Dragon Fruit Cultivation Information Guide

Dragon Fruit Cultivation Guide:-

Dragon Fruit Cultivation
Dragon Fruit Cultivation

Introduction of Dragon Fruit: –  This fruit is famous in Thailand, Vietnam, Israel and Sri Lanka. In India, commercial cultivation of this fruit is picking up and market price of this fruit  in India is 200 to 250 Rs / kg. This fruit cultivation is excellent in regions where less rainfall is expected. This fruit plant is treated as an ornamental plant as well as fruit producing plant. Dragon fruit is consumed as a fresh fruit or can be used in jams, ice creams, jelly production, fruit juice and wine. This fruit also used in face packs.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit: – Below are the amazing health benefits of Dragon fruit.

  • This fruit helps in controlling diabetes.
  • This fruit helps in lowering cholesterol.
  • This fruit is high in fats and proteins.
  • This fruit is a good source of antioxidants.
  • This fruit helps in preventing arthritis.
  • This fruit helps in improving heart health.
  • This fruit helps in weight management.
  • This fruit helps in fighting against ageing.
  • This fruit helps in preventing asthma.
  • This fruit helps is high in vitamins & minerals.
Health benefits of Dragon Fruit
Health benefits of Dragon Fruit

Major Types of Dragon Fruit: – There are 3 types dragon fruit based on their colour.

  • Red colour fruit with white colour flesh.
  • Red colour fruit with red colour flesh.
  • Yellow colour fruit with white colour flesh.
Dragon Fruit Types
Dragon Fruit Types

Climate Required for Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- This fruit plant survives in poor soil conditions and temperature variations. However, tropical climatic region are best for its cultivation. This plant requires minimum annual rainfall of 50 cm and temperature about 20 °C to 30 °C. Too much of sunlight is not good for its cultivation, in high sunlight areas, shading can be provided for better yield.

Soil Requirement for Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- This fruit can be grown on wide range of soils from sandy loam to clay loam. However, sandy soils with good organic matter and internal drainage are best for its cultivation. Soil pH of 5.5 to 7 is best for Dragon fruit cultivation.

Land Preparation in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- Land should be ploughed till soil achieves the fine tilth and weed free. As part of land/field preparation apply any organic compost in proportionate ratio.

Propagation and Planting Method in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- The most common propagation method in dragon fruit Cultivation is by cuttings. However it can also be propagated by seeds. But as seeds take longer time and will not continue with mother plant characteristics, this method is not suitable for commercial cultivation. You should get the plant cuttings from the quality mother plants. An about 20 cm length cuttings should be used for planting in the field. Pile up these cutting two days before the potting.

Then these cuttings should be potted with planting mixture of Dry cow dung: Top soil: Sand as 1:1:2. Make sure these pots are placed in shade before planting. Keep the Plant-to-Plant space of 2 meter x 2 meter. Dig the pits size of 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm. These pits should be filled with top soil and compost with 100 grams of super phosphate.

Plant Density in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- An about 1700 plants can be accommodated in 1 acre of land.

Training of the plants in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- To get the proper up right growth and development of the plant, these should be supported by concrete or wooden columns. Immature plant stems are required to tie with these columns. Lateral shoots should be limited & 2 to 3 main stems should be allowed to grow. (Make sure the lateral buds are from time to time). It is recommended to have round/circular metal frame to maintain the balanced dragon shrub.

Manures and Fertilizers in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- Organic Matter plays key role in dragon fruit development and growth. Each plant should be applied with 10 to 15 kg of organic compost/organic fertilizers. Thereafter, increase the organic fertilizer amount by 2 kg per year. This crop also requires inorganic fertilizers for vegetative growth. In the Vegetative stage, this fertilizer ratio is as follows. Muriate of potash: Super phosphate: Urea = 40:90:70 grams /plant.

At fruit bearing stage, low amount of nitrogen and high amount of potash should be applied for getting higher yield.

The following in-organic fertilizers should be applied @ various levels from flowering to harvesting. Apply the following fertilizer mixtures just before flowering (in April), fruit developing stage (July-Aug) and after harvesting the fruits (In Dec).

Urea: Super phosphate: Muriate of potash = 50 g :50 g :100 g/plant. Increase the fertilizer amount by 220 grams per year up to 1.5 kg.

Irrigation in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- These plants require less water compared to other plants. However at the time of planting, flowering, fruit development stage and hot dry climatic conditions, frequent irrigations are required. Drip irrigations can be used for effective water usage.

Pests and Diseases in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- There are no pests and diseases found or reported in dragon fruit cultivation.

Harvesting of Dragon Fruit:-  These plants start bearing fruits in the first year itself. Generally, these plants starts flowering in May to June month and bears fruits from Aug to Dec month.

Dragon Fruit and Flower
Dragon Fruit and Flower

Dragon fruits become ready for harvesting after 1 month of flowering. Fruiting time continues till December. Picking up these fruits can be done up to 6 times within this period. Identifying fruit harvesting stage is very simple as immature fruit colour is in bright green colour and will turn into red colour once it is ripened. Exact time for harvesting is after 3 to 4 days of colour change. But in case of exporting, they should be harvested 1 day after colour change. Use the sickle or hand to pick the fruits.

Yield of Dragon Fruit: – An average yield of 5 to 6 tonnes per acre can be expected.

Harvested Dragon Fruits
Harvested Dragon Fruits

Bottom Line of Dragon Fruit Cultivation:- This fruit is packed with excellent health benefits, has good demand in local as well as international market. Hence one can get good returns in dragon fruit cultivation.

