Best Place to Buy Plant Seeds Online in India: For Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, and Hybrid Seeds

Growing plants from seed are one of the happiest (and cheapest) ways to start a home garden. Whether new to the garden or a seasoned farmer, you are planting seeds is as simple as digging a hole, dropping in the seed, and giving it time, water, and sun. There are many advantages to ordering your seeds online. You’ll have access to more varieties than your local nursery.

Best Place to Buy Plant Seeds Online in India:
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For another, many of these companies offer plants, live plants, bulbs, and additional garden supplies. It is important to use only high-quality seeds as they yield better. With the right lighting and simple tools, growing from seed to harvest is easy. Initially, when it comes to choosing good quality seeds. Make sure you buy seeds from a reliable supplier. If you want to buy fruit seeds online, check its reviews and get guidance from an experienced person.

When it can be all about buying and growing fruit seeds online, reading the seed package also helps you better understand how to grow from seed: look for “harvest days” to help determine the last planting date. The biggest challenge for urban gardeners and farmers has been a lack of options for purchasing good quality organic seeds. 

Best place to buy plant seeds online in india

Different types of seeds

Flower seeds – Flowers make people happy and make them happy. To brighten your garden space, offer the widest variety of flower seeds online. Flower seeds include Lotus, Lily Bulbs, Rose, Zinnia, Petunia, Chrysanthemum, and many other bulbs. Flower seeds are selected from the best plants and have high germination rates. Flower seeds germinate best in coco peat and seeding trays. 

Vegetable seeds – A vegetable garden is a real adventure for gardening enthusiasts. Now you can buy high-quality vegetable seeds online in India and easily grow your vegetables in your kitchen garden. Seeds of common vegetables like Round Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Lady Finger, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Gourd, and others. Some exotic vegetable seeds like Broccoli, Jalapeno, Lettuce, Zucchini, and Chinese Cabbage.

You can try the following vegetable seeds Beans, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Lady Finger, Spinach, Peas, and Cluster Beans. They are very easy to grow. Get fresh ingredients from your garden. Be sure of the best health for you and your family when eating homegrown vegetables. Keep your choice of vegetable seed varieties simple, depending on the season. 

Fruits – For all fruit lovers, if you are interested in buying fruit seeds online, many companies offer the best quality seeds that are carefully selected to produce juicy and delicious fruits right in your backyard. 

Herbs – Herbs are essential to household needs and easy to grow. Many companies provide organic, open-pollinated herb seeds from the Common Mint, Lemongrass, Basil, and Parsley. Also, have exotic herbs like Celery, Black Basil, Thyme, and Oregano. Most herb seeds grow well in cocopots and seeding trays. 

Microgreen Seeds – Microgreen leaves are a great salad ingredient and are loved for their crisp and fresh taste. They can be up to 40 times more nutritious than their adult counterparts. You can harvest microgreens within 12-14 days of planting. 

Heirloom Seeds – Heirloom seeds have special characteristics that are desirable in plants. Gardeners are saving these seeds and passing them down through the generations to ensure that these unique plants will be around for years.

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Herb Seeds
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Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, which means that, unlike hybrid seeds, they will produce plants with most of the characteristics of their parent plants. If a seed is being passed down from generation to generation, you need to know that it is special. These plants’ quality, taste, hardiness, and beauty are exceptional. These heirloom seeds have passed many quality tests and perform well in your garden. 

Heirloom seeds produce a variety of vegetables with sharp flavors and rich nutrition and have been revered for generations. An heirloom variety of vegetables, fruit, or flower must be open-pollinated — or pollinated by insects, birds, wind, or other natural means — and “true-breed,” or retain its original characteristics from one generation to the next. Heirloom seeds are an important part of the country’s agricultural heritage and help ensure the genetic diversity of plant species. 

Hybrids – Hybrids are people intentionally crossing the pollen of two different plants to create a unique variety. Usually, this cross-pollination is done intentionally to create a final product with specific traits. Desirable traits include disease resistance, high productivity, hardiness, and high-quality produce.

