15 Best Chaff Cutter Machines in India: For Dry, Green Fodder Cutting, and Price List Included

Welcome to the world of efficient and versatile chaff cutter machines in India! Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or managing a larger agricultural operation, having the right chaff cutter can significantly streamline your fodder cutting process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 15 best chaff cutter machines available in India, carefully selected to cater to your needs, be it for dry or green fodder. We’ll also include a price list to help you make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements.

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What are Chaff Cutter Machines?

Chaff cutter machines are vital in modern farm operations, particularly livestock farming. Their significance stems from several crucial functions. Primarily, these machines are designed to efficiently cut green fodder, effectively addressing the problem of fodder wastage. When grass is not properly cut into manageable pieces, a significant portion often goes to waste as animals struggle to consume it efficiently.

Consider the case of a farm that raises cows, buffalo, and goats. Initially, they faced a substantial issue where 60% of their green fodder was wasted due to inadequate cutting. However, introducing a green fodder cutter machine effectively resolved this waste problem. Maize silage is a common choice for feeding livestock, and these machines enable the efficient transformation of large quantities of fodder into silage. Silage serves as a valuable resource for nourishing livestock throughout the year.

Types of Chaff Cutter Machines

Chaff cutter machines for agriculture come in two primary types: those with a motor and electric chaff cutters. The choice between these types depends on the farm’s scale and the number of animals being managed. For farms with more than five animals, motorized chaff cutters are recommended. They offer time and labor savings, as electric chaff cutters powered by electricity can cut an impressive 100 kg of grass in 10 minutes, making them indispensable tools for larger operations.

Adjustable Cutting Sizes

The cutting size of grass can be adjusted to accommodate various factors, such as stem and leaf size, ensuring optimal fodder management. Moreover, the motor’s power significantly influences production rates, with motor options ranging from 1HP to 5HP, allowing for faster grass cutting to meet specific farm requirements.

15 Best Chaff Cutter Machines in India

KCI Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter Machine: Perfect for Dry and Green Fodder

KCI, a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter, offers a Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter for agricultural use, priced at Rs 32,000 per piece. This semi-automatic machine, with a cutting capacity of 200-400 kg/hr, is designed for cutting corn stalks for livestock feed. It operates with an electric motor with a 1-3 HP power range, with a specific 1.5hp motor for efficient performance.

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Best Chaff Cutter Machines in India

The machine is made from durable iron material with a 25mm thickness, ensuring longevity even under heavy usage. KCI offers various chaff cutter models, including 1.5hp, 2hp, 3hp, and 5hp electric motors, blower-type chaff cutters, horizontal or compact chaff cutters, pulverizer functions, and tractor-operated chaff cutters. These high-quality chaff cutters are widely used in Tamil Nadu’s livestock department, AAVIN, milk societies, and dairy farms.

Vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter: Best for Large Volumes of Fodder With High-speed Precise Cutting

The Vidhata JF 2D chaff cutter is an electric machine that offers more than just grass cutting. While it comes at a higher cost than the JB100, it provides the added capability to cut grasses and grind various grains for concentrate feed. The JF 2D is a robust machine imported from Brazil capable of grinding maize, wheat, and various grains.

This heavy-duty chaff cutter stands out in the market, competing fiercely with other grass cutter machines. It’s even colloquially called the “kutti machine” in some Indian villages. Many dairy farms have embraced the JF 2D, and their satisfaction underscores its worth. Despite its price of around 42,000 Rs with a motor, having the Vidhata JF 2D on the farm is a valuable investment. This machine operates on a 3-phase power supply, making it a powerful addition to agricultural operations.

Jay Bhavani JB100 Chaff Cutter: Best for Both Dry and Wet Fodder Cutting

The Jay Bhavani JB100 chaff cutter is a multipurpose machine from the Vidhata company in Rajkot. It can cut green fodder and grind grains like maize, wheat, barley, etc. The reliable machine can cut green fodder for 100 small animals in less than 15 minutes. It is suitable for goat, dairy, sheep, and horse farming.

The machine is built heavily from inside and outside, with a grinding capacity of 50 kg in 7 minutes. The maintenance is zero, only requiring greasing twice a month. The machine is run in a single phase, making it a reliable solution for goat, dairy, sheep, and horse farming. The machine is priced at 25000 rs with a motor and features a pulverize fitted.

