Top 18 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India: Benefits and Prices

Gardeners and farmers have used seaweed for plants for thousands of years. Seaweed fertilizer is an organic fertilizer from seaweed used in agriculture to increase soil fertility and plant growth. 

Top 18 Best Seaweed Fertilizers in India
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Benefits of seaweed fertilizers

Seaweed fertilizer is usually a kelp-derived soil additive rich in micronutrients (also contains NPK content). It has been used for a long time, especially by farmers near the coast, and can be prepared in many ways. You can even add Kelp to the soil (but it may take some time to break down). In addition, seaweeds have cultural and ecological importance. They are valuable ingredients used in various traditional cuisines, and their production is a significant industry for many coastal nations.

Furthermore, seaweeds, including giant Kelp, provide food and shelter for other marine species. Additionally, due to their ability to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into biomass through photosynthesis and their faster growth rates than land plants, they are critical players in carbon sequestration and the fight against climate change. Below are some of the benefits of seaweed fertilizers: 

  • Improves plant vigor, root growth, and chlorophyll synthesis. 
  • Promotes early flowering, fruit set, and fruit uniformity. 
  • Prevents rancidity and extends product shelf life. 
  • Improves nutritional quality. 
  • Provides stress tolerance, drought, salinity, and frost. 
  • Eliminates disease, bacteria, and fungi. 
  • Helps control pests of insects and soil nematodes. 

Price of seaweed fertilizer 

India’s average market price of seaweed fertilizer is Rs 275 per kg.

What is Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer? 

Liquid seaweed fertilizers are fertilizers derived from a natural source, seaweed. The making process involves collecting the seaweed, carefully washing the grass to remove some salt water, and finally letting the grass decompose in the water. The plant material is left in the water until it breaks down into a liquid or becomes quite a slurry. Kelp, a large brown seaweed, is a typical example of seaweed used in seaweed fertilizing.

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Seaweed Extract
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Liquid seaweed is extracted from the fermentation of these leaves, and these extracts have been used for over a decade. Most seaweed fertilizers are kelp-derived and have rich soil amendments with plenty of micronutrients. They also contain an essential N-P-K factor that contributes to plant effectiveness. 

Types of Seaweed Fertilizers 

1. Liquid seaweed – I find liquid seaweed one of the best possible options for container growers. It makes it easier for plants to access the nutrients in the fertilizer produced by pressing and soaking the Kelp in water. 

2. Seaweed/Kelp Meal – While seaweed is prepared by soaking liquid seaweed directly in water, seaweed meal is made by air-drying the seaweed or Kelp. 

3. Seaweed extract powder – Seaweed extract powder is usually made by heating seaweed to remove all water content present. After heating, a solid material can be smoothed into a powder for use. 

4. Calcified seaweed – Calcified seaweed is not an example of a seaweed fertilizer made from Kelp. It has a variety of calcified corals and some unique algae, all sourced from the sea. Generally, this variety contains about 50% of calcium and the usual minerals, which are very useful for plant growth. 

Top 18 best Seaweed fertilizers in India

Organic Liquid Seaweed and Kelp Fertilizer Supplement

Clean Kelp’s unique processing technique provides the cleanest possible kelp extract. Get all the advantages of natural kelp enzymes without the non-nutritive fibrous pulp that gives other Kelp their thick, salty appearance. 

  • Easy to use for all plants: Add to every watering; it’s that simple. No danger of overuse; plants love Kelp. Clean Kelp supports root and stems health at every stage of growth. 
  • For plants and lawns: Add Clean Kelp to your houseplants, vegetable garden, and lawn for healthy green plants. 
  • Eco-friendly and organic seaweed kelp 
  • Preserves natural enzymes
  • Works on plants and lawns

Neptune’s Crop Organic Hydrolyzed Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer 

This water-soluble option is excellent for plants that need a little more nitrogen. The balance of fish emulsion and seaweed has offered nitrogen-loving citrus trees a natural nutrient boost while improving soil that they find difficult to amend by hand. Vegetables that are heavy feeders and require more nitrogen, such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cucumbers, and Sweet Corn, can achieve higher yields with regular feeding throughout the growing season because the crop absorbs the fertilizer. 

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Seaweed in Agricuture
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How to use: For vegetables, flowers, and shrubs, mix ⅛ cup of fertilizer per 1 gallon of water. Then, apply this mixture to the target region. 

  • Effective combination of fish and seaweed for profuse flowering and high yield 
  • Performs well in lawns and with seed germination

Super Seaweed Humic Acid Blend – Soil Hume 

Soil Hume can help increase nutrient transfer and help your lawn, garden, and plants take nutrients more efficiently. 