Best places to buy seeds online  

1. Ugaoo 

Ugaoo has high-quality seeds resistant to pests and diseases, making it a favorite of many beginner and experienced gardeners. Ugaoohas a great range of seeds to suit your garden, from indoor to low-maintenance plant seeds. When you buy seeds from Ugaoo, you get a plant care guide for each seed that walks you through growing the plant. From local varieties of Sweet Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, and Parsley to Artichokes and Ageratum flowers, you can find a huge variety of good-quality organic seeds at Ugao0.

They pride themselves on providing high-yielding varieties that are highly resistant to pests and diseases, making them a good choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners. With each packet, buyers will find a detailed note on growing instructions and other relevant information. From sowing intervals to the amount of water to be given, Ugaoo believes in providing end-to-end guidance for growing a garden. 

2. Sahaja Seeds 

Sahaja gives more than 150 varieties of seeds from farming communities across the country, who have been preserving them for generations. The idea behind Sahaja seeds is that it is an open-source system that promotes open pollination. The seeds sold by Sahaja Company are non-GMO, have high nutritional value, and are hand-picked to enhance flavor.

3. The Home Depot 

Home Depot is a one-stop shop for getting high-quality seeds. They also have a decent garden area. If you’re working on multiple projects around your home and want to place an order, Home Depot is a great place to do it. The basket of confidence is the essence of seed life. To ensure the best results from your gardening project, it is recommended to use high-quality plant seeds. 

4. TrustBasket 

TrustBasket is a one-stop online store for all your gardening needs. Seeds are easily available online and offer assurance of the best quality parameters ever. Check out the extensive collection of Trust Basket Seeds Online India to ensure you have a vibrant, healthy garden. Give your garden a lively touch by accessing high-quality seeds online. Grow your vegetables by bringing home a premium range of high-yielding vegetable seeds online from TrustBasket.

If you want to grow your flower garden, buy from the summer flower seed kits product range. You can buy hybrid flower seeds at Trust Basket to beautify your garden with various colorful flowers. Also, provide online access to your garden’s high-quality Cosmos flower and Gerbera seeds. Leave no stone unturned when designing a beautiful garden with plant seeds online. This company provides high-quality seeds of the best hybrids of vegetables and flowers and open-pollinated seeds.

They sell a variety of seeds and planting materials for every spice, herb, flower, and vegetable. When you buy seeds from Trust Basket Company, you can expect freshness, better yield results, and highly hygienic packaging. Starting crops from seed is a satisfying way to grow your plants and vegetables. When choosing good quality vegetable seeds online in India, make sure you buy them from a trusted supplier, review them, and get guidance from experienced people when it’s all about buying and growing seeds online/store. 

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TrustBasket is engaged in providing a wide range of fruit seeds online. The seeds offered are sourced from plants cultivated using high-quality fertilizers and modern techniques in full compliance with the prescribed parameters of the industry.

Also, to meet the different demands of the customers, offer these seeds in different quantities at affordable prices. TrustBasket seeds are hygienically processed using advanced technology under the supervision of our expert professionals. A team of quality experts tested the offered seed on various quality norms. 

Features of TrustBasket seeds
  • Freshness 
  • Better yield result 
  • Hygienic pack 
  • Pest free 
  • Weed free 
  • Disease free 
  • Fast germination 
  • Good plant installation

5. AllThatGrows 

This company that’s perfect for you Brings healthy and nutritious seeds. Experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality seeds spans over a decade. This company provides homegrown vegetables with better flavors and nutrition than mass-produced vegetables. From exotic vegetables like Artichokes and Beans to home cooking staples including Eggplant and Radish varieties, fresh vegetable-based recipes will surprise you with every meal. 

AllThatGrows offers a large selection of online flower seeds for various Indian climates to get you started on your flower garden. Whether you want a fragrant flower garden or enjoy a variety of cut flowers for your office or home, our high-quality flower seeds will add the most unique and beautiful look to your gardens, large or small. Herbs are integral to every meal and allow one to experiment extensively with flavors. Fresh Basil and Oregano will add wonder to your pesto sauce, while lavender stands out for baking and aromatic teas. 

