Top 15 Agriculture Software Solutions Providers in India: For Better Farm Management and Crop Yield

Agriculture is the main sector of the Indian economy. Advanced technologies are used in the primary sector in developed countries. The agriculture sector has been able to keep up with the growing demand for food, and increased production helped feed the population. The role of IT industries is increasing in creating added value, reducing costs, and ensuring the best quality of farm products to consumers.

Top 15 Agriculture Software Solutions Providers in India
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IT systems support management by developing ERP systems in the agricultural sector. It refers to environmentally sound, sustainable, and profitable farming practices that use agricultural technology to increase agriculture productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The equipment could be water filters, pumps, or digital services that connect buyers to sellers in rural markets. Other options include chemical-free fertilizers, heirloom seeds, and intelligent agricultural technologies. 

ERP Selection Guide for Agriculture 

It helps manage farm equipment and employees across seasons and schedules, and the supply chain is critical to agricultural efficiency, especially on multiple farms. Therefore, the right ERP software system provides you with operational efficiency during all stages of planning and production, including: 

  • Cost capture information 
  • Crops planted 
  • Business partners 
  • Planting and sowing data 
  • Production forecasting 
  • Other agricultural operations and employee data 

When scheduling agricultural production and sowing, make sure ERP solutions are in place to help you track quantities, segments, and machines and help provide a scheduling tool to organize everything, like people. 

Top 15 agriculture software solutions providers in India


It is the most advanced and user-friendly PC-based software suite. The software comes from Shiv Rai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is mainly used by progressive farmers, farmer groups/PMOs, agribusiness companies, educational institutions, exporters and consultants, etc. for effective farm management. FarmERP is a powerful farm management tool that empowers agribusinesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Agriculture Software Solutions
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Farm ERP has emerged as a trailblazer in farm business management ever since the agriculture industry began to see a sea change in technology adoption. FarmERP is the driving force you need to improve your agricultural business in terms of productivity and profitability. FarmERP has been working closely with the crop, environmental, and public health for decades. While its advanced features help automate and optimize aspects of farm management, Farm ERP also commits to protecting humans and ecosystems through the same modules.

FarmERP is a next-generation farm management platform designed to future-proof many organizations and stakeholders. Leveraging modern technology, FarmERP helps businesses create strategic elements around the farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management, and analytics. In addition, FarmERP aims to change the equation of the farming industry with unpredictable weather hindering cooperation. 

With futuristic technologies, FarmERP prepares agricultural businesses to be climate resilient and avoid the downside of climate change. Establishing a symbiotic relationship with the weather; manage your farming operations smartly. Farm ERP recognizes food safety as an issue as serious as food security and helps agribusinesses grow, ensure and offer only food products that are safe for consumption.

FarmERP implements next-generation technologies to help agribusinesses offer farm-to-fork traceability of their products. FarmERP enhances its efforts to serve multiple clients from the agriculture industry through its next-generation agriculture ERP platform. It helps agricultural consultants to stay in close touch with client farmers through a digital agriculture platform.

Form ERP can further help create a strong branding strategy to strengthen this bond. Farm ERP helps agricultural consultants have complete control over the critical parameters of digitizing agriculture and farm management. Farm ERP is the most comprehensive and advanced agriculture ERP platform that supports businesses to connect with a large number of farmers across widely dispersed geographies.

FarmERP simplifies farmer management, inputs, GAP monitoring, yield estimation, quality control, and seasonal crop advisory, thereby helping businesses to increase brand reach and achieve higher profit margins. It also provides GPS tracking solutions for sales teams of agricultural consulting firms. Farm ERP’s agriculture management platform enables third-party users, vendors, customers, and partners to access specific services that improve overall operational efficiency and speed. 

Agriculture Software by MARG Compusoft Private Limited

It is a complete solution for vegetable markets, Sabji Mandi, Aadhat, fruit, grain, and dry fruit traders with Mahajani accounting. It is easy to use. Marg Mundi software provides end-to-end solutions for compatibility with operating systems. It is dedicated intelligence software and an integrated market industry solution. MARG is a complete real-time business accounting market software.

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Agriculture Drone
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Agriculture Software by KRISOL Infosoft Private Limited

Krisol ERP is an essential organizational tool for agriculture as it integrates various groups facilitating defect-free production and delivery. Krisol ERP for planning and production manages all business processes for an organization. It supports different types of departments in the business. ERP systems can be customized based on specific organizational needs, providing the desired services. Krisol ERP is an agriculture management software.

