Bonsai Tree Growing For Beginners

Bonsai Tree Growing:

Bonsai Tree Growing.
Bonsai Tree Growing.

Introduction to Bonsai Tree Growing:- What is Bonsai? Well, Bonsai is a Japanese art form using trees planted or grown in containers or pots. Penjing is the culture of art originated in China. In other words, The Japanese art of “Bonsai” said to be originated from the Chinese practice of penjing. As you know Bonsai trees are grown with the purpose to resemble real life trees and currently Bonsai trees are grown in most parts of the world. Most people believe that a Bonsai tree represents peace, balance & harmony. The great advantage of growing Bonsai plants is that it requires little space like window space or balcony. You can decorate indoor or outdoor with beautiful Bonsai collections. The major stages of Bonsai include; Growing, Pruning and Shaping. If you are just starting out having Bonsai, it is better to stick to certain types of trees that are suitable for Indian conditions. Let us put little more detail of Bonsai tree growing  in the following write-up.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Buying Bonsai Trees from Nursery or Shop:- Instead of growing Bonsai, most people start their hobby with buying a ready-made Bonsai tree (Pre-bonsai) in nurseries or shops or online. Follow these simple tips while buying ready-made Bonsai tree.

  • To have everything in a pack, you can look for a start kits which usually Beginners can have a look out for bonsai starter kits which contain a sapling, container, training wire, soil, rocks and instructions. In this way you know needs to look separately for required things.
  • Beginners should select Bonsai trees which require less maintenance and an easy-to-care for tree. You can check our Bonsai tree species guide or ask the seller before purchasing a Bonsai tree.
  • It is recommended to buy a Bonsai tree that is suitable for the place where you intend to grow. As we say, only indoor (sub-tropical) trees will do best in indoors and out door trees will thrive best in outsides.
  • In order to maintain and care of Bonsai, ask what species of tree you bought.
  • Finally, it is important to check the pot or container damage or leaks.
Bonai Fruiting.
Bonai Fruiting.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Growing Bonsai Trees or Propagation of Bonsai:- Bonsai trees can be grown from both seeds and cuttings. However, the most preferred method is growing from cuttings/ seedlings/ or pre-bonsai (Already developed young trees). Though already developed plant material is available, let us discuss more about both methods here.

  • Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Growing Bonsai from seeds:
    • First and foremost add a layer of a coarse, draining substrate in the container.
    • Add a layer of Bonsai soil (standard soil) for growing medium.
    • Now it’s time to buy or collect Bonsai tree seeds from reputed shops/nurseries. Some seeds may need scarification or stratification and this mostly depends on the tree species you select to grow.
    • After purchasing quality Bonsai seeds, Place the seeds on the soil, it is advised to leave some space between the seeds.
    • After placing the seeds in the container soil, add a top layer of standard Bonsai soil, about 2 centimetres.
    • To properly set the soil, use fingers to compact the soil a bit.
    • As a last step, water thoroughly to keep the seed bed moist from now on until seeds emerge or start germination. Once trees are grown alternate day of watering is enough.
  • Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Growing Bonsai form cuttings:
    • First and foremost add a layer of a coarse, draining substrate in the container.
    • Add a layer of Bonsai soil for growing medium.
    • Prune a few branches from source Bonsai tree which can be used as cuttings.
    • The tree branches should be pruned at an angle of 45 degrees, using a sharp knife.
    • Pruned cuttings should be placed at the depth of 2 cm in the soil.
    • Watering should be done immediate to keep soil moist. Initially make sure to maintain moist conditions for proper growth of cuttings. Usually, the cuttings will start growing in a matter of a few weeks.
Bonsai Flowering.
Bonsai Flowering.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Pruning of Bonsai Trees:- To have a nice shaped Bonsai, you should prune the tree and this pruning depends on the individual tree and the desired shape. However, pruning of Bonsai has two things; root pruning and foliage pruning.

  • Pruning of Bonsai roots: As we know Bonsai is grown in small pots or containers, their roots are prevented from growing. Pruning activity will ensure that there is space for the new roots to grow in the container, which is essential for healthy growing Bonsai tree.
  • Pruning of Bonsai foliage: This pruning will help you to get the design that you are looking for. Shape the tree as per your design. Removing any dead or diseased leaves ensures healthy growth of the tree.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Shaping of Bonsai Trees:- For creating required shape of the Bonsai, use a wire (you can get copper wire, if you buy starter kit) to assist the tree branches and grow as per your desired shape or design. Care should be taken while winding the wire without damaging tree branches. The used wire should be in right thickness and should not break tree branches. While wiring, it is required to hold the branched with both hands.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Bonsai Tree Care:- The following tips and care should be taken while growing Bonsai tree.

  • It is advised to select the Bonsai plants which can be easily trimmed and shaped, and ones with a rough bark.
  • Make sure to void too much of watering. Bonsai trees can be watered alternate days for good growth.
  • Bonsai trees can be grown from both seeds and cutting. However, more developed planting material is already available. Nursery developed Seeding’s, tree cuttings or young Bonsai trees (Pre-bonsai) with smaller leaves are usually preferred to grow.
  • In case of fruiting and flowering Bonsai, ensure that at least 4 hours of direct sunlight is available.
  • You can keep Bonsai trees indoors, but the ideal place for them are; window sill, balcony, terrace or a garden shelf. Never keep Bonsai trees an A/C room for longer time.
Bonsai Mango.
Bonsai Mango.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Suitable Bonsai Trees for Indian Climate:- Anaar, Anjir, Bamboo, Chikoo, Christmas Tree, Guava, Gulmohor Mango, Mehendi Mosambi, Palas, Rubber, Silver Oak, Lime, Vad, Pipal, Umbar, Kanchan, Babhul, Vilayati Babhul, Vilayati Tamarind, Shahtut, Neel Mohor, Malphighia, Duranta, Bougain vel, Pine, Petria, Bakul, Jambul, Kavath, Karvand, Batlicha kuncha, Hirda, Red mohor, Amal tash, Pahadi rose, Vajratundi, Din ka raja, Parijat, and Suru.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Price of Bonsai Trees in India:- Bonsai tree price depends on age, and type of tree (Variety) you are interested in.  Here are some examples:  Ficus 40 cm Bonsai plant cost about Rs.5,000 and  if you are planning to buy Bonsai seeds they may start from Rs 100 depending on the type tree.

Bonsai Exotic Flowers.
Bonsai Exotic Flowers.

Bonsai Tree Growing for Beginners – Bottom Line in Growing Bonsai:- It’s fun and provides harmony and peace. In India, Horticulture exhibitions are best place to buy these trees. If you have any nursery knowledge, you can set up a Bonsai tree nursery and sell them locally or export to other towns. As apartment culture is increasing and the place is the issue for every person in cities, Bonsai tree growing can be considered as a good profitable business in India.

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