Buy herb seeds online at AllThatGrows and experience different flavors and aromas worldwide. Discover an array of good quality fruit seeds online at AllThatGrows and start growing exotic varieties in your kitchen garden. From Black Watermelons and Green Watermelons to Yellow Melons and Muskmelons, pick a variety of organic fruit seeds to help you add freshness to your small garden. 

6. Annadana Soil and Seed Savers 

This non-profit organization focuses on conserving India’s rich and diverse seed heritage. Through their efforts to help farmers adopt sustainable and chemical-free agricultural practices, they have promoted organic seed conservation, production, multiplication, and exchange of traditional heirloom vegetable varieties for nearly 19 years. This year, they revived 57 open-pollinated seeds. 

7. Nurserylive 

Nurserylive sells a wide range of seeds produced across the country. They provide avenue tree seeds, flowering plants, imported vegetable seeds of Indian and foreign herbs, and many more. The Nurserylive collection of fruit seeds solves this problem admirably with a diverse selection of fruit seeds from which to choose and grow your fruit. With the best quality vegetable seeds, Nursery Live can help you find high-quality vegetable seeds.

Raised beds on balconies and windowsills are all viable options for vegetable gardens. It would help if you had high-quality vegetable seeds to grow your own nutritious and delicious vegetables. Herbs also have therapeutic properties that help with digestion and sleeplessness. Herb seeds can be grown in pots and pans on the windowsill or outside with little daily care. The herb garden is ideal for a beginner just starting home gardening. 

You can get the best Indian herb seeds delivered to your doorstep at Nurserylive. When it comes to microgreens seeds, you’ll want to make sure you choose high-quality seeds intended to be used for germinating or growing. Microgreens at Nursery Live have the highest quality. Microgreen seeds ensure you produce the highest quality of these super nutrients. They are inexpensive and will easily fit into your budget.

8. Affordable Organic Store

This company provides the best quality gardening essentials at the most affordable prices. Affordable Organic Store is your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. This company provides high-quality gardening solutions, vegetables, flowers, herb and fruit seeds, and more. Seeds of common vegetables like Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Lady Finger, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Gourd, and others. Also, eat exotic vegetable seeds like Broccoli, Jalapeno, Lettuce, Zucchini, and Chinese Cabbage.

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Flower seeds
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You can try the vegetable seeds if you are a beginner: Beans, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Lady Finger, Spinach, Peas, and Cluster Beans. They are very easy to grow. Herbs are an integral part of household needs and are easy to grow. Provide organic, open-pollinated herb seeds from the very common Mint Seeds, Lemongrass, Basil, and Parsley. Also, have exotic herbs like Celery, Black Basil, Thyme, and Oregano.

Most herb seeds grow well in cocopots and seeding trays. Fruit seeds like Watermelon, Cucumber, and Muskmelon are very easy to germinate and grow. Fruit seeds like Papaya seeds can be easily grown in small spaces with sunlight. Many gardeners across India are also planting strawberry seeds. While all fruit seeds can grow year-round, strawberry seeds require slightly cooler temperatures to germinate. 

Flower seeds include Lotus Seeds, Lily Bulbs, Rose Seeds, Zinnia Seeds, Petunia Seeds, Chrysanthemum, and many other bulbs. Flower seeds are selected from the best plants and have high germination rates. For beginners, try easy-to-grow flowers like Marigold, Lotus, Nasturtium, Morning Glory, Zinnia and Dahlia, and Parijat. Flower seeds germinate best in coco peat and seeding trays. 

9. Seedbasket

It is one of India’s leading e-commerce marketplaces for online buying vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, grow bags, and another home/terrace gardening products. It also provides non-hybrid (open pollinated)/indigenous vegetable seeds in kitchen garden packaging. This company has no minimum order quantity/amount conditions; even a badge you order will be delivered via India with minimum shipping charges. 

Grow organic vegetables at home, enjoy eating your grown food, and lead a healthy life. Also, provide seeds in bulk and deliver them anywhere in India. Organic and hybrid varieties of fruit seeds for planting are available online, which are of high quality and have good germination rates and purity.