It allows farmers and growers to plan and track their daily work effectively. Farmers can use Cresol ERP to optimize their land use for better production. This agriculture ERP software helps reduce input costs without compromising the quality and quantity of production. Krisol ERP is the best software that helps fulfill all the agriculture business needs. The software can help you manage the inventory of crops and other items.

Depending on business needs, the software can be customized based on supply chain management, HR, finance, distribution, trading, etc. It further improves productivity on land and records complete data such as sowing and harvesting crops. Krisol ERP software creates an in-depth database that helps farmers and agronomists make critical decisions. Farmers can use this software to analyze and track all processes from sowing, cultivating, and harvesting.

As mentioned earlier, it records all process data, which helps in the next agricultural season. This agriculture ERP software demonstrates accuracy and transparency in the agricultural workflow. This software enables farmers to change and modernize farming practices. Krisol ERP is an essential organizational tool for agriculture as it integrates various groups facilitating error-free production and delivery.

Krisol ERP is a ready-made farming ERP program that helps with more than monitoring production stocks. As per the business terms, it is adapted according to different business initiatives, for example, elegantly connecting board, money, HR, customization and exchange, CRM, etc. Moreover, it improves efficiency over a similar land zone due to the ideal utilization of assets. 

4. LandMagic Software by ProPak Software 

ProPak Software provides various custom solutions. These solutions are LandMaster, CropCare, GeoMaps, Harvesting, FieldTime, etc. In addition, ProPak Software has developed a new generation of easy-to-use software products using web-based technology designed specifically for growers/farming operations. It consists of a suite of powerful software products that are easy to install and implement. Web-based software that’s easy and intuitive to use, with advanced features like multi-user language support that uses a custom dictionary to display and print your terms. 


PanAgro is a complete farming ERP program equal to everything for agricultural organizations. It is effectively integrated with handheld gadgets like cell phones and tablets to track crop performance, direct deals, and rancher participation in the rush. It is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of planters. It automates business processes and brings operational efficiency by providing stakeholders with complete insight into their daily field and factory operations. With PanAgro software, managing diverse and remote plantation operations is made easy. 

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Drones in Agriculture
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PanAgro can be configured for multiple crops, that includes Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Oil Palm, Cotton, Forestry, and Tobacco. It is user-friendly, highly configurable, and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. PanAgro is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of planters. It automates business processes and brings operational efficiency by providing stakeholders with complete insight into their day-to-day field and factory operations. 

  • You can characterize tasks, allocate them and track their status whenever. 
  • It encourages profit growth by driving asset utilization. 
  • It is a complete arrangement that captures and records the nuances of operations that keep a place in different sectors, for example, nursery, agriculture, and contract farming. 


eAgronom is an independent company created by farmers for farmers. The eAgronom software platform is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. It is designed for grain growers to improve their records, manage their operations and projects, and analyze their seasons. eAgronom enables agribusiness stakeholders to deliver the benefits of the climate movement to farmers. This company works with agribusiness dealers, banks, food companies, and landowners to make climate-positive food production profitable.

The eAgronom infrastructure takes care of GHG monitoring, data verification, and program certification while enabling partners to deliver climate benefits to farmers. The eAgronom software platform is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. It is designed for grain growers to improve their records, manage their operations and projects, and analyze their seasons. eAgronom strives to be an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers to efficiently plan, manage and analyze their activities in one place. 

  • The only carbon program that pre-purchases your credits. Future-proof the farm with diversified income streams. 
  • Increase soil fertility, reduce input costs, and generate additional income. 
  • A methodology was developed in collaboration with scientists and universities. 
  • eAgronom takes care of soil health monitoring while you work on concessions to help maximize your benefits and make the job easier. 

CSWS Software by Random Soft Solutions 

CSWS is a comprehensive cold store and warehouse management system. It is specially designed for warehouses and cold store firms. 

Agriculture Software by Source Edge Software Technologies Pvt Ltd 

AgriSys ERP is a pioneer in helping clients manage their businesses in the agriculture sector. AgriSys ERP solution is the most suitable ERP solution for corporate farming industries in seed production, vegetable cultivation, crop production, etc. 

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Agri Software
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  • Timely availability of seed and improved delivery efficiency 
  • Insights into all process steps and performance improvements 
  • Complete quality management and reduction of potential claims and cost avoidance 
  • Control over the product life cycle 
  • Grading Improved performance and avoidance of write-offs 
  • Complete insight into product cost 
  • Better decisions and cost management 

Aahaar ERP 

Aahaar ERP stands out among other agribusiness ERP frameworks for monitoring various capabilities in food assembling and rental businesses. It helps manage various ERP functions in agriculture, food manufacturing, and export. Agriculture software can also be used in spices, flour mills, sugar mills, and frozen food stores. It also helps in managing the finance function and accounting. 

