Profitable Small-scale Livestock Farming Ideas, Tips

Introduction to profitable small-scale livestock farming business: Livestock farming or animal husbandry is the process of breeding animals for consumption purposes. Livestock farming is a double-benefiting system that helps the farmers both economically and supplies them with food throughout the year. However, the above benefits do surely rest upon a two-faced criterion and the development must proceed scientifically, and protection and care must be first on the farmer’s list.

A guide to profitable small-scale livestock farming ideas in India

Present-day livestock farming is well planned – animals are provided with food and shelter and bred selectively. As regards shelter, animals are generally kept in enclosures. Pigs and also poultry are reared intensively in indoor environments. However, indoor animal farming has been criticized for multiple reasons – on grounds of pollution and for animal welfare reasons. Outdoor farming of livestock stands for rearing animals in bigger enclosures such as ranches and fenced pastures.

Livestock farming importance

Livestock farming plays an important role in the Indian economy. About 20.5 million people depend upon livestock farms for their livelihood. Livestock contributed about 16% to the income of small farm households as against an average of 14% for all rural households. Livestock farm provides livelihood to two-third of the rural community. It employs about 8.8 % of the population in India. India has vast livestock resources and the livestock sector contributes 4.11% GDP and 25.6% of total Agriculture GDP.

Livestock resources in India

India is

  • World’s highest livestock owner at 535.78 million
  • First in the total buffalo population in the world about 109.85 million buffaloes
  • Second in the population of goats about 148.88 million goats
  • Second largest poultry market in the world
  • The second-largest producer of fish and second-largest aquaculture nation in the world
  • Third in the population of sheep about 74.26 million
  • Fifth in the population of ducks and chicken (851.81 million)
  • Tenth in camel population in the world about 2.5 lakhs

Livestock farming advantages

Better growth – Livestock farming can be difficult to handle. This is all the more in case there are multiple animals at the farm. The farmers who utilize the livestock management software get an added advantage as this system helps in being updated with the latest trends. This further gives a better chance of improved business growth.

Improved pasture management – The Livestock management system aids in viably moving the animals starting with one area then onto the next as keeping a track on their movement. At a given point, you can better access to the data that tells the precise location of the animals. This system is also useful to finalize on essential reproducing choices since it has a breeding detection system. And it attempts to ensure that all animals are brought up in a healthy environment for guaranteeing the best cultivating practices.

Improved management of feed – The software attempts to help the managers maintaining a constant feeding plan while recording the measure of feed that is devoured by the creature on the farm. This is an important component that is critical in the feed conversion ratio. The expense of feed which is being consumed at the farm ends up possible with the help of this element.

Characteristics of livestock business

A well-developed livestock farming business possess the following characteristics

  • A good livestock business must provide livestock and livestock products that the consumers want and are ready to pay for.
  • Retailing services must be available in the market for small consumers.
  • Prices must be fair and uniform for the products for all categories of consumers.
  • There must not be any inefficiency or waste in the market.
  • It should provide a wide variety of products to consumers so they may easily choose for themselves. No harmful products should be offered for sale in the market, precautions must be taken to protect consumers.
  • Information on the presence of products in the market and relative merits should be available to all the prospective consumers.
  • There must not be any sort of pressure on the consumers to buy products from a particular trader or class of traders.

Small-scale livestock farming business ideas

Profitable small-scale livestock cattle farming

Cattle farming is a business that appeals to people who needed vacant land and resources to make it work. Now as long as milk, meat, and leather products, etc are in demand, cattle will remain a profitable business. For those who are interested in this cattle business, you must know that there are several avenues to make money from this business. You can choose to breed bulls or cattle for their beef or go into full-scale dairy farming (milk products). You can make money by selling their dungs to organic fertilizer production companies.

Profitable Cattle Farming.
Profitable Cattle Farming.

Cattle farming or dairy farming business is widely popular throughout the globe. Though, cattle have the most unique and complex lifecycle of any food. Also, it includes a variety of segments. Apart from producing the milk and meat, the cattle give high-value hides for the leather industry. Cattle farming is easy. Though, it demands moderate capital investment and strategic planning.

Profitable small-scale livestock goat farming

Goat farming is no longer a new business and rearing goat is a very lucrative and profitable business because goats have a low mortality rate as they are resistant to diseases, weather, and they are omnivorous.

Goat farming is a profitable business because goat provides milk, meat, and skin. Goat farming is a low-investment and high-profit livestock farming business. Goats don’t need a huge area for housing because their body size is comparatively smaller than other livestock animals. Also, goat farming ensures high and quick ROI depending on the investment amount.

Profitable small-scale livestock duck farming

Duck is a specific kind of poultry birds. If you want to start a low-cost livestock farming business, then you can consider duck farming business. Also, you can raise ducks without any water. Duck farming is a less-expensive business. As the ducks are hardy birds, they need less care and management.

Profitable small-scale livestock sheep farming

Sheep breeding business can be lucrative and a profitable venture more especially if you raise a good number of them. However, for an entrepreneur to succeed in such a venture, patience is necessary as well as understanding the cycles of your business.

Profitable Sheep Farming.
Profitable Sheep Farming.
Profitable small-scale livestock quail farming

Quail is a small poultry bird. The quail farming business is gaining huge popularity these days. And definitely, there are many reasons behind it. The list may contain rapid growth, short generation interval, and prolificacy in egg production. Quail meat has less fat and also fewer calories, forming an ideal food for health-conscious consumers. Quail eggs and meat are renowned for being rich in vitamins, necessary amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and phospholipids. All these are vital for human physical and mental development.