Application Rates ​​for the Garden

Use indoor plants, flowers, Roses, Tomato plants, vegetables, fruits, citrus, garden landscaping, hardy trees, seeding, and overseeding use in conjunction with a plant food fertilizer program. Its appearance tells you everything you need to know. It is an excellent choice for commercial farmers. It is a unique and nutrient-rich blend for all types of plants. It is a complete package that answers all the nutritional needs of your plants. Super Seaweed fertilizer loosens soil and can break up hard pans. And it’s safe for the nursery or flower bed. 


  • It is environment friendly
  • Protects natural enzymes and improves your gardens and lawns
  • It works for any plant

MicroLife Super Seaweed Fertilizer

Enhances all plants and soils: This will provide excellent plant color and make all plants more resistant to stress. In addition, it is an organic fertilizer and safe for all types of crops. In general, MicroLife can improve nutrients in the soil while strengthening the plant to make it more resilient to stress. 

  • MicroLife super seaweed is eco-friendly and organic
  • Work faster than most liquid seaweed fertilizers
  • It is multi-purpose and can work for all types of plants

Grow More Seaweed Extract

Grow More offers a seaweed extract fertilizer instead of just fermented Kelp. Its benefits are found in all the multifaceted components of seaweed extracted and fortified with essential minerals that help plants thrive. While at the same time promoting strong root formation and resistance to heat waves and frost damage. And the 1-gallon jug means more applications for less money. 

How to use: Apply the recommended dose every 2-3 weeks with a hand sprayer, starting at the first signs of growth in the spring. 


Versatile enough for use on houseplants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and lawns 

Sea Ruby (liquid) Green Seaweed Extract 

It provides natural NPK and 100% purity. 

  • Reduces biotic and abiotic stress (eliminates reactive oxygen species produced during stress conditions)
  • Modulates phytohormones within the plant
  • Helps in plant defense mechanism
  • Induces immunity in the plant to resist the virus, pathogen, or fungal attack
  • Increases soil microbial population hence improves soil structure
  • Improves root and shoot growth
  • Increases nutrient intake
  • Helps in chlorophyll synthesis and hence photosynthesis, thereby improving yield and yield quality
  • Increases plant protein metabolism and improve tolerance to salinity and herbicide stress
  • The longer shelf life of produce

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Seaweed Kelp
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Simple Grow Solution Seaweed Fertilizer with Humic Acid

This option shows that powdered and liquid seaweed feed can be fortified with additional nutrients. It combines all the benefits of water-soluble concentrated seaweed with humic acid and organic carbon. Increased production and vibrancy of color in vegetable beds, flower borders, and lawns.

How to use

Clean vegetable and flower areas thoroughly to ensure smooth absorption. Then follow label directions for space size and different plant needs. The lawn must be watered for 20 minutes within 24 hours of application. 

Down to Earth Organic Kelp Meal

It is an ideal nutritional supplement for all types of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and perennials. Accelerates root development, prevents transplant shock, promotes growth, and reduces stress caused by temperature fluctuations. Down to Earth’s kelp meal, harvested from the North Atlantic, is dried by hand before being crushed into a powder. The product is entirely organic. Down to Earth fertilizer is a reliable brand that can’t be beaten regarding organic gardening practices. It is an excellent fertilizer to keep on the shelf of your potting shed.

It can be used for various plants in and around your garden, including vegetables, herbs, flower beds, and perennials. It will help your plants grow at every stage of their growing cycle by helping them transplant, promote healthy root and plant growth, and protect them from the elements.

This finely ground seaweed is rich in nitrogen and potassium and has greatly increased the productivity of Squash and Pepper plants. What you get with the Down to Earth brand is the peace of mind that you won’t be burning your herbaceous plants or adding anything that will throw off your soil’s nutrient and microbial balance. 

How to use

For new plants, mix ½ teaspoon into the soil before planting, then water well. For established plants: sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons around the base of each plant each month.

Sea Magic Dry Soluble Seaweed Extract 

Sea Magic is an apt name for what I have found to be the easiest to store and prepare for application. It can be bought in the middle of winter and stored in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use it. Then, mix in 4 liters of water and have liquid concentrate for the season. For organic gardeners looking for pure seaweed, this is for you. No additives or processing agents. Just humble seaweed in a powdery, water-soluble cake. From houseplants to berries, they are ready to provide everything they need to thrive. 

How to use

Dilute dried seaweed in water and apply it to plants every 2-3 weeks. 

