Sirohi Goat Breed Profile; Weight; Price; Features

A step by step guide for Sirohi Goat Breed:

Today, we discuss the Sirohi goat breed profile information along with its weight chart, features and characteristics.

Sirohi Goat
Sirohi Goat.

Introduction of Sirohi Breed:

This breed is native to Sirohi district of Rajasthan. This breed is widely distributed in surrounding areas. Ajmer, Jaipur, Tonk, Bhilwara and adjoining areas in Gujarat state are famous for Sirohi farming. Generally, in these areas, Sirohi flock size varies from region to region and ranges from 50 to 200. The Sirohi breed is also raised in Uttar Pradesh on large scale for meat production.

Sirohi Breed Performance:

The Sirohi breed is raised for meat and milk purpose. However, milk production is relatively less in this goat breed. Each Sirohi female goat gives an average of about 0.5 to 0.6 kg of milk per day. The lactation period in Sirohi breed goat is about 4 months. An average of 70 kg of milk yield can be obtained during this lactation period of 120 days.

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Kidding in Sirohi Breed:

Usually, female goat (doe) kids twice a year. In each birth, 40% of singles and 60% of twins can be expected. Rarely this breed gives birth to triplets. In Sirohi breed, the first kidding starts at 19 to 20 months age. The birth weight of the goat kid is about 2 kg.

Sirohi Breed Features:

Sirohi Breed Features.
Sirohi Flock.

These goats are compact to medium-sized animals. Their main coat color is brown with dark or light patches. You may find some of the Sirohi goats completely in white color as well. These goats are covered with short hair and fairly dense. Sirohi breed ears are flat and leaf-like, medium-sized and drooping. Both male goats and female goats have horns in small size, curved backward and upward.

The specialty of Sirohi Breed:

This breed is well suited for stall feeding as well.

Sirohi Goat Price:

Generally, the goat price depends on many factors such as age, weight, health condition, local market demand, season. If you are planning for on large scale, you can negotiate with the price. Usually, you can get live weight @ 150 rupees/kg (female) and Rs. 175 to 200/kg (male). If you are buying for breeding purpose then male goat costs little more.

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Sirohi Breed Weight Chart:

Below given details are for Sirohi body features.

Animal size (avg) Male Female
Bodyweight (kg)  30    32
Body length (cm)  65    66
Chest girth (cm)  71    72


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