Farming Apps, Agriculture Apps in India

Introduction: Hello farmers are you interested to know about farming apps or agriculture appa in India? well, we are here with good agri apps. Agriculture apps are very useful for Indian farmers and agriculture communities which keep up to date with the latest technology of agriculture. These apps give help to Indian farmers and fill the information gap between rural people and the government with rural development.

Agriculture in India is growing with the introduction of the Green Revolution, the White Revolution, and Golden and Horticulture Revolutions. Agriculture experts have brought smart farming technologies that enabled them to decrease costs, maximize yields and increase profits.

A guide to farming apps, agriculture apps in India

Spreading agricultural related information to farmers in the poorest communities is easier with the help of online education and from the help of mobile phone agriculture apps. One of the benefits of such connectivity and information flow is that it helps farmers create better land management decisions.

For example, it can enable soil conditions in the land to be monitored in conjunction with weather information to better plan the planting and harvest season. Similarly, Geographical Information Systems can be used to give pre-emptive information on pests and animal diseases so farmers can respond accordingly to the level of risk. Optimizing the use of fertilizer, seeds, and water can be done by utilizing mobile and cloud computing technologies. This helps farmers save money by reducing consumption.

According to the World Bank the benefits of Agriculture apps in the development of the agricultural sector could be achieved through the following ways;

Farming apps help to provide the better access to information

By providing producers direct access to market information, higher product prices and increased demand is achieved.  Also, by accessing accurate information regarding weather and pest and diseases, improved risk management is achieved.

Farming apps helps in better access to agricultural extension services

Accurate advice for good farming practices and good support can be given. This could affect crop yield improvements and more accurate assessments for the condition of pastures.

Farming apps to provide the better connections with the market and distribution networks

With the better improvement of links among producers, suppliers and buyers value chains become more transparent and capable, less manipulated by intermediaries. Also, better accounting and traceability helps to increase efficiency and forecasting, and reduce administrative burden and fraud.

Some of the mobile applications are designed to help the farmers in plenty of manners, like horticulture, crop management, etc. Also, some of the mobile applications tell the farmers about weather-related data, the opportunities in the agricultural field, and suggestions from the experts, answers to the queries of the farmers, etc. Apart from all this, some of the applications also offer dedicated details connected to the quality of soil, the utilization of fertilizers, etc.

Some agriculture mobile app provides complete details of crop insurance. Farmers get information related to crop insurance and can calculate the premium for notified crops based on area, coverage amount and loan amount. These Agriculture apps can be downloaded from Google play store app.

Some of the important Agriculture apps in India are given below;

Agri Apps in India.
Agri Apps in India.

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Agri App

Agri App is one of the most liked agriculture apps by farmers. Agri App is an online marketplace bringing farmers, agriculture input/output, and fulfillment service on an online platform. It provides chat service for farmers to solve their queries related to agriculture with the option of upload images of infected crops. Farmers can easily chat with agriculture experts and discuss their agriculture problems. This application provides various videos related to agriculture practice, agriculture news, new govt. schemes related to agriculture etc.

Pusa Krishi

Pusa Krishi App provides detailed information about various crops and vegetables for a better understanding of the user.

Pusa Krishi agriculture app is a one-stop app for farmers in need of any agricultural advice, and this app provides a variety of information which helps people in the agriculture sector work efficiently.


The KhetiGaadi app provides a platform for farmer awareness about the advantages of farm mechanization for Indian farmers. One of the best agriculture apps in India and one of the best apps for Indian farmer education, its user-friendly interface details farming tractors, tractor agricultural implements, and farm equipment.

Iffco Kisan App

Iffco Kisan app is the best app in out of almost Agri apps for Kisan. It is a small Android app in terms of memory with an easy interface to use. This android application provides information about the latest agriculture advice, latest prices, and various farming tips. It provides weather forecast information. It also provides agriculture alerts to farmers in ten Indian languages.

