Snake Gourd Cultivation Income, Cost, Project Report

Hello gardeners and farmers, we would like to show the cost of cultivation of Snake gourd and Snake gourd cultivation income, yield and project report per 1 acre plantation.            Snake gourd (Trichosanthes anguria) is the most important crop in India that belongs to the cucurbitaceous family. India is the origin of snake gourd. But cultivated all over the world for its curved fruits which, appears like snakes hanging from the support. Snake gourd grows very fast in warm climatic conditions and produces fruits for a long time. Snake gourd occupies pride of place among all vegetables in south India. In snake gourd generally, bower system of training is followed. Like other cucurbits cultivation of snake gourd under pandals is highly profitable.

Snake gourd farming 1 acre Income, Project report, Profits

Snake gourd is an annual, monoecious and herbaceous climber. The immature fruits of snake gourd are boiled and eaten, fruits are slender, long tapering which is long around 30-150cm. Sometimes, tender leaves are also used as a vegetable. Snake gourd fruit improves the appetite and acts as a tonic and stomachic and cures biliousness. The roots and seeds of snake gourd are anthelmintic and are also used in the treatment of diarrhea, bronchitis, and fever. Fruits are long, cylindrical narrow, and pointed towards both ends. The fruits are rich in minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins like A, B, and C. For the cultivation of a one-acre snake gourd farmer requires around 0.8-1.0 kilogram seeds. It may cost around Rs.2,000-2,500. One vine yields around 20-25 fruits in its life cycle. Yield from one-acre snake gourd varies around 200-250 quintals averagely depending upon the variety or hybrid. Consider 200 quintals as minimum average yield.

Cultivation of Snake Gourd from Seed.
Cultivation of Snake Gourd from Seed.

The recent update on the snake gourd market price is Rs.1,100 per quintal. Here in this article we will discuss the cost of cultivation and profits in one acre snake gourd cultivation.

Climate for Snake gourd cultivation:

Warm climatic conditions are congenial for the snake gourd cultivation. It requires a minimum temperature of 18°C during the early days of growth, but 24–27°C is the optimum range of temperature. It tolerates a wide range of soils but prefers well-drained sandy loam soils that are rich with organic matter. The optimum pH is 6.0–6.7, but plants tolerate alkaline pH up to 8.0.  

Snake gourd Varieties 

  • APHU Swetha
  • Co -1
  • Co -2
  • PKM-1
  • Pink banana
  • Kaumdhi
  • Konkan swetha 

Hybrid snake gourd varieties

  • MDU-1

Cost of cultivation for 1 acre Snake gourd cultivation 

Cost of seed material for 1 acre snake gourd farming: For 1 acre cultivation required average seed rate is around 1 kilogram which may cost around Rs.2,500. However, this may increase or decrease slightly depending upon the variety or hybrid we have selected to grow. 

Snake gourd farming land preparation cost: For Snake gourd, cultivation land should be ploughed to a fine tilth before sowing. two to three seeds should be placed per hill. The field should be prepared in such a way that it should be provided with proper irrigation channels, space for intercultural operations, etc. This operation requires around Rs. 6,000. 

Cost of sowing: Snake gourd can be grown both as summer and rainy season crop. For summer crop sowing should be done December–January and to catch rainy season crop sowing during June- July is recommended. Either we can directly sow the seeds in pits or we can transplant the seedlings from the nursery into the main field. Sowing in 1 acre requires on an average of 3-4 labor. It will cost around Rs.1,200 to Rs. 1,600 if we pay Rs. 400 for single labour. Consider Rs. 1,500 as an average cost for sowing one acre Snake gourd.

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Cost of weeding in 1 acre snake gourd farming: In the early stages of growth, before they start vining, the beds, ridges, etc. need to be kept free from weeds. Hand weeding should be done carefully so that the root system remains without any damage. Weeding can be done either manually or with chemical sprays. To carry out this operation farmer has to spend around Rs. 3,500. This includes the cost of different methods of weeding operation along with the cost of plant growth regulators if used. 

Cost of training: To facilitate proper downward space for growing fruits training is a necessary operation in snake gourd cultivation. Mostly bower system of training is recommended for snake gourd. For getting straight fruits we can tie the weights to the bottom end of fruits. Training operation requires around 3 labor which costs around Rs.1,200 plus cost of thread/ rope is Rs.1,000.  

Fertilizer cost for 1 acre Snake gourd cultivation:5-6 tonnes per acre of farmyard manure needs to be incorporated during the field preparation. Besides this, 24kg nitrogen, 16kg phosphorus along with 16kg potassium per acre. Half dose of nitrogen needs to be top-dressed immediately after plants start bearing. It will cost around Rs.18,000 for fertilization along with farmyard manure cost.

Cost of pesticides in 1 acre snake gourd farming: Chemicals should be sprayed for effective control of various pest and diseases, on an average it requires more than 2-3 sprays depending upon pest and diseases incidence. It needs Rs.6,000 to Rs. 8,000 averagely along with chemicals cost, labor cost for spraying, etc. Consider Rs.6,000 as an average cost for this operation. 

Cost of miscellaneous activities: This will include interest over capital which is Rs. 2,500, depreciation cost for the pandals Rs.5,000 if we consider 20 years as the life span of pandals, depreciation on drip Rs.2,000, the cost of family labor Rs.20,000, irrigation and electricity cost Rs. 1,800.

Snake gourd farming cost of harvesting and loading: Snake gourd fruits will ready for picking after 120 days. Fruits are harvested before they pass the tender stage to get a good market price because fully matured fruits become fibrous and hard. Averagely a vine yields 20-25 fruits. The average yield which can be expected in a one-acre snake gourd field is 200 quintals. Fruits can be picked several times depending on averagely a minimum of 6-8 pickings can be done. Around Rs. 8,000 are needed for harvesting along with packing and loading. 

Transportation cost: Every time harvested fruits need to be marketed immediately after harvesting because snake gourd possesses a very low shelf life. Transportation charges will be around Rs.3,500.

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The total cost of 1 acre Snake gourd farming:

Cost typePrice (Indian Rs.)
Cost of seed material2,500
Cost of land preparation6,000
Cost of sowing1,500
Cost of weeding3,500
Cost of training1,200+1,000
Cost of Pesticides6,000
Fertilizer cost1,8000
Cost of miscellaneous activities2,500+ 5,000+ 2,000+20,000+1,800
Cost of harvesting and loading8,000
Cost of transportation3,500


Total cost incurred in 1 acre Snake gourd cultivation:

Total cost of cultivation involved in Snake gourd cultivation was Rs.82,500 in addition if we assume an extra 10% cost to the various activities total cost of cultivation will be around Rs.90,750.

Total income from 1 acre Snake gourd cultivation:

As we discussed above average yield is around 200 quintals per acre and averagely farmer can sell the produce at a minimum price of Rs. 1,100 per quintals as per the recent market updates. Hence, gross income will be around Rs.2,20,000.

Net profit from 1 acre Snake gourd farming:

It is the difference between total returns and total cost incurred in cultivation. Then it will be like this

Rs. 2,20,000-Rs. 90,750 = RS. 1,29,250

Therefore the farmer can get a net income of Rs.1,29,250 from 1 acre Snake gourd cultivation. There might be little differences in costs depending upon the various factors like variety to variety we used, market, labor demand, climatic conditions and incidence of various pests and diseases etc.

Conclusion of Snake gourd cultivation Income: As there is the tendency of getting a net profit of around Rs. 1.29 lakhs from 1 acre snake gourd cultivation it can recommended for the cultivation as a good remunerative crop.

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