Stevia Cultivation Training Institutes in India

Stevia Cultivation Training in India:


Stevia is an herbal plant native to the valley of Rio Monday in the highlands of North-eastern Paraguay in South America. It is commonly and variously known as sweet leaf, honey leaf, candy leaf, sweet weed, or sweet herbs. Stevia is gaining significant popularity in different parts of the world and is expected to be a major source of high potency sweetener. The leaves of this popular plant are sweet and ideal for people who are conscious of sugar and carbohydrate intake. With zero calories, the plant is being recognized as a great replacement for sugar and other sweeteners. Worldwide, 32,000 hectares have been under Stevia cultivation and China has a major chunk of 75%. It is a natural sweetener plant and is grown commercially in many parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Central America, Thailand, Korea, and China. Japan is currently using large amounts of Stevia. This natural sweetener can provide Indian farmers with an opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing supply chain that includes several other countries from around the world. Several countries have now started their commercial cultivation.

Stevia is a plant with carbohydrate-based compounds that are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. It is reported that steviosides have insulinotropic effects in pancreatic beta cells because it increases insulin secretion and thereby decreases blood glucose level. It can be extracted and used as alternative sweeteners for sugars. Non-caloric, natural sweeteners, which can save people from diabetes, may possibly receive greater focus in the future. There is an immediate focus on this plant now as a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners. Recent research has shown that consuming Stevia in its raw form, fresh or dried, helps to solve several health problems such as diabetes, allergies, digestive problems, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Besides these benefits, Stevia also contains vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, niacin, iron, magnesium, potassium, proteins, and fiber. Therefore, it is important to find alternatives to drying the plant’s leaves in order to minimize the negative effects of heat and to retain the regular medicinal properties. Changes in leaf yield and accumulation patterns of stevioside are based on the different environmental conditions. Nutritional variations provide leads for developing strategies to increase Stevia productivity under different agro-climatic conditions [10]. Stevia is a good crop to promote resilience from pest infestation and a short-term crop to strengthen climate change adaptation in order to mitigate its adverse impacts in agriculture.

Stevia Cultivation in India:

Stevia Plant.
Stevia Plant.

Stevia Cultivation in India is gaining significant popularity in different parts of the world. Climatic factors and agronomical practices have impacts on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Stevia plants. The harvesting period of Stevia is based on land type, variety, and growing season. Leaves of Stevia gain optimum yield and quality stevioside just before flowering. Stevia is mainly used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer in the food and beverage industry. The compound obtained from Stevia is the best alternative source of sweeteners for diabetes patients. Moreover, the unique selling points of Stevia sweeteners are very strong in Bangladesh due to the prevalence of diabetes and other metabolic diseases including obesity. And you need authorized training are for standard Stevia cultivation and technology to understand the relationships that are responsible for quality Stevia production.

The market for Stevia in India: 

The market for Stevia in India is increasing gradually. Stevia takes a key place under the sweeteners segment that has benefits such as low-calorie and high protein ingredients. Stevia market is segmented based on extract type and application. And the extracts, that are segmented as liquid, powder, and leaf have also increasing demand. Stevia is a food ingredient used in bakery, dairy food products, beverages, packaged food products, dietary supplements, confectionery, and others. Among the extracts type, liquid extracts are expected to record a higher CAGR as compared to the other extracts from 2`014 to 2020. However, by application, tabletop sweeteners and dairy food products sub-segments are expected to collectively witness substantial growth during the forecast period i.e. 2014–2020. For successful cultivation.

Stevia Cultivation  Training Centers in India: There few Institute and Research Centers that offer Training for Stevia Cultivation in India. Below are some listed Institutes.

Stevia  and Medicinal Plant’s Cultivation Training Program by HCMS:

HCMS is organizing Stevia & Aloe vera Medicinal Plant’s Cultivation Training Program at Pink City. You can have a complete guide to growing, harvesting, and marketing Stevia leaves and Aloe Vera leaves. Practical Training is given by technical experts with experienced of 12-15 years.