Krishna Industries Chaff Cutter Machine: Best for Tough Fodder With Different Cutting Lengths

Krishna Auto Industries is a leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty Graded Steel Casted Chaff Cutting Machines, renowned for their precision and reliability. The company offers a range of products including LNT Mark 2 Roller Chaff Cutter Heads, Birla Mark 3 Roller Chaff Cutter Heads, LNT Chaff Cutter, Birla Chaff Cutter, Double V Belt 3 Blade Wheel Size 32”, Single V Belt 2 Blade Wheel Size 32”, and Plain Belt Wheel Size 32” and 36”.

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Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter

The company’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, located in Jalandhar, Punjab, ensures compliance with international quality standards. Krishna Auto Industries prioritizes client satisfaction, tailoring products to meet specific requirements and conducting strict quality checks. 

Rajkumar Agro Engineers Chaff Cutter: Best for Small-scale Dry and Green Fodder Cutting

Rajkumar has introduced the RJK-CC-7 chaff cutter, designed for cutting dry and green fodder into small, digestible pieces for cattle. This machine eliminates fodder wastage and enhances digestibility for livestock. It can chop various types of fodder, including Bajra, Jawar, Corn, Barseem, Sugarcane, Paddy, Grass, and Groundnut. The machine has a production capacity of 1 to 2 tons per hour and operates with a 15 HP electric motor.

It is suitable for cattle farming, dairy farms, mushroom farms, and jute industries. Established in 1994, Rajkumar is a trusted manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and innovation. They offer cutting-edge processing equipment to clients in India and Asia, including oil expellers, pulverisers, and high-performing chaff cutters.

B Kay Industries Chaff Cutter Machine: Best for Precise Cutting

BKAY has introduced the Chaff Cutting Machine, a high-performance equipment designed to cut various types of fodder and straw into smaller, manageable pieces for animal feed. The machine can feed fresh grass, corn stalks, dry grass, and straw and has an electric motor with 1-3 HP. It has a cutting capacity of 400-600 kg/hr and is made of iron, ensuring durability and reliability. This versatile tool significantly improves fodder management on farms.

Vinspire Agrotech Chaff Cutter: Perfect for Dry and Wet Fodder Chaffing

Vinspire Agrotech Pvt Ltd, a reputable manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of agricultural equipment, has introduced a heavy-duty Blower Type Chaff Cutter with a 3 HP motor, capable of processing both green and dry grass. The machine, weighing around 175 kg, is designed to handle substantial workloads and significantly enhance fodder preparation for livestock.

Originating in India, Vinspire Agrotech Pvt Ltd has a well-structured infrastructure that supports their growth. The machine is designed to handle substantial workloads, significantly enhancing fodder preparation for livestock. The commitment to quality and innovation has led to a diverse product range, including chaff cutters, brush cutters, earth augers, and more.

Guru Nanak Agriculture Chaff Cutter: Best for Large Volume of Fodder With Different Cutting Lengths

The Guru Nanak Agriculture Chaff Cutter is a machine that can handle large volumes of fodder and cut crops into small pieces for animal feed or organic manure. It also processes threshed grains. The APCC9Z-2 model features an adjustable hand lever for easy operation. It can process up to 600 kg of crop residues per hour, optimizing farm space for other activities.

The machine operates on standard 220V power, eliminating the need for additional wiring. It comes with six high-quality carbon steel blades, sourced from Germany and heat-treated for durability even under heavy use.

Saro Agro Industrial Ltd Chaff Cutter: Best for Green and Dry Fodder

Saral Agro Private Limited has introduced the CHOPKING BT-3 Blower Type Chaff Cutter, designed for efficient fodder cutting. This heavy-duty, reverse-forward gearbox system is suitable for dairy farmers managing 10-50 animals. The 3HP motor operates at a speed of up to 2000 kg/hr, making it suitable for various farming operations.

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Heavy Duty Chaff Cutting Machine

The machine feeds fresh grass, straw, and dry grass and has a semi-automatic operation. The body is made of mild steel, with a cutting size of 6-20 mm and three blades and throwing panels. The machine is suitable for 10-50 animals farms and is a valuable addition to any dairy or animal farming operation.

Prabhat Agro Chaff Cutter Machine: Best for Small Scale Farmers to Cut Both Dry and Wet Fodder

Prabhat Agro has introduced the PC300FCM, a 3HP Heavy-Duty Chaff Cutter with Motor, designed to streamline fodder cutting processes. This machine can handle both green and dry grass with a cutting capacity of 800-1000 kg/hr. It is powered by a 3-5 HP electric motor and can cut materials into 15-25mm pieces.

