Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Telangana: Saplings Suppliers of Hybrid and High Yield Fruit

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In Telangana, grafted fruit plant nurseries are flourishing, offering hybrid and high-yield fruit varieties. These nurseries utilize grafting techniques to combine desirable traits from different plants, improving disease resistance and higher yields. Telangana’s favorable climate and rich soil have made it a hub for cultivating various fruit trees.

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The state’s horticulture industry has seen remarkable growth, with grafted fruit plants ensuring quality saplings for fruitful harvests. These nurseries are key players in meeting the growing demand for superior-quality fruit saplings.

What are Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries?

Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries are hubs for cultivating high-quality fruit-bearing trees. These nurseries employ a specialized technique called grafting, where a desirable plant’s shoot or bud is joined to a hardy rootstock, resulting in enhanced fruit production and disease resistance.

Grafting facilitates the growth of hybrid fruit varieties that combine the best traits of different plants. These nurseries offer diverse grafted plants, including Mango, Guava, and Citrus. By grafting, they ensure consistent fruit quality, reduced time to harvest, and better adaptation to different soil and climate conditions. 

Advantages of Grafted Fruit Plants

  1. Enhanced Disease Resistance: Grafted plants often inherit disease-resistant traits from the rootstock. For instance, a grafted apple tree can resist common fungal infections better than non-grafted ones.
  2. Faster Fruit Production: Grafted plants typically bear fruit sooner than those grown from seeds. A grafted pear tree might produce delicious pears in 2-3 years, while a seed-grown one could take much longer.
  3. Consistent Fruit Quality: Grafted plants maintain uniform fruit characteristics. A grafted grapevine ensures that each grape cluster has the same size and flavor, ensuring top-notch quality.
  4. Adaptability to Soil Conditions: Grafted plants can thrive in diverse soil types. A grafted orange tree can flourish in both clayey and sandy soils, making it versatile for different landscapes.
  5. Climate Tolerance: Grafted plants can handle varying climates. A grafted cherry tree can withstand both cold winters and hot summers, making it suitable for regions with unpredictable weather.
  6. Increased Yield: Grafted plants often yield more fruit. A grafted plum tree may produce twice as many plums as its non-grafted counterpart.
  7. Optimal Fruit Size: Grafted plants are bred for desired fruit sizes. A grafted peach tree can yield larger, juicier peaches perfect for fresh consumption.
  8. Space Efficiency: Grafted plants occupy less space. A grafted lemon tree can be grown in a compact garden or pot, saving valuable space.
  9. Ornamental Value: Grafted plants can have decorative features. A grafted flowering apple tree not only bears fruit but also boasts beautiful blossoms, adding aesthetic appeal to gardens.
  10. Preservation of Rare Varieties: Grafted plants help conserve unique and rare fruit varieties. A grafted avocado tree can preserve an heirloom avocado type that might otherwise disappear.

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Factors in Choosing a Nursery for Hybrid and High-Yield Fruit Varieties

Choose a nursery that offers a wide range of hybrid and high-yield fruit varieties to suit your needs. Ensure the nursery meets strict quality standards, providing healthy, disease-free plants. Choose a nursery with experienced staff who understand grafting and hybridization. Consider the nursery’s location and climate compatibility, offering varieties that thrive in your region. 

Research the nursery’s reputation and reviews to gauge plant quality and customer service. Compare prices among nurseries, considering the value offered, which may include guarantees, support, or superior quality plants. A slightly higher price might be justified if it includes guarantees, support, or superior-quality plants.

Best Government Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries in Telangana

These government nurseries are integral in promoting horticulture and offering a variety of grafted plants, especially hybrid and high-yield fruit saplings. They contribute to agricultural advancement and sustainability in their respective regions. The saplings they provide are tailored to enhance fruit quality, yield, and adaptability, ensuring a prosperous agricultural landscape.

Horticultural Research Station, Mulugu

The Horticultural Research Station (HRS) in Mulugu is a prominent center dedicated to advancing horticulture through research, development, and innovation. Located in Telangana, India, the station studies and propagates different horticultural practices, including grafting. Grafting is a specialized technique in which different plant parts are joined to form a single entity. At HRS Mulugu, several grafted plants are available, including fruit-bearing trees and ornamental plants. Some examples include:

  1. Mango Varieties: Specific grafted varieties like ‘Banginapalli’ and ‘Alphonso’ are available, combining different rootstocks for disease resistance and high yield.
  2. Citrus Varieties: Grafted citrus plants like ‘Mosambi’ and ‘Nagpur Orange’ are developed to enhance adaptability to local conditions.
  3. Special Varieties: The station has also developed unique grafted combinations like drought-resistant rootstocks with high-yielding scions.

The address of the Horticultural Research Station is Mulugu, Siddipet District, Telangana, India.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Warangal

KVK Warangal is a Telangana-based center that offers local farmers training, research, and support, focusing on innovative farming techniques like hybrid and high-yield fruit cultivation. The center, located in Warangal, Telangana, is the region’s agricultural innovation hub. KVK

Warangal offers grafted fruit plants, combining rootstocks of one plant with scions of another, resulting in hybrid varieties with enhanced characteristics like disease resistance and increased yield. Examples include mango-grafted varieties like ‘Amrapali’, citrus-grafted varieties like ‘Kinnow’, and pomegranate-grafted varieties like ‘Bhagwa’. These grafted plants enable farmers to achieve better productivity and quality, adapting well to local diseases.