Krushi Mitra

This agriculture app covers organic farming practices for different crops. Farmers can learn about seed varieties and prices, crop diseases, organic pesticides, soil testing, and soil fertility from this app. They can get tips about agricultural techniques and check land records and daily mandi rates. Farmers can learn about crop insurance and government schemes and subsidies.

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Bhuvan Hailstorm App

This mobile app has been developed to capture crop loss, which has happened due to hailstorm, with photographs and geographical locations. An Agriculture Officer would go to the field with a mobile loaded with this mobile app and collect field data for hailstorm damage assessment. Some of the features of this app given below;

  • This mobile app can capture the photograph of the field with latitude and longitude, name of the crop, date of sowing, date of likely harvesting, and source of irrigation.
  • The captured data gets automatically plotted to Bhuvan Portal and analysis can be done simply.


‘Kheti-Badi’ app is a social initiative App. It aims to promote and support ‘Organic Farming’ and provide important information or issues related to farmers in India. Today agriculture is heavily dependent on genetically modified seeds, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers; this app helps farmers to switch their chemical farming into organic farming. However, this app is currently only available in four languages that are Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Soil Health Card (SHC) App

A Soil Health Card app gives soil nutrient status to each farmer for his/her landholding and also advises fertilizer dosage and soil amendments required to maintain soil health in the long run.

SHC will be issued to all landholders every three years and this will enable capture of the pattern of soil fertility changes due to nutrient uptake by several plants or other natural causes. This will help to take corrective measures on the soil nutrient deficiencies identified in soil health cards.

Kisan Suvidha

This app design is neat and the app offers a user-friendly interface. This Kisan Suvidha app provides information on current weather and the forecast for the next 5 days, market prices of commodities, knowledge on fertilizers, seeds, and machinery, etc. The option to use the application in different languages makes it more widely accessible.


It is a marvelous app in the list of agriculture android apps. This is a small app in terms of memory with an easy user interface. It is obtainable in 10 different Indian languages. It will provide fertile agriculture content and information at every stage of the crop life cycle. A farmer can select from 450 crop varieties, 1300 markets, and 3500 weather locations. It provides mandi price and weather forecasts based on a user location.


This app is to help Indian farmers make informed decisions through customized information related to their needs. This IFFCO Kisan app provides access to weather forecasts, current market crop prices, 1-touch facility to consult with agricultural experts, access to a library of best practices for several crops. IFFCO Kisan app is also capable enough to provide alerts and advisory services based on contextualized to their locations. This app is obtainable in 10 Indian languages for farmers who more are comfortable in their language and also prefer to listen to advisories.

Kisan Yojana

Kisan Yojana is a popular Android agriculture app available for free. It provides information about all Government schemes to Kisan. It commutes the information gap between rural people and the Government. It provides the schemes of the different relative states Government. This mobile application saves them time and travel expenses of Kisan to reach the state Govt office is saved.


The AgriMarket app has been developed to keep farmers abreast of crop prices.

Features of AgriMarket app are given below;

  • AgriMarket app can be used to get the market price of crops in the markets within 50 km of the device’s location.
  • This AgriMarket app automatically captures the location of the person using mobile GPS and fetches the market price of several crops in those markets which fall within the range of 50 km. There is another option to obtain prices of any market and any crop in case the person does not want to use GPS location. This app is available in Hindi and English.

Crop Insurance

The Crop insurance app helps farmers to calculate insurance premiums for notified crops and provides information cut-off dates and company contacts for their crop and location. It can be used to obtain details of the normal sum insured, extended sum insured, and subsidy information of crop in any notified area. It is further linked to its web portal which caters to stakeholders including farmers, states, insurance companies, and banks.


Plantix app is a mobile app for plant disease diagnostics and monitoring. The Plantix app provides users worldwide with customized information concerning best practices, information on preventive measures. This app used to send pictures of affected plants directly using smartphones and to determine the plant disease simply. All pictures sent by the Mobile App are tagged with coordinates, which enables real-time monitoring of pests and diseases.

That’s all folks abut farming apps and agriculture apps beenfits and advanatges. Keep growing crops.

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