Sweet Potato Cultivation Income; Profit; Project Report

A step by step guide for sweet potato cultivation income, project report

Today, we learn the topic of cultivation income of sweet potato in India along with sweet potato cultivation cost, sweet potato production economics and sweet potato project report for 1-acre plantation.

Sweet Potato is well known for its sweet taste in the starchy roots: Ipomoea batatus is the scientific or botanical name of the sweet potato. The starchy tubers are the rich source of antioxidants and beta carotenes. Tubers of the plants are the edible parts. The area under sweet potato farming is increasing rapidly in India due to its demand in the markets. Noticing the demand many farmers are looking towards sweet potato cultivation.

Sweet Potato Farming.
Sweet Potato Farming.

About Sweet Potato cultivation in India:

As said above the area as well as the production and productivity of sweet potato farming in India is increasing rapidly. According to India state advance estimates, 2019 -20, the total area under sweet potato cultivation in India is about 115000 ha, whereas the productivity is 10.2 MT per ha. In India, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh are the leading and major growers of sweet potatoes. The crop cultivation duration is about 120 days or 4 months and yields about 8 – 10 ton per acre or 8000 to 10000 kg/ acre or 80 to 100 q/ acre. As starchy roots are the edible parts, the roots are uprooted from the soil and sent for marketing or selling.

We have already given all the information and guide to start sweet potato farming. In this post, we will let you know all the details regarding, cost of sweet potato farming, income returns and net profits from sweet potato cultivation in India. Let us check it out.

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List of Sweet Potato varieties in India:

There is less number of sweet potato varieties available as compared to the others. Some of the famous sweet potato cultivars are

  • Samrat
  • Kiran
  • RNSP – 1
  • PJ sweet potato 21
  • Varsha
  • Konkan Ashwini
  • Sri Arun and Sri Varun
  • Sree kanaka
  • Sri varadhi
  • Sri Bhadra
  • H – 41
  • H – 42
  • Co CIP, Co 3
  • Kanjanagad
  • Gouri
  • Shankar
  • Kiran
  • Sri vardhini
  • Other private hybrid sweet potato varieties

Now let us get into the cost of 1 acre Sweet Potato cultivation and sweet potato cultivation income.

Sweet Potato.
Sweet Potato.

Cost of seeds and seed treatment of sweet potatoes to sow for 1-acre area:

In order to sow 1-acre sweet potato farm, we require either sweet potato vines or the raw seed sweet potato tubers. For the stem or vine cutting sowings, we require 25000 to 30000 of sweet potato vine cuttings or 35 or 40 kg of tubers to sow for 1-acre area. We have to grow nursery seedbed for the 1st 40 days and later transplanting is done to the main field. For 1 acre, we have to develop the seedlings from the vines, they have to be treated with fenitrothion 2 ml/ lt water + 1 ml carbendazim/ lt water as seed treatment before sowing. For tuber sowing, we have done the same to the tubers. All these costs about Rs. 5000 for the sweet potato seed as well as the seed treatment.

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Cost of pesticides:

The sweet potato plants are susceptible to various insect pests and diseases. In order to control them, we have to spray, various insecticides and fungicides like chlorpyrifos, carbendazim, and others. The pesticides costs in 1acre sweet potato farming may incur about Rs. 4500 as like other vegetable crops.

Fertilizers cost in 1-acre sweet potato farming:

We have to apply 24 kg of phosphorous,  16 kg of potash and 24 kg of Nitrogen to the 1-acre sweet potato farm. All these fertilizers cost up to Rs. 1500. However, it may be less or more which depends on the results of the soil tests.

Cost of laborers in sweet potato cultivation:

We require laborers for about 4 months from the date of sowing to the date of harvesting and marketing. On average, we require about 2 laborers for every 15 days interval. Therefore we need 16 laborers and each labor cost Rs. 250 which is finally Rs. 4000 as the total labor cost.

Cost of miscellaneous activities in 1-acre sweet potato cultivation:

For 1-acre sweet potato farming, we have to for land preparation, support construction, etc. In addition, miscellaneous costs also include the cost of irrigation and other intercultural operation. All these costs up to Rs. 15,000.

Cost of sweet potato harvesting:

Harvesting is done by noticing the signs of maturing like drying of the plants and leaves or else we can also uproot and see the root tubers to know the maturity indices of the sweet potato. In addition, we have to give one irrigation on the day before harvesting for easy uproot of the sweet potato tubers from the soil. We require skill labors in order to harvest the sweet potato from the field. Harvesting cost of sweet potato is nothing but the costs incurred in bagging and the labor cost required for harvesting. It is up to Rs. 3,000.

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Cost of marketing:

It plays a major role in the sweet potato cultivation. Mostly, marketing is done only once unlike other crops. However, the sweet potato farmer can also do store the sweet potatoes in the cold storages and sell when the price is high in the market. The farmer can get up to 90 quintals per acre and the marketing cost for this quantity incurs around Rs. 5,000 as transportation and post-harvest package practices.

The total cost of 1-acre sweet potato cultivation (in Indian Rupees):

Cost of seedlings/seeds/seed treatment : Rs. 5,000

Pesticides cost in 1-acre sweet potato farm: Rs. 4,500

Fertilizers cost in 1-acre sweet potato farm: Rs. 1,500

Labors cost in sweet potato farm: Rs. 4,000

Miscellaneous costs: Rs. 15,000

Harvesting cost: Rs. 3,000

Marketing cost: Rs. 5,000

The total cost of sweet potato farming: Rs. 38,000

Therefore, the total cost of 1-acre sweet potato farming is about Rs. 38000 approximately. With 10% additional cost total cost it is Rs. 4,18,000.

Income returns from 1-acre sweet potato farming: The farmer gets a yield of 90 quintals per acre. According to Naapanta, a government information site for market prices, the selling price of sweet potato in the nearest agriculture marketing is Rs. 2300 per quintal as on 24.7.19. Therefore, for 90 quintals, the farmer can get Rs. 2,07,000.

Therefore, the farmer gets up to Rs. 2.07 lakhs from 1-acre sweet potato farming with proper care and management practices.

Net profits from acre sweet potato cultivation in India:

Net profits are the differences in the total cost and income returns which is Rs. 2,07,000 – Rs. 41,800 = Rs. 1,65,200. At last, the sweet potato farmer can earn up to Rs. 1.6 lakh from 1-acre sweet potato cultivation.

Conclusion: this is all about the incomes and net profits from 1-acre sweet potato cultivation. Ping us for more information and any queries regarding sweet potato cultivation. That’s all folks about sweet potato cultivation income and cost associated with 1-acre cultivation. Keep growing tubers!.

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