National Horticulture Board Nursery, Hyderabad 

The National Horticulture Board Nursery in Hyderabad, India, is a leading horticultural hub that promotes hybrid and high-yield fruit cultivation. The nursery offers a wide range of grafted plants, catering to diverse agricultural needs. Located in Hyderabad, the nursery is easily accessible for enthusiasts and farmers.

Commonly grafted plants include whip and tongue grafting, which involves joining a desired fruit variety with a rootstock, and cleft grafting, which inserts a scion into a cleft in the rootstock. The nursery also offers special varieties, such as “Delicious Honeycrisp” grafted apple saplings, “Amrapali” mango varieties, and “Kinnow” grafted citrus saplings, known for their tangy flavor and juiciness. The nursery’s focus on horticultural activities and prime location make it a valuable resource for enthusiasts and farmers.

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Fruit Plant Nurseries in Telangana
Bhadradri Kothagudem Government Nursery
  • Location: Aswaraopeta
  • Establishment Year: 1991
  • Notable Plants: Mango, Coconut
Kothagudem Government Nursery
  • Location: Garimellapadu, Kothagudem Mandal
  • Establishment Year: 1983
  • Notable Plants: Mango
Aswaraopeta Government Nursery
  • Location: Achyuthapuram, Aswaraopeta
  • Establishment Year: 1989
  • Notable Plants: Mango, Coconut
Aswaraopeta Government Nursery (TS Oilfed)
  • Location: Aswaraopeta, Ashok
  • Notable Plants: Oilpalm
Nirmal Government Nursery
  • Location: Mudgal
  • Establishment Year: 1982
  • Notable Plants: Mango
Vikarabad Government Nursery
  • Location: Yennepally (V)
  • Establishment Year: 1982
  • Notable Plants: Guava
Khammam Government Nursery
  • Location: Chegomma (v)
  • Establishment Year: 2017
  • Notable Plants: Mango
Kamareddy Government Nursery
  • Location: Malthumeda (V)
  • Establishment Year: 1982
  • Notable Plants: Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Sapota
Siddipet Centre of Excellence (CoE), Mulugu
  • Location: Mulugu, Siddipet District
  • Establishment Year: 2017-18
  • Notable Plants: Mango, Pomegranate, Seethaphal seedlings, Miscellaneous, Sandalwood, Casuarina

Private Nurseries in Different Districts of Telangana

  1. Jagtial Nursery: Established in 1989 by Sadiq Ahmed, this nursery offers a variety of plants, including Mango, Sapota, Guava, Jasmine, and Rose. It is beside Shiva Ice Factory, NH 63, Nizamabad Road, JAGITYAL.
  2. Narsapur Nursery: Srikanth Nursery, located in Narsapur, was founded in 2020. It offers Dasheri, Benishan, Himayat Mango varieties, Allahabad Safeda and Lucknow 49 Guava varieties, Cricket Ball Sapota, and Balanagar Custard Apple.
  3. Nalgonda Nursery: Giragani Anjaneyulu’s Sri Venkataramana Nursery in Nalgonda offers Sweet Orange, Mango, Acid Lime, Custard Apple, and Sapota.
  4. Anumula Nursery: Anumula Saritha’s Yamini Nursery in Thripuraram focuses on Sweet Orange cultivation.
  5. Ranga Reddy Nursery: S. Sadak’s Sri ShiridiSaibaba Seed & Plants Suppliers in Nomula offers Guava and Lemon varieties.
  6. Ibrahimpatnam Nurseries: L. NarenderRao’s Sneha Nursery in Ibrahimpatnam specializes in Papaya cultivation. D. RavinderRao’s Kapil Agro Farms offers a diverse range, including Mango, Guava, Lemon, Custard apple, Sapota, Tamarind, and Fig.
  7. Suryapet Nurseries: V. Geetha’s Sri Srinivas Fruit Nursery offers Guava, Sweet Orange, Acid Lime, Fig, and more. V. Sandeep Reddy’s Sri Sai Nursery offers Guava, Acid Lime, Mango, and Sapota.
  8. Yadadri Bhongir Nursery: K Murali’s Sri Datta Agri Nurseries specializes in Banana (Grand Naine) and Papaya (Red Lady).
  9. Mahabubnagar Nurseries: Govt. HF, Pilallamarri offers Mango varieties.
  10. Medchal Nursery: G.V.K.Naidu’s Sam Agri Tech offers Avocado (Hass & Others).
  11. Sangareddy Nurseries: Sri. R.Narahari Goud’s Krishna Chaitanya Nursery offers Mango, Guava, Custard apple, Coconut, Chikoo, and Blueberry.
  12. Zaheerabad Nursery: Sri. Syed Ather Ali’s Khaled Bin Mohammed Al Habrez Nursery offers Mango, Guava, Custard apple, Chikoo, and Coconut.
  13. Nirmal Nursery: Sai Ganesh Nursery in Nirmal provides various Mango varieties like Banganpally, Dasseri, Kesari, Himayath, Mosambi, Taiwan Jama (pink and white), LHP Jama, Allahabad Safeda Jama, Seethapal, Pomegranate. Sai Ganesh Nursery is known for its extensive selection of fruit varieties, including unique and exotic options like Taiwan Jama.
  14. Bhadradri Kothagudem Nursery: Sareddy Narapa Reddy’s Bhadradri Nursery SDR&CO offers a range of fruit plants. Bhadradri Nursery offers a broad spectrum of fruit varieties, providing a one-stop solution for fruit cultivation needs.

