Top Vermicompost Companies in India: List and Best

Vermicompost is a by-product of the process known as decomposition which is carried out by worms, earthworms, wigglers, etc. If worms are used in the process of decomposition, this process is called vermiculture. The final product or process is an organic substance that is useful in a variety of ways. Vermicompost is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus and these are essential for healthy plant growth.

Top Vermicompost Companies in India
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Another advantage of vermicompost is that it contains water, so there will be no problem like low water supply or high-water supply. In addition to making vermicompost, you can also buy vermicompost for your farm or home garden at the store or through online sites. Check out top Vermicompost companies in India below.

Top vermicompost companies in India

Trustbasket Organic Vermicompost 

  • This product enhances the soil with microorganisms and attracts deep-pitched scissors that already exist. 
  • Trustbasket is a leading online store in India. It offers you all kinds of items or materials you need for gardening purposes, in addition, it is also providing gardening kits such as vertical gardening pots, vertical gardening stands, and more. 
  • They also provide composters; they also provide seeds and plants. 
  • You can also buy gardening tools here.
  • You can also take a look at fertilizers and pesticides. 
  • This is one of the leading stores in India, reasonably priced.

Booster Organic Vermicompost 

  • It is one of the best vermicompost companies in India and it can be used in kitchen gardens, terrace gardens, lawns, and fields. 
  • The quality and price of the product are efficient.
  • The product is environmentally friendly.
  • Booster organic vermicompost speeds up the process of germination.
  • Provides better aeration and it is the process of providing air i.e., carbon dioxide to the plant.
  • Most importantly, booster organic vermicompost is cost-effective. 

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Ugaoo Vermicompost 

  • They provide a nutritious organic supplement used in home gardening to promote the healthy and rapid growth of plants. It is designed to remove thick soil and improve water retention. Furthermore, it is well-structured and contains important soil organisms for soil enrichment. 
  • Ugaoo vermicompost is a very popular company in India, available in 5 kg packs.
  • The structure of Ugaoo vermicompost is excellent and it is perfectly fine in the soil which enhances plant growth, due to the nutrients in the soil. 
  • As the main function of any vermicompost, Ugaoo vermicompost is good for water retention.
  • Ugaoo vermicompost for farming purposes.
  • It is one of the best vermicomposts in India, the product is completely reliable.
  • The product demand is very high.
  • Ugaoo vermicompost is cost-effective.

HK Global Enterprises 

Based in Bangalore, India, HK Global Enterprises is a well-known trading business for a wide range of products – from machinery to organic products. This business works on used sewing machines, vermicompost, earthworms, vermicompost beds, hollow blocks, and concrete blocks. Demanding products will be purchased and delivered according to the needs of the customers.

Products will be delivered after order confirmation. This company has all the facilities for proper and hassle-free delivery of products to customers’ preferred locations. This company works with the vision of becoming a reliable destination for a wide range of consumables under one roof. 

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Vermicompost Mixing
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Suman Vermicompost 

Suman vermicompost is an excreta of earthworms, which is rich in humus and nutrients. In this, earthworms grow artificially in brick tanks or near tree trunks (especially horticultural trees). By feeding these earthworms with biomass and observing the food (biomass) of earthworms, and produce the required amount of vermicompost.

This vermicompost is available at very competitive prices. It improves soil texture, texture, aeration, and water-holding ability and prevents soil erosion. Apart from improving the soil environment, it is also rich in beneficial microflora such as fixers, P-solubilizers, cellulose decomposing microflora, etc. 

Cocogarden Enhanced Vermicompost 

  • It provides balanced plant nutrition that promotes overall plant growth as well as shoot and root growth. 
  • It increases soil fertility with high levels of beneficial microorganisms. 
  • It is a balanced plant nutrition source that provides an excellent effect on overall plant growth, shoot, and root development. 
  • Increase soil fertility with all kinds of beneficial microorganisms. 
  • Controls pathogens and nematodes.

