Weekend Farming, Weekend Agriculture Guide

Weekend Farming:

Today, we discuss the topic of weekend farming or weekend agriculture for professionals and students.

Weekend Farming is nothing but a farm tour went during weekends and holidays. It t is also known as weekend agriculture, weekend farm tour and so on. The word has come into sound in the present past as many IT professionals and other employees working for the whole week are looking towards enjoying pleasant holidays and cool weekends to relax over. Taking this into advantage many farmers, as well as other farming entrepreneurs, are making arrangements and providing facilities to the farm visitors coming on weekends for weekend agriculture or weekend farming. In this post, we will let you know all about weekend farming.

We also know that agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. But nowadays, due to lakh of natural resources, farmers are facing huge problems of cultivation. Weekend agriculture helps them to overcome such type of problems and helps in improving the economic status of the farmers and also conserve natural resources with ease. Weekend farming or weekend farm tour has become fun on farm tours.

The trend of Weekend Agriculture:

Weekend Agriculture.
Weekend Agriculture.

Mostly, IT professionals like software engineers and modern day busy people and corporate buzz working with stress all along the weekdays need pleasure to enjoy nature during weekends. As most of them are having holidays on the weekend that is Saturday and Sunday, the term weekend farming came into existence. The practice of weekend farming is mostly famous in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore where the IT companies and IT professionals are high. Weekend agriculture is also becoming famous in other cities also. The term weekend Agriculture has become much more famous when it used in the recent blockbuster Telugu movie Maharshi staring Super start Tollywood hero Mahesh Babu.

Weekend farming has become a unique new socio entrepreneurial initiative by some of the young urban farmers and drops out employees. This type of weekend farming presents a farm tour and farm concepts to the weekend farm visitors and urban people and enables them to connect back to the roots of conventional farming or agriculture. In the present past, many people are lacking connectivity with agriculture and nature. In order to overcome this, weekend farming helps them to channelize the eco-friendly leisure times in unique ways with the farm tours. In addition, it also projects and emphasis rural farmers and rural farming ecosystems. Furthermore, it also bridges the rural-urban divide people and also enhances the socio-economic status of the rural farmers.

It is a form of agritainment( agriculture + entertainment ) which involves the agriculture-based operations associated with the niche of nature and agriculture entertainment values with additional products. In addition, it also helps in farm fresh direct marketing between the farmers and the farm tour weekend farming visitors.

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Weekend Agriculture Operations in Farm Tours:

The operation depends on the stage of the crop or farm stage. If it is fruit orchard it depends on the age of the fruit trees or fruit plants. Weekend farming also depends on the farmer or the weekend farm. Some of the weekend farms also do offers organic products like farm fresh organic vegetables and organic fruits at their own farm. Some of the weekend organic farms also provide organic food prepared from organic vegetables which he served at their own farm. They serve mostly organic farm foods which are healthy and tasty. One can experience nature, the moment we enter into the farm. Some of the operations done during weekend farming are given below.

Kids at Weekend Farm Tour.
Kids at Weekend Farm Tour.

Puddling in Paddy:

Puddling in paddy is the tillage practice of making the wet soil to become tilth for the easy growing of paddy seedling. In addition, it also involves the transplanting of the paddy seedling where one can feel and gain beautiful natural experience.

Farm ponds:

Farm ponds in weekend farms is a good experience for every visitors. Farm ponds with fish farming area very good experience where one can have delicious organic fish dishes their itself at the farm. Swimming in farm ponds and farm wells in summer will be healthy and enjoyable than swimming in urban swimming pools.

Lunch in the weekend farming:

One can have a pleasant and peaceful lunch on the farm under a tree where one can get close to nature. Having lunch under a tree between the fields is wonderful to experience one can have in the weekend farm tours.

Cycling in Weekend farm tours:

One can go for cycling between the fields at the weekend farms having huge land or more than 20 acres.

Farm huts:

In some of the farms, they are having natural huts built using palm leaves and coconut leaves with straw and stubbles with walls constructed with clay soil. Having a power nap in such huts can be a good experience for a visitor at the weekend farm too.

Weekend Farm Marketing:

Some of the farmers of weekend farms are marketing their agri produce at their own fields to the farm tour visitors where the farmer can fetch good income at the same time, the visitor can get the frame fresh foods at less price than the stores and outlets in urban areas.

In addition, there are also various operations done in agriculture are done on the weekend farm tours which depends on the time of farm tours.

Weekend farm tours to mango and guava orchards and other fruit orchards are in practice since a long time where we see it as a pilgrimage but went once in a season. But, weekend farm tours to such places have become famous nowadays.

Conclusion: This is all about weekend farming. Weekend agriculture in Hyderabad, weekend farming in Bangalore are fetching and expanding. We will let you know the list of weekend farms and weekend farms contact numbers shortly.

Weekend Agriculture in Urban Areas:

Weekend Farming for Children.
Weekend Farming for Children.

Weekend agriculture is becoming among children living in urban areas too. School and other institutions, as well as business organizations, are sending their students and employees to weekend farm tours which help children let to know the agriculture practices and learning various farming methods. In addition, there are farms like active farm schools in a place called Vikarabad district located nearer to Hyderabad where they used to rear birds and domestic as well as some forest herbivores. Many schools are sending their students to such type of farm tour as per their schedule in order to let children know the farming practices like plowing, sowing, weeding up to the stage of harvesting where these young minds will know about how food is produced. The resort’s around the cities are also providing agri lands for weekend farming in their resort along with the additional facilities their itself. Weekend farming may be useful for this generation as well as upcoming generations too.

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  1. I want to learn farming (ORGANIC) not only to myself, but also make this as a movement and promote the same to all my friendly IT employees out there. Farming in the weekends was not for earning or getting some profits but to make sure that FARMING also SHOULD/CAN be made as a Full time Profession.


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