Top 20 Organic Food Companies in India

The food we eat plays an important role in keeping you physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. That is why, these days, organic food has become very popular and is gaining more and more acceptance. Because organic food is safe, natural, and healthy and it is prepared, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals. Everything, including food, is not pure nowadays. Let’s check out the top 20 organic food companies in India.

Organic Food Companies in India
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Food is always our priority and cannot compromise on its quality. Many organic food companies in India offer you 100% organic food products. These foods are fresh and come directly from the fields without any chemical preservatives. Foods that are processed or prepared without the addition of chemicals are known as organic foods. Organic foods are gaining popularity these days as people are being tempted to use chemicals to prepare and heal their bodies.

Organic products have become very popular in recent times and people have come to know that the use of synthetic products is not good for their health and long-term nature. Organic products are made from only natural ingredients and are fresh to use which is why they are beneficial to us. 

Top 20 organic food companies in India

Pro Nature 

This amazing organic food brand is a great option for those looking for gluten-free foods. It also offers the option to buy your favorite organic food items online. It is one of the popular brands of organic food companies in India. This is a great choice for people who need or are looking for organic spices. Pro Nature is widely used for selling the purest form of organic food products without harmful pesticides and chemicals. The favorite products you buy from Pro Nature are honey, pulses, cereals, and more. 

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Organic Honey
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Pure and Sure 

This company produces 100% certified organic food products with over 20 years of experience in organic farming. Products are free of pesticides, additives, or synthetic ingredients. The products are sourced directly from farmers and are processed under strict quality measures, and about 140+ products give you a truly natural experience. It follows sustainable farming practices while maintaining harmony between the human and natural world. Their farms and processing facilities are certified in Indian and international markets. 

Nature Organic 

Nature Organic is offering 100% certified organic food products to everyone. Under the brand Pro Nature Organic, they have 100% certified organic food products in all categories. Food products range from flour and cereals, millet, breakfast products, spices, pulses and beans, sweeteners, nuts, superfoods, cold-pressed oils, and ready-to-eat products. Popular types of this product include cooking essentials such as cereals, pulses, flour, rice, and oil. 

Organic India 

Organic India works with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate 10,000+ acres of sustainable organic farming land. If you want to spend your money to buy some healthy foods, this is the time for Organic India products. The food products offered by this product are completely free from foreign chemicals to provide all the essential nutrients to the body and provide complete nutrition. Choose organic food products that are rich in nutrients and beneficial for your physical and emotional health, and avoid traditional fertilizers that are grown in harmful fertilizers. 

Naturally Yours 

This brand was established in 2010 by Priya Prakash and Vinod Kumar. Their goal is to enable consumers to access all organic ingredients in one place. This startup has impressed farmers across the country who grow crops according to the guidelines and enjoy good profits. 

Just Organik 

Pankaj Agarwal and Richa Agarwal founded the company in 2013. The main purpose of Just Organik is to make organic food more accessible and affordable by encouraging farmers to adopt organic techniques. It is officially certified by India Organic, USDA, and the European Union. 

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Organic Carrot
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Nutriorg aims to make a home, natural and organic products grown on Indian farms. Nutriorg aims to make Indian homemade specialty and organic foods accessible to all on the doorstep, making their web-based shopping experience easier with just one click. They bring you a range of items that are not only usually produced with ethical methods but also obtained with the integrity of nature. Nutriorg is one of the best organic food companies in India. 

Organic Life 

This is the most popular name in the organic product market and was founded by Mallesh Tigali. It offers about 1,500 different organic products in 100 categories. Mallesh Tigali has more than 10,000 customers who have adopted organic terrace farming. Consumers can search almost every household product through this platform. 

Ambrosia Organic Farm 

Based in Goa, Ambrosia Organic Farm is one of the first brands in India to provide organic food. It has been on the market since 1993 and has been growing ever since, with the sole purpose of providing healthy food free of toxic chemicals. 

Abali Organic 

Abali Organic is a very popular organic tea brand that has a wide market across India. Abali Organic is an Indian brand based in Arunachal Pradesh. No pesticide in boiled organic brings consumers the most natural tea. 

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Organic Potato
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Eco Fresh 

This is a very popular brand in India known for its organic food products. Eco Fresh is an Indian company that has a wide range of products to offer its customers. The company is located in Pune, a developing city in the state of Maharashtra.


Praakritik is another organic food brand in India that has made its way through a cowshed. Understanding the benefits of pure desi ghee has made it a big show in today’s organic world. Prakrit’s journey began with the supply of homemade ghee, but now it produces a wide range of organic products such as Indian spices, oils, oats, flour, rice, etc. 

Organic Tattva 

Organic Tattva is an organic brand that offers artificial food-free food products. The company offers a wide range of organic grains, pulses, and cereals without compromising on quality and quantity. Organic Tattva is another popular organic food brand in India. Do not use fertilizers, additives, preservatives, and pesticides in the product. Food products are all-natural, unprocessed, and completely safe to use. And, the brand promises to offer 100% healthy, natural, and fresh products. As a result, it helps you maintain a balanced diet. 

Organic Garden 

Organic Garden is also an amazing brand that offers organic food products at very affordable prices. The brand sells healthy and natural foods from agricultural land. People who work with this brand strive to offer consumers high-quality fruit, vegetable, and grocery products for a healthier lifestyle. The brand forces consumers to take advantage of high-quality and chemical foods and beverages. The food of this brand is enriched and healthy for the sustainable development of the people so that any health problems or problems can be avoided. 

Vision Fresh 

Vision Fresh is online with a variety of organic products keeping in mind the growing health issues. Although Vision Fresh products are available on online platforms where people have the option to purchase organic food products without further compromising health. In short, it is a trusted brand with a wide range of certified organic foods. So, next time you don’t have to look around to find the best organic food, go to the Vision Fresh website and buy organic fruits and vegetables, and grocery items. 

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Organic Tomato
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Sorich Organics 

Sorich Organics is one of the best organic food brands in India, offering you the fixation of highly nutritious but simple raw foods that enhance the quality of life and quality of food plans for thousands of years. 

24 Mantra

This organic food brand 24 Mantra offers consumers a wide range of homemade standard food products with a wide range of food departments and food categories so that consumers can choose any food according to their tastes and preferences. Work with local farmers to extract the best food products from agricultural land that do not contain any pesticides. 

Wingreen Farm 

Wingreen Farm is an organic food brand run by a chain of women’s networks. Here, you can find only fresh farm food products that do not contain any chemical or harmful additives. It is a unique food brand that offers international flavors with an Indian touch. 

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Organic Watermelon
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Organica is a very popular organic brand in India with a huge market across the country. Organica has a wide range of products that are completely natural using organic ingredients. Organica is a very popular brand whose standards are required for Indian agricultural products. 

Conscious Food 

This is a very popular brand that makes the best organic food products. The company processes food products for consumers using highly natural resources. Conscious Food is an organic brand in Mumbai that has both a retail location and an online store to better serve its customers. They provide high-quality nutritional value and help promote natural biodiversity.


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