Emu Farming Profits and Case Study in India

Emu farming Profits and Investment Details

The following article details about “Emu Farming Profits”.

Emu Farming Profits
Emu Farming Profits

Initial Investment Involved:

It really depends on the age factor of Emu chicks or birds you buy to start a with the emu farming and if a farmer wants to start with three months chicks then rate of investment per emu chick would be around 4500 to 5000 Rs per emu chick and need to establish the shed or shelter with a minimum 30 pairs and if they decide to buy 12 to 15 months of Emu chick then the price per emu chick would be around 20000 Rs to 24000 Rs and for infrastructure for emu chicks would cover around 60000 Rupees approximately. Again the infrastructure cost depends on the type of shelter you want to build. this also a minor factor that impact emu farming profits initially.

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How much does it cost to feed the Emu chicks or emu birds?

Emu bird chicks feed cost depend on the consumption of the feed, Emu pair could consume around 4500 to 5500 Rupees yearly, as feed cost going up every year better check with the local market. Feed cost also depends on whether you will be going for company feed or locally made feed. Emu chick would roughly consume around 600 to 800 grams of feed . 1 KG of Emu feed would cost around 20 to 25 rupees and Feeding cost can be cut down drastically by providing alternate feeding methods like green leaves and which will increase profit rates, reducing the feed cost will play a major role in successful Emu farming. ultimately reflect in emu farming profits.

Emu chicks.
Emu chicks.

What is the Emu egg Laying Period? How many Emu eggs can we expect from Female bird?

Female emu breeders start to lay eggs after 24 to 28 months from its birth and it will lay 12 to 15 eggs for the first season, Emu egg-laying season is from December to march and, Emu birds will lay one egg for four to five days. From on every consecutive year, female will increase its laying capacity by 5 to 10 eggs and Emu birds will be excepted to lay eggs around 45 to 60 in Fourth and Fifth year.

Hatching Units Set up at your Farm:

Emu birds can’t hatch eggs on their own and it needs to be done through its equipment and without setting up hatching is not preferred in successful Emu farming. Maintaining hatching machinery requires very less manpower and it just requires proper training on how to maintain humidity and temperature of the hatching machine. Emu bird hatching machine may cost around 80,000 to 1,00,000(1 lakh) Rupees.

Marketing Emu eggs:

Emu eggs
Emu eggs

One should think of selling of emu eggs as the last and least option in successful emu farming and if you don’t find real buyers then it would a risk and loss of investment of your eggs, the best way would be setting up hatching units and hatching in your own Emu farm.

Returns and Emu Farming profits:

If you hatch your Emu eggs in your farm and you will get the return on investment on the first year of hatching eggs and around 80% of total investment can be obtained on the first year of hatching eggs.

Simple Case study for your reference to Emu farming Profits:

New Slaughter Business in Emu farming :

Emu bird slaughter is the second part of emu business and Emu chicks from your farm needs to be slaughtered at the age of 15 months and it emu meat, emu oil, and value-added products need to be sold by your own or you can sell the birds at the age of 15 months for slaughtering in the open market.

Model Project for 10 Emu bird Pairs.

Buy 10 Emu pairs of 6-year-old DNA Hybrid Breeders at75000: Rs. 7, 50,000.00.

Fencing / Infrastructure/Shed Cost per DNA Standards: Rs. 1, 00,000.00.

Cost of Hatchery Machine (100 Eggs) Rs. 1,00,000.00.

Total Cost Involved: 9.5 Lacks (This is Initial setup cost).
After 15 months:
15 Months Feeding and Vaccination Cost per One Emu Bird: 7000 Rupees.

For 200 birds it would cost (200 X Rs.7000) = Rs. 14 Lacs.

Approximate weight of the one Emu Bird in 15 Months would be around 60 Kgs.

Fixed price paid per kilo live bird Rs. 250 / per Kg (This may be high in some regions).
Income = (Total Number of Emu birds ) 200 X 60 Kg (Weight of the bird) X 250 (Price of the bird) = Rs. 30 Lacs.

Emu farming profits (exclude initial set up cost) after all Expenses for every 15 months = Rs.15 Lacs.

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Rearing day old to one month Emu chick:

The major challenge in emu bird farming is rearing day old to 1-month chicks and this chick needs to be given proper vaccination and medication and attention. Also requires a clean and healthy environment. So the mortality rate would be low

Marketing Emu chicks:

Emu Farming
Emu Farming

The returns start to flow once your eggs are hatched and chicks can be sold at the age of 3 months and it can be sold to the farm which you have tied up and also you can directly focus on selling emu chicks through promoting emu farming to farmers who are interested in starting up an Emu farm.

Emu farming Profits are proven facts by farmers. It again depends on all the factors from rearing chick to marketing Emu birds.

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