Custard Apple Cultivation Income, Yield, Project Report

Introduction: Hello fruit farmers today we are here with a great information of Custard apple cultivation income (sugar-apple), cost of cultivation per acre, yield per acre, profits, and project report.

Custard apple (Annona sqamosa) belongs to the family annonaceae. It is also called as Sitaphal in India. Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Assam, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are the major custard apple grown states in India. Cultivation of custard apple is easy as it can be grown with less maintenance and quickly grown. It is a good source of Iron, Vitamin – C, manganese and potassium and it contains low amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat. Custard apple grows well even under marginal soils. Custgard apples or sugar apples are propagated from seeds on nursery beds and transplanted in the main field.

Custard apple cultivation income, project report, yield, profits

Custard apple hybrid varieties  

  • Arka sahan
  • Balanagar
  • Kakarlapahad
  • Mahabub Nagar
  • British Guinea
  • Barbados seedling
  • Saharanapurlocal
  • Washington
  • Other hybrid custard apple varities of India

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre custard apple cultivation

The Cost of Cultivation of Custard apple.
The Cost of Cultivation of Custard apple.
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The cost of Land preparation in 1 acre custard apple farming

In the establishment of custard apple orchard land, preparation includes ploughing the land along with digging pits of desirable size. We can do all these operations with the help of machine labor. Ploughing and digging pits in one-acre land requires around 4 hours of machine labor. The charge for machine labor per hour is Rs.800. So it costs around Rs.3200.

The planting material cost for custard apple cultivation

The average cost paid by the cultivator to purchase single seedling of custard apple is Rs. 65 (Green India champion Agro private limited at Nagpur, Maharashtra). Generally, if we follow spacing of 4 × 4 m in custard apple we can accommodate around 250 plants in one acre of land. So, for 250 plants farmers should incur around Rs. 16, 250 averagely.

The cost of planting in one acre

To plant seedlings in one-acre field farmers need to employ around 4 human labors. The cost of this operation included in the human labor cost.

Manures and fertilizers cost in one-acre custard apple orchard

This cost comprises on account of farmyard manure or compost used in one-acre custard apple field which is around Rs. 1027 and the actual expenses of Rs.1342 incurred on chemical fertilizers. So, the total cost of fertilization is Rs. 2, 369

The cost of Inter cultivation operations in 1 acre

It requires another 2 hours of machine labor. Hence it cost of inter cultivation in the one-acre custard apple field is Rs.1600.

The cost of plant protection measures in the one-acre custard apple field

Expenditure on fungicides and insecticides paid by the cultivators to protect the crop from various pests and diseases included under this cost. Averagely, farmer should spend Rs. 960 towards these plant protection measures.

The irrigation cost in one-acre custard apple field

Irrigation cost includes the total cost incurred to irrigate the custard apple orchard in one year like electricity charges for irrigation, labor charges, etc. The cost incurred for irrigation in a one-acre custard apple field is Rs. 392.

The depreciation cost of various farm implements and machinery

Depreciation cost of various farm implements and machinery etc was calculated by considering the prevailing market prices. The value of this cost is Rs. 623.

The rental value of land

The evaluated rental value of the land to cultivate custard apple in one acre is Rs. 8,400.

The cost of Harvesting in 1 acre custard apple farming

Mature fruits were harvested by with help of human labor. The cost of this operation was also included under human labor costs.

The cost of hired human labor

Wages paid towards the hired human labor during the cultivation of custard apple was added in this cost. It includes labor required for the preparation of land, planting seedlings, spraying chemicals, and harvesting, etc. On average one-acre custard apple cultivation require around 23 human labors. The daily wage of one human labor is Rs.200 in the present situation. So, to pay total wages we need to expend Rs. 4, 600.

The family labor cost

It will be around 15 man-days of family labor for one acre of custard apple orchard. So, the cost of family labor is Rs. 3,000.

The transportation charges of custard apple farming

To market all these produce incurred transportation charges are Rs. 2, 800.

The yield from 1 acre custard apple cultivation in India

Nowadays mostly farmers are opting for high-density methods of planting. In which we can expect yields of around 6 – 8 tonnes per acre averagely. The constant yield starts from 3 years after planting. Here we have considered the yield after 3 years of planting as we get meager yields in the early years. However, yield may vary depending upon the variety, soil type, climatic conditions, etc.

The Yield of Custard apple per Acre.
The Yield of Custard apple per Acre.

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The total cost of 1-acre Custard apple farming

The cost of land preparation    –  Rs. 3, 200

The cost of seed material    –  Rs. 16, 250

Manures and Fertilizers cost    –  Rs. 1027 + Rs. 1342

The cost of inter cultivation    –  Rs. 1600

The cost of plant protection     –  Rs. 960

The irrigation cost    –    Rs. 392

The depreciation cost   –  Rs. 623

The rental value of land     –  Rs. 8, 400

The cost of hired human labor   –  Rs. 4, 600

The cost of family  –  Rs. 3000

The cost of transportation   –  Rs. 2, 800

The cost of 1 acre Custard apple farming   – Rs. 44, 374

Extra 10% of the total cost  – Rs. 4, 437.4

The total cost of 1 acre Custard apple farming   – Rs. 48, 811.4

The total cost incurred in 1-acre Custard apple cultivation

It contains cost incurred from land preparation to harvesting in a one-acre custard apple field. On the average total cost of cultivation involved in one acre, Custard apple cultivation is Rs.48, 811.4.  Cost involved in the cultivation of one acre Custard apple may vary from the above-mentioned cost depending upon various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence etc.

The total income from 1-acre Custard apple cultivation

At the Jalgaon fruit market in Maharashtra, a quintal custard apple was sold at an average price of Rs. 3, 375 per quintal dated on 06- 11- 2019. So, for selling 7 tonnes the farmer will get Rs. 2, 36, 250.Net profit from 1-acre Custard apple farming:

The net income involved in 1 acre Custard apple cultivation is as below:

Rs. 2, 36, 250 – Rs. 48, 811 = Rs. 1, 87, 439

So, the net profit in one acre of custard apple field is Rs. 1, 87, 439

Conclusion 1 acre custard apple farming in India

By reading all the above it can be understood that by cultivating custard apple in one acre farmer is getting nearly 2 lakhs after 3 years of planting and also its cultivation is remunerative in marginal soils. Hope this proejct report and custard apple cultivation income will make you to understnad the custard apple farming profits. Keep growing fruits!.

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