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Vedhahi Vermicompost 

  • It provides high-grade fine quality vermicompost in which the ratio of macro and micronutrients is higher than that of garden compost. 
  • Vermicompost promotes flowering and fruiting plants as well as improves soil fertility and moisture. 
  • It promotes plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases soil permeability and microbial activity, and improves water retention and aeration. 
  • Premium 100% organic fertilizer includes cocoa peat, cow manure, vermicompost, vermiculite, organic compost, and organic fertilizer with all essential nutrients. 
  • Suitable for all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants containing micro and macronutrients. Provides 4 times better growth. 

Jaipur Agrigold Organic Vermicompost 

Jaipur Agrigold Vermicompost helps maintain plant water capacity and improve plant growth by reducing infection. Helps in organic farming by acting like a harmless fertilizer that has enriched the soil with microorganisms. It is far ahead in maintaining the water capacity of the soil. Vermicompost for plants suppresses diseases and strengthens their growth. Earthworms help maintain plant health and growth. Natural, easy to store, and healthy. 

Jaipur Agrigold vermicompost acts as an organic fertilizer that provides nutrients to the soil, helping plants to fight diseases by promoting healthy growth. It also helps to increase the water retention capacity of the soil, thus helping the plants to benefit from it. It is easy to store and has proved to be a natural solution for standard organic farming. It may be the best harmless option for plants, causing no disruptions in their growth by carrying out organic farming.

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VEEEN VGSAL Vermicompost 

This product is made from cow dung manure and red wiggler earthworms, which are thought to be the best in the vermicomposting process. VGSALES brings the best of the best for your plants, cow dung dry manure is a great source of growth for garden plants. Enriched with nitrogen. When converted into manure and fed to plants and vegetables, cow manure becomes nutritious manure. It can be mixed with soil or used as a top dressing.

Cow dung is an indigestible residue of plant matter that passes through the intestines of animals. The resulting substance is rich in minerals. Farmer-friendly cow dung dry manure is pure natural. This is the highest quality natural fertilizer. This is ideal for your plants in lawns, home gardens, pots, indoor plants. It also makes an ideal combination of potting mix. VGSALE Dry cow dung is a 100% pure natural organic chemical without pesticides.

IFFCO Urban Gardens Vermicompost 

  • This is a nutritious gardening supplement that enhances the soil with beneficial microorganisms and treats it with semi-bio-pesticides. 
  • It is premium vermicompost, made with a patented process that converts pure cow dung into compost, ensuring world-class quality products. 
  • It is an active biological compound of bacteria and enzymes and is rich in biologically available plant nutrients such as concentrated nitrate, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 
  • Application – For potted plants, add 300 grams of nutrient-rich per 1 kg of soil. For lawn and garden beds, broadcast 500 grams of nutritional-rich per square meter. Add to the topsoil and mix every 15-20 days.

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Shehri Kisan Vermicompost 

  • They offer organic fertilizers and manures that can be mixed with garden soil and used as plant food and whole plant food. 
  • It is an organic fertilizer and fertilizer that can be mixed into garden soil. Acts as plant food and provides complete plant food. Especially effective when you mix vermicompost with cocopeat-based soil. 
  • Any high-quality vermicompost should be considered as organic fertilizer for the house, flower, rose, fruit, pot, bonsai, basil, and indoor potted plants.

It is Premium Enhanced Vermicompost – Enriched with premium organic growth booster granules to compensate for the loss of any nutrients due to moisture or sunlight or during transit. Acts as plant food and provides complete and balanced plant food. Especially effective when you mix vermicompost with cocopeat-based soil. 

Application – For existing plants, put a fine layer or a handful (40-50 grams in weight) in the top layer of plant soil. Choose a morning or late evening for this activity. After applying vermicompost, generously water the plant. For newly planted soil – use 30 to 40% vermicompost with garden soil and plants. Water the soil whenever it dries. Apply regularly for better plant growth and it can be applied at intervals of 2-3 weeks. 

Swadeshi Blessings Vermicompost 

  • The presence of neem extract in this vermicompost enhances the immunity of plants against stress and disease. It is easily absorbed by plant roots as it is natural and organic. Organizes the soil with beneficial microorganisms and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 
  • The presence of neem extract enhances the plant’s resistance to stress and disease. 
  • It is easily absorbed by plant roots as it is 100% natural and organic. (Only 20-30% of DAP food is absorbed, the rest is left in the soil which lowers the soil pH level and even hardens it.) 


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