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  1. Hello sir,
    I belongs from Rohtak Haryana.
    I am a farmer and I want to cultivation of dragon fruit in my fields I need more and more information about above said fruit. My main question is that dragon fruit successful cultivation in haryana or not? Because in haryana all type of weather like summer winter etc. I m waiting for your reply

    • Dear Agri farming,

      Thanks for referring our site for Dragon fruit cultivation. We grow white and red flesh dragon fruits at our Farm. We have 5,000 poles and we keep expanding every year due to its high demand. We provide information for those who are interested in cultivating dragon fruit for commercial purpose

      • We are looking for the information on Dragon fruit forming. Such as seed availability, Irrigation requirements, climate conditions and marketing facilities.

        Our place is near Ongole, AP and Annual rainfall may be about 40 cm, Temperatures may go up to 42 degrees in May-June. Lower side temp may be around 20 deg C.

      • Sir,
        I have interest to cultivate dragon fruit sir
        how start the cultivation in my field
        My field type is red sand type
        Sir if you may gave some information plz…..

  2. Hello,
    I am a PhD Scholar in Horticulture specialization of fruit size from India.. I need some references about Cultivation of dragon fruit including Soil and climate.

  3. What is the right time to plant it….specially in north india near delhi…
    Also guide for plant price ,reliable source to get it

  4. Dear Agrifarming,
    I am a farmer from Uttarakhand, Bazpur. Please could you give me information about the availability of dragon fruit plants near my place.

  5. Sir can you tell me the exact budget to cultivate the dragon fruit in one hectare land till it starts to bear the fruits. if you can please let me know.

  6. Thank you for the above information, can u please tell what is the life span of dragon fruit plant and how many years it yield of fruit

    • A dragon fruit tree starts producing its first fruits within one year of its plantation, and it can continue to fruit yearly for 20 to 25 or some cases up to 30 years before it begins to decline the production.

  7. Dear Agri Farming, I am interested in farming the dragon fruit in Gujarat around Kutch, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Bharuch. I am interested in the red fleshed Dragon fruit. Do you know someone or somewhere in Gujarat or near by State to get the plants for the red fleshed Dragon fruit please?

  8. Which month is best for planting dragon fruit plants in the Bihar Kosi area? Who can supply plant for planting in one acre of land?

  9. What is the price of per nursery stem of dragon fruit?
    Whether climate of Assam and Meghalaya and hilly regions favourable for cultivation? where it will be sold ?From where I will get the nursery? Please response !

  10. Dear sir,
    I am interested to grow this fruit in Sonebhadra, Utter Pradesh kindly guide me about the type of plant and financial needs for the same. And from where I can visit the Dragon fruit farm to gain the confidence and knowledge.

  11. Hi i am intrested in farming dragon fruit in jaipur rajasthan, we have land and i need some proffesional to come visit to see if dragon fruit farming is recomeneded or not. and if not then what can we plant instead. our land is about 50 acres .

  12. Hi. how to know the water requirement of dragon fruits? and possible or not if using sprinkler irrigation system to irrigate the dragon fruits?

    • Well, for any plant water requirement, you must check the soil moisture, never allow the tree base to dry or never over water it. Drip irrigation is recommended for optimal water utilization and good plant growth.

  13. Hello Sir, I am from Mumbai and growing a Dragon fruit plant in my balcony. How many hours sunlight needed for successful growth, flowering and fruiting.


    Mani Nair

  14. Hello Sir, i,m from himachal pradesh and planning for dragon fruit farming. How the winter season will effect the plant if it goes near freezing point and what will be the effect of frost heave?
    thanks & regards
    sourav shukla

  15. Hi Jagadish reddy,


    Gangadhar reddy here, i gone through the full article and it’s very help full, i do have interest in farming but my entaire land is red soil is that fit for this farming and another doubt is in our state (AP)where we can sell the Dragon fruits i mean where markets are located.

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am belonging from Amethi UP. I have a lots of land.
    I am looking for farming the dragon fruits . Can I do farming of that fruits, if yes then please suggest/send to me farming procedure and in which season I can do farming and from where I can get plant/seeds.

    Thank you so much…..

  17. Dear agri farming
    Iam from andhra pradesh, kurnool district,
    in this region
    the temperature,in summer season(April, may and June),varies between 32 degree centigrade to 42 degree centigrade and in the remaining seasons it will be 25 to 33 degree centi.
    the soil types are black and red soils.
    And the annual rainfall around 55cm to 60 cm.
    Could you please suggest me this climate conditions and soil are suitable for dragon fruit cultivation. Based on your suggestion I will decide to forward
    Thanking you sir

  18. Dear Sir,
    I belong to Tamilnadu and I have an interest to plant Dragon fruits farm in my Land where black soil and low rain fall this climate and soil condition dragon plant can grow.
    please kindly advise and also where can I get a plant.

    Thanks &Regards

  19. Hi Sir,
    I just want to know exact time of dragon fruit planting here in this article you didn’t tell timing or season.

  20. I have a dragon plant of 1 year age. It is growing well but it’s mother stem is shrinking in it’s orginal size. In Winter it was dark green in color now it is turning yellow. What is the problem, shall I add organic manure and chemicals

  21. I want Total information for Dragon fruit cultivation. As I want to take this fruit in my land. Kindly guide me

  22. I have huge bush of dragon fruit plant near my house but barely any fruit is seen. I have just picked two fruits from the plant other wise the flower just dries and falls down.

  23. Your article is so so informative. I want to start cultivation of dragon fruit plantation. Could you please help me, how to start. I want to visit your farm can you ping me the details please


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