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Where Can I Find the Best Grafted Fruit Plant Nurseries In Telangana?

Telangana is home to several renowned nurseries specializing in grafted fruit plants. Examples include Bharath Nursery in Peddapur, Sadashivpet, and Sai Ganesh Nursery in Nirmal. Local agricultural departments, horticultural societies, and online directories can provide detailed listings. Visiting local farmers’ markets or agricultural fairs may also lead to connections with reputable suppliers.

What Are the Benefits Of Grafted Fruit Plants?

Grafted fruit plants combine one plant’s rootstock with another’s fruit-bearing scion. Benefits include improved disease resistance, increased yield, faster growth, and the ability to combine desirable traits from different plants. Grafting can also enable plants to thrive in specific soil and climate conditions, enhancing adaptability.

Which Nurseries in Telangana Specialize In Hybrid Fruit Varieties?

Telangana nurseries like Bharath Nursery, Kheled Bin Mohammed Al Habrez Nursery, and Bhadradri Nursery specialize in hybrid fruit varieties. They offer a wide range of grafted and hybrid fruits, including mango, guava, custard apple, and more. These nurseries are known for their quality and expertise in hybridization techniques.

How Do I Choose the Right Saplings For My Garden Or Farm?

Choosing the right saplings requires understanding your soil, climate, and space. Consult with local nursery experts or agricultural extension services to identify suitable varieties. Consider factors like growth requirements, disease resistance, and desired fruit characteristics. Inspect saplings for health and vigor, and choose those free from signs of disease or damage.

What Are the High-Yield Fruit Varieties Available In Telangana Nurseries?

Telangana nurseries offer high-yield varieties of mango, guava, custard apple, Coconut, and more. Specific high-yield varieties include Banganpally mango, Acid Lime, and Taiwan Jama. These varieties are bred or grafted to produce more fruit, making them attractive for commercial farmers and home gardeners seeking abundant harvests.

Are There Any Government-Certified Nurseries for Grafted Fruit Plants In Telangana?

Yes, several government-certified nurseries in Telangana specialize in grafted fruit plants. These nurseries adhere to strict quality standards and are often involved in government agricultural initiatives. Certification ensures that the plants meet specific health and quality criteria, assuring buyers.

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How Does Grafting Improve Disease Resistance in Fruit Plants?

Grafting improves disease resistance by combining a disease-resistant rootstock with a desirable fruit-bearing scion. The rootstock’s resistance to soil-borne diseases is transferred to the entire plant, protecting the scion. This technique allows growers to cultivate varieties that might otherwise be susceptible to local diseases, enhancing overall plant health and productivity.

Where Can I Buy Specific Grafted Fruit Varieties Like Mango, Guava, Or Citrus in Telangana?

Specific grafted fruit varieties can be purchased from specialized nurseries in Telangana, such as Bharath Nursery for mango and guava or Sai Ganesh Nursery for diverse fruit types. Local agricultural fairs, farmers’ markets, and horticultural societies may also provide access to these specialized plants. Online platforms and agricultural extension services can guide you to reputable suppliers.

What Are the Prices Of Hybrid And High-Yield Fruit Saplings In Telangana Nurseries?

Prices of hybrid and high-yield fruit saplings vary based on variety, age, quality, and nursery. Commonly grafted varieties like mango might range from INR 50-150 per sapling, while specialized or rare hybrids may cost more. It’s advisable to contact specific nurseries or visit local markets for accurate pricing tailored to your needs.

How can I Care for Grafted Fruit Plants After Purchasing Them From A Nursery?

Care for grafted fruit plants involves proper planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and pest management. Plant in well-drained soil, following nursery guidelines for spacing and depth. Water and fertilize according to the need of the fruit variety. Regularly inspect for pests and diseases, and consult with local experts or extension services for guidance on pruning and ongoing care.

Are Any Nurseries Providing Support and Guidance For Growing Grafted Fruit Plants?

Many nurseries in Telangana offer support and guidance for growing grafted fruit plants. They may provide planting instructions, care guides, and access to expert advice. Organizations like the National Horticulture Board and local agricultural extension services also offer workshops, publications, and personalized assistance to support successful cultivation.

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Telangana’s best-grafted fruit plant nurseries offer a diverse range of hybrid and high-yield fruit varieties backed by expertise and quality assurance. They are vital resources for farmers and gardeners seeking innovative solutions for fruitful and resilient cultivation.


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