Amaranthus Cultivation Income, Cost, Yield, Project Report

A step by step guide to Amaranthus cultivation income, profit per acre

Hello farmers, wondering how much money can be made out of 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation? here is the complete guide to Amaranthus cultivation income, cost, yield and profits. Amaranthus (Amaranthus Sp.) is the most important leafy vegetable crop that belongs to the family of Amaranthaceae. In recent years, cultivation of leafy vegetables became a boon for the farmers with small landholdings.  In amaranthus there are two types one is leafy type and another one is grain type. Amaranthus well suits in crop rotation because of its very short duration and large yield of edible matter per unit area. Leaves and tender stems of this plant are rich in protein, minerals, vitamin A and C. The fresh tender leaves and stem are delicious when cooked and consumed like leafy vegetables

The seed rate of 2.5-kilograms is needed for sowing in one acre of land in the case of broadcasting. However, if sow the seeds in the well-prepared beds the rate will be less compared to the broadcasting method like 0.8 -1.0 kilograms per acre. Harvesting can be done after 25 days after sowing. Harvesting may extend up to 90 days after sowing. The farmer can reap out the total yield of 10-12 tonnes of green leaves per acre.

Amaranthus Farming Profit.
Amaranthus Farming in 1 Acre.

Nowadays in the market I amaranthus fetching an average price of Rs. 11 per kilogram. Here we will discuss the cost of the cultivation of amaranthus in one-acre land. Amaranthus can be cultivated round the year irrespective of the season.

Soil andClimate for Amaranthus cultivation:

It can be grown in a wide range of soils, however, well-drained loamy soils are best for this crop. Heavy soils with poor drainage and sandy soils with poor water holding capacity are not suitable for the cultivation of amaranths. It can be grown in a pH range of 5.5.-7.5. However slightly acidic is preferred

Amaranthus is a warm-season vegetable crop. So it does well under warm climatic conditions. However it can be grown in all kinds of climatic conditions, the temperature of 22-30 ̊ is suitable for the cultivation of amaranthus. Amaranths are highly resistant to drought.

Amaranthus Varieties





Chhoti chaplain

Badi Charlie







Cost of cultivation for 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation

Cost of seed material:

Nowadays there is many high yielding types are available in the market like Arkavarna, Arkasamraksha. The cost of kilogram seeds costs around  Rs.400-500. It requires 2-2.5 kilograms to sow in one acre of land. On average a farmer has to expend Rs.1,000 on seed material.

Cost of land preparation:

Plough the soil to a fine tilth. Incorporate the 10 tonnes of farmyard manure into the soil. We have to prepare the beds of convenient size, providing with irrigation channels running between every two rows of beds. For ploughing, preparation of beds we have to pay out around Rs. 4,000.

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Cost of sowing:

Amaranthus cultivation can be carried out round the year. But March to September is the best months to start amaranthus cultivation. Seeds can be broadcasted on a well-prepared bed after mixing with fine sand as the seeds are small in size. If the hand sowing is practiced we have to place the seeds in very shallow depths. Sowing of 1 acre can be done with the help of 3 female labor. If we pay Rs.200 for each this will costs around Rs. 600.

Cost of weeding:

Always crop should be kept free from weeds. Chemical weedicides are not recommended mostly to spray on amaranths. Mostly it is better to grow with manual weeding. Weeding should be done before the application of urea after each harvest if done. The average cost of weeding will be Rs.2,000 if 3 weedings were done with the help of 3 female labor each time.

Fertilizer cost for 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation:

8-10 tonnes of farmyard manure should be mixed with the soil during ploughing this will cost around Rs.12000. It requires 20:20:20 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. After every cutting urea should be applied for increased leaf growth. The cost of fertilizers will vary around Rs. 3,000.

Cost of pesticides:

Leaf Webber and white rust are the common pest and diseases of the amaranthus. Normally no insecticides are recommended to spray on amaranths as the leaves are edible parts. However, if it is necessary we have to spray the chemicals. On average the cost of this operation is Rs.800.

Cost of miscellaneous activities:

This includes the cost of irrigation, land revenue, land rent, electricity charges and cost of family labor, etc. it will be around Rs. 4,000.

Cost of harvesting and loading:

Amaranthus reaches to harvesting maturity after 25-30 days after sowing. Young seedlings are pulled out with roots, washed, tied into bundles and sent to market. The subsequent cuttings can be made at each 6-10 days interval. In total, we can take 6-10 cuttings. Each cutting requires 2 labor on an average basis. However if there any extra need for labor this cost may extend up to Rs.5,000.

Transportation cost:

The harvested leaves have to be marketed after tied into bundles at nearby markets so transportation charges may vary up to Rs.1,200.

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Total cost of 1 acre Amaranthus farming:

Cost of seed material- 1,000

Cost of land preparation- 4,000

Cost of sowing- 600

Cost of weeding- 2,000

Cost of Pesticides- 800

Fertilizer cost- 12,000+3,000

Cost of miscellaneous activities- 4,000

Cost of harvesting and loading- 5,000

Cost of transportation-1,200

Total cost incurred in 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation:

The total cost of cultivation involved in Amaranthus cultivation was Rs.33,600 besides this if we assume an extra 10 percent cost to the various activities total cost of cultivation will be around Rs.36,960.

Total income from 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation:

The average market price for amaranthus leaves is Rs 11 per kg. Consider 10 tonnes as an average yield per one acre. Farmer can get around Rs.1,10,000.

Net profit from 1 acre Amaranthus farming:

It is the result of the difference between total returns and the total cost incurred in cultivation. Then it will be like this

Rs. 1,10,000-Rs. 33,600 = Rs. 76,400

Therefore the farmer can get a net income of Rs.76,400 from 1 acre Amaranthus cultivation. There might be little differences in costs depending upon the various factors like market, labor demand, climatic conditions, and incidence of various pests and diseases, etc.


In small landholdings cultivation of amaranthus will fetch good returns for farmers in 3-4 months. In a year farmers can take 2-3 crops easily with amaranths cultivation.

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