Vaccination in Broilers farming and Disease Control

Vaccination in Broilers and Disease Control:-

Prevention and Control of disease in poultry farming:- In poultry industry primarily emphasis is given more on prevention and control than curative measures.

  1. Make sure to start with disease free stock.
  2. Should Vaccine chicks against Ranikhet & Merek’s disease at Hatchery.
  3. Should use coccidiostal to prevent coccidiosis.
  4. Should Keep feed free from aflatoxins.
  5. Do not allow visitors or outsiders and attendants inside the poultry house unless they wear disinfected boots and clean clothing.
  6. Should cover floor with clean litter with 3 inch depth.
  7. All-in-one system of rearing chicks should be followed to ensure less disease problems.
  8. Must provide foot bath provision at the shed entrance.
  9. Must provide clean and fresh water daily.

A) Viral:-

1) Ranikhet / New Castle Disease  and Symptoms: Below are the symptoms of the disease.

  1. Affects all the birds of the farm.
  2. Difficulty in breathing.
  3. Nasal discharge.
  4. Anorexia.
  5. Greenish diarrhea.
  6. 90-100% mortality.

Prevention measures: Should give early vaccination with F1 followed by R B vaccines.

2) Marek’s Disease and Symptoms:

  1. Affects all the birds in the farm.
  2. Droopy wings, lameness, paralysis.
  3. Should expect 60 – 75% mortality of birds.

Preventive measures: No treatment, only early vaccination will help.

B) Bacterial Diseases:

a)  Salmonellisis and Symptoms:

  1. Chalky white diarrhoea.
  2. Sudden death.
  3. Pasted vent.
  4. Affects all age groups.
  5. Depression and loss of weight.

How to Treat?

  1. Should Use effective antibiotic (Better to contact nearest veterinary centre).
  2. Recovered chicks act as a source of disease and thus better to cull.

b) Colybacillosis and Symptoms:

  1. Affects all age groups.
  2. Diarrhoea.
  3. Swelling of joints
  4. Dizziness.
  5. Oedematous comb and wattle.
  6. Expect mortality rate up to 90%.

Treatment: Antimicrobials (Should contact nearest veterinary centre).

C) Fungal Diseases-

a) Brooder pneumonia / aspergillosis and Symptoms:

  1.  Affects chicks.
  2.  High mortality.
  3.  Respiratory problem.
  4.  Swollen eye and head.

How to prevent it?. Use antifungal (Can contact nearest veterinary centre).

D) Helminthic Diseases and Symptoms:

  1. This disease affects mostly layer birds.
  2. Inappetance.
  3. Causes in poor body growth.
  4. Ruffled feather.
  5. Causes diarrhea.

Treatment to prevent: Should use anthelmintic every 8 weeks (Should contact nearest veterinary centre)

E) Protozoan Diseases:-

a) Coccidiosis & Symptoms:

  1. It causes bloody diarrhea.
  2. It causes high mortality rate.


1) Proper management is necessary.

2) Should use anticoccidiosis ( should contact nearest veterinary centre).

 Vaccination in Broilers :- 

Disease type Age of birds
Marek’s  1st day (generally given in hatchery) 0.2ml s/c 
Ranikhet  5 day (f-strain) 
Gumboro / IBD  7  to 9 days 
Gumboro / IBD  16 to 18 days (Booster dose 
Ranikhet  30 days (f-strain)