The cutter features high-quality carbon steel blades and a durable iron and mild steel construction. It is suitable for various agricultural applications and offers convenience, durability, and high performance. The machine feeds fresh grass and is semi-automatic. Made in India, the PC300FCM is a reliable and efficient solution for processing fodder.

Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works Chaff Cutter: Best for Precise Cutting

Bhajan Engg. Works is a renowned manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of agricultural implements, including Reaper Pulleys, Straw Reaper Pulleys, Thresher Pulleys, Chaff Cutter Pulleys, and Castings. They also produce construction lift machines and industrial pulleys. Operating in both national and international markets, they prioritize quality using high-tech machinery and use the finest raw materials. Their products are user-friendly, durable, and dimensionally accurate. 

Vishwakarma Agro Industries Chaff Cutter Machine: Best for Tough Fodder With Different Cutting Lengths

The Vishwakarma brand mulcher is a high-efficiency agricultural machine designed for versatile crop threshing beyond paddy crops. With a 35 hp power requirement, it can process 1800 to 2500 kg/hr. The semi-automatic thresher has a thresher drum length of 800mm and dimensions of 5700mm X 1350mm X 1950mm.

It comes with three thresher knives and a 37.5KW motor. It offers durability and longevity. It features a hopper for automatic feeding, cutting blades, aspirator blowers for residue separation, and a shaking & bagging unit for seed collection. It offers increased production in less time and 25% higher efficiency compared to other machines.

Kovai Classic Industries Chaff Cutter: Can Cut Both Dry and Green Fodder Effectively 

KCI has introduced the Horizontal Chaff Cutter, a revolutionary chaff cutting technology. This machine, powered by a 2 hp motor, has an output capacity of 800 kgs per hour and a blade speed rotation of 88 RPM. It simplifies the chaff cutting process and is exclusively manufactured in South India. Farmers can now access this high-speed solution directly from the source. KCI’s special offers offer farmers the opportunity to revolutionize their farming operations with the best-in-class horizontal chaff cutter.

Sri Andal Agri-Based Implements Chaff Cutter Machine: Suitable for Small-scale Farmers to Cut Both Dry and Green Fodder

Top-quality 1HP, 1.5HP, and 2HP Agricultural Chaff Cutter Machines at competitive prices. These multifunctional machines are designed for agriculture, offering high durability and minimal maintenance. They come in various sizes, including Mini Tractor Operated Chaff Cutters, Shredder cum Chaff Cutters, Garden Chaff Cutters, and Chaff Cutters with Motors.

These machines are essential for efficient cutting and crushing large quantities of chaff, crops, and pests. Made from premium materials, they undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure top-notch performance. With their durability, low maintenance, and affordability, these machines are an excellent choice for farmers seeking the best quality at competitive prices.

Shree Ram Agro Industries Chaff Cutter: High Performance With Precise Fodder Cutting

The Shreeram Agro Stainless Steel Chaff Cutter is a versatile machine designed for efficient chaff cutting. It operates on an electric motor and offers both automatic and manual operation modes. With a cutting capacity of 600-800 kg/hr, it can handle a significant volume of fodder. Made from durable stainless steel and steel materials, it ensures longevity and performance. Operating at 240 volts, it comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a reliable choice for small and large-scale agricultural needs.

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Chaff Cutter

Chaff Cutter Price List in India

BrandPrice Range (INR)Power UsageCutting Capacity (kg/hr)WarrantyAutomation Grade
AgriPro10,000 – 30,000Electric300 – 8001 yearAutomatic
JF-Stoll40,000 – 80,000Electric800 – 15002 yearsAutomatic
Farmex7,000 – 20,000Electric200 – 6001 yearManual
Sharpex8,000 – 25,000Electric300 – 7001 yearManual
Shreeram Agro12,000 – 35,000Electric600 – 8001 yearAutomatic/Manual
KCI8,000 – 18,000Electric400 – 6001 yearManual
SVB9,000 – 22,000Electric500 – 8001 yearManual


The Indian market offers a diverse range of chaff cutter machines catering to various needs, from dry to green fodder cutting. The top brands, including AgriPro, JF-Stoll, and Farmex, provide options suitable for different budgets and requirements. Ensure to consider factors like power usage and warranty when selecting the ideal chaff cutter for your farming needs.


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