Ongole Cattle Features and, Characteristics

Introduction To Ongole Cattle:

Today, let us discuss about Ongole Cattle Features and, Characteristics.

The Ongole breed cattle whose origin is Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh is a breed which is bred in many countries across the world. When coming to Ongole breed cattle, the Bulls are the ones which are well-known. These are popular for their physical appearance. These bulls will be raised for the production of milk and also for the field works.

Ongole breed cattle played a  major role in producing other major cattle breeds. Brahmana Bull which is a well-known cattle breed in America is an off-breed of the Ongole breed cattle.

Ongole breed cattle are exported to countries like Mexico, Brazil, United States of America, Jamaica, Malaysia, Paraguay, West Indies, Indonesia, Mauritius, and Philippines.

Physical Features of Ongole Cattle:

Ongole Cattle Features.
Ongole Cattle Features.
  • Ongole bulls are of a large size with their neck being short and bodies long.
  • Ongole cows are basically white in colour
  • The thickness of the skin of Ongole breed ccattle will be medium and it has black mottled markings on it.
  • These cattle have white eyelashes and also white switch of the tail.
  • The forehead of the Ongole breed is broad.
  • These cattle have a well-built shoulder hump.
  • The ears of Ongole breed cattle are long.
  • The horns of the Ongole cow are short and stumpy. But those are thick and firm at the base.

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Special Characteristics of Ongole Cattle:

  • The weight of one Ongole bull is 460 kgs approximately. The milk, which it yields will be up to 2700 kgs. It has a lactation period of 280 days.
  • The milk of Ongole breed cattle is considered to have 4-5% of butterfat content in it which in turn leads to well-nourished calves.
  • In the extreme levels of scarcity, the Ongole breed cattle can reverse down the metabolism to avoid hunger.
  • It can tolerate the higher amounts of heat.
  • It can also utilize crude protein to the fullest.
  • This breed spends more time in grazing. They only take rest for only 4% of their grazing time.

Disease Resistance in Ongole Breed Cattle:

  • Ongole breed is well known for its immunity.
  • It is very much resistant to eye cancer.
  • This breed is mostly known to be resistant to mad cow disease which is frequently seen in other breeds of cattle.

Feeding of Ongole Breed Cattle:

  • The Ongole breed cattle can be fed with grain, crops or residues of crops like sorghum, Zea mays, crotalaria, Macrotyloma, and fodder trees like acacia, Azadirachta and fiscus are also used to shade trees.
  • The fodder grasses that were grown naturally on river banks, grazing lands and common grazing lands include Andropogon, grass species has maintained this breed for centuries.

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