Go Garden

Seaweed Fertilizer has been the most popular fertilizer ever, with positive reviews coming in. What makes people love this product so much: 

  • It doesn’t smell
  • Most cost-effective out there
  • Works like a charm
  • Good after-sales support 

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This liquid fertilizer has received quite a good response from its user and continues to do so. You’ll surely love it because it can be used for a variety of purposes such as: 

  • Root development 
  • Seed germination 
  • Plant propagation 
  • Plant disease protection 

Neptune’s Harvest Seaweed Fertilizer 

Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer is a well-known and respected manufacturer of organic fertilizers, and this option is a good choice for container growers. In addition, nutrients in the liquid feed are more readily available to potted plants. 

  • Directions – Shake well before use. Just prepare an application. Do not store diluted manure. 
  • Houseplants: Use about 1 tablespoon per gallon of water and feed every 2-3 weeks. Do not overwater. 
  • Outdoor plants: Use about 1/8 cup per gallon of water. Feed vegetable plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs every 2-3 weeks. Apply until the soil is saturated, or apply the leaves as a wet, top and bottom feed. It is better to feed plants early or late in the day. 
  • Lawn: Use 1 gallon of concentrate.

Shashi N Gautam Seaweed Green Fertilizer 

Shashi N Gautam Seaweed Green Fertilizer is an excellent blend of seaweed extract granules for plants – the number 1 organic micronutrient fertilizer for indoor, outdoor, fruit, flower, and vegetable plants. Seaweed green manure saves you money. It is suitable for all plants. There is no need to buy different fertilizers for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. 

Seaweed Green Granules for plants save you time. It is a clean, safe, ready-to-use fertilizer for your kitchen garden. Seaweed green manure maximizes each plant’s flower, fruit, and vegetable production. Seaweed green manure improves soil health by helping to increase the population of beneficial microorganisms. Its regular application loosens the soil, allowing for healthy root growth. 

Feromones Organic Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Feromones organic seaweed extract is a natural and organic fertilizer for plants. It is complete plant food. Feromones for plants seaweed fertilizer contains a range of micronutrients and trace elements needed by garden plants for healthy growth. Feromones for plants seaweed extract can be sprayed on plants or added to garden soil. Feromones seaweed extract is specifically designed to be used as a fertilizer for the plant home garden. Mix 3 ml of seaweed extract with 1 liter of plain water, spray on plants, or add to the soil.

Black Amrut (1000ml) – Liquid Organic Fertilizer 

Increases crop yield: Prevention of flowering and fruit drop improves fruit yield. Also improves seed germination, and nutrient uptake helps plant growth and results in taller and larger fruits and vegetables. 

Boost growth and flowering: Synthesis of chlorophyll and essential nutrients for plant growth and flowering, improving the growth of flowers, vegetables, plants, and fruits. 

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Seaweeds Underwater
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Enhancing nutrients: Build large, strong plant root systems that improve the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

Improve soil health: Increases soil microorganisms that can take up nitrogen from the air. Reduce salt content, successfully manage the mineral layer and effectively address soil salinization due to over-fertilization. 

Directions for use: (for 1 liter) 
  • Add 3 ml of black nectar to 1 liter of plain water. 
  • Mix gently to make a homogeneous solution. 
  • Spray the diluted liquid, tonic, or solution all over the plant or apply directly to the soil. 

Organic Dew

This seaweed fertilizer from “Organic Dew” has long been one of the most used and in-demand products. Obviously, because of its consistently great results in plant growth. In addition, it helps enrich the soil, protects it from frost, and can even be used as a hormone to speed seed germination and rooting. 

HomeCrop Biosmart 

HomeCrop is a trusted brand dedicated to making kitchen gardening easier than ever in India. And there are a good number of quality products in the market. Their liquid seaweed fertilizer is one of them. Use it on all your struggling or unhealthy plants, and you will see results in a few weeks. Of course, you want to be assured about the quality and the people behind it. 

Gold Dust Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer 

Seaweed extract works as a liquid fertilizer for plants in the home garden and indoor plants. Although seaweed extract for plants is a completely organic fertilizer, it can be used to make a concentrate booster solution for plant fertilizer for indoor plants. Seaweed solution for plants is an excellent nitrogen fertilizer for plants. In addition, seaweed spray plants provide a flowering hormone for plants. 


Seaweed fertilizer can be applied in several forms, including refined liquid extracts and dry, pulverized organic material. Seaweed fertilizer has been used since ancient times and has wide-ranging benefits for soils. When considering which fertilizer works best for indoor and outdoor garden plants, liquid seaweed fertilizer is a good option. Seaweed fertilizers are organically formulated natural, sustainable, and harmless micronutrients. These are one of the best ways to add nutrients to your soil. And these things are very beneficial to your plant. 


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