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Profitable Quail Farming.
Profitable Quail Farming.
Profitable small-scale livestock poultry farming

Poultry farming is a viable business anytime and the good thing about poultry is that its demand is rising. There are some aspects of poultry you can venture into such as Chicken farming, Turkey, Guinea fowl, and Quail, etc.

Poultry feed is required to produce poultry, a substantial part of the food industry. Feeds are used as edible materials, which are consumed poultry and contribute energy and nutrients to the poultry diet. Any individual can start a poultry farming business for eggs and meat. Normally, egg-producing hens are layers and meat-producing hens are broilers. It is a profitable livestock business. The business demand for chicken meat is increasing day-by-day. The chicken meats are healthier animal protein than red meat. You can start poultry farming as a small-scale and large-scale basis.

Profitable Small-scale Poultry Farming.
Profitable Small-scale Poultry Farming.
Profitabl pet birds farming

Another important livestock farming business in India you can consider is pet birds farming. In this case, you will be breeding birds for pet purposes and domestic use, not for consumption. Examples of pet birds include Parrot, Doves, Pigeons, and Peafowls (Peacocks and Peahens), etc.

This is another low-cost business you can start as part-time also. You can also start pet birds rearing at home. There are numerous ways to sell birds. Some of the most popular pet birds for farming businesses are pigeons, parrots, African grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Macaw, Conure, and Loris & Lorikeets, etc.

Profitable small-scalee fish farming

Fish farming can be divided into two categories; which are freshwater fish farming and salt. The demand for fish can never be met and thus fish farming a profitable venture.

Fish Farming Ideas.
Fish Farming Ideas.

Fish farming business is a lucrative business for the agropreneurs who have sufficient water bodies. However, you can raise fishes on the tanks. Different types of carp fishes, catfish, prawn, salmon and shrimp are popular globally. In starting a fish farming business, it is very important to conduct a market survey to understand the local demand. Additionally, ornamental fish farming is gaining popularity these days.

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Profitable small scale layer poultry farming

Layer poultry farming business means raising egg-laying poultry birds for commercial egg production. There are different types of highly egg productive layer breeds available throughout the world. They start laying eggs commercially from 18 to 19 weeks of age. Even they remain to lay eggs continuously till their 72 to 78 weeks of age.

Profitable small scale tiger prawn farming

Brackish water tiger prawn farming is a profitable business and it demands moderate investment. Also, you should have water sufficient bodies. However, you will want to have adequate knowledge about the pollution management system.

Profitable small scale snail farming
Snail Farming Tips
Snail Farming Tips.

Another lucrative livestock farming business you can venture into is snail farming business. Snail farming has many kinds of benefits. If people raise them and expect to get possible qualities, care them properly. In recent years snail farming business increasing day by day and turns into a large scale from a small cottage industry because of its real economic value.

Profitable small-scale livestock pig farming

Running a piggery is a profitable venture with less competition. Pig rearing can be paying sufficient attention is given to the selection of good quality stock and the good management of the herd. Where there is a steady and reliable demand for the park in the neighborhood, pig rearing comes as a helpful adjunct and can be a paying subsidiary occupation. Pigs consume more feed per unit body weight than do lambs, chicken, and calves. They are more efficient in converting feed than other species. This will result in faster grain per unit body weight. Pig farming is normally a cottage industry. This is mostly used for meat purposes. The production of the pig is supposed to be about a 5% growth rate. The meat of pigs is normally consumed in bigger hotels. It is exported to foreign countries. Due to the increasing population the demand also certainly increases.

Pig Farming.
Pig Farming.

Pigs are a popular form of the livestock animal. The majority of pigs are mainly used for human food. However, it supplies skin, fat and other materials for use as clothing, ingredients for processed foods, cosmetics and others for medical use. Commercial pig farming in India is one of the profitable livestock farming business. Pigs produce faster than any other animal. And also they have higher feed conversion efficiency. This means they have a great feed to the meat converting ratio.

Small-scale profitable livestock rabbit farming

Rabbit farming on a relatively small scale, involving minimal inputs, makes a substantial contribution to the supply of animal protein for human consumption. Rabbits are already being bred for meat in several countries. Rabbit skin makes a source of potential income to the producer if handled carefully. Rabbit farming business is increasing commercially in many countries. Rabbit production can be raised with the development of rabbit strains, more suited to the environmental conditions and of improved feed formulations based on locally obtainable materials.

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Rabbit farming is both a fun and profitable business. You can raise rabbits for pet and livestock purposes. Rabbits are small-sized animal and they require less space, feed, care, and management. You can simply raise rabbits on your farm, backyard, and terrace and even at home.

Profitbale small-scale pearl farming

At present, the cultured pearl farming industry is getting huge prominence. These cultured pearls make up 100 percent of the pearls sold nowadays. You can produce pearls artificially in a pearl farm business. Pearl farming business is a highly profitable livestock business, though it requires long-term planning.

The production of a cultured pearl is a complex procedure that requires a thriving marine ecosystem, important knowledge, and several years of patience. And you can initiate freshwater pearl culture on a small scale basis. Freshwater pearl farming business is a commercially profitable venture to initiate with small startup capital.

Profitbale small-scale ostrich farming

Ostrich Farming.
Ostrich Farming.

Ostrich meat is the healthiest alternative to our traditional meat and it has lower fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, chicken, and pork. Ostriches allow the farmer to make higher returns on investment. Ostrich eggs, meat, hide or leather and feathers are highly-priced and command high prices on the local and international markets. Ostrich farming business can be operated in the paddock along with sheep, goats, and cattle.


  1. I’ve been into sheep and goat farming for some time but not on full time badis.
    This is because I work in the city some 200 kilometres away from the farm site.
    I’m now planning to go into full time when I retire at end of 2022. Happy to stay in touch with you for the way forward. From Ghana, west Africa


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