of 20quintalsnutmeg is Rs. 10,00,000.

Net profits in 1-acre nutmeg cultivation:

Net profits are the difference in income returns and the total cost of 1-acre nutmeg farming. Therefore, it is Rs. 10,00,000 – Rs. 2,50,000 = Rs. 7,50,000.

Therefore, on average, the nutmeg farmer can earn a profit of Rs. 7.5 lakh from 1-acre nutmeg farming. However, it is not easy to earn such huge amounts of profits unless you take proper care and sufficient management practices in the 1-acre nutmeg farm. In addition, the profits also depend on the marketability of the nutmeg farmer. There are various sores to sell the nutmeg seed produce like domestic and international markets.

Conclusion of nutmeg farming:

This is all about 1-acre nutmeg cultivation. Comment below if you have any queries regarding 1-acre nutmeg cultivation project report in India.

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  1. It has not been mentioned, harvesting of nutmeg will started how many months/ years of planting.

    Further, crop management from the time of planting to till harvesting and expenditure incurred for that purpose to be included.

  2. You have written 400 plant per acre, I have seen & observed at least 25 feet gap between plants are mandatory. So What is the exact Spacing between plants? Please reply.
    Best Regards

    • 400 Plants per acre is with 15 feet distance. It all depends on the high-density plantation or regular plantation. If you see 25 feet, then it would be around 200 to 225 plants per acre.

  3. Let me know after sown when it will come flowering stage? Is it suitable for Andhra.. Nellore with irrigation? where can we get plants? Contacts plz.

  4. Among Cardamom,coffe,nutmeg, etc which has least labor cost? The plot is far away from my home.I can visit the farm only once in a month so please suggests me suitable crop.

  5. Amazing ideas on farming. A hearty request to all please utilise the free solar energy as much as you can.

  6. After plantation, nutmeg starts yielding from 5 or 6 years. is it true? if yes, the cost incurred for the same years need to be included the calculation.

  7. Dear Mr.Reddy, Pls let me know where to get good quality saplings? and how much does it costs? by how many years we can expect the yield/fruit? pls advice


  8. Since nutmeg harvesting is done in Month of June to August. both these months are of Rainy season. so is it going to have any impact on nutmeg during rainy season while harvesting?
    Drying of harvested nutmeg may also be the problem.
    is it ideal to go for nutmeg cultivation in Goa state? please reply


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