This company provides a huge collection of herbal seeds for various medicinal plants like Basil Green, Lemon Balm, Thyme, Mint, and others with the best quality for kitchen gardening needs at good discounted prices from Seedbasket, all in the most trusted and best online plant seed store. Vegetable seeds for leafy, non-leafy, exotic, hybrid and organic varieties for kitchen, home, and terrace gardening are available with good quality at low cost and heavily discounted prices. 

10. Plantsguru 

Plantsguru is a one-stop online platform that caters to all your needs to make this world green and beautiful. Plants bring natural beauty to our surroundings. Plantsguru offers a wide range of natural and artificial plants, gardening accessories, and everything you need to beautify your space. These organisms can affect your mind, body, and home in ways that can improve your life.

List of products ranging from flowering plants, Cacti, Succulents, Bonsai, ground covers, vegetable and flower seeds, ceramic pots, designer pots, and everything to give you an attractive and healthy environment. Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and keep oxygen flowing; they purify the air, reduce stress, and create a relaxing environment.

To make your space healthy and pleasing to the eye, have flowering plants, Avenue Trees, Aquatic Plants, Aromatic Plants, Cacti And Succulents, Ferns, Indoor Plants, Landscape Plants, Bamboo, all types of pots, and there is much more. 

11. Organic Bazar 

The main vision is to create a world where everyone can live a healthy, happy, and uncompromising lifestyle. Constantly innovating in our field to bring you healthy products at the best value. The organic Bazar team will continuously work to improve our product catalog and services, so they provide high-quality organic horticulture products at the best possible prices to all our customers across India.

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Garden seeds
Image Source is an online marketplace for horticulture products. This company focuses on gardening products that are not available in local stores to build your garden. A one-stop shop for all things garden has a wide variety of quality products at great prices. This company has a wide range of gardening essentials and useful advice and tips on this site to help you get the most out of your garden. 

Vegetable seeds are perfect for home, rooftop, and balcony gardening. Vegetable seeds like tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, Radish, Coriander, and Okra are easy to grow and available in this company. Vegetable seeds such as Tomato seeds can be easily grown in small areas with lots of sunlight. Many gardeners across India are also planting Brinjal seeds. Fruit seeds are perfect for home, small, and balcony gardeners.

Fruit seeds like Watermelon, Papaya, and Muskmelon are easy to grow and grow in the home garden. Fruit seeds like Papaya seeds can be grown easily, even in small areas with enough sunlight. Many gardeners across India are also planting strawberry seeds. You have never tasted any fruit better than the fruit of the garden. 

Tips for choosing and buying the best seeds 

A key to planning any garden is deciding how to get the plants. While purchasing transplants can help establish a growing space quickly, starting your plants from seed is a much more cost-effective option. There’s something about a fresh packet of seeds that feels full of potential for the growing season. And there are so many interesting varieties of vegetables, herbs, and even edible flowers to try that paging through the seed catalog.

However, it’s easy to go a little overboard and end up with more seeds than you need or ones that won’t do well in your garden. Before purchasing seeds for the upcoming growing season, many gardeners recommend the types and quantities of seeds you need. It’s usually best to buy a little more seed to account for low germination rates or other unexpected seed-starting problems. Buying seeds early in the winter will help ensure you can get all the varieties you want before the season sells out.

One of the main reasons they end up with old seeds, thinking about their viability, is that they bought more the year before. Look at the seeds you already have, and buy only what you need for this season’s planting. Many last for years, so keep that in mind. Don’t let seed catalogs tempt you into growing more plant varieties than your garden. If you already have a group, don’t let them go to waste. 

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Buy Plant Seeds Online6
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Whether a beginner or an experienced gardener, you can buy seeds that ensure quality. Healthy seeds for your family: don’t trade health for harvest. Do not sell pesticide and fertilizer-rich seed varieties. Provide open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and non-GMO heirloom seeds online. They come with considerable pest and disease resistance, cultivated over a decade with modern skills and traditional knowledge. Seed packets deliver seeds in a moisture-free pouch that preserves their potency.


Farmers and gardeners can buy high-quality and high-yielding seeds in India. Plants growing from seed is a great method to start planting early in the season. The best places to buy seeds online depend on the plants you are looking for. These top picks offer many high-quality vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more options.



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