Objectives Of Training Program:

  • You will be trained with complete information on the commercial cultivation of Stevia plants and Aloe Vera cultivation.
  • You will be trained with, parameters that should be considered Before starting cultivation.
  • Trains about field-level primary processing /value addition activities.
  • Converting your business into small-scale industries.
  • On what parameters/standard Medicinal cultivation done.
  • Gives complete knowledge about Marketing aspects & services.
  • Trains you about the profit analysis.
  • Guarantee of Buyback guarantor.
  • Does training help you in choosing plants as per the climate, Land soil, and water availability?
  • Climatically conditions, environmental improvement, and soil improvement.
  • Employment to unemployed people.
  • Gives you knowledge about subsidies and schemes from the Government.
  • Safety about climatic diseases in Medicinal Herbs.
  • Formalities for Organic Certification.

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Training Session

  • Vermicompost processing unit.
  • Stevia Farm Visit
  • Aloe-Vera farm visit and technical knowledge about sowing, harvesting, marketing, and export.

Training Session Details:

  1. Vermicompost processing unit. 2. Stevia Farm Visit 3. Aloe-Vera farm visit and technical knowledge about sowing, harvesting, marketing, and export.

Training Detail:

  • Training Duration:- 2 days.
  • Training Place:- Jaipur. 

PureCircle Stevia Institute:

The PureCircle Stevia Institute (PCSI) provides a science-based study about Stevia, a plant-based, zero calories, sustainable natural sweetener. The PCSI was started in the year 2010, as an educational institute for health professionals, consumers, food and beverage manufacturers, public affairs leaders, and scientists. The  PCSI has expanded internationally to build awareness of Stevia through education and outreach programs.PCSI offers training in Stevia Farming in India.

Sunrise Institute and Training Center:

Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd. is a Rajasthan, India-based company that produces the best quality products by adhering to a strict process that establishes quality levels in the products. Our products are Organic Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Tulsi Juice, Coffee Powder, etc. this company runs Sunrise Institute and training centers which focuses on focus on technical knowledge and skills; providing a complete training program for those who are dedicated to managing their farm operations, own farm business, and working with others to produce organic food and sustainable agriculture. The training programs offered by the institute are Nursery Management Training Program, Navjeevan Training Program, Medicinal Plantation, Waste Land Management, Capacity Development of Women, Dairy Development, and Stevia Cultivation to provide information regarding organic farming.

Sunrise Institute And Training Center offers training for Stevia Cultivation.  The duration course is short-term.


J-890, Phase 3,

Sitapura Industrial Area,

Jaipur – 302022, Rajasthan, India

Phone: 08448496591

Medicinal Herbals cultivation training program by  Amritanjali an SSP Group of Company: 

Amritanjali wants to resolve the gap between educated people and the agriculture sector. They provide you an Extensive Training Program that will inspire you with Good Agriculture Practices.

There well a  2 Days Comprehensive Training program that provides Technical and Practical information about, How on the Plantation, Cultivation, Harvesting, and Processing of Aloe Vera, Stevia, and Other Medicinal Herbs.

Day 1

  • Theoretical and Technical Details on Subsidies provided by Government Bodies.
  • Cultivation, Harvesting, and Maintenance Procedures for various Medicinal herbs like aloe, Stevia, lemongrass, etc.
  • Describing various Processing Procedures for Medicinal Herbs.
  • Understanding initial costing and return on investment of these herbs.
  • Sharing various marketing strategies for Medicinal Herbs.
  • Guest Lectures by Ayurvedic Doctors on the uses of Medicinal Herbs.
  • Group Games and Activities.

Day 2

  • Practical Knowledge on cultivation, harvesting, and maintenance of Medicinal Herbs.
  • Demonstration of Various Medicinal Herbs like Aloe Vera, Stevia, Lemon Grass, Palmarosa, Satavar, Neem, Tulsi, etc.
  • Explaining the Vermi-culture process and demonstrating other Organic Fertilizers.
  • Defining Organic Farming and explaining various Good Agriculture Practices.
  • Buy- Back Agreement.

For further details regarding the Training Program regarding dates, timing, and charges, please contact us: 9602635727


126, 1st Floor,

Anand Plaza, Near Lake City Mall,

Udaipur, Rajasthan- 313001 (India)

Phone: +91 97999 31200


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