  • It helps in dealing with bookkeeping and account capabilities. However, it is a severe descriptive disclosure framework. 
  • Its completely refreshed Tax Assessment module allows you to charge the rate of material expenses in the invoice. 

Agriculture Software by Shivrai Technologies Pvt Ltd 

ERP software solution developed for managing biotech and tissue culture companies. Its multi-module application software integrates activities across functional departments from production planning, lab production, hardening, stock, and inventory to sales and marketing. 

Agricultural software by Retailware Softtech Pvt Ltd 

It specializes in retail sector solutions on the Microsoft Windows platform. They have developed highly user-friendly barcode solutions for various retail business verticals, including agriculture and fertilizer stores. 


Award-winning farm software helps to keep accurate records, measure performance, and track labor and production costs. Since 2006 it has helped thousands of growers, packers, cooperatives, and associations of all sizes increase their productivity and improve their operations with desktop and mobile farm record-keeping apps.

Whether you’re looking for a simple spray record app to replace your spreadsheet, a packhouse system, crop tracking, or a powerful labor tracking app. It is the correct farm management app for you. Meet reporting requirements and record your farm activities as they happen. With Croptracker, your spray, tillage, harvesting, irrigation, and other production practice records are just a few clicks or taps away wherever you need them. 

Intello Labs 

It is a provider of image recognition-based solutions for the food industries. The image recognition method developed by the company can recognize and tag objects, faces, flora, and fauna. In addition, the company has developed a solution for the agricultural sector that provides insight into crop health during the growing season and its final harvest grade by analyzing crop images. The company has developed e-commerce analytics that offers reporting and alerts, brand monitoring, product mapping, and price trends for data available on the web. In addition, it offers computer vision-based solutions based on client requirements. 


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Smart Agriculture
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CropIn is a provider of SaaS-based farming solutions for agribusinesses. Its offerings are;

  • Smartfarm; a complete farm management solution, 
  • Smartrisk; risk mitigation and forecasting solutions, 
  • mwarehouse; traceability and compliance solutions, and 
  • Smartsales; CRM and input channel management solutions.

The company claims to offer its solutions to farming companies, agri input companies, crop insurance companies, seed companies, government, and consultancy. Another best ERP software solution is CropIn SmartFarm. It is an easy-to-use solution for farm business management. Also, it is a smart agricultural solution that revolutionizes farming with accurate yield forecasting. This ERP solution also helps get crop advice based on the weather forecast.

Along with this, it helps to stick to the consent for perfect management of the form. The system comes with an alert log that helps in sending reminders regarding situations that require immediate action, such as pest attacks. CropIn SmartFarm is a powerful and easy-to-use answer for farm executives. It is a wonderful horticultural arrangement disturbing cultivation with precise yield consistency. 

  • You get guidance for your production depending on the climate estimate 
  • It motivates you to stick to consistency for flawless homestead the executives
  • You can generate insightful business reports

CropIn SmartFarm comes with a ‘Ready Log’ highlight that sends updates regarding the situation that requires your immediate attention, for example, bug invasion, crop infection, etc. 


PanAgro is the best comprehensive agricultural ERP software solution ideal for agricultural businesses of all sizes. In addition, it can easily integrate with handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones to determine crop productivity, track farmer attendance, and manage sales. With this software, you can define tasks, track status over time, and assign tasks to them. Its tools help increase operational efficiency with real-time updates. Moreover, it helps in facilitating productivity, agronomy, and nursery.


Agriculture is a highly developing sector in today’s modern times. This core sector of the economy is increasing productivity and efficiency with the help of technology. Agriculture software gives higher crop productivity and decreases the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which keeps food prices down, reduces the impact on natural ecosystems, and increases worker safety.


  1. The article highlighting the top 15 agriculture software solutions providers in India comes as a ray of hope for farmers across the country. In an era where technology is rapidly transforming various industries, the agricultural sector is no exception. These software solutions have the potential to revolutionize farm management practices, enhance crop yield, and ultimately uplift the livelihoods of Indian farmers.

    One of the greatest challenges faced by farmers in India is the efficient management of their farms. From monitoring crop health to tracking inventory, from weather forecasting to market analysis, the list of tasks can be overwhelming. However, the emergence of dedicated agriculture software solutions has brought about a paradigm shift in how farmers approach these challenges.


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