Pearl Farming Training (Moti) Centers, Institutes In India

Pearl Farming Training Institutes in India

Today, we are discussing pearl farming training centers/Moti training institutes/fresh pearl cultivation training in India.


Pearl farming is a very profitable business venture in which you can have a high value of the final product. Even though black pearls may vary greatly in cost, depending on the size and quality, large, round pearls of high quality can sell for very high prices. For example, farm prices show that an 8-mm (0.3 in) black pearl rated “good” sells for around $40 while a 12 mm (0.48 in) pearl of the same quality sells for up to $120. And then, the price of pearls have fallen significantly, especially for smaller, lower-quality pearls. The price of large and high-quality pearls has not reduced rapidly. One of the main advantages of pearl production is the lightweight and nonperishable final product. Pearl oysters are most commonly found in remote tropical atolls where commercial exploitation of marine resources such as fish is difficult due to the lack of refrigeration and shipping facilities.

Pearls farming don’t need refrigeration and very simple processing. Pearl farming is the best business occupation for people who like working on the water and have boating, diving and fishing skills. Except for the grafting process, pearl farming is a simple form of aquaculture business, because pearl oysters do not require artificial feeds, complicated farm structures or constant attention. With proper management practices, pearl farming will not harm the environment and can increase the wild pearl oyster population over a period of years. Comparing the above liabilities,  pearl culture may be the best opportunity for business development in many isolated island areas.

Pearl Oyster.
Pearl Oyster.

Market Potential for Pearl:

  • The global market for cultured pearls is projected to reach US$10.7 billion by 2020, driven by rising affluent middle-class population and demand for pearl jewelry.
  • More than 90% of pearls traded today are cultured pearls.
  • Asia-Pacific is the largest as well as the fastest growing market for pearls growing at a CAGR of 6.5% with China and Australia being the largest players.
  • India is one of the major importers of pearls importing pearls worth US$4 million every year to meet the growing domestic market demand.
  • India has great potential for pearl culture, as it is bestowed with a long coast-line and of the marine zone along south India and Andaman and Nicobar islands. The seas around the Indian mainland are rich in Pinctada fucata in Gulf of Mannar, Mandapam, Tuticorin, Trivandrum, etc. While the sea of Andaman and Nicobar Islands has abundant P. margaritifera, several sites at these islands have been identified as prospective pearl oyster beds.

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Three cautions

Pearls are a high-value product, but many pearl farmers have failed in their attempts to make a living by pearl farming. For considering pearl farming as an investment opportunity or as a small business, there are three key features to consider:

  • For a successful pearl farming unit, it is recommended for the farmers to take up Peral Culture Training Program, many centers both by private and government institutes are offering training in pearl farming.
  • A profitable pearl farming needs a long-term investment of time, money and hard work. Pearl farming is a very simple business to earn, the main reason for the failure of new farms, can the farmer, who is not prepared to invest enough time and money to produce high-quality pearls. For the first pearl harvest, you need 2-3 years and most pearl farmers will not begin to realize a profit until the second or third harvest. As a pearl farmer, you need to have enough money, time and patience to care for the farm during this time.
  • To produce high-quality pearls, you need to have a profitable farm. When compared, 5%-10% of pearls each crop will produce high gem quality. From these high-quality pearls are produced by proper maintenance of oyster cells, you can earn 90% of the farm profits will come. Pearls of average quality will recover the farming expenses, while the lowest quality pearls will bring such low prices that money will be lost in their production. High-quality pearls are by taking good care of the pearl oysters during all stages of farming and is also dependent on the skill of the grafting technician.
  • Production of high-quality pearls needs some suitable conditions. Before you start a farm, evaluate whether you meet the following criteria:
  • You need a reliable source of pearl oysters.
  • You just need a suitable farm.
  • You must need enough funds to start and operate a farm
  • The assistance of the grafting technicians
  • Good marketing skills.

If you cannot meet these requirements, you should consider starting a different type of business rather than risk your money starting a pearl farm that may not be successful.

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Peral Farming Training Centers in India:

Freshwater Pearl Farming Training Institute: is a Pearl Culture Training & Research Center located in Jaipur. Freshwater Pearl Culture Training in India is developed and Introduced by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute and later they started offering Pearl Culture training to candidates under different state Govt. sponsorship program as the mindset behind this was to extend the technical know-how to end-users.

Initially, when they started giving the Freshwater Pearl Farming Training In India it was a long duration course of six-month later the course was replaced with a short-term course of 4-6 weeks. And you can get the train taking a 2 days course anywhere in India

Course Fee: Up to 4000.

Contact Details:

  • FreshwaterPearlsFarming
  • 10/29, Pratap Nagar Housing Board, Sector 1, Near KV 6, Sanganer, Jaipur
  • Pin: 302033
  • Phone: 9672868980

Indian Pearl Farming Training Institute: 

Indian Peral Farming Training Institute is offering training programs for small and medium farmersIt offers a pearl culture training program of duration 10 to 15 days. For details contact below address.

Contact Details:

  • Arniya Mansoorpur, Junction Road, Khurja,
  • District Bulandshahar
  • Khurja, Uttar Pradesh 203131
  • Contact Number: 095408 83888.

Marathwada pearl culture (Moti) and Training center-Aurangabad:

Marathwada culture pearl training institute starting to pearl training, how to breed to pearl etc. Special in originally pearl shop. This institute offers short term training programs in Peral Culture.

Contact Address:

  • Marathwada pearl culture (Moti) and Training Center.
  • Sector C-22.
  • Nathnagar
  • BEHIND BALAJINAGAR and Hanuman temple Balaji Nagar
  • Near old corporation Well
  • Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001
  • India
  • Phone: 099232 37174

Wizard Pearl Farming Center:

Wizard Peral Farming Center offering training Peral Culture, Oyster Maintenance, and Feed management. The training duration is two days, they offer both theoretical and practical study.  For details contact the below address.


  • Contact Person: Ravi Kumar.
  • Phone: 09466916266.
  • Wizardperalfarming@gmaicom.

Swastik Pearls Farming and Training Center:

Swastik Peral Farming Training Institute is giving training programs people who are planning to start pearl farming businessIt offers a pearl culture training program of duration 10 to 15 days. For details contact below address.

Contact Address:

  • Contact Person: Mr. Shivam
  • 9415590092 (Call & Whatsapp)
  • Vill – Mahura, PO – Kamalpur
  • Chandauli
  • UP – 232106
  • Railway Station – Mughalsarai/ Varanasi
  • e-mail –​

Pearl Farming Training Krishi Vigyan Kendra :

Krishi Vigyan Kendras are offering a training program for farmers in pearl production.  For details contact the below address.

  • Kisaan Helpline (A product of Ample eBusiness)
  • Mobile: +91-7415538151.

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